The Fairfield Alumni Directory was published by The Fairfield Alumni Association in August 1936. The alumni are from what was called at various times, Fairfield Seminary and Fairfield Military Academy. It was a type of secondary school, offering what today's high schools offer as well as some more advanced courses. It was not a college. It only once achieved that distinction, back in the medical college days. Many of the students proceeded to colleges from Fairfield. Married names of female graduates, and wives of male graduates, appear in parentheses following the entry. The Alumni Association no longer exists.


* Deceased
+ Last known address

Kane, Elmer N.: '86-88, Middleville, NY
Kast, Webster: '79-80, Herkimer, NY
Kauffman, Beatrice: '00-01
*Kaymel, John E.: '93-94, Williamson, NY
+Keeler, Bartholomew: '71-72, Little Falls, NY
Keeler, Clinton R.: '94-96, 1256 N. Glencove Rd., Syracuse, NY
+Keeler, Ellen: '73-74, Little Falls, NY
*Keller, Orpha: '89-90 (Mrs. John Rugge) Ridgefield, NJ
Keller, Willard: '66-67, RD Little Falls, NY
Kelley, Erwin E.: '77-80 (Physician) Herkimer, NY
Kelley, Hattie: '76-77
*Kelley, Lucius S.: '74-76, Salisbury, NY
*Kelley, Luella: '74-76 (Mrs. Comstock) Salisbury, NY
Kelley, Orson M.: '70-72 (Retired Clergyman) 128 Seeley Ave., Syracuse, NY
+Kelley, William R.: '84-85, Theresa, NY
+Kelsey, Ada A.: '72-73, Fairfield, NY
Kelloway, Lyra: '93-94 (Mrs. Galman) Hamilton, NY
Kelsey, Addie: '71-72 (Mrs. Silas Wood) Middleville, NY
Kelsey, Frank G.: '89-90, '92-93 (Attorney) Camden, NY
*Kelsey, Helen: '84-87, Richmondville, NY
*Kelsey, Minnie: '86-87
Kenney, Everett D.: '94-95 (Optician) 1021 Steuben St., Utica, NY
Kennedy, Anna: '79-80 (Mrs. Brown) Dolgeville, NY
Kennedy, Edward W.: '93-94, 42 William St.,Clinton, NY
Kenyon, Clyde L.: '91-92
Kerst, Helen E.: '91-92
+Kilmer, George A.: '94-96, Forestport, NY
Kilts, Carrie: '84-89 (Mrs. J.W. Thompson) Fairfield, NY
*Kilts, Herman: '72-73, Fairfield, NY
Kilts, Marietta: '80-82 (Mrs. H.A. Crofoot) Herkimer, NY
*Kilts, Seymour: '73-74, Little Falls, NY
Kilts, Willard: '80-81
Kimm, Silas Conrad: '85-86 (Supt Schools) Herkimer, NY
Kimberly, J. Earl: '93-94, 173 Minnesota Ave., Buffalo, NY
Kinnie, Carrie M.: '85-87 (Mrs. Covert) 324 Lexington Ave., Syracuse, NY
*Kinne, George H.: '93-95, Ilion, NY
King, Fannie: '98-99 (Mrs. Russell) 132 Paul Ave., Syracuse, NY
+King, John H. Jr.: '98-99, Passaic, NJ
King L. Harrison: '98-99 (Katherine Troutwine) (Clergyman) 3210 Howard Park Ave., Baltimore, Md.
Kingsley, Carrie M.: '73-74 (Mrs. John Hoover) Little Falls, NY
Kinsella, M. Allen: '00-01 (Physician) New Britton, Conn.
Kirby, Emma: '88-89 (Mrs. Peter Hawkins) Richfield, NY
+Klett, Andrew S.: '95-96, Constableville, NY
Kline, Oliver S.: '70-71, Cranesville, NY
*Klock, Charles A.: '85-86, Utica, NY
Klock, Edgar J.: '78-81 (Retired Farmer - Local Historian - Genealogist) RD 4, Frankfort, NY
Klock, Edgar L.: '78-79, East Schuyler, NY
*Klock, Fayette J.: '89-91 *1933, Little Falls, NY
Klock, Fred: '91-92, Little Falls, NY
Klock, Maude: '87-89
*Knapp, Floyd B.: '93-96, Schenectady, NY
+Knapp, George: '99-01, Syracuse, NY
Knapp, Miss Marian E.: '94-97 (RN) 284 Johnson Ave., Teaneck, NJ
*Koehler, Ada Berta: '90-91 (Music Teacher) Rochester, NY
Kretser, Guy L.: '91-92 (Attorney) 595 E. Monroe St., Little Falls, NY
Krum, William J.: '87-90
Ladd, Frank B.: '85-86, RD 4, Frankfort, NY
*LaDue, E. Kneeland: '75-76 *1934 Herkimer, NY
LaDue, Miss Hattie: '85-86, Herkimer, NY
LaDue, Ida: '79-80 (Mrs. Harter) Middleville, NY
LaDue, Lucia M.: '72-83, Fairfield, NY
Lamb, Blanche E.: '93-95 (Mrs. Ward Barden) 1739 Hearst Ave, Berkeley, Cal.
Lamberson, Adelaide: '75-77 (Mrs. Franklin) Dolgeville, NY
Lamberson, Alice: '77-78
*Lamberson, Byron D.: '70-71, Salisbury Center, NY
Lamberson, Dora E.: '75-78, Dolgeville, NY
Lamberson, Jennie: '75-77 (Mrs. Bachwoldt) Dolgeville, NY
Lamberson, Nena L.: '85-86 (Mrs. C.G. Hewison) Dolgeville, NY
Lamberson, Roy S.: '93-94 (Sales Mgr Daniel Green Co) Dolgeville, NY
*Lamberson, Wilbur D.: '82-86 *1887 Fairfield, NY
+Lamphier, Burton W.: '75-76, Newport, NY
+Lamphier, E.J.: '75-76, Herkimer, NY
*Landt, George P.: '85-87, Ilion, NY
Lang, Bertha: '95-96 (Mrs. Stevens) 287 Overwood Rd., Fairlawn, Ohio
Larned, Fred G.: '77-80, Poland, NY
Larned, Mary L.: '88-89 (Mrs. John Metzer) Poland, NY
Larned, William H.: '77-79 (Banking) 25 Porter Ave., Haigler, Neb.
Lasher, William R.: '89-90 (Prin. James Madison H. School) 3177 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY
Lasher, Stanley H.: '95-96, Sprout Brook, NY
Lawton, Helen: '91-92
+Lawton, John H.: '83-85, Ohio, NY
Lawton, Myra: '84-85 (Mrs. George Herkle) Middleville, NY
Lawrence, Horace M.: '94-95 (Dry Cleaner) 39 Canal St., Lyons, NY
+Lawrence, Stewart M.: '72-74, Amsterdam, NY
Lay, Emma F.: '83-84 (Mrs. E.G. Van Denbergh) (Teacher) Old Chatham, NY
Lee, Carrie: '91-92 (Mrs. David Watson) Canastota, NY
*Lee, Edwin: '98-99, Utica, NY
L'Estrange, Ethel: '94-95 (Mrs. Will Thomas) Massena, NY
Legg, Anna: '85-86 (Mrs. Jerome Wilt) Ilion, NY
Lehey, Edward: '98-99, Gouveneur, NY
Lehman, Fletcher: '92-93 (Clergyman) 267 Delmar Ave., Elsmere, NY
Lehman, John S.: '92-93, N. State St., Johnstown, NY
+Leicht, Thomas: '00-01, Far Rockaway, NY
+Lewin, William A.: '97-98, Royersford, Pa.
Leonard, George H.: '92-93, Auburn, NY
Lewis, Howard H.: '94-95, Martville, NY
Lewis, John James: '90-91 (Asst Supt F.J. & G.R.R. Co) Fort Hunter, NY
Lewis, John S.: '97-98, Newark Valley, NY
Lincoln, Arthur G.: '97-99, 1100 Union St., Schenectady, NY
*Lincoln, Clara A.: '98-99, Syracuse, NY
*Liddell, Arthur B.: ;82-83, Schuyler Lake, NY
Lidell, Grace A.: '82-83 (Mrs. Fred Bronnor) Richfield Springs, NY
Lindsay, Eleanor A.: '86-87 (Mrs. H.E. Reese) (Teacher-11 years) Fairfield, NY
*Lindsey, Frances J.: '70-71, Fairfield, NY
+Lingenfelter, H.: '93-94, Johnstown, NY
*Livingston, John E.: '93-95, Jamestown, NY
Llewellyn, John J.: '94-95, Ilion, NY
+Lloyd, George H.: '70-71 (Physician) New York City
+Lockwood, William: '70-71, Mandana, NY
*Lockyer, Edward: '72-73, Ilion, NY
+Long, Thomas: '75-76, Hillsboro, NM
Loomis, Collins L.: '97-98, Port Lyden, NY
Loomis, J. Clark: '97-98, Port Lyden, NY
Lord, Anna C.: '69-70 (Mrs. C.P.M. Merritt) Clifton Springs, NY
Lorimer, Jean: '90-94 (Mrs. Carothers) (Teacher) 1154 49th St., Brooklyn, NY
Loucks, R.L.: '93-94, Box 220, Little Falls, NY
Loveland, LaMont: '85-86, Ilion, NY
Low, Thomas H.: '95-96, 2 Rector St., New York City
Lowe, Alfred D.: '69-70 (Merchant) DePauville, NY
Luby, Maggie: '90-91
*Lucy, Michael J.: '83-85, Norway, NY
Lund, Charlotte: '96-97 (Opera Artist - Author) 168 Waverly Pl., New York City
Lyker, Laure: '91-92 (Mrs. VanAlstine) 50 Parsons Ave., Hoosic Falls, NY
+Mace, William M.: '93-94, Jamestown, NY
*McClenthen, W.H.: '76-77, Clayville, NY
Madigan, H. Kathryn: '97-98 (Mrs. Chas. DeLap) 45 Mansfield Ave., Roosevelt, L.I.
Madigan, John P.: '97-98, Ilion, NY
Madigan, Mary: '96-97 (Mrs. James Lynch) 35 Loomis St., Little Falls, NY
*Mahady, Charles G.: '91-93 (Physician), Rome, NY
*Mahady, Joseph: '89-90 (Physician) *1933, Brooklyn, NY
Mahady, Stephen A.: '95-97 (Physician), Utica, NY
*Mahady, Thomas: '87-88, Auburn, NY
Mahardy, John D.: '93-94 (Nettie Rasbeck), Fairfield, NY
Mahoney, Jerry: '88-89
*Maloney, Eva: '94-96 (Mrs. A. Warner) *1897, Richmondville, NY
*Maltby, Charles F.: '94-95 *1931, Little Falls, NY
*Manee, David H.: '70-71, Romulus, NY
Manning, Bertha: '98-99 (Mrs. Shaffer) 193 Candler Ave., Highland Park, Detroit, Mich.
*Marks, Edgar C.: '98-99, Canandaigua, NY Martin, Ray: '98-99
Martindale, Roscoe B.: '82-83 (Physician), Worthington, Iowa
Marsh, George A.: '75-76, Dolgeville, NY
*Marsh, John S.: '89-90 *1918, Romulus, NY
*Marsh, Lillian: '98-99 (Mrs. Flanders) Dolgeville, NY
+Mason, Edwin C.: '82-83, Sedalia, Mo.
+Masterton, Levi A.: '97-98, Rochester, NY
Mather, Alonzo C.: '64-67 (Retired) 500 So. Lorraine Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal.
*Mather, Frank: '85-86, Fairfield, NY
*Mather, Frederick D.: '71-78, Fairfield, NY
*Mather, Maria L.: '59-71 *1929, Fairfield, NY
Matteson, Bradford: '85-87, Cold Brook, NY
Matteson, Burton: '81-87, Cold Brook, NY
Matteson, Florence: '91-92 (Mrs. Sodon) Hamilton, NY
+Matteson, Jerry: '81-83, Rochester, NY
+Marcy, Lemuel B.: '73-74, Russia, NY
*Marcy, William H.: '85-86 *1925, Syracuse, NY
*Markham, Florence N.: '74-75 (Mrs A.T. Smith) Herkimer, NY
Maurice, Thomas G.: '91-92, 1642 Neilson Ave., Utica, NY
Maxwell, John M.: '89-91 (Ins. Agent Retired) 3rd Ave. & 3rd St., Brentwood, LI
May, Kate: '85-86 (Mrs. Stevens) 321 W. Thomas St., Rome, NY
*May, Miss Lizzie B.: '82-83, Herkimer, NY
Meade, Adelle S.: '77-78
Meade, Etta L.: '70-71, Nassau, NY
*Meade, Helen M.: '70-71, Herkimer, NY
*Mealus, Elwin: '71-72, Prospect, NY
Melville, A.B.: '73-74, Daytona Beach, Fla.
Merriwell, Frank: '00-01
+Merritt, Emma J.: '71-72 (Mrs. Goulding) Denver, Colo.
+Mersereau, Anna: '89-90 (Mrs. H.H. O'Dair) Persido P.O. San Francisco, Cal.
*Metcalf, Fred F.: '76-77 *1933 St. Petersburgh, Fla.
*Metcalf, Jessie: '78-79 (Mrs. Fred B. Ingham) Little Falls, NY
Metcalf, Rose: '72-73 (Mrs. John Wiggins) Columbus, Neb.
Miller, Daniel W.: '87-89, 82 Fort Johnson Ave., Fort Johnson, NY
Miller, Ella: '91-92 (Mrs J. Cooley) 251 Meigs St., Rochester, NY
+Miller, Frances: '82-83, Salisbury, NY
Miller, Fred E.: '97-98, 11547 Radford Ave., RD 1 Box 120, Roscoe, Cal.
Miller, George: '90-91, 303 Wyoming St. Syracuse, NY
Miller, J. Bert: '96-97, 35-37 217th St., Bayside, Long Island
+Miller, Minnie: '84-85 (Mrs. Klugs), Herkimer, NY
+Mills, William: '73-74, Taberg, NY
+Miner, Lorin: '93-94, Jamestown, NY
Miner, Ralph K.: '92-93 (Research Eng.) Oriskany Falls, NY
*Mitchell, Edwin B.: '70-71, Remsen, NY
Mitchell, Katie B.: '80-81
Mitchell, Rosellen: '70-71, Remsen, NY
Mix, Martin S.: '96-97, Schoharie, NY
Moat, Worley C.: '72-73, Amsterdam, NY
*Morey, Anna: '73-75 (Mrs. E.D. Fenner), Newport, NY
*Morey, Clarence E.: '85-88 (Jean Brockett) *1935 (Organ Builder) 1537 Oneida St., Utica, NY
*Morey, Cora: '70-71 (Mrs. Helmer) Herkimer, NY
Morey, David H.: '70-71, Newport, NY
*Morey, Emily A.: '72-73, Newport, NY
*Morey, Frank: '70-71, Fairfield, NY
*Morey, Fred D.: '93-95 *1930, McGraw, NY
+Morey, Ida: '00-01, Middleville, NY
*Morey, Mabel: '94-95, Long Beach, Cal.
Morey, Milo: '68-69 (Farmer), Stratford, NH
Morey, Myra: '92-93 (Mrs. Bert Biddlecome) Deerfield, NY
Moon, Anna: '83-84 (Mrs. Hodder) 1803 Phelps Pl., Washington DC
Moon, Cora: '71-72
Moon, Jessie: '83-84 (Mrs. F.A. Holton) 2125 "S" St. N W, Washington DC
*Moon, John C.: '74-77 (Ida Wendover) *1932 Herkimer, NY
Moon, Lillian A.: '86-87 (Mrs. E.L. Dunn) 596 E. Main St., Little Falls, NY
*Moon, Mary E.: '77-78, Poland, NY
*Moore, Arthur V.: '97-99, Canastota, NY
+Moore, Hattie M.: '89-90, Bucyrus, Kansas
Moore, Jennie G.: '91-92 (Mrs. John G. Fenner) 307 Church St., Herkimer, NY
*Moore, Katherine: '96-97, Utica, NY
Moore, Miss Kittie: '89-90, 1203 Dorchester Rd., Brooklyn, NY
+Moore, Mellie: '89-90, Bucyrus, Kansas
Moore, Miss Nellie: '89-90, 1203 Dorchester Rd., Brooklyn, NY
+Moore, Will C.: '89-90, Bucyrus, Kansas
*Moorehouse, Delia: '73-74 (Mrs. Davis) *1934 Cold Brook, NY
Morgan, Etta: '75-76 (Mrs. George Hutchins) 1312 Glenwood Rd., Brooklyn, NY
Morgan, Harriet M.: '64-65 (Mrs. Parry) Middleville, NY
+Morris, Katie: '84-85, Middleville, NY
Morris, Lillie: '70-71, Fairfield, NY
Morris, Robert D.: '70-72 (Physician) Lincoln, NY
*Morrison, Maude: '88-89
*Morrison, Robert L.: '87-90 (Teacher) *1934 525 37th St., Union City, NJ
+Morse, Clayton J.: '00-01, New York City
Morse, George A.: '91-92
*Morse, Nellie: '89-90 (Mrs. Quaife) *1934 Palmyra, NY
Mount, Miss Bertha W.: '98-99, 58 Pine St., Gloversville, NY
Moyer, Charles: '70-71, Sprakers, NY
+Moyer, Frank G.: '80-81, New York
Moyer, Fred E.: '89-91, Ilion, NY
*Mullen, James: '85-86 Little Falls, NY
*Mullen, Joseph: '85-86 *1934 Little Falls, NY
Mundy, Eugene J.: '90-92 (Farmer) North Norwich, NY
+Munsell, D. Laverne: '70-71, Rose Valley, NY
Murray, Andrew: '79-80, Dolgeville, NY
+Murphy, Rev. Dennis E.: '78-80, Oneonta, NY
Murray, Dayton: '79-81 (Banking) 60 Abruyn St., Kingston, NY
*Murphy, Miss Frances E.: '82-83, Little Falls, NY
Murray, Frank H.: '85-86, Herkimer, NY
*Murphy, Hanna: '73-75 (Teacher) Honolulu, HI
Murphy, James: '82-84, Norway, NY
Murphy, Jay: '89-90, Fairfield, NY
Murphy, Miss Julia: '78-79, Herkimer, NY
Murray, Mary: '99-00 (Mrs. John Powers) 562 E.
Murphy, Patrick H.: '82-86 (Attorney) Dolgeville, NY
+Murphy, Stephen H.: '71-73, Port Lyden, NY
Murray, William: '77-79, 218 Church St., Herkimer, NY
Murray, William P.: '80-83, Herkimer, NY
*Myers, Frank H.: '74-75, Herkimer, NY
+Myers, George E.: '70-71, Herkimer, NY
+Myers, Mary K.: '75-77, Herkimer, NY
*Myers, Nellie J.: '79-82, Herkimer, NY
Myers, W.J.: '77-78
McAlpine, Paul A.: '00-01, Bradford, Pa.
+McCarthy, John: '83-84, Middleville, NY
McClure, Agnes G.: '72-73 (Mrs. Chapman) (Ex-Music Teacher) Stafford Springs, Conn.
*McClure, Miss Frances C.: '72-73 (Teacher) Miami, Fla.
McClumpha, Delia H.: '91-93 (Mrs. G. Walrath) Tribes Hill, NY
McDuffie, Bert F.: '93-94, 65 Clifton Pl., Brooklyn, NY
McDermott, May E.: '97-98 (Mrs. Wm. Day) 1519 Oneida St., Utica, NY
*McDonald, Bernard: '89-90 *1934 Little Falls, NY
McDonald, James: '85-86, Newport, NY
McDonald, Julia: '85-86 (Mrs. Ed Spellman) 812 Sherman Pl., Utica, NY
*McDonald, Thomas: '84-85, Salisbury, NY
McEvoy, John: '99-00, Herkimer, NY
McEvoy, Margaret: '76-78 (Mrs. J. Cox) 37 Emerson Ave., Utica, NY
McEvoy, Sara: '71-72 (Mrs. McLaughlin) 26 Lansing St., Little Falls, NY
McGee, George F.: '93-94, Middleville, NY
+McGlew, Henry: '99-00, Chadwicks, NY
McKenna, Charles: '77-79, Fremont, Neb.
McKenna, Irving: '77-79 (Banking) Fremont, Neb.
McKenna, Lizzie: '79-80 (Mrs. Rice) Herkimer, NY
McKeown, O. Judd: ''91-92 (Treas. Utica Mutual Ins. Co.) 23 Faxton St. Utica, NY
+McKinley, Edward E.: '98-00, Rochester, NY
+McKinley, Henry C.: '99-00, Rochester, NY
McLane, Charles W.: '93-94, 66 N. Broad St., Johnson City, NY
McLane, Clara: '93-94 (Mrs. B.H. Jordon) McGraw, NY
McLean, Alice F.: '86-87 (Mrs. Clemons) 405 Margaret St., Herkimer, NY
*McLean, Lillian: '86-87 (Mrs. Frank Shaad) Devereaux, NY
McLean, Marguerite L.: '92-93 (Mrs. Hook) 179 Midland Ave., Glen Ridge, NJ
*McLean, Nathan: '86-87 *1902 Omaha, Neb.
*McLaughlin, George H.: '91-92 *1934 Norway, NY
McLaughlin, John J.: '96-98, 452 Beach Ave., New York City
McLaughlin, Miss Margaret: '85-86, 70 Hancock St., Little Falls, NY
*McLaughlin, Robert: '82-83 *1935 Little Falls, NY
McLaughlin, Robert: '85-86, Hancock St., Little Falls, NY
McLoughlin, Miss Anna: '85-86, Alexander St., Little Falls, NY
McMorran, Harry E.: '91-92 (Accountant) Pulaski, NY
McVoy, Florence: '91-92 (Mrs. Zina Burt) Cold Brook, NY
+Nash, Charles D.: '72-73, Hubbardsville, NY
+Nash, George E.: '00-01, Auburn, NY
Naylor, Lizzie: '88-89 (Mrs. Bruce Sanford) Liberty, NY
+Neare, Charles H.: '95-96, Cato, NY
*Nearing, Charles H.: '74-76 (Elba Reese) Kansas City, Mo.
Neeley, Albert H.: '80-85 (Mary Lou Baldwin) 561 Garden St., Little Falls, NY
+Neeley, Arthur J.: '70-71, Fairfield, NY
*Neeley, Blanche: '89-93 (Mrs. Vincent) *1930 Little Falls, NY
*Neeley, Charles: '85-89 *1934 Middleville, NY
*Neeley, Emma: '74-75 (Mrs. Ward) Fairfield, NY
*+Neeley, Harmon T.: '71-72, Fairfield, NY
*Neeley, Sarah: '70-71 (Mrs. Windecker) *1928 Little Falls, NY
*Nellis, Alfred E.: '73-74, St. Johnsville, NY
*Nellis, A.J.: '71-73 (Attorney) *1930 Schenectady, NY
Nellis, Byron: '79-80
*Nellis, Miss Clara: '78-79, Herkimer, NY
Nellis, Cynthia A.: '77-78
Nellis, Elsie A.: '87-89 (Mrs. W.E. Montgomery) Fayetteville, NY
Nellis, George H.: '95-96, Fort Plain, NY Nellis, Raymond: '91-92
*Nellis, Irving O.: '75-78 (Physician) Herkimer, NY
+Nellis, Jacob H.: '70-71, Canajoharie, NY
Nelson, William H.: '81-82
*Newberry, George S.: '74-75, Poland, NY
Newberry, Nellie J.: '80-81 (Mrs. Willoughby) 3100 Conn. Ave. NW, Washington, DC
*Newberry, S.H.: '80-81 (Attorney) *1926 Little Falls, NY
*Newberry, William W.: '77-79 *1923 Poland, NY
Newell, Miss Gertrude: '95-96 (RN) 15 Hudson St., Johnson City, NY
Newell, Luella: '88-89 (Mrs. Boothe) Chenango Bridge, NY
Newell, Wilbur D.: '85-87, 817 Midland Ave., Syracuse, NY
Newman, Addie: '72-75 (Mrs. Rozelle) 10 Irving St., Newton Ctr., Mass.
Newman, Bessie: '91-92
Newman, William H.: '71-74, 1118 Walnut St., Elmira, NY
*Nichols, Addie: '70-71 (Mrs. Wilson) Fairfield, NY
Nichols, Agnes E.: '92-98 (RN) 137 Main St., Whitesboro, NY
Nichols, Alice I.: '86-87 (Mrs. Ives) (Town Clerk) RD 2, Newport, NY
Nichols, Charles A.: '95-99, Box 111, Douglass, Ariz.
+Nichols, Charles E.: '70-71, Athens, NY
Nichols, Edith L.: '87-88 (Store) RD 2, Newport, NY
Nichols, Fred L.: '96-97, Hancock, NY
Nichols, Frederick W.: '98-99 (Laundry Owner) Las Vegas, NM
*Nichols, Helen: '73-74 (Mrs. Comstock) *1920 Norway, NY
Nichols, Horace E.: '96-97, 17159 Bentley Ave., Detroit, Mich.
*Nichols, Horace J.: '73-74, Norway, NY
Nichols, Nelson: '82-83, Public Library, New York City
+Noble, Guy: '93-94, 313 Highland Ave., Syracuse, NY
Norris, George W.: '85-88, 307 S. Ann St., Little Falls, NY
*Northrup, Emma: '71-72 (Mrs. B.L. Osborn) *1930 Camden, NY
*Norton, Oscar E.: '93-95, Rushville, NY
*Norton, Raymond W.: '95-96, Utica, NY
O'Connor, Miss Delia: '83-84, Newport, NY
O'Hara, Daniel C.: '87-89, 112 Prospect St., Little Falls, NY
*O'Hara, John: '85-86 *1930 Dolgeville, NY
O'Hara, Mary J.: '89-90 (Mrs. Charles Grassel) Salisbury, NY
O'Heron, John: '94-95, Norway, NY
Olds, Edna F.: '97-01 (Mrs. Bishopp) (Saleslady) 1416 Miller St., Utica, NY
*Olds, Byron H.: '89-90 (Farmer) *1929 Baldwinsville, NY
Omens, Grace: '95-96 (Mrs. John Fox) Richfield Springs, NY
O'Neal, Alice: '80-81
*O'Neil, Mary E.: '86-87 (Mrs. McLoughlin) Newport, NY
*Onyans, William L.: '73-74 *1934 Osining, NY
O'Rourke, D.: '87-88
+Osborn, Harry: '95-97, Auburn, NY
+Osborn, Lelia A.: '71-72, Herkimer, NY
*Osgood, Philo Jr.: '73-75, Ilion, NY
+Ostrander, Burns: '00-01, Syracuse, NY
Ottman, Fred: '92-93, 636 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, Ill.
Ottman, Stanton W.: '92-93 (Pharmacist) DeRuyter, NY
Otto, Frederick A.: '98-99, 85 Main St., Rochester, NY
Owens, Clarence M.: '91-92 (Mfr. Paper Boxes) 111 Harrison St., East Orange, NJ
+Owens, Herman: '73-74, Trenton, NY
*Owens, Wallace T.: '88-90
+Paul, George B.: '70-71, Aberdeen, S. Dak.
Parker, Earl A.: '94-95, 101 Cemetery St., Frankfort, NY
*Parker, George M.: '85-86 *1934 Jutland, NJ
*Parker, Jennie: '86-88 (Mrs. Burrell) Little Falls, NY
Parker, Miss Olive: '86-87, RD Little Falls, NY
Parkhurst, Frances: '97-98 (Mrs. Walter Elmore) Oriskany, NY
*Parkhurst, J. Lawrence: '95-96, Oriskany, NY
Parkinson, Mae: '96-99 (Mrs. Lewis Chandler) Tourist Home, Fairfield, NY
+Parks, Dewitt: '70-71, Mexico, NY
+Parry, Newton: '70-71, Halstead, Kansas
Parsons, Fred F.: '94-95, Hawthorne Lane, Winetka, Ill.
Parsons, Grace: '94-95 (Mrs. Congdor) 60 S. Maple St., E. Orange, NJ
*Partiss, Nellie A.: '93-94, Johnstown, NY
Pattengill, John C.: '95-97, 1127 Boyd St., Watertown, NY
Payne, Arthur V.: '85-86 (Physician) 41 E. 42nd St., NYC
+Payne, J. Leonard: '97-99, Syracuse, NY
*Payne, Fred E.: '73-74, Cold Brook, NY
Peabody, Charles: '85-86 (Alice Heminway) Gouveneur, NY
Peabody, Edward W.: '88-90, 3406 Madison St., Wilmington, Del.
*Peabody, George: '90-91, Holland Patent, NY
Peck, E.B.: '99-00 (Sadie DePew) Whitney, SC
+Peck, L.F.: '98-99, Syracuse, NY
+Peck, Rufus C.: '98-99, Syracuse, NY
*Pendill, Clinton H.: '72-73, Norway, NY
Penn, Henry Lee: '00-01 (Poultryman) Plessis, NY
Perkins, Evelyn L.: '93-94 (Mrs. J.E. Hough) St. Johnsville, NY
Perigo, John: '99-00, Cuba
+Perry, Albertus: '92-93 (Clergyman) Rockford, Ill.
+Perry, Ernest: '94-96, Gloversville, NY
Perry, George W.: '70-71, Evans Mills, NY
*Perry, Hattie E.: '73-74, Poland, NY
*Perry, Josiah: '70-71 (Attorney) Utica, NY
Perez, Juan: '99-00, New York City
+Peters, Clarence I.: '94-96 Syracuse, NY
+Peters, Harry: '99-00 (Physician) Syracuse, NY
Petrie, Ada: '77-78
Petrie, Adrian R.: '89-91, Mohawk, NY
Petrie, Dora: '91-92 (Mrs. Edward Jones) RD 1, Little Falls, NY
Petrie, Fred A.: '94-95, 95 26th Ave., San Francisco, Cal.
*Petrie, Henry: '77-78, Herkimer, NY
*Petrie, Holley A.: '87-88 *1935 Middleville, NY
*Petrie, Mary: '69-70 (Mrs. Robinson) *1933 Johnstown, NY
*Petrie, May S.: '77-79 (Mrs. Emmons) Huntington, W. Va.
Petrie, Oliver B.: '75-76, Herkimer, NY
Petrie, Robert H.: '84-89 (Secy-Treas, NFL, Herk. Co.) Herkimer, NY
*Petrie, William H.: '95-96 (Physician) Dolgeville, NY
+Phelps, Charles A.: '92-93, Gloversville, NY
Phelps, Maurice A.: '97-99, 121 Concord Pl., Syracuse, NY
+Phelps, Reansford: '00-01, Syracuse, NY
Phillips, Clyde A.: '97-98 (Tchr. Piano) 331 W. Smith St., Herkimer, NY
*Phillips, Cora: '92-93 *1934 Stittville, NY
Phillips, Frank J.: '87-89, Washington, DC
Phillips, George E.: '76-77
*Phillips, Inez: '70-71 (Mrs. Harter) Herkimer, NY
Phillips, Oliver: '73-74 (Physician) Yonkers, NY
Pickert. Addie: '70-71 (Mrs. Willard) Herkimer, NY
*Pickert, Alice: '69-70 (Mrs. Jackson) *1934 Fairfield, NY
Pickert, Bela: '82-85, Middleville, NY
Pickert, Byron B.: '78-80 (Dealer Farm Implements) Middleville, NY
Pickert, Harry W.: '86-88 (Retired) Dolgeville, NY
*Pickert, Jennie: '75-78 (Mrs. Robinson) Fairfield, NY
Pickert, Jessie: '75-79 (Mrs. Marcy) Fairfield, NY
*Pickert, Lizzie: '70-74 (Mrs. Bishop) Fairfield, NY
Pickert, Minnie: '70-74 (Mrs. Reed) Fairfield, NY
Pierce, Edwin B.: '78-79 (Farmer) RD 4, Frankfort, NY
*Pierce, Fannie: '86-87
Pierce, Frank L.: '95-96 (Life Ins.) 16711 Warwick Rd., Detroit, Mich.
Pierce, Harry H.: '95-96, 96 Claramount Ave., Buffalo, NY
*Pierce, Minnie: '86-87
Pierson, Albert H.: '85-89, Waterloo, NY
*Pierson, Ella P.: '87-89 (Mrs. Carter) Waterloo, NY
Piper, Peter F.: '83-85 (Teacher) 851 Richmond Ave., Buffalo, NY
*Plumb, Frank S.: '77-78 (Emma Western) Sheldon, Iowa
Pohl, Bertha: '85-86
Pooley, Ralph P.: '93-95, Toledo, Ohio
*Pollard, Fannie: '92-93
+Porter, Charles H.: '98-99, Syracuse, NY
+Porter, Lizzie: '73-74, Fairfield, NY
*Pollock, Fred L.: '89-90 (Nellie Morse) *1914 Ontario, NY
Post, Anna: '84-85 (Mrs. G.W. Nellis) Roslindale, Mass.
Potter, Alcie M.: '93-95 (Teacher-Asst. Librarian) Holland Patent, NY
*Potter, Helen M.: '92-93 *1907 Holland Patent, NY
Potter, Howard: '89-90
Potter, Ida L.M.: '91-92 (Dressmaker) Holland Patent, NY
Potter, Lillian M.: '91-96 (Teacher-Since 1911 Librarian) Holland Patent, NY
Pound, J.C.: '83-86 (Physician) 2 W. Reade St., Baltimore, Md.
*Pound, Nicholas D.: '80-84 *1936 28 Petrie St., Little Falls, NY
*Pound, Nicholas M.: '84-86, Chicago, Ill.
Pound, Miss Sarah: '91-92, 28 Petrie St., Little Falls, NY
Pound, William: '85-86, Far Rockaway, NY
Pound, William H.: '84-86 (Physician) 1632 Williamsbridge Rd., Bronx, NYC
*Powell, Ora: '93-94 (Mrs. Wilcox) *1913
Price, Adelbert L.: '69-70, Livonia, NY
+Price, Agnes: '92-93 (Mrs. M. Woodard) Pleasant St., Syracuse, NY
+Preston, Anna C.: '73-74, North Gage, NY
Proper, Clyde H.: '94-95 (Attorney) Schoharie, NY
Putnam, Abraham V.: '91-92, Fultonville, NY
*Putnam, Levi: '77-78, Ephratah, NY
Quackenbush, E.G.: '94-95
*Quigley, Martin: '00-01, Newark, NY
*Quinn, Matthew C.: '00-01, Syracuse, NY
Radley, Linda: '84-87 (Mrs. Shepard) 196 Central Ave., Albany, NY
Rafter, James E.: '89-91, 55 Peyster St., Albany, NY
*Raines, T. Raleigh: '95-96 (Commandant)
*Ranson, Byron A.: '70-71, Brocketts Bridge, NY
Rasbeck, Adam J.: '74-75, Herkimer, NY
Rasbeck, Adelbert: '85-86, Dolgeville, NY
Rasbeck, Bertram J.: '85-90, Middleville, NY
Rasbeck, Emma L.: '85-86
Rasbeck, Frank W.: '80-81, Herkimer, NY
Rasbeck, George A.: '77-78, Herkimer, NY
*Rasbeck, Henry: '85-86, Herkimer, NY
Rasbeck, Ina: '77-79, Herkimer, NY
*Rasbeck, Irving P.: '73-76 *1930 Herkimer, NY
Rasbeck, Nellie: '92-95 (Mrs. Fuller) 324 Prospect St., Herkimer, NY
Rasbeck, Nettie: '96-97 (Mrs. John Mahardy) Fairfield, NY
Rasbeck, W.F.: '79-80, Herkimer, NY
*Randall, Miss Della: '93-94, Little Falls, NY
*Randall, William H.: '87-89, Amsterdam, NY
Rasey, Martha: '88-93 (Mrs. Todd) DePuyster, NY
Rathbun, Anna: '74-75 (Mrs. B.K. Brown) Remsen, NY
Rathbun, Mercy A.: '70-71, Newport, NY
*Rathbun, Ralph H.: '73-74, Newport, NY
+Raven, William T.: '73-74, Ilion, NY
*Raymond, Arthur H.: '96-98, Bridgeport, Conn.
*Raynor, Edwin W.: '70-71 (Physician) Utica, NY
Raynor, Tina L.: '88-89 (Mrs. Wm. Hendrix) (Teacher) 15 McGowan Rd., Ilion, NY
*Ransom, Mary: '85-86
*Reed, Anna B.: '70-74 (Mrs. Charles Thompson) Whitesboro, NY
Reed, Bert F.: '97-99 (Steel Salesman) 1800 N. 7th St., Wauwatosa, Wis.
*Reed, Harry: '70-71 (Minnie Pickert) Fairfield, NY
Reed, Harry P.: '94-95, Livonia, NY
*Reed, Minnie: '70-74 (Mrs. Thompson) *1917 Holland Patent, NY
Reese, Effie B.: '95-96 (Retired Teacher) Newport, NY
*Reese, Elba: '70-74 (Mrs. Nearing) Kansas City, Mo.
Reese, H. Edgar: '77-80 (Eleanor A. Lindsay) (Farmer) Fairfield, NY
Reese, Harlan: '84-86, Kendall, Fla.
*Reese, Milton: '89-91 *1929 New York City
Reese, Myra: '93-94 (Mrs. F. Kunkler) 795 182nd St., New York City
Reese, Roselle C.: '88-89, Newport, NY
+Reese, Timothy: '82-83, Mohawk, NY
*Remmel, Harmon L.: '70-71, Fort Wayne, Ind.
*Rhodes, Fred A.: '93-95, Chester, Pa.
*Rice, Carrie M.: '71-72 (Mrs. Van Auken) Fairfield, NY
*Rice, Clarence W.: '84-88, Fairfield, NY
Rice, Edward C.: '85-89 (Attorney) Dolgeville, NY
Rice, Erlena: '85-86 (Mrs. W.S. Helterline) Stratford, NY
*Rice, Ingham C.: '71-72, Fairfield, NY
Rice, Lenora: '85-86 (Mrs. M.C. Atkins) Stratford, NY
Rich, Bert L.: '91-92, 16 Court St., Brooklyn, NY
Rich, Frank A.: '87-88, Richville, NY
Rich, Frederick R.: '90-91 (Lawyer) 34 W. 44th St., New York City
Richards, Alice M.: '81-82 (Mrs. A.L. Sailors) 1118 Brush Creek Blvd., Kansas City, Mo.
*Richards, Aurora: '92-83 (Mrs. James Abeel)
*1907 Ohio, NY Richards, Emily S.: '89-90
Richards, DeForest L.: '96-97, Schoharie, NY
*Richards, E.E.: '79-80, Newport, NY
Richards, Effie E.: '84-87 (Mrs. E.D. Frank) (Artist) 128 E. LaFayette Ave., Syracuse, NY
*Richards, Martin A.: '77-80 (Fannie Brockett) Little Falls, NY
Richardson, Bert: '96-97, Gorham, NH
*Richardson, Duane M.: '73-74, Herkimer, NY
*Richardson, Frederick W.: '86-87 *1917 Deerfield, NY
*Richardson, Levi Y.: '93-96, New York City
*Richardson, Peter S.: '77-78 (Ada Folts) *1929 East Orange, NJ
+Riddell, Joseph B.: '86-87, Little Falls, NY
*Rix, Fannie A.: '70-71 *1930 Newport, NY
*Roarke, John H.: '89-90, Newport, NY
Robelolez, John: '99-00, Cuba
Roberts, John: '94-95
Roberts, Margaret E.: '93-95 (Mrs. Jones) 716 Croton St., Rome, NY
*Roberts, Rena: '92-93, Utica, NY
Roberts, William T.: '92-94, 1414 N. George St., Rome, NY
+Robertson, Daniel J.: '71-72, Perth Center, NY
+Robertson, Grace A.: '70-71, Perth Center, NY
*Robinson, Edward W.: '95-96, Buffalo, NY
Robinson, Floyd: '93-95 (Ida Shibley) Fairfield, NY
Robinson, Gen. Walter G.: '94-96 (Adjt. Gen. of NY) State Capitol, Albany, NY
+Rock, Alfred V.: '96-99, Bridgeport, Conn.
Rockwell, Frank: '91-92
Rodell, Libbie: '91-92 (Mrs. John Taylor) Stuart, Fla.
Rolfe, Robert E.: '89-90, Ovid Center, NY
Root, Charles M.: '87-89 (Belle Hall) (Wholesale Grocer) 132 Stanwix St., Rome, NY
Rosa, C.B.: '92-94 (Bursar, John B. Stetson Un.) 146 E. Michigan Ave., DeLand, Fla
+Rose, Clarence: '99-00, Jamestown, NY
+Rose, William B.: '98-00, Jamestown, NY
Rowlands, Emma L.: '91-93
Rougert, Harry: '00-01, Rome, NY
*Rumpler, Charles: '98-99, Passaic, NJ
*Rundell, Oscar S.: '73-74, Dolgeville, NY
*Ryan, Matthew: '83-85, East Creek, NY

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Source: This list was transcribed and provided by Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian.

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