The Fairfield Alumni Directory was published by The Fairfield Alumni Association in August 1936. The alumni are from what was called at various times, Fairfield Seminary and Fairfield Military Academy. It was a type of secondary school, offering what today's high schools offer as well as some more advanced courses. It was not a college. It only once achieved that distinction, back in the medical college days. Many of the students proceeded to colleges from Fairfield. Married names of female graduates, and wives of male graduates, appear in parentheses following the entry. The Alumni Association no longer exists.


* Deceased
+ Last known address

*Salisbury, Ackland: '74-76, Lyons, Ill.
*Salisbury, Ada: '70-71 (Mrs. Hopson) *1931 Dolgeville, NY
*Salisbury, Emma: '68-72 (Mrs. Spencer) Dolgeville, NY
+Salisbury, George H.: '70-71, Sandy Creek, NY
+Salisbury, Maria C.: '70-71, Norway, NY
Sanders, Addie: '92-93 (Mrs. Vining) 1237 Main St., Honesdale, Pa.
Sanders, Jacob H.: '74-75, St. Johnsville, NY
Sanders, James H.: '74-75, St. Johnsville, NY
Sanders, Leslie B.: '89-92 (Merchant) 134 Langley Rd., Newton Center, Mass.
+Sanderson, F.C.: '75-76, Herkimer, NY
+Sanderson, Frank H.: '75-76, Middleville, NY
Sawyer, Leland: '96-97, Port Gibson, NY
Scanlon, Frank: '90-91, 6400 11th Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.
*Scanlon, Matthew: '85-87, Herkimer, NY
*Scanlon, Patrick J.: '86-87, Herkimer, NY
+Scharff, Charles: '91-92, Canajoharie, NY
+Schermerhorn, Newton W.: '70-71, Lysander, NY
Schmid, Christin N.: '93-94, Carthage, NY
Schmid, Edward: '97-98
+Schram, Clara J.: '77-78 (Mrs. Willard) (Music Tchr) Fairfield, NY
+Schutt, Charles: '97-98, Auburn, NY
*Schuyler, Ackley C.: '70-71, Carthage, NY
Schuyler, Jacob L.: '71-72 (Retired Mfr.) Esperance, NY
*Schuyler, Martin J.: '71-72, Glen, NY
Schuyler, Peter V.: '67-72 (Clerk) Fultonville, NY
+Scofil, Eva C.: '75-76, Rome, NY
*Scothon, Charles A.: '94-95 *1935 Lee Center, NY
*Scott, George M.: '96-97, Binghamton, NY
+Scott, Fred L.: '93-95, Deansville, NY
+Scuin, Edward S.: '98-99, Auburn, NY
+Seaman, Ella: '62-68 (Mrs. DeGan) Syracuse, NY
*+Seaman, Frank G.: '72-78 (Physician) Fairfield, NY
*Seaman, Frank W.: '98-00, Frankfort, NY
Searight, Florence: '94-95 (Mrs. Rankin) 306 Palmer St., Frankfort, NY
Searle, William Albert: '00-01, 50 Eastaugh Ave., Haddonfield, NJ
Seeley, Rose: '84-85 (Mrs. Wood) Stratford, NY
Shaad, Miss Lena A.: '81-82 (Retired) Stratford, NY
Shaffer, H.V.: '73-74, Amsterdam, NY
Sharp, Evington P.: '91-93 (Contractor) 423 W. German St., Herkimer, NY
*Shaver, George W.: '82-85 *1936 Fairfield, NY
Shaw, Adrienne: '97-99 (Mrs. R. Bradley) RD 1, East Hill, Marcellus, NY
Shaw, William G.: '98-99, 4809 7th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
+Sheaf, Jerome F.: '71-72, East Schuyler, NY
Shearer, Roscoe: '98-99 (Adeline Hobart) (Professional Engineer) RD, Castleton-on-Hudson, NY
Sheffield, Albert D.: '78-89 (Teacher-Business Mgr. Retired) Fort Plain, NY
Sheffield, Elton J.: '91-92, Chester, Pa.
Sheffield, John Wesley: '77-78 (Physician) 29 Arthur St., Binghamton, NY
*Shedd, Burdette O.: '80-81 (DDS) *1933 Dolgeville, NY
+Sherman, Walter H.: '69-70, East Avon, NY
*Sherman, Chas.: '70-71, Newport, NY
Sherwood, Ida May: '95-96 (Tchr. Passaic High) 39 High St., Passaic, NJ
Shibley, Ida: '00-01 (Mrs. Robinson) Fairfield, NY
*Shoemaker, Clarence E.: '87-89
*Shoemaker, Dorr R.: '94-95 (Teacher) *1935 Frot Plain, NY
Shoemaker, J. Raymond: '98-01 (Pres. Hygeia Refrigerating Co.) 901 W. Water St., Elmira, NY
Shook, Ida: '92-93 (Mrs. T. Murphy) 37 Bunn St., Amsterdam, NY
Shubert, Cyrus: '90-91
Shubert, Frank: '91-92
*Shufelt, Jefferson: '92-93
Shuler, Edith: '98-99 (Mrs. F.W. Comfort) 121 Chandler St., Adrian, Mich.
+Shull, John: '73-74, Fort Plain, NY
+Shull, Mary: '70-71, Fort Plain, NY
Shultz, Clark L.: '73-74, Stone Arabia, NY
Shyne, Frank I.: '00-01, National Press Bldg., Washington, DC
+Sill, Cora: '73-74, Dexter, NY
Silliman, Alice A.: '73-75 (Mrs. J.C. Cole) 11 Rundell St., Dolgeville, NY
*Silliman, Benson S.: '82-83 *1884 Salisbury, NY
Silliman, Charles D.: '72-76 (Teacher - Farmer) RD 1, Corfu, NY
Silliman, Dwight A.: '80-83 (City Missionary) 473 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, NY
Silliman, Edward G.: '76-78 (Retired Produce Dealer) 1209 Minnesota Ave., Orlando, Fla.
*Silliman, Hiram D.: '80-83 *1929
Silliman, Mary C.: '76-79 (Mrs. N.D. Smith) (Poultry) Herkimer, NY
*Simms, Ralph: '87-88
+Simms, George: '77-78, Portland, Ore.
Simpson, Allie L.: '69-70 (Mrs. J.M. Downer) (Farming) Rt. 1 Box 37, Freeman, S. Dakota
*Simpson, Charles F.: '86-87, Potsdam, NY
*Simpson, Emma S.: '74-75 (Mrs. Corey) *1928 Salisbury Ctr., NY
Simpson, Minnie: '77-78
Simpson, M.O.: '77-78
+Sixby, Charles C.: '71-72, New York City
*Simpson, Robert: '91-92 *1927 Countryman, NY
*Skeel, Clarence M.: '71-72, Fairfield, NY
*Skeel, Ella: '71-72, Fairfield, NY
+Skeel, Nina M.: '71-72, Fairfield, NY
+Skeel, William: '70-71, Fairfield, NY
+Skinner, Lizzie: '72-74, Mexico, NY
*Skinner, Clara D.: '94-95, Williamson, NY
+Skinner, George C.: '94-95, Williamson, NY
*Small, Fred: '85-86, Herkimer, NY
*Small, Jacob: '75-76, East Herkimer, NY
*Smith, Adam J.: '72-76 *1933 Herkimer, NY
Smith, Albert H.: '73-74, St. Johnsville, NY
Smith, Annie E.: '96-97 (Mrs. Wilson) 429 S. Aiken Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
+Smith, Alice M.: '70-71 (Mrs. Graham) Lincoln, Neb.
Smith, Arthur T.: '77-78 (30 Yrs. Newspaper Editor) 209 Highland Ave., Syracuse, NY
+Smith, Chauncey: '98-00, Duluth, Minn.
+Smith, Chauncey: '72-74, Newport, NY
*Smith, Clara: '71-72 (Mrs. O.S. Foster) *1914 Utica, NY
*Smith, Clarence D.: '73-74, Ilion, NY
+Smith, Dalton: '91-92, Syracuse, NY
Smith, Delois: '88-90
*Smith, Dexter W.: '70-71, Norway, NY
Smith, Earl S.: '67-70, 1662 Miller St., Utica, NY
+Smith, Edward M.: '95-96, Utica, NY
+Smith, Edward M.: '95-96, Constableville, NY
+Smith, Edwin A.: '77-78, St. Johnsville, NY
+Smith, Eli: '70-71, Marianville, NY
Smith, Emma I.: '75-77 (Mrs. Smith) Jordanville, NY
Smith, Fannie: '82-83
Smith, Frank B.: '70-71, Newport, NY
+Smith, Franklin D.: '77-78, St. Johnsville, NY
*Smith, Fred Dean: '94-95 *1929 Sherburne, NY
Smith, Fred W.: '99-00
+Smith, Freddie D.: '73-74, Norway, NY
*Smith, George O.: '73-74, Norway, NY
*Smith, Gerrit I.: '75-76, Salisbury, NY
Smith, Hattie A.: '77-78
+Smith, Ida: '89-90, Albany, NY
Smith, Ida: '70-71 (Mrs. Spencer) 603 Ashman St., Midland, Mich.
*Smith, Jacob M.: '72-73, Herkimer, NY
Smith, Miss Jennie H.: '88-90, Poland, NY
+Smith, Jerome T.: '72-73, S. Dakota
Smith, John A.: '89-90
Smith, John P.: '91-92
*Smith, LaGrange E.: '70-71, Frankfort, NY
Smith, Libbie: '90-91
*Smith, Libbie A.: '70-71, Norway, NY
Smith, Louise: '00-01 (Mrs. Fred Rath) 1640 Sunset Ave., Utica, NY
Smith, M. Grace: '84-87 (Mrs. I.P. Rasbeck) Herkimer, NY
Smith, Mary: '84-85, Herkimer, NY
Smith, Miss Maude K.: '86-87, Waterville, NY
+Smith, Nelson P.: '84-86, Herkimer, NY
*Smith, Newton D.: '72-73 *1930 Herkimer, NY
Smith, Olin D.: '76-78, 400 W. Pine St., Rome, NY
Smith, Onie G.: '73-74 (Mason) RD, Cold Brook, NY
*Smith, Norman D.: '95-97, Weedsport, NY
Smith, Raymond W.: '98-00, Jordan, NY
Smith, R.D.: '90-91
Smith, Rufus H.: '70-71, Frankfort, NY
*Smith, S. Clark: '77-78, Herkimer, NY
Smith, Sarah F.: '91-92
+Smith, Stanley: '86-87, Frankfort, NY
*Smith, Sydney A.: '78-79, St. Johnsville, NY
Smith, Thad: '98-99
*Smith, V.K.: '74-76, Herkimer, NY
*Smith, Willard M.: '70-71, Frankfort, NY
+Smith, William G.: '95-97, Rome, NY
Smith, William S.: '86-87, Waterville, NY
Snell, B.C.: '00-01
+Snell, Clarence S.: '70-71, Little Falls, NY
+Snell, Emmett: '70-71, Garoga, NY
+Snell, George C.: '70-71, Little Falls, NY
Snell, Milo H.: '98-99 (Funeral Director) 2950 Xerxes Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn.
Snell, W.E.: '76-77
Snow, Russell S.: '94-95 (Carrie Dievendorf) (Farmer) RD, Sprakers, NY
Snyder, Charles E.: '80-81 (Attorney) 403 Church St., Herkimer, NY
*Snyder, Fred W.: '91-94, Fulton, NY
+Snyder, Horace N.: '72-73, 154 E. Mohawk St., Oswego, NY
Snyder, Leon F.: '96-97, Utica, NY
Soper, Lucien J.: '96-97, 249 Kenmore Ave., Syracuse, NY
*Sours, William H.: '99-00, Rochester, NY
Spain, Minnie: '84-85
Spellman, Anna B.: '85-86 (Mrs. Patrick Ervin) 1007 Young Pl., Utica, NY
Spellman, Maria: '85-86 (Mrs. Michael Kirn) Frankfort, NY
Spencer, LaGrange: '77-78, Salisbury Center, NY
+Spencer, Melvin H.: '93-94, Stratford, NY
+Spedding, F.S.: '94-95, Mohawk, NY
Spingler, Dora M.: '89-93 (Mrs. Hine) 1529 56th St., Brooklyn, NY
*Spoor, Fred A.: '91-93, Herkimer, NY
+Spoor, Lena: '91-92 (Mrs. Cook) Utica, NY
Sprague, A.E.: '80-81
+Spraker, Howard D.: '74-75, Sprakers Basin, NY
Squire, Charles L.: '70-71 (Physician) Elmira, NY
*Squires, Mattie D.: '86-89
Squires, Miss Nellie: '86-87, Prospect, NY
Squyer, Frederick B.: '95-97 (Florence Collins) *1918 Syracuse, NY
*Stafford, George G.: '97-99 *1934 Syracuse, NY
Stahl, Edward: '88-89, Rockwood, NY
Stahl, Fred C.: '91-92 (Auditor Revenues State Comptroller's Office) 23 Cuyler Ave., Albany, NY
*Stahl, Minnie M.: '95-96 (Mrs. Jones) *1936 Prospect St., Ilion, NY
Staley, Adelbert M.: '94-96, 162 Babcock St., Brookline, Mass.
Stanton, Addie: '91-92
+Starkings, Charles: '72-73, Canaan, NY
+Stauring, Ida: '72-73, Fairfield, NY
*Steadman, E.R.: '73-74, Taberg, NY
+Steel, Burt: '86-87, Little Falls, NY
Steinberg, Paul: '90-01 (Physio Therapist) 435 Irving Ave., Syracuse, NY
*Stephens, Agnes E.: 57-58 (Mrs. J.S. McNair) *1936 St. Petersburg, Fla.
Stephens, Charlotte A.: '92-93 (Mrs. Geo. Salisbury) Hamilton St., Hamilton, NY
Stephens, Elizabeth: '74-75 (Mrs. Nichols) Whitesboro, NY
+Sterling, Blanche B.: '00-01, Woodbury, Conn.
Stearnes, Anna: '91-92
Stevens, Malcom C.: '95-99 (Mgr. Scorrel Mfg. Co., Akron) 287 Overwood Rd., Fairlawn, Ohio
+Stewart, Charles H.: '76-77, Middleville, NY
*Stewart, John W.: '80-81, Washington, D.C.
Stiles, Walter F.: '94-95 (Capt. Conn. State Police) 162 Whitney St., Hartford, Conn.
*Stoddard, George: '71-74, Middleville, NY
*Stoddard, Mattie: '80-81, Middleville, NY
Stone, Adella May: '89-90 (Mrs. A.B. Potter) 31 Kendrick Ave., Hamilton, NY
Stone, Charles A.: '74-75, RD, Sprakers, NY
+Stone, Clarence F.: '79-81, Poland, NY
Stone, Jessie V.: '79-80
Storms, F.A.: '76-77
Stone, Frank A.: '96-00, Marcellus, NY
Stone, Harry A.: '96-00 (Attorney) City Bank Bldg., Syracuse, NY
Storms, M.E.: '76-77
Strobel, Charles G.: '81-82 (Physician) 82 S. Main St., Dolgeville, NY
Strobel, D.F.: '75-76, Herkimer, NY
Strough, Wilbur M.: '89-90, Salisbury, NY
*Strough, Frank: '84-85 *1893 Salisbury, NY
St. John, Clyde L.: '91-92 (Carpenter) Plymouth, Cal.
*St. John, Lewis S.: '91-92 *1936 Canajoharie, NY
Strait, Mabel E.: '95-97 (Mrs. C.W. Martin) 307 Wellington Rd., Buffalo, NY
+Strong, Clarence W.: '95-96, 436 18 th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg, Fla.
+Studley, Ralph C.: '97-98, Springfield, Mass.
*Sullivan, Charles: '85-86 *1926 Dolgeville, NY
Sullivan, Daniel W.: '74-75, Dolgeville, NY
*Sutliff, Ezra A.: '97-99, Gloversville, NY
*Swarthout, Addie: '78-79 (Mrs. George Gorton) Kansas City, Mo.
*Swarthout, Anna: '78-79 (Mrs. John Williams) Prospect, NY
Sweeney, Nellie: '85-86
Sweet, Miss Bertha E.: '90-91, 537 Maple Grove Ave., Herkimer, NY
+Swackhammer, C.A.: '80-81, St. Johnsville, NY
Swift, Avery: '00-01, 5 Beverly Pl., Utica, NY
Swift, Charles H., Jr.: '95-97 (Wholesale Lumber) 14 Shumway Circle, Wakefield, Mass.
Swift, Miss Rosella B.: '69-70, Herkimer, NY
+Talladay, Charles A.: '99-00, Auburn, NY
+Talladay, Iva: '99-00 (Mrs. Royal MacGowan) Auburn, NY
+Talbot, Joseph G.: '72-74, Little Falls, NY
Tallmadge, Hannah: '93-94 (Mrs. Spencer) Glen, NY
Tanner, Elida A.: '75-76
*Tanner, Wesley J.: '71-72 (Clergyman) Salisbury Center, NY
Taylor, Bert V.: '91-92
Taylor, George H.: '94-95, 87 Fletcher Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY
*Taylor, John L.: '85-86 *1926 Norwich, NY
Teall, F.G.: '77-79 (Banking) Little Falls, NY
*Teall, William S.: '76-79 *1934 Tampa, Fla.
Teller, Howard J.: '93-94 (Physician) Rome, NY
TenEyck, Fred G.: '91-94, Asylum St., Hartford, Conn.
*Terpening, C.D.: '77-78, Colombia Center, NY
Thelan, Jessie: '95-96, 99 Pomeroy St., Rochester, NY
+Thomas, Clinton R.: '70-71, Remsen, NY
*Thomas D. Chassell: '74-75, Holland Patent, NY
Thomas, D.C.: '76-78
+Thomas, Frank J.: '75-76, Middleville, NY
Thomas, F. J.: '73-74, Middleville, NY
Thomas, Margaret M.: '69-70 (Mrs. Raymond) 247 Linden Ave., Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
*Thomas, Mary A.: '75-76 (Mrs. Hildreth) Herkimer, NY
*Thomas, William S.: '89-92 (Anna Ingham) Schenectady, NY
Thompson, Charles I.: '74-78, Harrington Hotel, Canton, NY
*Thompson, Ira D.: '74-78 *1930 Holland Patent, NY
*Thompson, James W.: '78-79 (Carrie Kilts) *1920 Fairfield, NY
+Thompson, J.J.: '99-01, Stony Point, NY
*Thompson, Silas W.: '75-75, Salisbury, NY
*Thomson, Frederick M.: '95-96 *1930 Los Angeles, Cal.
Thurston, Earl W.: '91-92, Constantia, NY
+Thurston, Grace: '96-97 (Mrs. M.C. Gregory) Binghamton, NY
Tibbitts, Henry: '91-92, Newville, NY
+Tifft, William B.: '70-71, Sandy Creek, NY
*Timmerman, Lester W.: '85-86 *1934 Manheim, NY
Timmerman, Maude: '89-91 (Mrs. Targent) 2440 Lake View Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Timmerman, Mary E.: '89-91 (Mrs. Albert Green) 208 Maple St., Waterloo, Iowa
+Timmerman, Orville: '70-71, Little Falls, NY
*Todd, Charles M.: '80-83 *1934 Daytona, Fla.
*Todd, Edward M.: '84-86 *1928 Fairfield, NY
Todd, Ellen L.: '88-89, 19 Buckingham St., Rochester, NY
Todd, Ethel: '88-92 (Mrs. Harte) (Milliner) 512 Volusia Ave., Daytona, Fla.
*Todd, Floyd E.: '98-00 (1st Lieut. World War) *1931 Cleveland, Ohio
*Todd, Ida G.: '75-77 (Mrs. Griswold) Middleville, NY
*Todd, Hobart H.: '80-88 (Supt. State School) *1928 Industry, NY
*Tompkins, Stephen C.: '73-78, Herkimer, NY
*Tooke, Evelyn S.: '73-74 (Mrs. Jessie Bridge) *1925 Madison, NY
*Torbett, J. Burnett: '98-00, Jersey Shore, Pa.
+Torrence, Belle: '69-70 (Mrs. Menger) Chicago, Ill.
Trask, Elmer E.: '81-82, Poland, NY
Trask, John H.: '81-82, Poland, NY
*Traver, Jennie: '88-90, Fairfield, NY
*Tripp, Arthur H.: '91-92 *1925 Schenectady, NY
Tripp, Milo: '90-91
*Tripp, Miss Naomi: '91-95, Fairfield, NY
*Tripp, William E.: '88-90, Inghams Mills, NY
Troutwine, Charles I.: '98-99, 401-413 Wisconsin St., Berlin, Wis.
Troutwine, Katherine: '97-99 (Mrs. King) 3210 Howard Park Ave., Baltimore, Md.
+Trumbull Edwin S.: '70-71, Garoga, NY
Tucker, George B.: '98-99, 870 University Ave., Rochester, NY
*Tucker, Laura A.: '74-75 (Mrs. James M. Hall) *1925 Fairfield, NY
Tucker, Richard A.: '99-00, 6306 Wayne Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Tuller, Arthur P.: '98-00, Port Byron, NY
Turner, Will: '94-95 (Farmer) Fair Haven, NY +Turner, Arthur S.: '00-01, 9 Copeland St., Rochester, NY
*Tyne, Edward T.: '92-94, Brooklyn, NY
Uhlee, William L.: '93-95, R D, Little Falls, NY
+Utley, Jerome: '72-73, Boonville, NY
Utter, Philip W.: '94-95, 775 Terrace 49, Los Angeles, Cal.
Van Allen, Edward: '86-87, Little Falls, NY
Van Allen, Estella E.: '88-89 (Mrs. W.J. Tutty) R D 2, Ilion, NY
VanDerveer, Maxalynn: '92-93 (Mrs. Amos) R D, Gloversville, NY
+Van Dusen, May I.: '89-91, Syracuse, NY
Van Epps, Arthur: '83-84, Fultonville, NY
Van Horne, Mamie: '94-95 (Mrs. Wayne Harwood) Rupert, Vt.
*Van Horne, Seeley: '91-92, Waterloo, NY
Van Housen, Carrie A.: '91-92 (Mrs. E.J. Davies) 241 Roosevelt Ave, Syracuse, NY
Van Nostrand, Charles C.: '87-89, 5248 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa.
*Van Nostrand, Frank: '89-90 *1920 Romulus, NY
Van Nostrand, Grace A.: '89-92 (Mrs. Biddleman) Little Falls, NY
*Van Nostrand, Hattie: '91-94, Romulus, NY
+Van Ostrand, Ed: '92-93, Johnstown, NY
Van Petten A.S.: '96-98, Auburn, NY
+Van Slyke, Lena: '73-75, Little Falls, NY
Van Vecton, Miss Nora E.: '85-86, Herkimer, NY
*Vannis, George D.: '87-89, Hartford, Conn.
Varney, Dora A.: '60-62 (Mrs. D.A. Hamlin) 33 College St., Clinton, NY
Vary, Arthur S.: '94-96 (Farmer) Ava, NY
*Vaughn, Benjamin A.: '89-91 *1931 Astoria, L.I.
Vaughn, Wallace W.: '89-90, Astoria, L.I.
*Vedder, William: '85-86, Ingham's Mills, NY
Veley, Omar J.: '91-93 (Atty & Tax Consultant) 308 Allison St. N.W., Washington, DC
Vicker, Hedley A.: '87-91 (Minnie V. Ingersoll) (Clergyman) Clarkston, Wash.
Vicker, Miss Rose: '88-92, 107 Center St., Ithaca, NY
+Vincent, Alonzo: '71-72, Herkimer, NY
*Vincent, Mary M.: '71-72 (Mrs. Buel) *1934 Cold Brook, NY
Voorhees, Addie E.: '80-82 (Mrs. Klock) R D 1, Herkimer, NY
*Voorhees, Maude: '82-84 *1889
Vosberg, Arthur J.: '92-93, Ames, NY
Vosberg, Charles D.: '90-92 (Supt Schools) 28 1st St., Lynbrook, L.I.
Vosberg, Grace V.: '91-92 (Mrs. H. King) Miller Ave., Freeport, L.I.
*Vosler, Sanford L.: '85-87, St. Johnsville, NY
+Vrooman, Charles S.: '97-98, Schenectady, NY
Vrooman, Earl Morey: '93-94 (Physician) 93 Park Ave., North Adams, Mass.
Vrooman, Eugene: '97-98, Schoharie, NY
*Vrooman, Henry J.: '72-73, South Trenton, NY
Vrooman, Kittie V.: '87-88 (Mrs. C.D. Mason) R D, Richfield Springs, NY
Vrooman, Leland S.: '96-97, Schoharie, NY
Wade, Carrie: '95-96 (Mrs. Roscoe Dikeman)
Wade, Walter: '95-96
*Wadsworth, Arthur B.: '82-84 *1927 New Milford, Pa.
Wadsworth, Rufus G.: '82-84 (Atty) 34 Lathrop Ave., Binghamton, NY
Wadworth, Harry H.: '83-84 (Genl Agt Aetna Co, Central New York) Chimes Bldg, Syracuse, NY
Walker, Franklin: '80-81
Walker, Grace E.M.: '88-89 (Mrs. Perkins) (Teacher-Secretarial) 60 Helmer Ave., Dolgeville, NY
*Walker, James A.: '71-74 *1878
+Walker, Jessie: '79-81, Rome, NY
*Walker, John K.: '73-75 *1936 Southern Pines, N. Carolina
Walker, Lottie: '80-81
Walker, Marion: '80-81
+Walker, Maude: '80-81, Rome, NY
*Walker, M.P.: '74-75
*Wallace, Arthur R.: '98-99 *1916 Skaneateles, NY
Wallace, Charles B.: '94-95, Adams, NY
*Wallace, Grace S.: '98-99 *1910 Syracuse, NY
Wallace, Inez: '98-99 (Mrs. Hubbell) 14507 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio
Wallace, Morris E.: '98-99, 3234 Rawle St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Walrath, John A.: '89-91
Walrod, Minnie: '85-86, Salisbury, NY
+Walsh, Charles E.: '99-00, Syracuse, NY
Walsh, Edward P.: '88-90 (Shoe Merchant) 18 Steuben Pk., Utica, NY
+Ward, Bela J.: '75-77 (Physician) Troy, NY
Ward, C.L.: '75-76
*Ward, Earl: '96-97 *1935 Little Falls, NY
Ward, George W.: '70-71, Oppenheim, NY
*Ward, Judd H.: '69-72 (Educator) Troy, NY
Ward, Martha E.: '69-70 (Mrs. Moon) Gravesville, NY
Ward, Peter: '70-71, Oppenheim, NY
Ward, Sarah Belle: '80-81 (Mrs. Clark) Poland, NY
*Warne, Dwight D.: '85-00 (Educator) *1922 Syracuse, NY
Warne, Frank L.: '85-99 (Cora Warner) (Retired N.Y. State Service) Winter Park, Fla.
Warne, Howard M.: '85-98 119 Landon Ave., Syracuse, NY
*Warne, Mae I,: '87-92 (Mrs. Brannaugh) *1917 Carthage, NY
*Warne, Vida E.: '85-97 (Mrs. Dwight D. Warne) *1934 119 Landon Ave., Syracuse, NY
Warner, Cora M.: '92-99 (Mrs. F.L. Warne) 544 Interlachen Ave., Winter Park, Fla.
+Warner, George M.: '98-99, Syracuse, NY
+Warner, May A.: '95-96 (Mrs. A.P. Fackerell) Rochester, NY
Warren, Walter A.: '99-00, 124 Cheltenham St., Charlotte, NY
Washburn, Guy E.: '95-96, Wolcott, NY
Waterman, Eva: '75-76 (Mrs. Pomeroy) Newport, NY
+Waterman, Ida: '70-71, Newport, NY
Watkins, Grace I.: '78-79, Frankfort, NY
Watkins, James H.: '64-65, 115 Mohegan Ave., Middletown, NY
Watkins, Miss M. Elizabeth: '80-85 (Music Teacher) 1513 E. 54th Pl., Chicago, Ill.
*Weatherwax, James F.: '72-73, Little Falls, NY
*Weatherwax, Hattie: '72-73, Manheim, NY
+Weaver, Caius E.: '97-98, Syracuse, NY
Weed, Fred W.: '86-87 (Dentist) Philadelphia, Pa.
+Weinmann, John H.: '71-73, St. Johnsville, NY
Welch, Katie: '79-80
Wendover, Ida F.: '75-77 (Mrs. Moon) (Music Teacher) Eastern Star Home, Oriskany, NY
+West, George R.: '95-96, Syracuse, NY
Western, Ella A.: '72-73 (Mrs. Charles Tompkins) Newport, NY
*Western, Mary H.: '72-73 (Mrs. Witherstine) *1923 Herkimer, NY
*Wester, Emma: '76-79 (Mrs. Plumb) *1936 Sheldon, Iowa
Wettling, J. Martin: '98-99 (Dentist) Honeoye Falls, NY
*Wharry, Millie: '71-72, Sycamore, Ill.
Wheeler, Etta S.: '91-92
*Wheeler, George E.: '99-00 *1935 149 Elmwood Pl., Bridgeport, Conn.
White, Byron E.: '93-95, 1505 East Genesee St., Syracuse, NY
*White, Emma E.: '90-91 (Mrs. L.E. Wood) *1925 Little Falls, NY
White, Lucius J.: '98-99 (R R Postal Clerk) 268 W. Calthrop Ave., Syracuse, NY
+Whitehead, Oscar R.: '92-93, Herkimer, NY
Whitney, Alice E.: '84-85, Lake St., Herkimer, NY
Whitney, Arthur C.: '00-01 (Real Estate) 15 Beechwood St., Rochester, NY
Whitney, Hattie: '97-98 (Mrs. Sixbury) 1325 Butternut St., Utica, NY
Whitney, John P.: '84-86, Lake St., Herkimer, NY
*Whipple, Addie: '80-86 (Mrs. Ward Hewison) Fairfield, NY
*Wick, Clark A.: '93-96 (Attorney) New York City Wickware, Addie: '76-78
Wickware, A.G.: '77-78
Wiegand, Charles E.: '91-92 (Bookkeeper) 1113 Summit Pl., Utica, NY
Wilbur, Charles F.: '70-71, Little Falls, NY
Wilber, Perry S.: '95-96, El Paso Blvd., Sacramento, Cal.
Wildman, Egbert L.: '97-99, City Bank Bldg., Syracuse, NY
Wildman, Ray N.: '97-99, 10912 Grantwood Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
Wiles, Anna: '93-94 (Mrs. Hain) 211 Main St., Fort Plain, NY
+Wiley, Charles M.: '71-72, Fairfield, NY
Wilkinson, Claude J.: '91-92 (Addie Buckley) (with Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.)
891 Elmore Ave., Akron, Ohio
*Willard, Addison X.: '72-73, Little Falls, NY
Willard, Clarence: '93-94, Middleville, NY
*Willard, Edward S.: '70-74 (Physician) *1922, Adams, NY
*Willard, Frank A.: '70-74, Brooklyn, NY
*Willard, Frank H.: '71-74
*Willard, Hattie C.: '74-76, Fairfield, NY
*Willard, Isaac: '71-72 (Physician) Utica, NY
*Willard, Stephen S.: '73-74
+Williams, Allen: '98-99, Canastota, NY
+Williams, Clayton: '98-99, Camden, NY
*Williams, David: '73-74, Little Falls, NY
Williams, Elizabeth: '90-92 (Mrs. Rogers) (Teacher Piano and Voice) 32 Barnes St., Gouveneur, NY
*Williams, Harry V.T.: '90-95, Ogdensburg, NY
Williams, Herbert N.: '92-93 (Merchant) Dorseht, Vt.
+Williams, Horatio N.: '85-87, Big Brook, NY
*Williams, Jennie A.: '91-92 (Mrs. F. Lehman) *1935 Elsmere, NY
+Williams, John: '90-91, Fort Plain, NY
Williams, John M.: '00-01, 8 Flower City Pk., Rochester, NY
Williams, Katherine E.: '93-94, 1457 Park Rd. N.W., Washington, DC
Williams, Miss Mary: '89-90, Dolgeville, NY
Williams, Mary L.: '91-94 (Mrs. Freeman) 357 Union Ave., Belleville, NJ
+Williams, Owen H.: '90-91, 138 W. 3rd St., Oswego, NY
Williams, Russell J.: '90-92
*Williams, Sarah: '89-90 (Mrs. Fakey) *1935 Little Falls, NY
Williams, Theodore D.: '94-95, 43 Lyndhurst St., Rochester, NY
Williams, William D.: '91-92, 112 Dickinson Pl., Utica, NY
+Williams, Winifred: '94-95 (Mrs. Barnes) Utica, NY
+Willis, Ray D.: '00-01, Plattsburg, NY
*Wilson, Frederick A.: '98-99, Fairfield, NY
Willoughby, Drew: '88-90, Fairfield, NY
*Willoughby, John: '72-74, Newport, NY
Wilson, George: '96-01 (Annie Smith) (Retired) 429 S. Aiken Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
+Wilson, George F.: '00-01, Syracuse, NY
+Wilson, John W.: '98-99, 426 W. 46th Terrace, Kansas City, Mo.
*Wilson, Mabel: '99-00 (Mrs. W.A. Dodge) *1934 Dolgeville, NY
*Wilson, Mary: '71-78 (Mrs. H.A. Dodge) *1933 Salisbury Center, NY
Wilson, Porter H.: '98-99, E. Main St., Rochester, NY
*Wilson, Sadie: '98-99, Fairfield, NY
*Wilson, Sarah: '71-78 (Mrs. Will Vorhees) Dolgeville, NY
*Wilson, Satie A.: '89-91 (Mrs. Sweet) 30 Helmer Ave., Dolgeville, NY
Wilson, Sidney T.: '91-98, 1424 Dudley Ave., Utica, NY
+Williams, Daniel C., Jr.: '70-72, Rochester, NY
Wilson, William: '70-71 (Retired) Dolgeville, NY
Windecker, Frank H.: '93-94, 546 E. Monroe St., Little Falls, NY
+Windecker, Jacob W.: '75-76, Little Falls, NY
+Windecker, John W.: '76-77, Little Falls, NY
Windecker, Martha A.: '80-83 (Mrs. Dean Martin) Honeoye Falls, NY
Windecker, Zadia Lousie: '97-98 (Mrs. Gainsway) Greene, NY
*Winn, Edyth L.: '88-90 (Tchr Violin - Composer) *1933 Boston, Mass.
Winn, Charles L.: '89-90 (Undertaker) Havana, N. Dakota
+Winters, Annette: '71-72, Dundee, NY
*Wires, Bloomfield C.: '73-74, Herkimer, NY
Wiseman, Eugene: '76-80 (Jennie Bliss) (Clergyman) 270 6th Ave., N. Troy, NY
Witherstine, Charles: '71-74, Herkimer, NY
Witherstine, Horace: '70-72, Herkimer, NY
*Witherstine, William: '72-73 *1920 Herkimer, NY
*Witherstine, Martha: '75 (Mrs. D.C. Wood) *1931 Herkimer, NY
Witherstine, Mary I.: '75-77
Wolcott, May: '87-88
Wolfenden, W.T.: '96-97 (Pur Agt) 19 Jackson St., Little Falls, NY
+Wood, Burton J.: '82-83, Huron, S. Dakota
*Wood, David C.: '70-74 (State Surveyor) *1914 Herkimer, NY
*Wood, Gary H.: '71-74 (Physician) Theresa, NY
*Wood, Fannie: '87-88
*Wood, Frank A.: '98-99 (Attorney) Gloversville, NY
*Wood, George L.: '85-87 *1934 Herkimer, NY
+Wood, Howard: '85-87, Norwich, NY
Wood, Jessie: '84-86 (Mrs. Windecker) 576 Garden St., Little Falls, NY
Wood, Minnie M.: '88-90 (Mrs. Cahrles Lawrence) Wichita, Kansas
Wood, Leland N.: '89-90 (Lawyer) 409 W. Bloomfield St., Rome, NY
+Wood, Leslie: '00-01, Rochester, NY
*Wood, Millins O.: '87-89 (Mgr Int Paper Co) *1935 Herkimer, NY
Wood, Robert: '91-92, Middleville, NY
Wood, Russell L.: '71-72, Fairfield, NY
*Wood, Silas: '78-79 *1930 Middleville, NY
Wood, Tom R.: '00-01, 90 State St., Albany, NY
Wood, Walker B.: '75-76
Woodruff, Charles S.: '00-01 (Painter) 52 Gardner Pk., Rochester, NY
*Woodward, Ira C.: '70-71, Newport, NY
+Wooley, Emmett E.: '70-71, Lake Ridge, NY
+Wooley, Frank M.: '70-71, Lake Ridge, NY
+Wooster, Charles: '71-72, Kingsboro, NY
*Work, J.S.: '93-95, Jamestown, NY
*Wright, Charles S.: '74-76 (Physician) Peabody, Mass.
Wright, D.C.: '94-95, Cedarville, NY
*Yates, Gilbert M.: '71-72, Canajoharie, NY
Yates, Montgomery A.: '70-72, 40 Otsego St., Canajoharie, NY
Yates, Nathaniel F.: '78-80 (Physician) Cherry Valley, NY
+Yates, R.E.: '97-98, Genoa, NY
*Yetman, Harry B.: '86-90, New York City
+Yocum, Paul J.: '95-97, Sunbury, Pa.
Yoran, Eva R.: '89-90 (Mrs. Gary Belding) Ilion, NY
Yoran, Stella: '88-90 (Mrs. E.D. Rich) 1013 W. Ionia St., Lansing, Mich.
Young, Clarence R.: '94-95, 364 W. Market St., Gainesville, Fla.
Young, James A.: '69-70, 45 Pillot Pl., West Orange, NJ
Young, Millie: '82-83 (Mrs. Swan) 205 Castillo St., Santa Barbara, Cal.
+Young, Nellie: '93-94 (Mrs. Ford) Chicago, Ill.
Young, Nettie A.: '82-86 (Mrs. Ralph Faville) (Nurse) Bergen, NY
Youker, Bertha C.: '90-91
Youker, Jedd: '84-85, Ingham's Mills, NY
Yule, Edna: '88-90 (Mrs. Lathrop) Mohawk, NY
Yule, Lewis L.: '88-90, R D, Mohawk, NY
*Yule, Luella: '85-86, Mohawk, NY
Yule, Oscar J.: '91-94 (DDS) New Hartford, NY
+Zinsmeister, Carl: '84-85 (Clergyman) Syracuse, NY
+Zipp, Anna E.: '00-01, Utica, NY
*Zoller, Gertie E.: '80-82 (Mrs. Dwight Helmer) Little Falls
Zoller, Minnie: '88-90 (Mrs. Lawyer) (Teacher) Seneca Ave., R D Canastota, NY

The Directory is now complete.

Source: This list was transcribed and provided by Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian.

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