The churches below cover all the church buildings remaining in the Town of Fairfield, including those used currently as churches, those used for other purposes, and vacant. There was a Presbyterian Church and a Baptist Church but they are no longer standing.

Trinity Episcopal Church, Fairfield, NY

Trinity Church was organized on January 7, 1807, under the leadership of the Rev. Amos Baldwin, from Trinity Church, Utica. The first wardens were Andrew A. Bartow and Jonathan Hallett. Serving on the original vestry were Stoddard Squire, Charles Ward, Elijah Hanchard, William Waklee, Peter Ward, Phillip Paine, Joseph Teall, and Abell Bennett. These men were not all Fairfield residents. They came from the Towns of Russia, Newport, and Salisbuty, as well as other bordering towns. A church was erected in 1807 and soon benefited by a special arrangement with Trinity Church, New York City. An agreement to educate four theological students annually at the Fairfield Academy was reached and the rector of Trinity also served as the academy principal. This was the first attempt at theological education in an institutional setting for the Anglican Church in America. Prior to this small start, students for the priesthood learned theology under a priest, much as medical students learned from their mentors.

Trinity's priests also served mission churches in nearby communities and Trinity became known as the "Mother Church" of many of the churches in the nearby portion of the Mohawk Valley.

Episcopalians in Middleville worshiped at a Union Church until they became numerous enough to build their own church.

Trinity Episcopal Church was listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places in 1993.

The Church of the Memorial, Middleville, NY
St. Michael's Episcopal Church

In 1871, the Church of the Memorial was constructed of native limestone by the Todds, a Fairfield family of masons. An attached rectory was provided for a resident priest. As Middleville had a period of industrial growth in the late 1800s, Fairfield's population declined with the demise of the Fairfield Seminary in 1901. By 1880, Trinity Church shared the services of a priest with the Middleville church, the priest living in Middleville.

In 1959, a consolidation of the two churches took place and the parish became known as Trinity-St. Michael's. In 1997 services are held at Trinity from Trinity Sunday to Labor Day and the rest of the yaer is spent at St. Michael's.

The Middleville Methodist Church , Middleville, NY

The Methodists of the Middleville area met in the Union Church which they shared with Baptists, Episcopalians, and Universalists. This church was dedicated in 1827, the result of the formation of the Union Religious Society. Richard Bushnell was the chairman at its organization in 1825. Trustees were Sheffield Kenyon, William H. Gordon, Asahel Harris, Varnus S. Kenyon, and David Ford

In 1881 the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Middleville was incorporated. They purchased the Union Church at auction and have occupied it ever since. In 1997 the pastor resides in Newport and serves the Newport congregation as well as Middleville.

The Middleville Cemetery began to develop behind the Union Church and today is a very large cemetery maintained by the Middleville Rural Cemetery Associaton.

The Universalist Church, Middleville, NY

The First Universalist Society of Middleville was organized in 1835 by the Rev. Joshua Britton. The first subscribers were David Ford, Abigail Ford, Asaph Scott, Alinena Scott, Daniel Post, Betsey Post, Jonathan Potter, Jeremiah Potter, John Farmer, Ira Farmer, Bela Ward, Abigail Farmer, Benjamin Keeler, and Daniel H. Eastman.

In 1868 the church assumed the name of The Church of the Messiah. The land next to the Union Church was purchased and the Universalist Church was erected in 1882. By the 1950s, the church was no longer a religious edifice and a private party purchased it for a residence and machine shop.

St. Mary's of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church, Middleville, NY

In the early 1800s, Middleville's Catholic families were served by the priest of St. John's Church, Newport. By 1889, there were enough families to justify a church in Middleville. St. Mary's was constructed by individual donations and the proceeds from an annual fair. The Rev. Henry Herfkins, pastor of St. John's, was the founder and organizer. Especially remembered in this church is Miss Amelia Autenrith who served 65 years as organist. One pastor serves both St. Mary's and St. John's. The cemetery of St. John's in Newport is used by both congregations.

Methodist Church of Fairfield, NY

Beginning in 1833, a group of Methodists were meeting in Fairfield homes, the result of the efforts of Roxanna Rice of Salisbury. In 1836 the group organized as the Fairfield Central Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Elected as trustees were Amos Sherwood, Thomas A. Rice, Linus E. Ford, John Green, and William Lamberson. A church was erected in 1837 and served the Methodists of Fairfield. Around 1968 the Fairfield and Middleville Methodists consolidated and attended services in Middleville. The Fairfield Church was purchased in 1973 by the Fundamental Bible Church. The congregation of the Fairfield Bible Church purchased the Presbyterian Church in Dolgeville and moved in 1994. The Dolgeville Church is now known as the Grace Baptist Church.

The church in Fairfield was purchased and converted to a country gift shop. In 1997, the building is vacant.

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