In 1842, School District #3, Fairfield, issued a report to the Commissioners of Common Schools. From the names listed, we can determine that this school was on the Platform. Known today as Platform Road, this area was called the Platform since the earliest settlement. It is a tableland overlooking the West Canada Valley. The road runs from Fairfield hamlet to Route 28, between Middleville and Newport. The trustees reporting in 1842 were George Buell and Charles W. Willard. The following were listed as parents, followed by the number of children attending district #3:

Asahel Safford 3
Charles Willard 1
Henry W. Stevens 1
George Buell 2
Lathrop L. Kelsey 2
Alfred White 5
Hebron Norton 4
Clark Smith 1

Other records provide the names of some of the teachers at district #3:

Fred R. Enos 1876-77
Deville G. Jackson 1879-80
Hattie Griswold 1880
Gertie Zoller 1882-83
Frank Griswold 1883-84
Anna L. Johnson 1884
John Pound 1884-85
Mary Clark 1886
Ina A. Bliss 1887
Minnie C. Shepard 1888
Maggie Pierce 1890
Anna Kirchen 1890, 1892-93
Dora Petrie 1893
Sarah Pound 1891-92, 1894

An example of wages earned by teachers:

Sarah Pound earned $58.50 for teaching from May 17, 1894 to July 20, 1894.

Source: written by Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian, from the county archives, home of the reports filed each year.

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