Nestled on the east side of Bartow Hill was the schoolhouse for District #7. Known as the Whipple Schoolhouse and later, the Bartow Hill Schoolhouse, this school was located first on the north side of Rt. 29 and later a school was built on the south side.

Children attending during 1848 and their ages:

Herman Rice 10
George Rice 14
Daniel Rice 10
Adam Rice 7
Nancy Rice 5
Abram Neely 14
Charles Neely 12
Harriet Neely 4
Mary Ann Neely9
William Whipple 14
Willoughby Whipple 14
Adelaide F. Whipple 7
Sariah Todd 11
Samuel Todd 7
Hiram Reese 9
Harland Reese 5
Morgan Reese 10
Norman Davis 10
Alonzo Davis 7
Margaret Davis 11
Levi Davis 14
Franklin Luther 11
Monroe Neely 8
William Hendrix 13
Hellen Hendrix 6
Jasper Hallenbeck9
Elizabeth Hallenbeck 12
Rosoland Hallenbeck 16
Cintha Thompson 16
Henry Davis 17
Elizabeth Nichols 20
Daniel McHiffey 19
Harriet Traver 11
Theodore Traver 10
Henry Traver6
Martin Traver 5
Catherine Hendrix 7
Susan Hendrix 5
Allice Tuttle 5
_______Smith 12
Phineas Smith 19

About 1938, District #7 closed its doors and the remaining children were transported to District #6 in Fairfield village.

Source: written by Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian, from the county archives, home of the reports filed each year.

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