In the southern portion of the Town of Fairfield, on Davis Road, near the corner of Cole Road, this schoolhouse was named for its proximity to the Alexander farm.

In 1848, the following students attended this school:

James W. Ford, age 12

Helen H. Ford, 9

Albert P. Ford, 7

Edwin T. Ford, 5

Calvin Carpenter, 14

Nancy Carpenter, 12

Margaret Davis, 10

Elizabeth Davis, 8

Louisa Davis, 6

Albert Davis, 14

Adelia Davis, 12

Rosina Davis, 10

James Davis, 8

Simeon Keller, 24

Asa Keller, 14

Timothy Keller, 15

Catharine Keller, 12

Pamelia Keller, 10

Margaret Keller, 8

Solomon Keller, 6

Nelson Neely, 14

Mary Griffith, 7

George G. Chase, 14

Lucy A. Chase, 12

James Pickert, 20

Mary Pickert, 18

Norman Pickert, 15

Morgan Pickert, 13

George C. Wood, 13

Adison Wood, 10

William Prat, 15

James Fenner, 13

Walter Fenner, 10

George Ceily, 8

Catharine Hall, 15

Giles Hall, 20

Robert Zuller, 17

Mary Zuller, 9

Ann Zuller, 11

Catharine Hendrix, 11

Eunice Arnold, 12

M. Windecker, 6

L. Samuel Todd, 10

William Wilkins, 21

These children and young adults attended classes for various periods of time, from less than two months to 9 months. Some of the children attending did not reside within the district boundaries. The district received $4.15 library money from the Town and spent it on a globe. 25 cents was spent on school house repairs and $15 for fuel.

Source: written by Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian, from the county archives, home of the reports filed each year.

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