The first District #9 schoolhouse was located in south Fairfield at the Hardscrabble and Davis Road intersection, known as the Perce District. In 1859 this district merged with #8. There was also a school at Goodell Corners that was called District #14 but appeared on the 1868 map as #9. This District #9 was shared with the Town of Manheim.

In 1841, the Perce District #9 had the following list of parents with the number of their children:

Calvin Fenner, 2
Christopher Harris, 1
William Dickens, 1
Stephen Sheldon, 1
George Pearce, 3
Brayton Wood, 1
William Baldee, 1
Timothy Plumer, 3
David Windecker, 3
Ora Harvey, 1

The 1886 list of taxable property owners in the combined District #9, Towns of Fairfield and Manheim:

Abraham Keller
Willard Keller
John Cotter
Thomas Burnes
Patrick McPhely
John W. Windecker
Andrew Goodell
William Van Slyke
Peter Kilts estate
Caroline Kilts
Frederick Windecker
Lorenzo Carryl
Joel Pickert
William A. Goodell
Frank Horr
Levi Hadcock
Catherine Carney

Source: written by Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian, from the county archives, home of the reports filed each year.

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