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Following are highlights of genealogical interest from two issues of the Fairfield Seminary Review, published by D.D. & F.L. Warne, owners of the old Fairfield Seminary in 1888-89.


Fairfield Seminary Boarding School
For Young Ladies and Gentlemen
Founded in 1803
Has Educated 25,000 Students. 600 Students Registered During the Past Two Years.

Fourteen Courses of Study: Academic. Classical. Teachers. Elocution. Art. Piano. Vocal. Violin. Scientific. Latin Scientific. Belles Letters. Preparatory. Commercial. Short-Hand and Type-Writing.

Special Preparatory for State Uniform, State Certificate and Civil Service Examinations.

D.D. & F.L. Warne
Owners and Managers
Fairfield, N.Y., July 1, 1889

The review begins with several pages of descriptions of courses of study, all rigorous.

Page 6 has "Notes and Personals". Those mentioning individuals are:

Rev. E.F. Warriner, class of '58, delivered the baccalaureate sermon and greeted many once familiar faces. He left on Monday morning to attend the commencement exercises of Wesleyan College, where his son was a member of the Graduating Class.

Mr. Will Moore, of Kansas, spent Anniversary Week in Fairfield, and at the close left with his two sisters, Misses Hattie and Nellie, for New York. They will stop at the Seminary on their return, and then proceed on their journey via the Thousand Islands and great lakes to Chicago.


Mr. Chas Klock, a member of the Commercial Class of '86, and who has since been in Pasadena, Cal., returned home during Anniversary Week.

H.H. Todd, a member of the Commercial Class of '87, and for the past year commercial teacher in Starkey Seminary, is home for vacation, and will probably resign his position as teacher to travel in the interest of the Smith Premier Typewriter.

O.H. Deck, Commercial and Shorthand Class of last year, is now engaged with Jacob Leonard & Sons, wholesale stationers, Albany.

C.H. Jones, Commercial and Academic Class of last year is with Minneapolis Fire Insurance Co.

Geo. L. Vannais, a member of the same class and for the past year teacher of commercial law and arithmetic in the Huntsinger Business College, Hartford, Conn., is spending his vacation from school work as private secretary for the President of the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of that city.

F.J. Phillips, also a member of that class, has for the past yer had entire charge of the Commercial department in the Thomson School, Siler Cit, North Carolina, an dhas now purchased an interest in that institution.

Mr. Geo. R. Finton, of the same class, is now engaged with the Lehigh Valley R.R. at Hayt's Corners, N.Y.

W.T. Owens, of the present class, has just accepted a position ihn the Minot Bank, Dakota.

Harvey L. Falwell, Kendaia, Seneca Co., one of the honor members of the recent Commercial class will return and pursue the Academic Course next year.

Miss Mattie D. Squares, Hamilton, N.Y., a member of the recent Shorthand graduating class, has accepted a position as Stenographer in the office of Phillip Sumner, importer of plate glass, New York.

E.W. Clemons of the same class is now doing Shorthand work for the National Metal Sheet Roofing Co., New York City.

W.C. Fitch, another member of the same class is in the office of Judge Wendell, Fort Plain, and has a fair prospect of getting the position of Court Stenographer for Fulton Co.

J.B. Riddle, Little Falls, another member of the class will probably be the successful one of many candidates for a desirable position as teacher of Commercial Branches, and Shorthand in Middletown, Conn.

Chas. M. Root, Norway, Commercial class of '89 will probably accept a position as principal of Commercial Department in a prominent western Ladies' College.

B.M. Haskell of the same town and clasls has a similar position in view in one of the Boarding schools of Mass.


Miss Nell A. Linsay, assistant teacher in the Dolgeville Union School, was recently promoted at an increased salary.

Miss Mande K. Smith, of Waterville, class of '87, was recently engaged as assistant teacher in the same school.

Miss Gertrude C. Folsom, Class of '87, assistant teacher in the Canton Union School.

Miss Kittie T. Darrow, intermediate teacher Ovid High School.

Miss Ada T. Casler, class of '88, assistant teacher Cold Brook Union School.

A.V.Payne, for the past two years principal of the Richville Union School.

Edward C. Delevan, for the past two years principal of the Williamson Union School, has recently been engaged as principal of the Newport Union School.

N.P. Smith, teacher of commercial and academic branches in the Pine Plains Seminary, resigned to resume his studies.

O.N. Duesler, class of '88, for the past year principal Cold Brook Union School.

Geo. W. Delavan, of the same class, has for the past year been the successful principal of the Poland Union School.

S.C. Kimm, Academic Class of '87, has for the past two years held the position of principal of the Herman Union School. He has now resigned to accept a better position as principal of the Earlville School.

Miss Effie Richards is a student at the School of Design, Brooklyn.

Miss Ella Bennett, Wayne county, is now teaching music in Williamson.

Miss Libbie Watkins is a teacher of music in Charlotte, Michigan.

LaMotte Browne, successful candidate for the Cornell free scholarship.

C. Vaughn Grey is a junior student in Syracuse University.

J.B. Funnell, teacher of Fairfield Village School.

John R. Barringer, post-graduate course of '87, was for two years following the principal of the Schodac Union School, and is now a student in the Burlington Medical College.

Miss Adella M. Baldwin, of the Academic Class just graduated, was before the close of the term offered a position as a teacher in Yankton, Dakota, but has accepted in preference a position as teacher of music and drawing in the Ilion Union School.

Miss Jennie A. Lorner, Norwich a member of the recent Academic graduating class has accepted a position as teacher of Mathematics in the Amsterdam academy.

E.C. Rice, academic class of '87, and who has for the past year been a member of the school in the College preparatory course will enter Cornell at the beginning of the year.

Miss Ada T. Casler, Paines Hollow, Academic class '88 has resigned her postion as teacher in the Cold Brook Union School to accept a very desirable position as teacher of vocal Music and Drawing in one of the principal young ladies' Seminaries of Connecticut.

Advertisements from local businesses.

W.L. Leahy: Leading Clothier and Gents' Furnisher. 596 and 598 East Main Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

Anderson & Houghton: Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and Silverware. Little Falls, N.Y.

E.F. Fox: Fine Custom Tailor. 93 Genesee Street, Utica.

D.J. Williams: Men's Outfitter, 539 Main Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

Bradley's Second Street Shoe Store: 307 Second St., Little Falls, N.Y.

Howell & Taylor: Dealers in Furniture and Undertaking.

M.C. Prince: Jeweler. Herkimer, New York

J.V. Hemstreet: Dentistry. Benedict Block, Little Falls, N.Y.

Curry & Conboy: Hats, Caps and Gent's Furnishing Goods. Skinner Block, Cor. Main and Second Sts. Little Falls, N.Y.

A.S. Coe: Furniture Dealer and Undertaker. Middleville, N.Y.

S.M. & A. Richmond: Dealers in Anthracite and Bituminous Coal. 580 East Mill Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

Birch & Aldridge: Carpets, Cloaks, Oil Cloths, Mats and Mattings. Little Falls, N.Y.

James F. Whiting: Stoves and Ranges, Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper Ware. Bridge St., Middleville.

F.A. Morey: Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Drugs and Medicins, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Dried and Fresh Fruits, Garden Seeds, Etc.

E.J. Diefendorf: Groceries and Provisions. No. 7 West Main St., Little Falls, N.Y.

A.C. Diefendorf: First-Class Tailoring Establishment. 19 Main Street, Herkimer.

M. Wineburgh: Silverware, Diamonds, Jewelry and Spectacles. 123 Whitesboro St., Utica, N.Y.

Johnson's Barber Shop: Hair Cutting a Specialty. Ladies' Pompedore Cutting a Specialty.

John Selcer: Merchant Tailor. Second Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

L. Bennett: The Tailor. 528 Main St., Little Falls, N.Y. Branch Store at Dolgeville.

W.W. Mosher & Co.: General Merchandise. Middleville, N.Y.

Metropolitan Tea Co.: Teas, Coffee and Spices, Whips, Baking Powder, Crockery, Glass and Tin Ware. 599 Main Street, Little Falls, N.Y.



Dwight D. Warne, Principal
Frank L. Warne, Associate Principal
James M. Hall, Natural Sciences
C.J. Wolcott, Commercial Department
Miss Abbie E. Conn, Preceptress, Geometry, Rhetoric, Latin, Elocution
Mrs. Clara W. Willard, Vocal Music and Piano
Miss Edith L. Winn, Teachers' Department, Violin
Miss Bertha H. Coleman, Art Department, German, Vocalization


"During the past week the eighty-fifth annual commencement of Fairfield Seminary has been held..."

Persons who took part in Monday evening's thirty-second annual public, put on the the Aethenian Society, in order of appearance on the program:

Fannie Ford, Ada T. Casler, Hattie Bishop, Florence Freeman, Ella Bennett, Mae Belding, Jennie Parker, Maude E. Broat, Minnie Stahl, Jennie L. Cline, Mae Wolcott, Ellen Todd, Brad Matteson, Edith Winn, Lulu Newell, Ada Bennett, Hattie J. Belding, Edith Nichols, Lulu Yule, Jennie Traver, Olive E. Gowdy, Nellie Ely, Addie Bulkley, Hattie Crowley, Fannie Barrick, Blanche Neeley, Elsie Nellis, Maud Klock, Anna Jones, Kittie Goodell, Mae Warne, Miss Coleman, Hattie Hickland

Tuesday night the Philorhetorians entertained:

W.L. Mason, H.R. Barringer, B.F. Matteson, J.B. Riddle, Dr. M.A. Richards, C.H. Butler, R.K. Griswold, C.E. Morey, C.H. Dewey, W.I. Ford, D. C. O'Hara, W.C. Fitch, Miss Ellen Todd, Miss Florence Freeman

Wednesday commencement exercises for the commercial and shorthand classes, only presenters' names given:

President's Address - Frank J. Phillips
History - George R. Fenton
Essay - Ada M. Bennett
Poem - Olive E. Gowdy
Oration - George L. Vannais
Prophecy - Bert M. Haskell
Class Advice - Otis H. Deck
Tree Oration - Thomas R. Arnold
Response - Fayette J. Klock
Valedictor - Charles H. Jones

Wednesday night, the Calliopean Society held their reunion and banquet, with nearly 300 current and former students in attendance. Speeches, prayers, toasts and addresses were made by the following:

Rev. G.O. Phelps, Utica
Rev. J.L. Short
Prof. J.M. Hall
H.S. Spencer, Hamburgh, N.Y.
Hon. Geo. W. Smith, Herkimer
Prof. J.H. J. Watkins
S.C. Bishop, Esq.
J.S. Lambertson, Herkimer
J.W. Fitzgerald, Little Falls
A.B. Watkins, Ph.D., Albany
N.P. Smith, Fairfield
G.L. Vannais, Fairfield
C.S. Johnson, Fairfield
E.G. Storms, St. Johnsville
Reading of letter from N.F. Cheeseman of Greeley, Col.

On Thursday, class day exercises were held for other classes:

President's Address - Ward E. Hunt
History - Charles M. Root
Essay - Maud E. Broat
Poem - Hattie J. Belding
Oration - George W. Delevan
Prophecy - Mae M. Belding
Violin Solo - Oscar N. Duesler
Class Advice - John G. Johnson
Tree Oration - Horatio N. Williams
Response - Mae I. Warne

Graduation exercises were held in the afternoon. Speakers were mainly the same small group of students already mentioned in the other programs, with the additional name of Chauncey H. Dewey.

Page 3 has a partial list of recent students and the positions they occupy:

E.C. Delevan, principal Williamson Union school
S.C. Kimm, principal Hermon Union school
A.V. Payne, principal Richville Union Free school
C.E. Jones, principal Cedarville public school
J.R. Barringer, principal Schodack Landing Union school
S.J. Vosler, teacher Salisbury village school
R.C. Smith, teacher Grant village school
I.B. Funnell, teacher Fairfield village school
Mary Ellis, teacher Norway village school
Gertrude Folsom, first assistant Ovid Union school
Kittie Darrow, second assistant Ovid Union school
F.L. Weed, pricipal commercial department, Stamford seminary
Helen T. Anderson, principal short hand department, Clinton Liberal Institute
J.H. Riddle, with J.W. Fitzgerald, law office, Little Falls
E.C. Rice, book-keeper for H. White & Co., Utica
W.D. Newell, short hand writer for Hon. Geo. A. Hardin, Justice Supreme Court, LittleFalls
B.K. Helmer, short hand writer for Devendorf & Smith, Herkimer
P.H. Murphy, short hand writer for Police Justice, Syracuse
S.W. Smith, book-keeper in Western Union office, Utica
Addie Franklin, teacher village school, Glenn
Nell. A. Linsly, first assistant, Lowville Union school
N.P. Smith, commercial department, Pine Plains seminary
T.J. Phillips, principal North Carolina Business College

Also mentioned elswhere on the page was Frank J. Phillips, in charge of a business department in North Carolina and N.P. Smith, teacher of science, mathematics, book-keeping and penmanship in Seymour Smith Academy, Dutchess County, N.Y.

Pages 5-6 mentions activities of several faculty and students:

G. Roswell Crowley of Long Island, an officer of the Associated Press, was present with his wife, the entire week. His daughter Hattie, has been a member of the seminary the past year.

The members of the faculty have nearly all departed for their homes. Miss E.L. Winn has gone to Foxborough, Mass. She may accept an offer recently tendered her, to conduct an orchestra at a summer resort in the White Mountains. Miss Conn, the preceptress, will remain at her home at Fitchburg, Mass., during the vacation. Miss Coleman will spend the summer with her parents at Brockport, N.Y. Prof's. C.J. Wolcott, and F.L. Warne, will remain at the seminary and hold a summer session of their respective departments. Prof. Hall and Mrs. Willard will remain at home the greater part of the vacation, and enjoy the cool breezes that blow over "Old Barto." All of the teachers will return before the opening of the fall term in November.

Miss Mamie Sprague and Miss Jennie Bennett of Williamson, and Mrs. A. Todd of Pultneyville, Wayne Co., were guests at the seminary during commencement week.

Mrs. D.D. Warne returned from her western trip, June 1st, much improved in health. She reports a delightful time visiting in Iowa and Illinois.

Page 6 has a timetable for the Herkimer, Newport and Poland Railway.
"Daily stages form Middleville for Fairfield; from Newport for Norway; from Poland for North Gage, Cold Book and Gray."

Three trains went north, starting from Herkmer at 7:17am, 12:25pm and 5:10pm, and turned around, returning from Poland at 10:00am, 3:45pm and 7:25pm. 4 of the trains carried the mail. The stations were Herkimer, N. Herkimer, Kast Bridge, Dempster's, Countryman's, County House, Middleville, Jones' Crossing, Fenner's Grove, Newport, Sherman Q'ry, Iron Bridge, Poland.


Synopses of the biographies of the small academic graduating class.

Mr. W.E. Hunt - began academic class in Little Falls and transferred to Fairfield Seminary, where he was elected class president and formed an attachment to a young woman of the surname Warne.

Miss Maud Broat - alleged to be prettiest student and instigator of pranks.

Mr. G.W. Delavan - "For the past term he has made a few subjects a specialty, such as Botany, Geometry, and the Klock."

Miss Mae Belding - "She was born and has always lived in the old Dutch town of Oppenheim, where the soil is so poor that nothing but ferns and club mosses will grow, but upon which girls of great beauty and strong intellect seem to thrive."

Mr. J.G. Johnson - "... very fond of the ladies and has spent much time studying them."

Miss Hattie Hickland - "She is bashful, but nevertheless, by her earnestness and perseverance she won the respect of all her classmates and obtained as a prize in the lottery of life, what the merchant uses to guide molasses into a jug - named a Funnell."

Mr. H.N. Williams - "He was raised in a saw-mill in a dense forest in the northern part of Oneida county... He is familiar with trees in all stages, the seed, the sapling, and the mature tree, and about saw-logs, slabs, scantling and boards, what he does not know is not worth knowing."

Mr. C.H. Dewey - "... having begun his course in Mexico... he has sought and won the favor of the Bishop, and is thinking seriously of taking up orders in the church."

Miss Edith Nichols - perpetrator of practical jokes, her elder sister preceeded her at Fairfield.

Mr. O.N. Duesler - class valedictorian. "His only faults were going to Middleville and his liking for his violin."

Miss Hattie Belding - persevered in her teaching studies part-time over 4 years.

Mr. C.H. Jones - fond of accompanying young ladies to the cascades, now enamoured of Hattie Hickland.

Advertisements from local businesses.

C.V. Wheeler: Dealer in stoves, ranges, house furnishings, manuf. of tin, copper, and sheet iron ware, paint dealer. 500 East Main Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

Girvan House: Rooms Heated by Steam. S.L. Devendorf, Proprietor.

Burch & Aldridge: Carpets, Curtains, Oil Cloths, Mats and Mattings. Little Falls, N.Y.

Howell & Taylor: Furniture and Undertaking. Upholstering and Repairing.

Second Street Shoe Store: J.T. Bradley, Agt. 307 Second St., Little Falls, N.Y.

M.C. Prince: Jeweler. Herkimer, New York

M. Wineburgh: Silverware, Diamonds, Jewelry and Spectacles. 123 Whitesboro St., Utica, N.Y.

Croft's Cash Store: Fine Shoes. C.T. Croft, 546 Main St., Little Falls.

James E. Gage: Dealer in Flour, Feed, Salt and Fertilizers. 634 and 638 East Main Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

Metropolitan Hotel: Rooms Heated by Steam and Lighted by Electric Light, Free.

Page & Snyder, Proprietors. Little Falls, N.Y.

E.S. Willard: Physician and Surgeon. Fairfield, Herkimer County, N.Y.

J.V. Hemstreet: Dentistry. Benedict Block, Little Falls, N.Y.

A.C. Diefendorf: First-Class Tailoring Establishment. 19 Main Street, Herkimer.

Little Falls Steam Laundry: Ed. Walsh, Jr., Propr. 15 Ann Street, Little Falls.

Joseph Schermer: Boots and Shoes and Fine Clothing. East Main Street, Little Falls.

L.C. Childs: Blank Book Manufacturing, Magazine Binding, Pamphlet Binding. 33,35 Charlotte Street, Utica, N.Y.

John Selcer's: Choice Fabrics for Suitings, Made Up in the Latest and Most Fashionable Styles. Second Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

Newell & Little: Contractors and Builders, Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Glass. West Mill Street, LIttle Falls, N.Y.

F.A. Morey: Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Table and Pocket Cutlery, etc.

T.J. Curran: Photographer. Herkimer Democrat Block, Herkimer, N.Y.

D.T. Lamb: Stoves, Furnaces, Tin, Glass and Crockery Ware, Pumps, Sinks, Tin Roofing, etc. Little Falls, N.Y.

Taylor , Cooke & Co.: Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Mill and Blacksmith Supplies. J.R. Taylor, E.M. Cooke, H.C. Markham.
331 South Second Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

D.J. Williams: Men's Outfitter, 539 Main Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

J.W. Fitzgerald: Representatiave of Texas Loan Agency. Loomis' Law Office, Little Falls, N.Y.

D.B. Ackley: School Books, Miscellaneous and Blank Books, Stationery, Wall Paper, Artists' Materials. 508 Main Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

Bennett's: The Fashionable Tailor. 528 Main St., Little Falls, N.Y. Branch Store at Dolgeville.

W.W. Mosher & Co.: Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, Kelly ielding Barb Wire!, W.L. Douglass' Famous $3.00 Shoes. Middleville, N.Y.

Metropolitan Tea Co.: The Only Roasters of Coffee in Herkimer county. The Sign of the Big T. 599 Main Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

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