Tribute to Dr. James S. Power

1838 Graduate of Fairfield Medical College

James S. POWER descended from Scotch Irish ancestors. His GGGG-Grandfather Nicholas POWER was an early settler in Providence RI in 1637 from Ireland. His G-Grandfather was a Captain in the Army in the French and Indian War. James lost his Mother at the age of 5 but his Father was fortunate in the choice of his second wife and James found in her all of the Motherly feelings that a woman could be expected to cherish for a child not her own. At the age of 16 his Father sent him to Hamilton Academy, where he pursued his studues 2 1/2 years and then studied medicine under one of the most competent instructors in the state of New York, Prof. John DELATER.

James attended a private class taught by the professors, summers at Palmyra NY, where his family lived, and during the winter took lectures at Fairfield Medical College. He completed his 3 year course in February 1838 and received his Degree of Master of Medicine. He went to Manchester, practiced 18 months, and returned to Fairfield and married Hannah E. BORDEN on 24 February 1839. She was the daughter of James and Ann BORDEN of Fairfield. The young couple determined to seek their fortune in the wilderness of Michigan.

The country was sickly, and settlers were scattered, he was in the saddle day and night. He practiced at Keene and Rollin up to 1850, when he bought the Lane Farm in Hudson and moved there. He was persuaded by two of his brothers, who were having financial difficulties in lumbering operations, to sell his property and assist them. He went to Detroit and bought a large sawmill. After helping them he went to Medina and practiced Medicine there, and then moved to Hudson to school his children, and from there to Pittsford, where he had a large practice.

He had a daughter Marian H. POWER born 6 May 1850 and a son Harvey Borden POWER born 24 July 1852. His wife Hannah died December 1852 in Hudson, Mich. After Hannah's death he married Albina Susan RUMSEY on 15 February 1853. They had a son James Oma POWER born 24 February 1859. James Sr. was listed in 1870 census as living in Pittsford. He moved the third time to Hudson to educate his son James Oma, and when he was ready to enter the University of Michigan, James moved to Ann Arbor. After James Oma finished college at Ann Arbor, they moved to Allen, where he practiced 2 years and opened a Drug Store. In 1883 he moved to Addison and built a Drug Store and residence, and had his goods on the shelves ready for business. He was a Mason and journeyed eastward ten times in search of light.

The Doctor lost the use of his eyes and was too feeble to get around town for his last two years. His mental facilties were unabated, and he was very congenial company. After locating in Addison he made many warm friends and this tribute to his memory conveys but a faint idea of the work of his life, as per newspaper article titled "Last Call Answered", the pioneer Physician sleeps.

James S. POWER was the GG-Grandfather of Walter W. HEIDENREICH, 7699 Naples Heritage Drive, Naples, FL. 34112 E-Mail Formerly of Marshall, Mich.

Dr. Power's tribute was contributed by his gg-grandson Walter Heidenrich. Walter would appreciate some assistance with his gg-grandmother's line:

In "Historical Events of Early Settlers of Fairfield, NY" by Jane Raynore. Regarding BORDEN family in Part 2. It doesn't name who the parents were, only Mr. & Mrs. BORDEN. Their children were named Abram, Jeremiah, Joseph, Timothy and James. I assumed their Father's name was Timothy, but not sure of this. Also I am assuming Timothy's father was Stephen but according to a book of BORDEN family this is incorrect. Can anyone help me?

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