Frankfort Directory 1887-1888

Donated and Transcribed by Linda Rood

From the General and Business Directory of Dolgeville, Frankfort, Herkimer, Ilion Mohawk, Middleville Newport and Poland. Kilian and Balch Publishers, Utica, NY. Weaver and Munger Publishers Ilion Citizen and Herkimer Citizen- Book and Job Printers. This book can be found at the public library in Herkimer, NY.

Explanation of abbreviations:
ab., above;
Ave., avenue;
bet., between;
bds., boards;
cor., corner;
h., house;
mfr., manufacturer;
opp., opposite;
sqr., square;
st., street.

ABBOTT CHESTER W. carriage blacksmith, Litchfield, h 80 do
Abbott Sophie, compositor, h Frankfort near 4th ave
Abbott W. C. machinist h Litchfield
Ackler Jerome, teamster, h George
Ailney John, foreman, h 10 Frankfort
ALAND CHARLES, foreman, h Frankfort near W. S. depot
Aldredge Zenas, farmer, h East Frankfort
ALEXANDER JAMES, boiler maker, h Litchfield near 6th ave
Alexander Reuben, laborer, h East Frankfort
Allen James H. machinist, h 140 E. Main
Allen Maud Miss, h 140 E. Main
ALLEN W. D. clerk, h 140 E. Main
Allen William, clerk W. S. shop, h 140 E. Main
Allison James, foreman, bds Cottage hotel
Anderson Emory, carpenter, h 7 George
Anderson John, carpenter, h East Frankfort
Anderson John, moulder, h 7 George
ARCHER RUSSELL, cartman, h 20 Orchard
Arnold J. P. car builder, h 3d avec or Frankfort
Arnold Myra Miss, dressmaker, h 3rd avec or Frankfort
ASHBY JOHN M. (Pfahls & Ashby) h Litchfield
Ashby S. boarding house 13 Orchard h same
Ashby Theodore A. tinsmith, h 13 Orchard
Ashley A. L. pattern maker, h 122 E. Main
ASHMAN SARAH J. widow, h 97 E. Main
Atkinson Charles, laborer, h George
Aunst Joseph, engineer, bds Orchard near Frankfort
Avery Charles, farmer, h rear dry dock East Frankfort

BAGLEY William H. foreman, h 30 Canal
Baker Adam, laborer, h 10 Mann
Baker Angeline Miss, h 10 Mann
BAKER C. R. h 53 W. Main
BAKER DAVID, farmer, h 53 W. Main
Baker George A. h 59 Litchfield
Baker J. M. farmer, h Palmer cor 3d ave
BAKER O. E. druggist, Frankfort sqr. Main cor Litchfield, h Palmer cor 3d ave (See Index)
Ball Philo Mrs. h 103 Main
Ballda A. C. clerk, h 61 W. Main
Ballda A. C. Mrs. tailoress, h 61 W. Main
BALLDA FRANK, machinist h 61 W Main
Ballda S. Clerk, bds 112 E Main
Ballda William, book-keeper, h 61 W Main
BANDER ALBERT, car painter, bds Orchard
Banford John, match maker, bds 4th avec or Litchfield
Bannison Thomas, machinist, h 150 E. Main
Barber H. M. mechanic, h 17 Orchard
Bargy E. M. engineer, h 13 Orchard
Bargy Francis, shoemaker, h Mann near Frankfort
Bargy Hiram Mrs. h Frankfort near John
BARGY V. R. shoemaker, Litchfield h 4 Mann
Bargy William, brakeman, h Frankfort near John
Barnes Andrew, blacksmith, bds Dady House
BARRIS, J. W. principal public school h 107 E. Main
Barry George H. blacksmith, h Harter ave E. Frankfort
BATES DAVID, HARNESS MAKER, Main cor Litchfield, h Casler ave
Beach John, shoemaker, Litchfield Crosby block, bds Vanderbilt House
BECKWITH J. B. carpenter, h George
BECKWITH JOHN E. laborer, h rear 125 E. Main
Beehmer John, laborer, h Frankfort cor 3d ave
Beeler James, engineer, h 21 George
Bennett Alfred, h E Frankfort
BENNETT EDWARD A. car painter, h 154 E. Main
Bennett Ernest, machinist, h 5th ave
Bennett George N. carpenter, h Frankfort near 4th ave
Bennett Henry J. machinist, h Frankfort near 4th ave
Bennett James H. carpenter, h 152 E. Main
Bennett Joshua, carpenter, h E. Frankfort
BENNETT WILLIAM, foreman, h Mann
Bennett W. J. machinist, h 6th ave near Frankfort
BENSON WILLIAM machinist, bds Canal lock 45
Bennison Charles, h 150 E. Main
Bennison James, machinist, h 150 E. Main
Bennison John, laborer, h 150 E. Main
Bennison Mary Miss, operative, h 150 E. Main
Bennison Patrick, type writer, h 150 E. Main
Bennison Thomas, machinist, bds West Shore Hotel
Bennison Winnie Miss, h 150 E. Main
Berch Joseph, brakeman, bds 127 E. Main
BIRCH CHARLES, machinist, h 129 Litchfield cor 6th ave
BIRCH WILLIAM, flour and feed mill, Litchfield at corporation line, h 129 Litchfield
Blackwell Abram, carpenter, h Main E Frankfort
Blake J. E. trainman, bds E. Main
BLAKENEY EDWARD A. boiler maker, h E. Main
Bliss Monroe, carpenter, h 139 E. Main
Bohn Julia, widow, h 13 George
Bond James, conductor, bds Dady House
Borden Walter, ice cream parlors 108 E. Main, h same
Border Albert, painter, bds Orchard near Frankfort
Borst William, conductor, h 7 Sheldon Ave
Bostrom John, blacksmith, h Canal
Bowman E. F. laborer, h 24 Mann
Boyce Victor, section foreman, h 3d ave near Litchfield
Bracken Edward, brakeman, h 94 Litchfield
Bradley Abraham, machinist, bds Vanderbilt House
BRADY FRANK, baggageman West Shore depot, h 131 E Main
Brady James, machinist, bds 13 Orchard
Brady Joseph, machinist, bds Casler ave
Brady P. T. carriage maker, h 131 E Main
Brandenstein Henry E. painter, h E Frankfort
Brennan James, laborer, h E Frankfort
Brennan John, laborer, h E Frankfort near corporation line
Brewer George, boiler maker, h W Main near corporation line
Brice George, blacksmith, h Frankfort Center
Bridenbecker Addison, carpenter, h 4 Lock
Bridenbecker A. J. Mrs. h 122 E. Main
BRIDGE ANDREW, fireman, Franklin cor Sheldon ave
BRIZOLARA J. C. grocer, lock 44 E Frankfort, h Main
Brizolara Hatttie Miss, milliner, h 144 Main
Brock Almon, carpenter, h Litchfield
Brown Albert, salesman, h 65 w Main
Brown Enos, boat builder, h E Frankfort
Brown George, operative, h John
BROWN MILO, foreman dry dock, h E Frankfort
Buchanan John, machinist, h 51 Canal
Budlong Nelson, h 153 E Main
Budlong Susan, widow, h 56 W. Main
BUDLONG W. W. physician and surgeon 56 W Main, h same
Burlinghame Mrs. widow, h 13 Canal
Burke William, oil supply clerk, bds Cottage Hotel
Burns William, tinsmith, bds Sheldon House
BURST MOSES, grocer 96 E. Main, h First ave near Frankfort (see index)

CALL J. B. conductor, h John
Callahan C. Mrs. laundry, Mill lane h do
Callahan Kenedy, laborer, h Mill
CAMPBELL EARLE, car repairer, h Sheldon ave
CAMPBELL HENRY, car repairer, h 86 E Main
CAMPBELL HENRY, laborer, h 98 Main
CAMPBELL HIRAM, miller, h 65 W. Main
CAMPBELL HIRAM, laborer, h Orchard near Railroad
CAMPBELL WILLIAM, poormaster, h 39 Sheldon Ave
Caple C. S. machinist, h 126 Litchfield
Caple N. Viola Miss, teacher h 129 Litchfield
Carnell John, stenographer, bds 142 E. Main
Carner Charles, operator, h 69 Litchfield
CARNER E. J. machinist, h Litchfield
CARNER H. F. operator, h 75 Litchfield
Carner John, driver, h 69 Litchfield
Carney Dennis, tinsmith, h 33 Church
Carney Thomas, boilermaker, bds 145 Main
CARR JAMES, blacksmith, bds 42 Litchfield
CARR JAMES, blacksmith, bds Dady House
Carr James, machinist, bds 13 Orchard
Carr Patrick, blacksmith, h 42 Litchfield
Cary Charles, boilermaker, h Frankfort cor 3d ave
Cary Maggie Miss, bds Frankfort cor 3d ave
Cary Patrick, laborer h Frankfort cor 3d ave
Carter Amos, shoemaker, h 40 Litchfield
Case James, laborer, h 46 Litchfield
Caspares Daniel, harnessmaker, h Litchfield near Orchard
Caspares Anson, painter, h Church opp district school
CASLER S. M. laborer, h Harter ave
Caspares Henry S. machinist, h Litchfield near Orchard
CENTRAL HOTEL, E. Main cor Litchfield
CHAMBERS L. B. (Chambers & Whitney) h John
Chambers Smith, conductor, h Sheldon ave
CHAMBERS & WHITNEY ( L. B. chambers and Uriah Whitney), meat market Litchfield
Chrisman Minnie Miss, h Frankfort
Christie C. C. machinist, bds Casler ave
Church A. R. conductor, h Sheldon ave
CHURCHILL HENRY, president First National Bank, h at Herkimer
Clapsattle John, h 105 E. Main
Clark A. Frank, policeman, h Litchfield cor Orchard
Clark Andrew F. boot and shoe maker, E Main near Litchfield, h do
Clark Andrew F. Mrs. dressmaker E. Main near Litchfield, h do
CLARK GEORGE H. boat builder, h rear of dry dock, East Frankfort
CLARK J. C. mechanic, h Main, East Frankfort
Clauser Larry, janitor, h E Main
CLAYTON SAMUEL, stoves, hardware and agricultural implements, 148 E. Main, h 146 do. (See index)
Cleary Patrick, blacksmith, bds 42 Litchfield
Cleary Patrick, blacksmith, h Canal
Cleland Charles B. painter, h 108 Main
Clemens Frederick, boilermaker, h Litchfield near Sixth ave
Clouse Lawrence, h Harter ave, East Frankfort
Coburn Daniel J. foreman, h John
Cody Lawrence, blacksmith, bds Dady House
Coffey Patrick, machinist, bds Dady House
Collins Timothy, blacksmith, h Canal bank at lock 45
Collins William, ticket agent, bds 118 Main
Comer John, trainman, bds Sheldon House
CONNORS D. T. (Connors & Kelly) h 13 Litchfield
CONNORS & KELLY (D. T. Connors and P. T. Kelly) barbers, 13 Litchfield (See Index)
Conway John, brakeman, h John
Cook----, conductor, h 1 Railroad
CORDONNIE JULIA, boarding house, 14 Sheldon ave, h do
Cornell John, h 118 Main
COTTAGE HOTEL, Canal cor Litchfield
Cotter William, blacksmith, bds Dady House
Cramer A. blacksmith, h 15 George
Cramer Orville, boxmaker, h 15 George
CRAMER WILLIAM, car inspector, h 15 George
CRANDALL CHAS. H. clerk, West Shore office, h Main, East Frankfort
Crandall Lucius, brakeman, h 4th ave near Frankfort
Crane Harry, engineer, bds Cottage Hotel
CRANE S. E. (Crane and McCormick), h 118 E Main
CRANE & McCORMICK (S. C. Crane and J. J. McCormick) restaurant 118 E. Main
Crawford John, boilermaker, h John
CRESSON C. W. at West Shore office, h at Ilion
CRESSON F. S. storekeeper West Shore RR. bds E. Main
Crick John, baggagemaster Central RR h opp Central depot
Crosby A. B. h 16 Orchard
CROSBY C. B. saloon, Litchfield cor Canal, h 5 Litchfield
CROSBY W. W. groceries and hardware E Main cor Litchfield, h 46 W Main
Croshaw Emory, h John
Cross David, machinist, h Frankfort cor John
Cummings Patrick, engineer, bds Cottage Hotel
Cunningham, John machinist, bds Sheldon ave
Curran William, machinist, h John

DADY HOUSE, 155 E. Main
DADY W.J. proprietor Dady House 155 E. Main, h do
Dalton Michael, boilermaker, bds Dady House
DAVENPORT ADAM F. car inspector, h W Erie near Lock
Davis Charles A. fireman, h 151 E Main
Davis James, h Main, East Frankfort near Lock 44
Davis Judson, farmer, h W Main near corporation line
Davis Thomas, helper, h 21 Orchard
Davison J. W. h opp Mohawk bridge on Central RR
Deaner Adam, moulder, h 8 John
DEANER GEORGE, laborer h 8 John
DEE CHARLES, engineer, h 4th avec or Frankfort
DeGROAT J. W. yardmaster, h Orchard near Franklin
Demerest Frank, carpenter, h 5 Frankfort
Denslow George, boilermaker, h W. Main near corporation line
Denslow Warner W. car driver, h 6 Orchard
DeSALIS FREDERICK, transfer agent West Shore RR, h Sheldon ave
Deuel W. H. foreman, h 56 Litchfield
Deuel W. W. foreman, h 17 Canal
Devine Anthony, clerk 117-119 E. Main, h Frankfort
DEVINE ANTHONY (Rodgers & Devine) h Frankfort cor John
Devine Charles, h West Shore ave near E Main
Devine Thomas, brakeman, bds Sheldon ave
Devoe George, boilermaker, bds 13 Orchard
Deyle Charles, driller, bds Orchard cor Railroad
DEYLE CYRUS, machinist, h Orchard cor Railroad
DEYLE JACOB, wagonmaker Litchfield h 44 Main
DEYLE JOHN, wagonmaker, h 44 Main
Diamond Match Co., Litchfield
Dickinson Samuel, lumberman, h Main East Frankfort
DIEFFENBACHER JACOB, groceries, & c. Canal lock 45, h do (See Index)
DINGMAN ALONZO C. lawyer, room 8 Joslin block, h Frankfort near 4th ave
Devine Frank, machinist, h Frankfort cor John
DONAGHY JAMES, painter, h Frankfort opp 5th ave
DONALTY JAMES, painter, h Frankfort near 4th ave
Dotzer Harry, machinist, h John
Dowd John, h 49 Litchfield
DOWD JOHN J. proprietor Cottage Hotel, h do
Dowd John, watchman, h 3 John
DUDLESTON JOSEPH J. Jr. lawyer Joslin block, h 142 E. Main
Duncan J. S. engineer, bds 74 W Main
Durst Frank W. machinist, h John
DURST L. B. cheese buyer, h 144 Main
Durst Norman H. carpenter, h 16 Orchard
DURST W. S. fireman, h Orchard
Dygert Jacob, h 142 W Main
Dyke Rufus, farmer, h 5 Canal

EAGAN Daniel, h 26 Canal
Eagan M. D. laborer, h Canal
Eagan Thomas, bartender, bds 26 Canal
Earl Esther, widow, h 8 George
EATON C. H. merchant tailor, Main cor Litchfield, h at Ilion
EATON EMERY, manager Diamond Match Co. Litchfield St.
EFFRIG LOUIS, cigar mfr. 30 Litchfield, h 7 Railroad
Eisenberg Frank, engineer, bds 22 Litchfield
Ellis Edmund, miller, h W Main
Ellsworth Myron, farmer, h 137 E Main
EMERY FRANK, patternmaker, h Canal near Main
Emrich Philip, fireman, bds Orchard near Frankfort
Episcopal Church, Frankfort cor John
EVANS JAMES Z. watchman, h E. Main at corporation line
EVANS J. M. conductor, bds 118 Main
Evenden L. C. blacksmith, bds 4th ave
Evens John, machinist, bds 13 Orchard

FABER Truman, h John
FAIRCHILD E. B. carpenter, h 144 Main
Farley----, brakeman, h John E. Frankfort
Farrell James, laborer, h Church
Farrell James A. clerk, h 7 Church
Farrell Mary Mrs. h Church
Farrell Mather F. clerk, 117 E. Main h Main
Farrell Michael, h John
FARRELL OWEN, general store 46 Litchfield h do
Farrell Thomas P. general store, Litchfield h 82 do
Fay William, h 151 E. Main
Finck Maurice, engineer, h 15 Orchard
Finley Margaret, widow, h Main E Frankfort
Finnerty James, mason, h 156 Main
FIRST NATIONAL BANK, W Main near Litchfield
First Presbyterian Church, Main near Litchfield
Fiscus Edwin J., clerk, h E Frankfort
Fish J. A. Mrs. bds 133 E Main
FLAGG D. W. grocer, Litchfield cor Orchard, h 2 Orchard
Flansburg Boeman, fireman, h Frankfort near George
Flatt Joseph, laborer, bds Vanderbilt House
Fogerty Joseph, h John
Folts Delevan, clerk, bds Main E Frankfort
Folts Francis M. boiler maker, bds Main E. Frankfort
Folts Frank, helper, h E Frankfort near Lock 44
Folts George, farmer, h Main E Frankfort
Folts Hannibal, farmer, h 95 Litchfield
Folts Herman, farmer, h Main E Frankfort
Folts James, farmer, h Main E Frankfort
Folts John H. laborer, h 5 George
Folts Robert, lock-tender, h 1 4th ave
FOLTS WARNER, farmer, h Main E. Frankfort
FORD J. A. REV. Baptist church, h 95 Litchfield
Fowler----h E. Frankfort
Fraley J. W. hotel and saloon, h 127 Main
Fralick Jacob, blacksmith, h 93 Litchfield
Frank E. J. trainman, bds 105 E. Main
Frank Joseph, laborer, h 96 Main
Frank Joseph, laborer, h John E Frankfort
Fraser Carrie Miss, bds 12 John
Fraser William, foreman, h 12 John
Friedel Fred, machinist, bds 118 Main
Frier Ira, brakeman, h Frankfort near 4th ave
Friese Louis, operative, h 18 John
Frost Fred W. engineer, h 1 Sheldon ave
Fullem Annie, student h 120 Litchfield
Fullem Eugene, blacksmith, bds Dady House
Fullem Frank, laborer, h 120 Litchfield
Fullem Frank, painter, h George
FULLEM FRANK, japaner, P. O. Frankfort
FULLEM GEORGE, machinist, h 120 Litchfield
Fullem Rosa Miss, operative, h 120 Litchfield
Fullem Rosa, widow, h 120 Litchfield
Fullem William, engineer, h 120 Litchfield
Fuller Augusta, widow, h 59 Litchfield
Fults Robert, lock-tender, h 4th ave cor Litchfield

GARDNER Sylvia, widow, h Sixth and Frankfort
GARRISON PETER E. foreman, bds Central Hotel
Gates William Mrs. h 62 Litchfield
GARVEY JOHN, ticket agent West Shore RR. h 16 Sheldon ave
Gaylor C. G. machinist, h 4th ave near Palmer
Gaylor George, h 105 Litchfield
Gaylor Katie Miss, bds 105 Litchfield
Gerard Robert, shoemaker, h Orchard
GETMAN H. S. machinist, h East Schuyler, P. O. Frankfort
GETMAN LOUIS G. assistant transfer agent West Shore, h 75 W Main
Getman W. D. helper, h 43 W Main
Gilgan Charles, boilermaker, h 11 John
Gilgan Ellen, widow, h 83 Litchfield
Gilgan James, laborer, h 83 Litchfield
Gilligan Edwin, machinist, h 133 E Main
Girard Robert, at West Shore yard, h Litchfield cor Orchard
GIVIN A. R. master painter, bds 11 Frankfort
Given Robert, machinist, bds Sheldon House
Glaney Martin, blacksmith bds Dady House
Goeller George, cooper, h Litchfield near Sixth ave
Good Templar's Hall, Joslin Block
Goodier A. G. moulder, h George
GOODIER J. G. laborer, h George near John
GORDON EDWARD, machinist, h 81 Litchfield
GOWEY JOHN, yardmaster, h Sheldon ave
Graham Joseph, machinist, bds Cottage Hotel
GRAHAM MARTIN, boilermaker, h Litchfield cor Canal
GRAHAM THOMAS, proprietor Cottage Hotel, Canal cor Litchfield, h do
Graham William, saloon 123 E Main, h do
Grant Catharine, widow, h 112 Litchfield
Grant W. H. engineer, h 116 Litchfield
Grants Andrew, mason h 50 W. Main
GRAVES CHARLES (W. Graves & Co.) h 81 Main
GRAVES HENRY (W. Graves & Co.) 81 Main
GRAVES WHITNEY ( W. Graves & Co.) h 132 Main
GRAVES W & CO. (Whitney, Charles and Henry Graves,) dry goods and groceries, Graves block, Main cor Litchfield
Gray George, machinist, h E Main, East Frankfort
Griffen Spencer, trainman, h Main, East Frankfort
Grimm Anton, helper, h Frankfort Center
Grosbeck W. B. ass't foreman West Shore yard, h 24 Orchard
Grover J. with J. C. Brizolara, bds Lock 44 East Frankfort
Gunteman Daniel, bds 5 Railroad

Hagen John E. clerk, h at Schuyler
Hagerty Charles, laborer, h Church
Hall Charles, machinist, bds Main
Hall Cloyd, machinist , bds 114 Main
Hall Henry, farmer, h opp Central Depot
Halpin J. H. Rev. pastor Roman Catholic church, John cor Frankfort
HAMAN H. F. machinist, h W Main
Hand Frederick, h 74 W Main
Haney John, h Sheldon ave
Haney John E. h 20 Sheldon ave
HARRIS GEO. I. postal clerk, h 8 Mann
HARVEY JOHN e. engineer, h 20 Sheldon ave
HARDELL J. G. printer and publisher Frankfort Register, Joslin block, h 45 Main (See index)
Harter A. boss carpenter, bds Railroad Hotel
HARTER C. C. freight clerk, h Orchard
HARTER C. N. freight hand West Shore freight house, h 9 Railroad
Harter D. M. saloon 9 George, h d0
Harter F. W. farmer, h 53 W Main
HASELHURST A. W. cashier First National Bank, h at Mohawk
Haskell Darius, h 86 Litchfield
Haugh John B. brakeman, bds 74 W Main
Hawkins S. C. Mrs. h 47 W Main
Hawkins S. C. h 53 W Main
HAYES DAVID, boilermaker, bds E Main
Hayes Edward, boilermaker, bds Dady House
Hayes Isaac, blacksmith, h Casler ave
HAYES W. E. clerk West Shore freight office, h Casler ave
Hayes Wm. H. timekeeper, bds Casler ave
Henion Mathias, blacksmith, h Litchfield
Herrick Christian, saloon rear Third ave, h do
Herrick Thomas J. farmer, h East Frankfort
HERRICK WILLIAM, carpenter, h East Frankfort
Hersey James W. architect, h 103 E Main
Hicox----, h 8 Orchard
Higgins John, painter, h 65 Main
Hill Abram, locktender, h East Frankfort
Hoard Mary Miss, h Main, East Frankfort
Hoard J. H. hardware and stoves 91 Main, h 72 W Main
HOARD J. L. miller, Mill st. h E Main
HODGES B. F. secretary Y.M.C.A. H 12 George
Hoffman Frederick W. machinist, h 17 Canal
Holdridge S. W. agent, h 117 Litchfield
Holdridge Clara A. student, h 117 Litchfield
Holt Samuel, blacksmith, bds 146 Main
Honnichuck Peter, blacksmith George, h Ingham ave East Frankfort
Honohan Thos. carpenter, h 13 Orchard
HOOPER A. E. (Hooper Bros.) h Frankfort
HOOPER R. M. (Hooper Bros.) h Frankfort
Hooper R. M. painter, h Frankfort near 4th ave
HOOPER BROS. (R. M. and A. E.) boots and shoes, 118 Main
Hopkins Dewey, h 34 Canal
Hopkins John, trackman, bds 127 E Main
Hotaling Charles, h 28 Canal
Hotaling Rebecca, widow, h 20 Canal
HORTON A. S. painter, h 24 Litchfield
HOUGHTON J. M. Mrs. boarding house 16 Orchard
Howard John, foreman, h Orchard
Howell Hattie Miss, bds 133 E. Main
Hoxie G. T. insurance agent, h W Main near corporation line
Hulser J. M. Mrs. h 37 W. Main
HULSAVER S. G. general store north side Lock 45, h do (See index)
Hughes A. D. surveyor, h Main near Lock 44 East Frankfort
Hughes Frank, bds 114 Main
Hunt James G. postmaster and stationery Litchfield near Main, h 151 E. Main
Hunt Mary Miss, h 67 Litchfield
Hunt P. Mrs. h 11 John
HYDE FREDERICK, machinist, h 11 Frankfort
Hyde Hattie Miss, h 11 Frankfort
Hyde Helen Mrs. boarding house 11 Frankfort
Hyde Ida Mrs. dressmaker, bds Canal cor Frankfort

INGHAM H. H. Justice of the peace, insurance and real estate agent, Joslin block, h 122 Main ( See index)
Irwin Isaac G. machinist bds Sheldon House
Isenberg Frank L. engineer bds Main
Ives William, machinist, h John

JACKSON George, night watchman, h 4th ave near Palmer
Jackson Jesse, foreman, h 14 George
James, Edward, brakeman, bds 100 Main
Jarrett John, brakeman, bds Sheldon Ave
Johnson M. Henry, lock tender, h at lock 45
Johnson Walter, carpenter, h 6th ave
JOHNSON WILLIAM H. engineer, h Canal
Johnston----, carpenter at lock 45, h E Frankfort
Jones Charles, carpenter, h 152 Main
Jones Hugh O. carpenter, 154 Main
JOSLIN A. V. dry goods, Joslin block, h 48 W Main
Joslin Carrie E. Miss, milliner, Joslin block, bds 137 Main
Judd Emory T. night operator West Shore depot, h Frankfort cor 4th ave

KARKALINE Kate Mrs. h 9 Canal
Kay James, boiler maker, h 4th ave near Palmer
Keating John E. machinist, h 14 Sheldon ave
Keating Minnie Miss, bds Sheldon ave
KECK ANDREW, car painter, h 87 Litchfield
Keegan Elizabeth Mrs. h 47 Litchfield
Keely Ellen, domestic, Litchfield
Keely Fred, brakeman, bds 108 Main
KELLY P. T. (Connors & Kelly) h 80 Litchfield
Kenney John H. engineer, h 19 Canal
Kent John, machinist, h 69 Litchfield
Kent John, wood turner, h 96 Litchfield
Kenyon Donald F. tinsmith, h 58 W Main
KENYON GEO. jeweler, justice of the peace, 87 Main, h 58 W Main
Kepple Nicholas, machinist, bds Frankfort cor 3d
KERR IRVING, yarn manufacturer, h 64 W Main
KERR ROBERT, woolen goods mfr. 66 W Main h 64 do
KERR WILLIAM, cloth maker, h 64 W Main
Kiley M. J. Mrs. h John
Kingsley Wm. G. mason, h Orchard near Railroad
KINGSLEY WM. G. mason, h Frankfort
KLEIN JOSEPH H. brakeman, h Orchard
Klevenow Wm. foundry man, bds Sheldon ave
KLINE A. S. furniture dealer, 32 Litchfield, h 106 do (See Index)
KLOCK EUGENE, baggagemaster, Central R. R. h 9 Sheldon ave
KNEESKERN J. K. carpenter, h Frankfort cor 3d ave
Kneeskern Kittie Miss, dressmaker, h Frankfort cor 3 ave
KONSHAFTSKEY WILLIAM, car builder, h 118 Main
Krick Daniel, car repairer, h 86 E Main
Kring Charles, fireman, h Canal near Mann

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