Frankfort Directory 1887-1888

Donated and Transcribed by Linda Rood

From the General and Business Directory of Dolgeville, Frankfort, Herkimer, Ilion Mohawk, Middleville Newport and Poland. Kilian and Balch Publishers, Utica, NY. Weaver and Munger Publishers Ilion Citizen and Herkimer Citizen- Book and Job Printers. This book can be found at the public library in Herkimer, NY.

Explanation of abbreviations:
ab., above;
Ave., avenue;
bet., between;
bds., boards;
cor., corner;
h., house;
mfr., manufacturer;
opp., opposite;
sqr., square;
st., street.

LANG Charles, machinist, bds 145 Main
Lang John, brakeman, bds 118 Main
Lang William, engineer, h 92 Litchfield
Lanker Edward, machinist, h Frankfort, opp 5th avenue
Lamphere Fremont, miller, h 65 W Main
Larkin Andrew, laborer, h E Frankfort
Lathrop Wm. brakeman, bds 108 Main
Latt Joseph, engineer, h E Main
LATT LOUIS, boots and shoes, 93 E Main, h do
Lawson L. J. machinist, bds Frankfort
Leach Wm. blacksmith, h near lock 45
Leach Wm. laborer, h 13 Canal
Leech Thos. h Main, near Lock 44 East Frankfort
Lehman Albert, toolmaker, h 145 Main
Lehman Frank, toolmaker, h 145 Main
Lehman Samuel, carpenter, h 145 Main
LEHR GILBERT N. physician, Joslin Block, h 34 Canal
Leitz Charles, laborer, h 43 Canal
Leitz John E. saloon, 93 Litchfield, h do
Leuker E. J. machinist, h Frankfort
Lennick Anna Mrs. h 9 Litchfield
Lennon Geo, h 5 Railroad
Lennon James, h 5 Railroad
Lennon Wm. h 5 Railroad
Leonard George, stationary engineer, bds Franklin
Levy Joseph, furnishing goods, 123 E. Main
Lewis Francis, h Main, E Frankfort
Lewis Richard, h 92 Litchfield
Leyne John R. upholsterer, h E Frankfort
Lincoln Irwin, blacksmith, bds opp West Shore depot
LIMPERT JOHN, clothing, Graves Block, Main near Litchfield, h Frankfort cor John
Lincoln Michael, asst storekeeper, West Shore, h E Frankfort
Lindstrom John, machinist, bds Canal near Main
LINTS A. M. clerk, h 6 Lock
LINTS D. J. striker, h 5 Orchard
Lints Henry, blacksmith, h Frankfort Center
LINTS H. S. boots and shoes, 75 Main h do
Lints J. K. mechanic, h 51 Canal
Lisk David, engineer, h 9 Frankfort
List Joseph ( Joseph List & Co.) h 77 Main
List Joseph & Co(Geo. Rhein), furniture, 77 Main
Lister Joseph, blacksmith, h E Frankfort
Litz Frederick, blacksmith, h Canal, below Frankfort
Lloyd D. J. foreman, h 57 Litchfield
Loftis John, clerk, bds 100 Main
LOFTIS JOHN , grocer, 117-119 E Main, h 115 do
Loftis John W. clerk, 117-119 E Main, h Main
LOFTIS PATRICK, painter, grainer and paper hanger, 154 E Main, h do
Loftis Thomas, laborer, h 106 Main
Loftus Geo. mechanic, bds 106 Main
Loftus Geo. M. blacksmith, h 106 E Main
Loftus Patrick, painter, h 55 Main
LOFTUS THOMAS J. carpenter and joiner, h 1154 E. Main
Logar Abe, watchman, h John
Louis David, engineer, h W Erie, near lock
Louis Ezra, foreman, h 82 Litchfield
Louis Izetta Miss, h Canal, near Lock 45
LOUIS OSCAR, plumber, h Litchfield
Lovett David, foreman, bds Dady House
Lovett Joseph, machinist, bds 5 Sheldon ave
Ludwick Otto, mason, h E Frankfort
Lynch Henry, blacksmith, h E Main near corporation line
Lynch John, night watchman, h Church opp school
Lynch Mary, widow, h 122 Litchfield
Lynch Rosa, operator, h 122 Litchfield
Lynch Wm. conductor, bds 7 Sheldon ave
Lynch Wm. laborer, h 122 Litchfield
LYNOTT T. F. physician and surgeon, h 154 E Main
LYONS JOHN R. h East Frankfort

MACK George, boilermaker, bds 11 John
Mader William, brakeman, bds 127 E Main
Magher Robert, machinist, h 7 Frankfort
Mahar Robert, machinist, h Frankfort cor 4th ave
Mahoney James, mason, bds Dady House
Mahoney Morris, proprietor Dady House, h do
MALLORY J. F. boat builder, h Main East Frankfort
Manning Edward, laborer, h 6 John
Manning Selina, h 6 John
Manning William, teamster, h 4 John
Mapes Cal. machinist, h Litchfield
Mapes D. B. conductor, h 132 Litchfield
Marsell Frank, cook. bds Vanderbilt House
Marshall George W. engineer, h 3d ave near Frankfort
MARTIN WILLIAM, coppersmith, h Shulltown
Masonic Hall, E Main cor Litchfield
Mathews James, machinist, h 4th ave near Frankfort
McAffery Patrick, mason, h 3d ave near Palmer
McArthur Samuel, brakeman, bds 127 E Main
McBRIDE PETER S. clerk Central Hotel
McCARON JOHN, livery stable 74 W Main, h do
McCarthy Daniel, blacksmith, h W Erie near lock
McCartney J. H. real estate agent, h Frankfort cor 4th ave
McCauley Wm. machinist, bds Sheldon house
McCLELLAN JAY W. brakeman, h Sheldon ave
McCORMICK M. J. (Crane & McCormick,) also conductor, h 118 E Main
MCDermott Barney, h George
McDermott Bridge, street operative, h George
McDermott Edward, blacksmith, bds 127 E Main
McDermott James, h 28 Canal
McDermott Michael, machinist, h George
McDERMOTT WILLIAM, boilermaker, bds Dady House
McDevitt Edward, blacksmith, h Main
McGovern James, boilermaker, bds Cottage Hotel
McGovern Peter, blacksmith, h 118 Litchfield
McGOWAN A. C. general store and proprietor Frankfort dry dock, East Frankfort, h do (See Index)
McGOWAN J. W. clerk, East Frankfort
McGraw John, machinist, h Canal near Mann
McGraw Peter, section foreman, h near Central depot
McGreevy James, tinsmith, h 4th ave near Litchfield
McGreevy Patrick, h 4th ave near Litchfield
McKee John, conductor, h 108 Litchfield
McKee L. H. foreman wood making department, h 130 E Main
McMILLAM WILLIAM W. tinsmith, h Mann
McSalley James, carpenter, bds Vanderbilt House
MEAD HENRY M. carpenter, h John, East Frankfort
MEIKLE GEORGE, carpenter, h 20 Sheldon ave
Melroy Joseph R. fireman, h Railroad
MENG JACQUES, proprietor West Shore Hotel, Main, East Frankfort, h do
Merkler William, brakeman, bds 108 Main
Methodist Episcopal Church, E Main cor Church
Metzger Christian, h 10 Mann
Meyers Jeremiah, h 116 Main
MILLER ADAM J. machinist, h 97 W Main
Miller Cortland, farmer, h 5 Canal
MILLER FREDERICK, engineer, h Lynch Block, W Main
Miller Henry, carpenter, h 97 W Main
Miller Jessie Miss, dressmaker, bds Sheldon ave
Mills W. W. machinist, h Canal cor Litchfield
Moore Frank, brakeman, h George, East Frankfort
Moran Peter, Moran House 127 E Main, h do
Morgan Charles, moulder, h Frankfort near George
Morgan J. H. carpenter, h 11 Orchard
Morgan John, machinist, bds 145 Main
Morrison William, fireman, h 1 Frankfort
MORSE H. A. barber shop, Main near Central Hotel, h do
MUCKEY WARNER (Muckey & Slomaker), saloon, 71 Main
MUDDEMAN JOHN, barber, bds 9 Litchfield
Muddeman William, laborer, h 13 Canal
Mulligan Henry, conductor, bds 74 W Main
MUNGER H. g. vice president First National Bank, h at Herkimer
Murphy Edward, brakeman, bds 74 W Main
Murphy George, brakeman, bds Frankfort near John
Murphy James, conductor, bds 114 Main
Murphy William, blacksmith, h 45 Canal
Murray John J. brakeman, bds 74 W Main
Murtaugh Bridget, h 41 Sheldon ave
Murtaugh John, machinist, h 9 Railroad
Myers P. H. brakeman, h near 123 E Main

NESTOR john W. machinist, bds Vanderbilt House
Nicholas Louis, machinist, h Frankfort cor 3d ave
NIPE BROTHERS (Lansing E. and Charles W.) grocers, 120 Main
NIPE CHARLES W. (Nipe Brothers, h 6th ave
NIPE LANSING E. Nipe Brothers,) h 6th ave
Nolton A. S. h 94 Main
Nugent James, pattern maker, h E Frankfort
Nye Henry, conductor, bds 13 Orchard

O'BARD Charles, machinist, h 3d ave
O'Brien James, blacksmith, bds 13 Orchard
O'Brien James, engineer, h Church
O'Brien Thomas, ticket agent Central depot h do
O'Connell Daniel, brakeman, bds Sheldon ave
O'Connell Daniel, brakeman, bds Frankfort near John
O'Day Ellen, widow, h 41 Sheldon ave
O'Hanlan James, helper, h Mill Lane
Owen Hugh, farmer, h Cemetery
Owen John, bds Frankfort

PALMER ELIAS, h 124 Main
Palmer Epaphroditus, h 124 Main
Palmer Mark, engineer, h Main E Frankfort
Palmer M. A. blacksmith, h Main E Frankfort
Parkhurst Fenimore, h 62 W Main
Parkhurst Frank B. lawyer, h 62 W Main
Parkhurst W. H. H.physician and surgeon, 62 W Main
PARRY GEORGE H. bolt maker, h Harter ave E Frankfort
Parshall A. clerk, Main cor Litchfield h Orchard
Parshall D. A. engineer, h Frankfort
PARSONS JOHN, proprietor Sheldon House 32 Litchfield, h do (See index)
PENNY S. S. boot and shoe maker, 38 Litchfield, h do
Perkins Frank, laborer, h 138 Litchfield
Perkins Jesse, brakeman, h Frankfort near George
Perkins Leah, widow, h 9 George
Perkins Milo, lock tender, h George near Litchfield
Perkins Noah, h 10 George
Perkins William, well driver, h Mann near Frankfort
Perrigo Vincent, laborer, h 8 Orchard
Peters Charles, machinist, bds E Frankfort
Peters Dominic, blacksmith, h Main E Frankfort
Peters John, tinsmith, h Sheldon ave
Petrie Frank, switchman, h 9 Orchard
Petrie E. Mrs. h 9 Orchard
PEUSTER RUDOLPH J. brass molder, h 117 George
PFAHLS CHRISTIAN (Pfahls & Ashby), h 88 Litchfield
Piper George Mrs. h 13 Frankfort
Piper William, book-keeper, h 134 Main
POOLER C. A., dentist, 100 Main h Casler ave
Pooler Fred, operative, h 59 Litchfield
POTTER J. W. foreman car repair, h 141 E Main
Powers John, laborer, h John
Pratt F. Charles, h Railroad
Price George, fireman, h Orchard near Frankfort
Prouty F. C. Mrs. h Railroad
Purdy William, h Sheldon ave
Putnam J. S. clerk West Shore freight office, h 95 W Main

Rank John, cooper, cooper, h 18 Orchard
Rathbun Nathan A. shipping clerk, h Frankfort
Raynor Reuben, painter, h 52 W Main
Rechabite Hall, Joslin Block
Reeder John, engineer, h 4 4th ave, near Palmer
Reese David, aparian, h Palmer road
Reeseman William, conductor, h Sheldon ave
Rekmeyer Henry, boiler maker, h 3d ave near Frankfort
Remington George, machinist, bds John
Remington Harry, blacksmith, bds John
Remington M. F. bds 27 W Main
Reynolds Thomas, blacksmith, h Canal near Mann
Rhein George (Joseph List & Co) h 77 Main
RHODA F. S. tinsmith, h E Frankfort
RICH CHARLES M. jeweler, Joslin Block, Litchfield, h Main (See Index)
Riel Ransom, h 12 Sheldon ave
Richards Edward, machinist, h Frankfort, cor George
RICHARDS, S.S. (Skiff & Richards) h 104 Main
Richard Thomas, farmer, h Cemetery
RICHARDSON JOHN, street commissioner, h 109 E Main
Richardson Sarah, widow, h 20 Canal
Rickert Charles, painter, h Railroad, cor River
Rieley John, laborer, h Frankfort, cor 3d ave
RILEY JOHN, helper, h Frankfort, near John
Ripley Arthur D. machinist, h 98 Main
Ripley D. A. shoemaker, h 98 Main
Roaca John, moulder, h 4th ave, cor Frankfort
Roberts Frank, locktender, h at Lock 45
Robinson M., machinist, bds Sheldon House
Robinson M. A. brakeman, bds 118 Main
Rodgers Mary a. widow, h Canal, cor Frankfort
RODGERS & DEVINE (M. F. Rodgers and Anthony Devine) undertakers, Canal, cor Frankfort, warerooms George
Rogers John, boiler maker h, E Frankfort
Roman Catholic church, John, cor Frankfort
Rose Emet D. clerk, 141 E. Main, h 4th ave
Rose Richard, machinist, h 4th ave near Litchfield
Rose M. C. h Mann
Rowland F. A. brakeman, h John
RUGGLES, W. B. clerk, h Culver ave
RUSSELL A. N. & SONS, lumber dealers, Frankfort, cor Canal, also Main, Ilion (See Index)
Russell Mary Miss, h 5 Canal
Russe ----, h Sheldon ave
Ryan James, machinist, bds Sheldon House
Ryan John M., conductor, h John
Ryan Mm. harnessmaker, bds Cottage Hotel

SAFTERBERGER Jacob, h 3d ave, near Frankfort
Samueson Mary, widow, h Canal
Sawyer John M. engineer, bds 33 Litchfield
Saxe Nicholas, h 122 Litchfield
Scaunall Burton, moulder, h E Frankfort
Shaffner James E. painter, h Casler ave
SCHUYLER A. W. barber shop, 7-9 Litchfield, h do
SEAMAN G. IRVING, near market, 112 E Main, h do
JEAMAN (SEAMAN) MILO W. ice dealer, h West Main, above Corporation line
Segar James I, bookkeeper, h 104 Litchfield

Sehl Peter, brakeman, h 7 Orchard
Shandall Charles, clerk, h George
Shanley Annie, widow, h 110 Litchfield
Shattuck Thomas, conductor, h John
Sheaf John, farmer, h 121 E Main
Sheldon John F. Mrs. h 62 Litchfield
Sherman M. M. Mrs. boarding house 12 Sheldon ave
Sisk David, engineer, h 9 Frankfort
SITTERLY CHARLES W.boiler maker, h 4th ave, near Palmer
SKIFF P.A.(Skiff & Richards), h 104 Main
SKIFF & RICHARDS (P. A. Skiff and S. S. Richards), physicians and surgeons, 104 Main
Slack John R. mechanical engineer, h Casler ave
SLATER SAMUEL, carpenter, h John
Slavey Frank, teamster, h 108 Litchfield
Sligger Samuel, carpenter, h John
SLOMAKER DANIEL,(Muckey & Slomaker) h Mill
Smallz Eugene, laborer, h 108 Litchfield
Smallz Frank, sawyer, h 108 Litchfield
Sweeney Charles, brakeman, bds 118
SMITH AUGUSTUS S.brakeman, bds 108 Main
Smith D. J. clerk First National Bank, h 32 Canal
SMITH E. LAGRANGE, lawyer, Joslin block, h 67 E Main
Smith Jacob, insurance agent, h W Main near corporation line
Smith James, cheese factory George, h 32 Canal
Smith J. W. carpenter and builder 11 George, h do
Smith Richard Rev. Methodist church, h 108 Main
Smith Thomas A. machinist, h Frankfort addition
Spalding Charles, machinist, h E Main
Spencer James, truckman, h Main, E Frankfort
Spellman Thomas, laborer, h Canal near Litchfield
Sprague David, machinist, h Orchard

STAIR FRED A. conductor, h John near Palmer
Stansel Newton, blacksmith, h Canal, E Frankfort
Stanton A. O. painter, h Mill Lane
Stanton Charles, painter, h 6th ave near Frankfort
Stanton George, painter, 9 Canal
Staring Andrew, car inspector, h 4 Canal
STARING CHARLES E. carpenter and builder, George near Frankfort, h 112 Litchfield
Staring Dewitt C. carpenter, h 112 Litchfield
Stearns Leonard, moulder, h 22 Canal
STEELE E. druggist, 22 Litchfield h do
Steele George, taxidermist, h 33 W Main
STEELE WILLIAM, fur dealer and botanist, h 39 W Main
STEINBECH HERMAN, machinist, bds Vanderbilt House
STERLING ADAM H. meat market and grocer 143 E Main, h do ( See index)
Sterling John, laborer, h Orchard cor Litchfield
Sterling Joseph W. butcher, bds 141 E. Main
Sterling Nicholas, car inspector, h E Main
Stephen Charles, brakeman, bds 108 Main
Stone Orilla, widow, h 85 Litchfield
STONE WILLIAM C. clerk, West Shore R. R. office, bds 118 W Main
Street Charles, blacksmith, h Canal
Strohmeier John, machinist, bds 105 Litchfield
STUPER JOHN, proprietor Vanderbilt House, h do
Sullivan John, fireman, bds Cottage Hotel
Sullivan Patrick H. conductor, h 20 Mann
Sumney Julia K. Miss, h Church

TAFT M.S. machinist, h E Main
TAGGERT FRANK, brakeman, h Harter ave E Frankfort
Taylor Charles, boiler maker, h 11 John
Taylor Cora Miss, compositor, h Orchard near Church
Taylor George D. mechanic, h 1st ave
TAYLOR JOHN A. machinist, h 22 Orchard
Ten Broeck Charles, brakeman, h 11 Railroad
Teyne George, laborer, h 114 Main
THOMAS LAPIERE, engineer, h 19 George
Thomas Sarah Miss, h 19 George
Thomas William, machinist, h 19 George
Thorn James, painter, bds 13 Orchard
Thurston William, laborer, h 53 Litchfield
Tierney E. S. machinist, bds 7 Sheldon ave
Tine G. F. toolmaker, h 9 John
Tisdale B. E. painter, bds 67 W Main
TISDALE E. M. wagon maker, 67 W Main h do
Tobin Annie, operative, h 100 Litchfield
Tobin Delia, operative, h 100 Litchfield
Tobin Kate, operative, h 100 Litchfield
Tobin Thomas, operative, h 109 Litchfield
Tobin William, farmer, h 100 Litchfield
Tracy Charles, foreman, h George E Frankfort
Travis Charles, machinist, bds 11 Frankfort
Travis H.J. pattern maker, h Casler ave
Travis Julia, widow, h John
Tucker E. Grace, student, h 95 W Main
Tucker John F. clerk, h 79 Litchfield
Tucker Martin, watchman, h 79 Litchfield
Tucker Patrick, fireman, h 79 Litchfield
Tuts George, h E Frankfort
TUTTLE CHARLES L. conductor, h 26 Orchard
TYNE BROTHERS(Edward and Harry) confectionery and news room, E Main near Litchfield (See Index)
TYNE EDWARD(Tyne Brothers) h Main
TYNE HARRY (Tyne Brothers) h Main

UHRLAN WILLIAM, saloon opp West Shore depot, h Sheldon ave
Union Church, E Frankfort
Universalist Church 49 W Main

VAN ALLEN Edward, laborer, h Main
VAN DEUSEN NORMAN, boiler maker, h 67 Litchfield
VAN DUESEN WM. H. coal and wood dealer, railroad near Sheldon ave, h 136 Main
VALENTINE A. L. machinist, h Litchfield near corporation line
VAN DRESSEN M. M. machinist, h 6th ave
Van Dusen Simeon, h 13 Canal
Vosburg Louis, engineer, h 3d ave near Frankfort
Vosburg William, teamster, h 91 Litchfield

WAGNER OSCAR, mason and builder h Frankfort near George
WALBY HENRY, boat builder, h East Frankfort
Walby John, boat builder and blacksmith East Frankfort, h do
WALKER GEORGE H. carpenter, h 158 Main
Wallers A. boilermaker, h E Main near corporation line
Ward John, conductor, bds Dady House
Waterhouse, Charles, engineer, bds Cottage Hotel
Waterbury W. H. meat market 24 and 26 Litchfield, h W Main
WATKINS J. H. editor Frankfort Register, h at Schuyler
WATSON C.R. machinist, h 88 Litchfield
WATSON F. A. Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, Joslin Block, h do
WATSON WILLIAM, saloon 73 Main, h George
Watson Wm. bartender, bds 5 George
WATSON GEO. H. ass't cashier First Nat. bank, h Litchfield
Weaver John, carpenter, h Frankfort near 4th ave
Webster Theodore, brakeman, h John
Weller William, butcher, h 95 Litchfield
WELLER W. F. clerk, h Litchfield
Weller W. J. fireman, h Orchard near Frankfort
Wells Uriah, h 6 George
Wells William, laborer, h 4 George
WELTER J. H. carpenter, bds Sheldon House
WERCHING CHARLES, boilermaker, h 113 Litchfield
West Austin, operator, bds 118 Main
West Peter, fireman, h 13 George
WESTERGRE FRANK, machinist, bds Canal near Man
Westerville Wm. conductor, h Frankfort cor George
WEST SHORE HOTEL, E Main, East Frankfort
Whaling Michael, h 111Litchfield
Wheatley Richard, car inspector, h Church opp school
Wheeler Arthur, clerk, h East Frankfort
Wheeler Fred, brakeman, h 83 Litchfield
Whitcomb Emory B. conductor, h Frankfort near 4th ave
Whitney Catharine, widow, h 91 Litchfield
Whitney M. P. gunsmith, h Frankfort
Whitney Uriah (Chambers & Whitney), h Litchfield
WICKENS CHARLES A. painter, bds 99 E Main
Wickens Clarence Leyton, manager livery stable rear 101 E Main, h 99 do
Wickens Harry, manager livery stable rear 101 E Main, h 99 do
Wickens James, baggageman West Shore depot, h Main East Frankfort
WICKENS WILLIAM, carriage and wagonmaker, also livery 101 Main, h 99 do
Widrick Eugene, trainman, h 4 Orchard
Widrig William, machinist, h 24 Canal
Wiedman John, switchtender, h 5 Railroad
WICKHAM THOMAS, proprietor West Shore Hotel Frankfort cor Orchard, h do
Wickham Thos. laborer, h 8 Frankfort
Wilbur Ira, carpenter, h 43 W Main
WILBER FRED T. carpenter, h Litchfield near match factory
Williams A. M. clerk, h Frankfort Centre
WILLIAMS FRANK, blacksmith 48 Litchfield, h Litchfield cor George
WILLIAMS FRANK, car painter, bds Orchard near Frankfort
WILLIAMS FREDERICK, blacksmith, h 63 Litchfield
WILLIAMS THOMAS, blacksmith 37 Litchfield, h Litchfield cor George
Wilsey C. D. blacksmith, h John
Wilsey C. D. springmaker, h George
WINNIE BENJAMIN, brakeman, bds Frankfort near John
Wishart William, laborer, h 9 Orchard
Wood E. J. car inspector, h 86 Litchfield
WOOD H. M. proprietor Central Hotel E Main cor Litchfield, h do
Wood M. S. carpenter, h 58 W. Main
Woodbridge Elizabeth, widow, h 21 Canal
Woodbridge Ella Miss, h 21 Canal
Woodruff Icy, widow, h 19 Orchard
Woodrick C. M. carpenter, h W Main near corporation line
Woodrick Walter P., car inspector, h W Main
Woodside F. H. brakeman, h 16 George
Worship Charles, laborer, h 29 Canal
Wright Eliza B. widow, h 4th ave near Litchfield
Wright George, conductor, h 4th avenue near Litchfield
WYCKOFF O. L. hotel Railroad near Orchard, h do

YOULIN Warren, carpenter, h 65 Litchfield
Young George, brakeman, h 35 W Main
Youngnaetsh Edward, mason, h Ingham cor George, East Frankfort

ZELLNER James, fireman, bds Orchard
Zoller Catharine Mrs. h 111 E Main
Zoller J. J. carpenter, h 112 E. Main
Zoller Lottie Miss, h 112 E Main

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