1888-1889 Frankfort NY Directory
Part 1 Surnames A-F
Herkimer County, NY

The Herkimer County 1888-9 Directory is a great source for filling in the missing census records of 1890. Individuals in this directory would have likely been in the federal census of 1890. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there. All original spellings and punctuations were retained from the original records and have been proofread by a third party to ensure a proper transcription. Due to the size of the files, the directory has been split into three files.

From Herkimer County 1888-9 Directory, published by Lant & Silvernail, Valatie, Columbia County, N.Y.

Robert Lorick
Contributing Editor

1888-1889 Frankfort Directory Part 1 Surnames A-F
Last Name First Title Widow Lease Information Occupation Number Town County
Abbott P. J.

98 Frankfort Hill
Avery A. L.

153 Ilion
Aldinger David

76 Utica Oneida Co.
Aldinger James

58 Utica Oneida Co.
Aldinger M. B.

37 Utica Oneida Co.
Alvord Howe

11 Frankfort Hill
Alvord John M.

55 Gulph
Alvoid Willard

58 Frankfort Hill
Anderson John M.

5 1/2 Frankfort
Atwell Joel

87 Frankfort
Augar Thomas

65 Frankfort Hill
Augar William

65 Frankfort Hill
Austin Charles

2 3/4 Utica Oneida Co.
Austin Freeborn

67 Utica Oneida Co.
Austin Lucius

34 Utica Oneida Co.
Austin Roselle

40 Center
Baker David

27 Frankfort
Barger P.

Frankfort Hill
Bargy Warner

37 Frankfort
Barnes George W.

28 Frankfort
Bauck Emory

18 Frankfort
Beagal G.

Frankfort Hill
Beagal Laura

40 Frankfort Hill
Bennett Maria

30 Frankfort Hill
Bennett Orville

85 Frankfort Hill
Bennett R. V.

Frankfort Hill
Bennett R. W.

125 Frankfort Hill
Bloom Albert

98 Frankfort
Borden A. L.

148 Utica Oneida Co.
Borden Joseph

58 Utica Oneida Co.
Bouck John M.

150 Frankfort
Bouck Peter E.

442 Frankfort Hill
Brewer Delos V.

48 Center
Brewer John Z.

100 Center
Brice George

11 1/2 Frankfort
Brice George J.

11 1/2 Frankfort
Brigham L.

Frankfort Hill
Brigham N. E.

Frankfort Hill
Brigham Sara J.

1 Frankfort Hill
Bridenbecker Alex.

154 Frankfort
Bridenbecker Sylvenus

31 Frankfort
Brockway A. L. Mrs.

80 Frankfort Hill
Brockway Bonaparte

59 Frankfort Hill
Brockway George

29 Frankfort Hill
Brockway Hiram W.

13 Frankfort Hill
Brockway Margaret

69 Frankfort Hill
Brockway Rebecca

13 Frankfort Hill
Brockway Reed

13 1/2 Frankfort Hill
Brockway Tomkins

126 Frankfort Hill
Brockway Ulysses

13 Frankfort Hill
Brockway Wallace

53 Frankfort Hill
Brown David

53 Frankfort Hill
Brown T. P.

Frankfort Hill
Budlong Aaron L.

30 Frankfort
Budlong Violet

67 Frankfort
Budlong W. W.

47 1/2 Frankfort
Burton Nathan

69 Ilion
Carnes Julia A.

65 Frankfort
Capron Mary C.

185 Center
Churches L. M.

168 Frankfort
Clapsaddle Addison W.

147 Frankfort
Clayes Anson S.

150 Frankfort Hill
Clemens John

53 Frankfort
Cooledge Amasa

85 Frankfort
Cook Robert C.

86 Frankfort Hill
Coulon Michael

6 Frankfort
Curber John

24 Frankfort Hill
Daly Luke

48 Center
Darling Charles

12 1/2 Frankfort Hill
Darling Nat

98 Frankfort Hill
Darling N. A.

98 Utica Oneida Co.
Davis Duane

150 Frankfort
Davis George B.

106 Frankfort
Davis George H.

14 Frankfort
Davis enry

27 Frankfort
Davis John R.

199 Frankfort
Davis Peter E.

130 Frankfort Hill
Davis Silas W.

73 Frankfort Hill
Davis Thomas S.

115 Ilion
Davis N. J.

9 1/2 Frankfort
Davis Urial M.

117 Frankfort
Davis W.

Frankfort Hill
Davidson John W.

5 Frankfort
Day H.

Frankfort Hill
Dempster Henry

147 Frankfort Hill
Dewhurst Joseph Mrs.

9 Frankfort Hill
Dewhurst Thomas

54 Frankfort Hill
Diehl Charles

19 Ilion
Dolan Owen

98 Frankfort Hill
Dorll J.

Frankfort Hill
Dormuth George

36 Center
Dougherty Ebenezer

17 Frankfort Hill
Dougherty Helen

10 Frankfort Hill
Dougherty Peter E.

52 Frankfort Hill
Doolan John

94 Frankfort
Dunn William

37 Frankfort Hill
Eddee Francis

10 Frankfort Hill
Ellsworth Myron K.

82 Frankfort
Emory Joseph G.

60 Frankfort Hill
Esling William

40 Frankfort Hill
Evans Benjamin

16 Frankfort
Evans David

28 Frankfort
Fairchilds J. B.

43 Frankfort Hill
Falkner S. E.

39 Utica Oneida Co.
Farrington Ira H.

160 Center
Ferguson E. H.

117 Utica Oneida Co.
Ferguson J. D.

139 Utica Oneida Co.
Fish Samuel

120 Gulph
Fitzgerald Thomas

28 Utica Oneida Co.
Folts Chris J.

37 Frankfort
Folts David

2 1/2 Frankfort
Folts Hanibal

8 1/4 Frankfort
Folts Warner

75 Ilion
Frasier Michael

23 Center

All spellings are as given in the original directory and will not be changed. Thank you in advance for directing ALL requests for information about persons listed to the local historical societies and libraries, not to the site coordinators.

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