The following information was obtained from two sources, "The History of Herkimer County, NY," by F. W. Beers & Company, 1879, and the "History of Herkimer County", edited by George A. Hardin, assisted by Frank H. Willard, and published by D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY 1893 in the Family Sketches Section. Most of the longer sketches were obtained from the second source. Additional information - included from both references.

Laura Perkins
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Hotel Thurston, Frankfort, N.Y.

Hotel Thurston, Frankfort, N.Y.

Charles ALAND, Frankfort, was born in London, England in November 1855. He was one of three children of Henry and Martha (MARTIN) ALAND. He was educated at Helperton Academy, Wiltshere. He married Anne E. WEAVER, of London, and in 1880 came to the United States, locating at Rome, N.Y. Mr. ALAND took charge of an iron foundry, where he remained for five years, when he came to Frankfort, and was placed in charge of the brass and iron foundry of the West Shore Railroad shops where he has since remained.

Moses B. ALDINGER was born in Frankfort, N.Y., in 1849. He has been a farmer on his own account since the age of twenty-one. John, the father of Moses, is a native of Germany. He came to America about 1838.

W. D. ALLEN, Frankfort, one of six children of James K. and Nancy E. (SHERWOOD) ALLEN, was born in the town of Norwich, N.Y., November 25, 1857. Isaac ALLEN, the grandfather, was born in New York city; Nancy E. SHERWOOD, the mother, was born at Guilford, NY, her father William SHERWOOD, having been born in Connecticut. William D. ALLEN left his native town when twenty-five years of age, going into the railroad business, first with the New York, Ontario and Western Railroad, coming from there to the West Shore Railroad shops office at Frankfort. He advanced to the position of chief clerk of motive power and rolling stock, and has occupied that position to the present time.

John M. ALVORD, Frankfort, was born in Frankfort October 11, 1835, he being one of three children of Joseph M. and Desire (HAKES) ALVORD, of Frankfort. His grandfather, Medad ALVORD, was born in Connecticut, and came to New York State when quite a young man. Desire HAKES, the mother, was a daughter of John and Catherine HAKES, of Little Falls. He married Eliza ELMER, of Sauquoit, by whom he had three children: Mary L. (Mrs. David F. DAVIS), Rosa D. (Mrs. Edward BRIGHAM), and Harriet C. (Mrs. Robert SALISBURY), their mother dying when they were young. He subsequently married Angeline WOODBRIDGE, of Gulph, Frankfort. He has always lived in Frankfort, running his farm as a dairy. He has been postmaster of Gulph post office since the office was first established six years ago. Additional information: He was a boatman from 1858 to 1862, then an artisan in the armory till 1869, since which he has been a farmer. His great grandfather ALVORD was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. John HAKES, his grandfather on his mother's side, was in the war of 1812.

Henry AUSTIN was born in the town of Schuyler, N.Y., in 1802. He is now a farmer. He helped build the Erie Canal, and worked on the first railroad that was built in the Mohawk Valley. He was a boatman during twenty years. Freeborn AUSTIN, the father of Henry, was in the war of 1812.

R. W. BENNETT, Frankfort, only son of Daniel and Calista (DYKE) BENNETT, was born in Frankfort. Daniel, the father, was born in Connecticut. He settled in Frankfort sixty-five years ago and is now living at ninety-one years of age, his wife Calista also being eighty-seven years of age; his father, Waterman BENNETT, was a native of Connecticut; his father was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. R. W. BENNETT was married February 6, 1853, to Dorcas R. COOLEDGE, daughter of Horace and Mary (BUCK) COOLEDGE, of Frankfort. They have one daughter, Flora A. (Mrs. John E. MAYNARD).

BRIDENBECKER BROTHERS, Frankfort. BRIDENBECKER, Judson, one of the four children of Alexander and Elizabeth (Sherwood) BRIDENBECKER, was born on the family homestead (where the brothers now reside) November 7, 1867. Sherwood, the brother, was born December 12, 1869. Alexander BRIDENBECKER, the father, was also born on the farm, at which place he died January 3, 1885. William BRIDENBECKER, the grandfather, was born in Fort Herkimer during the Revolutionary War. Elizabeth SHERWOOD, the mother was born at Morristown, N.J., she being a daughter of Rev. B. A. SHERWOOD and Mary. Mrs. SHERWOOD is now living at Utica, aged ninety, Mr. SHERWOOD having died January 12, 1893. The great-grandfather was Rev. Abbott SHERWOOD, of New Jersey. The other members of this family now living are Hattie (BRIDENBECKER) REID, wife of James T. REID, of Toronto, Canada; Willis A. BRIDENBECKER, of Mascotte, Florida, and Adelma J., second wife of Alexander BRIDENBECKER, now living at Chicago. The brothers are both married, Judson having married Minnie S., daughter of the late John BELLINGER, of Little Falls; and Sherwood, Emma E. MASON, of Hyndsville, Schoharie County. The BRIDENBECKER Brothers' farm of 175 acres is a fine dairy, stock and fruit farm. They have a dairy of twenty-five cows (of which most are Holstein), own nine horses, notable among which is the young and handsome stallion Mortimer Golddust. The horse is by the celebrated trotter "Sprague Golddust" (2:15 1/4) and is the exact image of his sire. They have twelve acres of strawberries producing from 25,000 to 50,000 quarts per annum. They are classed among the enterprising young men of the country.

Horace BROWN was born in Frankfort March 23, 1839, he being one of thirteen children of J. Z. BROWN (son of Darrius), who was born in the same town October 6, 1807; he was a farmer and a preacher, being a Methodist minister and preaching for fifty years. He died in his native town July 21, 1887. Darius BROWN, brother of Horace, was a soldier in the War of the Rebellion. He died May 10, 1864, aged 29 years. His life was lost at Spottsylvania, his body not being recovered. Another brother Burton, served in the war, was honorably discharged on account of ill health and died about a year later. Mr. BROWN always made his home in his native town.

A. L. BUDLONG, Frankfort, the only son of R. P. and Rebecca (MILLER) BUDLONG of Frankfort, was born May 30, 1850, on the Budlong homestead where he now lives. His grandfather was Aaron BUDLONG, a native of the town, also born on the old family homestead, which was settled by his great-grandfather Aaron BUDLONG, he being one of the first settlers, when it was a forest. Rebecca (MILLER) BUDLONG, the mother, was a daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth MILLER of Miller's Mills, Columbia. A. L. BUDLONG married November 3, 1880, to Julia MARRINER, one of three children of Edward and Julia (FROST) MARRINER of New York City. They have had three children: Edward Marriner, Fred Eugene and DeElmo P. BUDLONG (died in infancy).

W.W. BUDLONG, M. D., son of Dr. Caleb BUDLONG, was born in Frankfort in 1826. He studied medicine with his father, attended two courses of lectures at Geneva, and graduated in 1848 at the Buffalo Medical College. He has been a practitioner at Frankfort since that time. He married Emma, daughter of John QUACKENBUSH, of Montgomery county. They have three children---W. C., Lewella, and Franklin.

David BURTON, German Flats, was born in Deerfield, October 12, 1811, and was a farmer all his life, till he retired a few years ago. He lived forty years in Frankfort. His father was Nathan BURTON. In 1841 Mr. BURTON married Rosina WHITNEY, and has one son, Nathan. His wife died about forty years ago. Mr. BURTON is one of the sterling old men of Herkimer county and holds the highest esteem and fullest confidence of all classes.

Peter BURTON was born in France in 1841, and came to this country in 1854. He was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion.

Lewis M. CHURCHES was born on the farm where he now resides in 1848. Two of his brothers, Oliver and Foster, died from wounds received while engaged in the defense of their country. Oliver died at City Point, Va., and Foster at Washington, D.C. Their father, William CHURCHES, came from England in 1832.

Samuel CLAYTON, Frankfort, was born in Lancashire, England, June 22, 1848. He was one of eight children of John A. and Betty (GEE) CLAYTON. The family first located in Ilion, and Mr. CLAYTON, lived in Herkimer county about twenty-seven years. He came to Frankfort in 1884 and built the large and commodious building, which he uses as a hardware and agricultural implement store, dealing also in stoves, etc. He was first married to Susie M. SUTLIFF, who died in 1877, leaving one son, Alfred Samuel CLAYTON. October 5, 1881, he married Georgiene M. WARNER, a daughter of Captain F. C. and Hannah H. (BRUCE) WARNER, of Baltimore, Md. They have one son, Franklin Robert Clayton. Captain F. C. WARNER was an officer in the navy and captain of the ship Osceola.

Anson G. CLOYES, was born in Frankfort August 3, 1844, he being one of eight children of Silas and Abigail W. (BROWN) CLOYES. His grandfather was Luther CLOYES, who born in Framingham, Mass., and settled here in early life. Anson G., the youngest son, married in 1869, Adelia N. HARVEY, by whom he had five children: Jessie E. (deceased), Gilbert S., Ada L., Homer E. and Bessie M. (deceased); the mother died when they were young. He later married Mary E. FISH of Utica, by whom he has one son. Mr. CLOYES is an enterprising farmer, his farm buildings being notable for their size, number and convenience, one barn being 119 X 45 feet. He has recently built a horse barn 60 X 40 feet with all the modern conveniences, an ice house with a capacity of 200 tons, a tool house 36 X 22 feet, a piggery 25 X 20 feet, a poultry house, etc. He has a dairy of fifty cows, producing on the average 300 lbs. of butter per week. A fine creamery is soon to be built. His farm consists of 275 acres, which is beautifully situated, overlooking the city of Utica and commanding an extended view of the Mohawk and Sauquoit valleys. Additional Information: Anson G. CLOYES was born on the farm where he now resides in 1843. He has always been a farmer and thresher. He married Adelia HARVEY in 1868. They have had three children, of whom a son and daughter are living. Mr. C. was two years an inspector of election. His grandfather, Luther CLOYES, was a Revolutionary soldier.

John B. CROSBY was born in Otsego county, N.Y., in 1806. In 1825 he went to Little Falls, where he married a Miss Burt. He afterwards removed to Herkimer, where the subject of this sketch, W. W. CROSBY, was born in 1831. W. W. CROSBY commenced in Frankfort in 1846 as a clerk, in which capacity he continued about ten years. He then entered into a partnership as a grocer, and continued till 1865. He has since carried on the same business alone. He has held the office of town clerk five terms, village trustee, one term, and supervisor of Frankfort four consecutive terms. He married Miss Marilda HARRISON in 1857.

T. S. CROSBY was born in the village of Herkimer, N.Y., in 1839. He removed with his parents to Frankfort village in 1841. From 1857 to 1861 he was a clerk, then served in the war of the Rebellion till 1864, when he engaged in mercantile business till the spring of 1878. He is now a produce dealer. He has held the offices of town clerk and village trustee. Mr. CROSBY enlisted in Company K, 2nd NY H. A. September 24th, 1861, as quartermaster's sergeant. He was in the battles of second Bull Run, Spottsylvania, North Anna, Petersburg and Hatcher's Run. He was made a lieutenant June 10th, 1864 and discharged October 12th, 1864.

William J. DADY, Frankfort, was born in Canajoharie where he lived until nineteen years of age, when he came to Frankfort and engaged in the hotel business. His house was burned in 1892 and the present hotel, "The Grand Union" built in its place. It is a large fine building, containing eighteen sleeping rooms, and is fitted up in good style. It adjoins the offices of the West Shore railroad. Mr. DADY married, April 15, 1891, Maria T. SPELLMAN of Newport, N.Y., one of six children of James and Theresa (RILEY) SPELLMAN.

6/19   Lewis DAVIS was born in Frankfort in 1832. From the age of twelve to seventeen he was a driver on the canal, then a steersman during three seasons. He then went to California and engaged in mining till 1854. He has since owned several canal boats. He is now a farmer. He was drafted during the late civil war and paid his commutation. His father, Edward DAVIS, was in the War of 1812.

A note from Laura, June 14, 1999: I received this message from Kathie Janski, with additional information on Lewis Davis and James D. Ferguson. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I want to thank you and all who provide this website. I have been hunting and pecking since I am new to genealogy. The information regarding Lewis DAVIS and James D. FERGUSON relate to my family and I believe I can share some information not contained in the profiles.

Lewis was born, I believe, in 1831, according to the 1900 Kansas Census. He married Julia A. FERGUSON who was the sister of James D. FERGUSON. James married Elizabeth DAVIS, the sister of Lewis. My grandfather was Fred C. Davis born (I assume) in Frankfort in 1868. There were other brothers: Edward, Albert, Lewis and Clayton.

Julia FERGUSON's mother was Christina DAY. She and her mother were born in Vermont. I believe Christina was born in Bennington county, township Winhall, in 1799. Her mother, Ann DAY'S maiden name was CHAPMAN. I believe the father of Julia and the husband of Ann was Russell DAY of Winhall. I had no idea Lewis and James went to California to the gold fields and that James had married Lewis' sister. Thank you so much for giving me a huge key to my family's history. Kathie Janski

In a 2nd message:
I recently saw a site for Frankfort cemeteries and found where and when Christina Ferguson was buried, as it said her husband, James, was a col. Another piece of information to the puzzle. I recently went back to the library and found Samuel was the father of James, Christina's husband.
Thanks, kathie

Jacob DIEFFENBACHER, Frankfort, was born in the duchy of Baden, Germany, March 18, 1845, he being one of eleven children of Engelhardt and Catherine DIEFFENBACHER. His father, ruined by revolution at home, emigrated to this country with his family in 1856, being assisted by William GATES, into whose employ the family entered. During the Rebellion Mr. DIEFFENBACHER was employed in armories in the manufacture of army pistols and at the close of the war he engaged in the grocery and provision business at canal lock 45 in Frankfort, where he has since remained. He married, December 1885, Pauline BAUER, a daughter of Frederick and Pauline (Bolza) BAUER, both natives of Saxony, who emigrated and settled in Utica. They have two children, Sarah M. and Theresa E.

James DEMPSEY, Frankfort, was born in the town of Salisbury, Herkimer county, October 1, 1857. He was one of nine children of Richard and Mary DEMPSEY. When nine years of age he went to live in the town of Schuyler, engaging in the business of buying and selling cattle and hay. He owns a farm of 125 acres in the town of Newport and one of 100 acres in Frankfort. He was married February 24, 1892, to Mary DAVIN, daughter of Andrew and Ella DAVIN, of Little Falls. They reside in Frankfort village, where he owns fine property. He has a dairy of forty cows and is one of the enterprising citizens of Frankfort.

Joseph Janion DUDLESTON, a native of England, was born in 1810. He came to this county in 1846, and settled in Litchfield, Herkimer County, where he engaged in dairy farming and in burning lime. In 1862 he went to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and from there to Bridgeport, California, in 1866, returning to Frankfort in 1874, where he now resides.

Joseph J. DUDLESTON, Jr., was born in England in 1838. He came with his parents to this country in 1846. He began to read law with S. & R. EARL of Herkimer, in 1864, and was admitted to the bar in April 1865. He opened an office at Frankfort, where he is still practicing. He was elected to the office of district attorney for Herkimer county in November 1876, for the term of three years.

Myron K. ELLSWORTH was born in 1845 in Frankfort, N.Y., on the farm where he now resides. He has been a farmer on his own account since 1866. He was ten years a fireman, and since 1871, when he became a freemason, he has filled the five principal offices in the subordinate lodge.

M. F. FARREL was born in the village of Frankfort in 1850. He has been a clerk since 1871. He was a town clerk in 1874, and again in 1878. He has also been clerk of the village during two terms. He was married to Miss Sophia VAN DUSEN in 1875.

Thomas P. FARRELL, Frankfort, was born December 14, 1843. He went into the grocery business in Frankfort, and has continued it to the present time, a period of twenty years, he being one of the stirring merchants of the town. April 27, 1876, he married Mary Josephine CARRY, of Utica, and they have one daughter, Mary Julia FARRELL. In 1886 he purchased the fine George Gates mansion for a residence. Mr. Farrell is a member of the Board of Education of Water Works, and is one of the largest taxpayers in the town.

James D. FERGUSON was born on the farm where he now resides in Frankfort in 1829. He went to California at the age of twenty and engaged in mining. He returned in 1857, and has been an extensive farmer and speculator. He married Elizabeth M. DAVIS in 1852. Eight children were born to them, of whom four are living. He furnished a substitute for the war of the Rebellion. James G. Ferguson, the father of James D., came from Oneida County with his father, Samuel, about 1795. James G. married Christina DAY, who was born in Vermont about 1795. [See Lewis Davis listing above]

William GATES was born February 29, 1808 in Mechanicsville, Saratoga County, N.Y. June 5, 1832 he married Miss Mary A. DEUEL of that place. In June 1843, he removed with his family to Frankfort where he remained until the time of his death, July 28, 1877. His age at this time was 69 years, 4 months and 29 days. In 1844 he began the manufacture of matches, which business he continued up to time of his death on a most extensive scale, as may be seen by our engraving and description of the manufacturing. His three sons, William B., George W. and Frederick succeeded him. His family at the time of his death consisted of wife, three sons, and one daughter, Mrs. Aurelia SHELDON. Ref. #1

Peter J. GETMAN was born in Frankfort, N.Y., in 1832. He has always been a farmer and lumberman. His father Robert GETMAN, was born in the same town in 1804. In addition to the business of farming and lumbering Mr. GETMAN, sen, was a carpenter and joiner.

James G. GOODIER, Frankfort, one of eleven children of Aaron and Abigail (KENDALL) GOODIER, both of Litchfield. The grandfather, Rev. Aaron GOODIER, clergyman, was born in England and educated for the ministry, preaching there for several years. He came to this country when thirty-five years of age and was during his active life a minister of the Gospel, living in the town of Litchfield, where he was a large land owner. Abigail KENDALL, the mother, was a daughter of Ammi KENDALL, contractor, a native of Massachusetts. James G. was married May 1, 1872, to Mary A. SLAUGHTER of Litchfield. Until 1888 he lived in Litchfield when he moved to the village of Frankfort where he now lives. He is justice of the peace and does a real estate and collecting business.

Chauncey C. HARTER, Frankfort, born in Herkimer June 18, 1859. He was one of three children (the other being Charles N. and John S. HARTER) of Nicholas and Mary A. (CROSBY) HARTER. Nicholas, the father was born in Herkimer county, N. Y. Chauncey C. married December 23, 1882, Nellie A. WATSON, one of six children of Oliver and Lucinda (CASLER) WATSON of Frankfort. They have one son, James M. HARTER. Mr. HARTER came to Frankfort when seven years old. He was employed in a grocery store for several years during his early life, manufactured cigars for a few years, and afterwards did a fireman insurance business. About seven years ago he engaged in the railroad business, serving three years as freight clerk at Frankfort for the West Shore Railroad. He was appointed storekeeper for the same company November 1, 1888, having charge of all the supplies in the Motive Power and Car department of the West Shore Stops. He was elected president of the village of Frankfort in March 1892.

Charles E. HOLDRIDGE, the deceased husband of Ruth HOLDRIDGE, was born in Connecticut in 1796. He came to this county with father, Joseph, in 1827, when it was an unbroken wilderness. Charles settled on the farm where Ruth HOLDRIDGE and A. G. HOLDRIDGE, a son, now reside. With eyes suffused with tears, the widow said, " It is the pleasantest spot on earth to me."

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