The Directory listing for Frankfort was contributed by Laura Perkins, Town of Frankfort Editor and Coordinator of the Oswego County NYGenWeb site. All punctuation, etc. is exactly the same as in the directory. "r" means "resides." The locations are street addresses in the village of Frankfort or other locations as noted (e.g. East Frankfort). To seek out further information about persons below, please inquire of, or order a search from, the Herkimer County Historical Society. The directory is available for your personal viewing at Oneida County Historical Society.

West Main Street Frankfort, N.Y.

West Main Street, Frankfort, N.Y.


Source: The Frankfort Directory, for the Year 1883 containing a "General & Business Directory - Utica, Frankfort, & Ilion"
Compiled & published by Chas. N. Gaffney, 191 Genesee St., Utica, N.Y., June 1, 1883
Curtiss & Child's Printers, copyright 1883 C. N. Gaffney.

ABBOTT Chester W. wagon shop, Canal cor Litchfield, r 80 Litchfield
ADAMS, Abbie M. Miss r 38 Main
AEGAN Daniel, laborer, r 26 Canal
ALDRICH Z. farmer, r East Frankfort
ANDERSON Emory, painter, r 7 George
ARCHER Russell, cartman, r 43 Main
ASHBY John, conductor, 12 Orchard
ASHBY Sarah Mrs. r 4 Litchfield
ATWELL Leander J. mechanic, r 16 Main
AUSMAN Abigail, widow, r 30 Orchard

BAGLEY William H. agent, r 131 Main
BAKER Angelin Miss r 125 Main
BAKER Charles R books and stationery 73 Main r 57 same
BAKER David, farmer, r 55 Main
BAKER George A. match maker, r 59 Litchfield
BALDE Lydia Mrs. R 61 Main
BALL Phila, widow, r 103 Main
BARBER Horace M. carpenter, r 17 Orchard
BARGY Hiram Mrs. R Mill Lane
BARGY Van Rensselaer, shoemaker, Litchfield street, r 4 Mann
BARGY Warner, milkman, r East Frankfort
BARRIS J. W. Principal Frankfort Public School, r 26 Orchard
BARRIS J. W. Mrs. Teacher, r 26 Orchard
BATES David G. harnessmaker, Litchfield cor Main, r 11 Frankfort
BENISON Charles, laborer, r150 Main
BENISON John, laborer, r 150 Main
BENNETT George N. carpenter, r 87 Litchfield
BIRCH Stephen, miller, r 92 Litchfield
BIRCH William, miller, 130 Litchfield, r 92 same
BOHAN Julia Mrs. widow, r 13 George
BRACHET James C laborer, r Cemetery street
BRADY P. T. carriagemaker, 24 Orchard, r same
BRIDENBECKER Addison, carpenter, r 60 Main
BRIDENBECKER Jeremiah, carpenter, r 14 Main
BRIZOLARA, A. A. clerk, r Lock 44 East Frankfort
BRIZOLARA John C. grocer, Lock 44, East Frankfort, r same
BROCKE Alice, teacher, r 97 Main
BROWN Milo, Foreman, r East Frankfort
BUCKLEY James, laborer, r 9 John
BUDLONG Nelson, carpenter, r 133 Main
BUDLONG W. Wallace, physician and surgeon, 56 Main, r same
BURKHART C. J. machinist, r East Frankfort
BURTON David, farmer, r Main street
BURTON Nathan, farmer, r Main street
BUSSNEY J. E. clothing, 93 Main
BUTLER Sarah, r 21 Orchard

CALLAHAN KENNEDY, laborer, r Frankfort
CAMPBELL Hiram, laborer, r 23 Orchard
CAMPBELL Hiram miller, r 28 Canal
CAMPBELL James G. r 1 Frankfort
CAMPBELL William, farmer, r Schuyler road
CAPLE C. S. machinist, r 124 Litchfield
CARNER Hannibal F. foreman, r 75 Litchfield
CARNER Philip, watchmaker, r 53 Litchfield
CARROLL James, laborer, r Sheldon ave
CARY Patrick, laborer, r 45 Canal
CASPARES Emma, domestic, r Central Hotel
CASPARES Henry, toolmaker, r 8 Litchfield
CASLER Coonradt, mason, r 22 Canal
CLAPSATTLE John, laborer, r 105 Main
CLARK A. Frank, cigar box manufacturer, Litchfield street, r 89 Main
CLARK Andrew F. boot and shoemaker 89 Main, r same
CLARK George H. mason, r Main street
CLARK O. A. laborer, 96 Main
CLEMENS Webster, teamster, r 19 Canal
CLEVELAND Charles B. laborer, r 108 Main
CLEVELAND Mrs. H. B. r 108 Main
COLLINS Annie widow, r 38 Litchfield
COLLINS William J. blacksmith, r 43 Canal
COLLIS John, laborer, r Frankfort
COLLIS J. H. r 61 Main
COOK Albert L. teamster, r 159 Main
COOK Catharine H. r 159 Main
CRAMER Mariam, laborer, r Sheldon ave
CREEK John, flagman, r Schuyler road
CROSBY Abner B. shipper, r Main cor Litchfield
CROSBY C. B. billiard room, 41 Litchfield, r 5 same
CROSBY Theo. S., r 16 Orchard
CROSBY W. W. grocer, Main cor Litchfield, r 46 Main

DALEY Jacob, wheelwright, r 44 Main
DALEY John, operator, r 44 Main
DAVIS Judson D. farmer, r 1 Main
DAVIS Thomas, mason, r 2 Litchfield
DAVISON Andrew, r 127 Main
DAVISON Wesley, farmer, Schuyler turnpike road
DEVINE Charles, Jr., laborer r 155 Main
DEVINE Charles, Sr., farmer r 155 Main
DEUEL William H. foreman r 56 Litchfield
DEYLE Cyrus, operator, r 25 Orchard
DILLENBECK D. E. (Dillenbeck & Lehr), r 34 Litchfield
DILLENBECK & Lehr, (D. E. Dillenbeck & G. N. Lehr), druggists, 34 Litchfield. See page 554
DOWD John Jr. Cottage Hotel, Litchfield cor Canal
DOWD John Sr. laborer, r 49 Litchfield
DUDLESTON J. J. Jr., lawyer, 83 Main r 142 same
DUEL Warner, laborer, r Orchard cor Church
DURST Eli, cooper, 13 Litchfield, r same
DURST Luther, cheese buyer, r 144 Main
DYGERT Jacob, farmer, r 42 Main
DYGART Sarah Mrs. R 17 Canal
DYKE Rufus, farmer, r rear 40 Main

EARL Ethelinie, Mrs. R 75 Litchfield
EFFRIG Louis, cigars and tobacco, 28 Litchfield r 145 Main. See p. 554
ELLSWORTH Myron, r 137 Main

FARRELL James, laborer, r 7 Church
FARRELL Mary, widow, r 7 Church
FARRELL Mathew F. clerk, r Orchard cor Church
FARRELL Michael, laborer, r 147 Main
FARRELL Owen, boots and shoes, 62 Litchfield, r same
FARRELL, T. P. grocer, Litchfield near Erie Canal, r same
FAY William, laborer, 149 Main
FINNERTY James, mason, r 156 Main
FLAGG D. W. butcher, r 2 Orchard
FOLTS Aaron, grocer, Frankfort Lock, r same
FOLTS Conrad, laborer, r 8 George
FOLTS Delevan, farmer, r East Frankfort
FOLTS Frank, r 1 Litchfield
FOLTS Hannibal, farmer, r Litchfield street
FOLTS Herman, farmer, r East Frankfort
FOLTS James, farmer, r East Frankfort
FOLTS John H. laborer, r 5 George
FOLTS Mary A., widow, r 1 Litchfield
FOLTS Robert, laborer, r 67 Litchfield
FOLTS Warner, farmer, r East Frankfort
FOLTS William, teamster, r 1 Litchfield
FRIESZ Ludwig, watch maker, r 51 Canal
FULLEM Frank, r 139 Main
FULLEM Thomas, baggagemaster, r 120 Litchfield
FULLEM William, engineer, r 94 Litchfield
FULLER Augustus Mrs. r 59 Litchfield

GATES Frederick, Manager Diamond Match Company Litchfield street, r 36 Canal
GATES Wm. Mrs. R 62 Litchfield
GERRARD R. shoemaker, r 14 Orchard
GILLIGAN E. W. machinist, r 131 Main
GLASS Abraham, r 118 Litchfield
GOLDEN R. A. butcher, r 8 Orchard
GOLLER George, cooper, 99 Litchfield, r 101 same
GRAHAM Joseph, matchmaker, r 13 George
GRAHAM Patrick, laborer, r 3 John
GRAHAM William, operative, r 8 John
GRANT William, engineer, r 78 Litchfield
GRANTS Andrew J. mason, r 50 Main
GRANTS Andrew J. mason, r 54 Main
GRAVES Charles, (W. Graves & Co.), r 81 Main
GRAVES Henrietta Mrs. r 81 Main
GRAVES L.H. (W. Graves & Co.), r 81 Main
GRAVES Theodotia Mrs. r 81 Main
GRAVES Whitney, (W. Graves & Co.), r 132 Main
GRAVES W. & Co, (Whitney, Charles and L. H. GRAVES, grocers & c, 83 Main
GRIFFITH Henry, maufacturer of extracts and medicines, East Frankfort, r same. See p. 553

HARRIS George I., superintendent, r 8 Main
HARTER Charles W. (Seaman & Harter), r 55 Main
HARTER Chauncey C. farmer, r 13 Orchard
HASKELL Dennis, laborer, r 86 Litchfield
HARTER Charles N., laborer, r Schuyler street
HAYS Isaac A. blacksmith, tow path, canal, r 7 Frankfort
HERRICK Thomas, laborer, r East Frankfort
HOARD James H. hardware, 91 Main, r 69 same
HOARD J. L. gristmill, Mill street, r Main street
HOARD William, clerk, r Main street
HONAHAN Thomas, wheelwright, r 15 Orchard
HOTALING Charles, engineer, r 82 Litchfield
HOTALING James, matchmaker, r 20 Canal
HOUGHTON John M r 97 Main
HOUGHTON Olive Mrs. boarding house, 97 Main
HUBBERT S. E. Mrs. r East Frankfort
HULSER J. M. lumber dealer, 37 Main r same
HUNT Bridget, widow, r 9 John
HUNT James G. clerk 117 Main, r 150 same
HUNT Mary, r 67 Litchfield
HUYCK O. H. meat market, 15 Litchfield, r 8 Orchard
HUYCK William, r 140 Main
HYDE Ellen, widow, r 144 Main

INGHAM Hamilton H. Justice of the Peace, 83 Main r 122 same
INGHAM Horace, farmer, r Schuyler turnpike road
JACKSON Dwight, farmer, r East Frankfort
JOHNSON C. boat builder, r East Frankfort
JOHNSON Lewis L. student, r 122 Main
JOHNSON Moses H. boatman, r 19 Frankfort
JOHNSON Samuel, laborer, r 45 Main
JOHNSON William H. engineer, r 19 Frankfort
JOSLIN Aaron V. dry goods and groceries, 82 Main r 48 same
JOSLIN C. E., millinery, 87 Main, r same
JOSLIN Harriet, r 17 Canal

KEARNEY Daniel A. tinsmith, r 33 Church
KEEGAN Elizabeth, widow, r 47 Litchfield
KEELER Jane Miss, teacher
KELLER George, operative, r 10 Orchard
KELLER William, cigar-maker, r 19 Canal
KENYON Denaldo F. tinsmith, r 62 Main
KENYON George A. Insurance Agent and Optician, 18 Litchfield, r 58 Main see p 554
KERR Robert, yarn manufacturer, 66 Main, r 64 same
KERWIN John, foreman, r 54 Litchfield
KOHRER John, machinist, r 8 Frankfort
KRANK Joseph, cigar-maker, r 14 George

LAIS Frederick, blacksmith, r Frankfort
LANPHERE Della Miss r 106 Litchfield
LANPHERE Fred, r 106 Litchfield
LANPHERE Fremont, match-maker, r 106 Litchfield
LANPHERE Susan, widow, r 106 Litchfield
LEACH William, laborer, r 8 George
LEACH Thomas, machinist, r East Frankfort
LEHR G. N. physician, (Dillenbeck & Lehr), 34 Litchfield, r same
LEITZ John E. grocer 93 Litchfield, r same
LEMANN Samuel, wheelwright, r 145 Main
LEWIS Harris, agriculturist, r Schuyler Turnpike road
LIMPERT John, clothing and boots and shoes 32 Litchfield, r 6 Frankfort. See p 553
LINTS, Alonzo M. clerk Main cor Litchfield, r Mill street
LINTS H. S. boots and shoes 75 Main, r same
LINTS James, hostler, Frankfort Lock
LIST Joseph, (J. List & Co.), r 77 Main
LIST Joseph & Co., (J. List and George Rhein) furniture & c 77 Main. See p. 553
LLOYD David, machinist, r 57 Litchfield
LOCHER Alexander, r 4 Litchfield
LOFTIS Hall 117 and 119 Main
LOFTIS James, laborer, r 154 Main
LOFTIS John, grocer 117 and 119 Main, r 115 same
LOFTIS Thomas, laborer, r 106 Main
LOUIS David N. r 49 Canal
LOUIS Ezra, laborer, r 69 Litchfield
LYNCH John, matchmaker, r 69 Litchfield
LYNCH Patrick Mrs. r 20 Main

MANNING John, laborer, r 6 John
MANNING William, watchman, r 6 John
MARSH Ely T. lawyer, r 26 Main
MARSH Henry, mechanic, r 26 Main
McCHESNEY, Reuben, machinist, r 152 Main
McDERMOTT James, laborer, r 30 Canal
McGOWAN A. C. Frankfort Dry - Dock and general store East Frankfort, r same. See page 553
McGOWAN A. W. student, r East Frankfort
McGRAW John, mechanic, r 53 Canal
MILLER Joseph, matchmaker, r 31 tow path
METZGER Fitz-John, laborer r 12 Main
MORGAN J. H. Justice of Peace, r 11 Orchard
MUCKEY Warner, saloon Main cor Mill, r Mill Lane. See p. 554
MURPHY William, laborer, r 38 Litchfield
MURTAUGH John, machinist, r Schuyler street
MURTAUGH William, machinist, r Sheldon ave
MYERS Amos, pastor Baptist Church Main street
MYERS Jerry, wagon manufacturer, 120 Main r 114 same
MYERS Lizzie, widow, r 148 Main

NICHOLS Mary A. nurse, r 69 Litchfield
NOLAN Ellen, widow, r 79 Litchfield
NOLTON A. S. r Main

O'HANLON James, shipping clerk, r Frankfort
OSTROM R. P. farmer, r East Frankfort
OWEN Hugh, farmer, Cemetery street
OWENS Margaret, widow, 20 Mann
OWENS William, laborer, r Main

PALMER E. mechanic, r 124 Main
PALMER Epaphroditus, farmer, r 124 Main
PARK, Frank, mechanic, r East Frankfort
PARKHURST Frank B., notary public, r 62 Main
PARKHURST William H. H., physician, 62 Main, r same
PERKINS Frank, laborer, r 12 George
PERKINS James N., carpenter, r 10 George
PERKINS, Milo, matchmaker, r 9 George
PETRIE Abram, laborer, r 9 Orchard
PFAHLS Chris, livery stable, 98 Main, r 103 same
PHILLIPS Sarah widow, r 130 Main
PIPER George V., painter, r 13 Frankfort
PIPER Isaac, farmer, r East Frankfort
PIPER Susie Miss, r 13 Frankfort
PIPER William I., postmaster, r 134 Main
POOLER Charles A., dentist, 98 Main, r 11 Frankfort
PROUTY Fred C. engineer, r 7 Church
PURDY John, clerk and notary public, r East Frankfort
PUTNAM Jacob S., clerk, r 95 Main

RATHBUN N. A., teamster, r 47 Main
RAYNOR R. M., farmer, r 52 Main
RENK John, cooper, r 18 Orchard
RHEIN George, (J. List & Co.) r 77 Main
RICH Charles M. watchmaker and jeweler, 32 Litchfield. See p. 553
RICHARDSON Elizabeth Miss, r Main
RICHARDSON Jacob, r Main
RICHARDSON John, contractor, r 109 Main
ROBERTS D. M., tel. Operator N. Y. C. RR. depot
RODGERS Harvey, r East Frankfort
RODGERS Lucius, carpenter, r 21 Orchard
RODGERS Millard F. cashier Diamond Match Co. r Litchfield
ROSE C. D. bookkeeper Diamond Match Co. r at Ilion
ROSE Charles W. clerk Crosby's Billard Room, r Canal street
ROSE Richard, sawyer, r 101 Litchfield
RULISON W. J. Mrs. Teacher, r 21 Orchard
RUSSELL A. N. & Son, lumber dealers, Canal street. See p.555

SAX Nicholas, laborer, r 122 Litchfield
SCANLON Patrick, laborer, r 119 Litchfield
SCHUYLER A. W., barber and laundry, 7 and 9 Litchfield, r same
SEAMAN Andrew, clerk, r 46 Main
SEAMAN George I. (Seaman & Harter), r 110 Main
SEAMAN & HARTER, (G. I. Seaman and C. W. (Harter) meat market 78 Main
SEGAR James L. bookkeeper, r 126 Litchfield
SNEAF John, farmer, r 121 Main
SHANLEY Hanorah, widow, r 94 Litchfield
SHELDON Irving W., undertaker and livery stable, 32 Litchfield, r same. See p. 552
SHELDON J. F. Mrs. R 90 Litchfield
SHERMAN Harry, teamster, r 43 Main
SHERWOOD B. A. Rev. r East Frankfort
SKEEL H. Rev. r 113 Main
SKIFF Perrin A. physician 104 Main, r same
SMALZ Fredericka, r Frankfort Lock
SMITH E. LAGRANGE, lawyer Main cor Litchfield, r 95 Main
SMITH James, cheese manufacturer 18 George, r 32 Canal
SMITH J. S. insurance agent, 24 Main, r same
SMITH Patrick, farmer, Schuyler road
SMITH Jarvis W., carpenter, r 157 Main
SPELLMAN John, laborer, r 8 John
SPENCER James, laborer, r Main street
STANSEL Newton, blacksmith, r East Frankfort
STARING Andrew J. laborer, r 40 Litchfield
STARING Catharine widow, r 141 Main
STARING Charles E., builder, 112 Litchfield
STARING Dewitt C., r 112 Litchfield
STARLING Adam H., r 141 Main
STEELE Edward, druggist, r 24 Litchfield
STEELE Fanny A. Mrs. Druggist 22 Litchfield, r 24 same
STEELE George, laborer, r 39 Main
STEELE Gertrude, widow, r East Frankfort
STEELE Herbert, laborer, r 39 Main
STEELE John Mrs. R East Frankfort
STEELE William, laborer, r 39 Main
STERLING Frank, teamster, r Litchfield
STERLING John, laborer, r 2 Litchfield
STERLING Nicholas, farmer, r Main street
STONE W. H. Mrs. R 85 Litchfield
STORMS L. teamster, r 73 Main
SULLIVAN John Mrs. Widow, r Canal
SUMMER Julia C. K. Miss r 123 Main

TAYLOR John A., machinist, r 20 Orchard
TISDALE Augustus, carriage maker, 127 Main
TISDALE E. M. wagon and carriage manufacturer 67 Main, r same. See p. 552
TISDALE N. A. carriage ironer, r 127 Main
TOBIN Mary, widow, r 111 Litchfield
TOBIN Thomas, laborer, r 111 Litchfield
TOBIN William, watchman, r 108 Litchfield
TUCKER Martin, laborer, r 77 Litchfield
TYNE Frank, mechanic, r 152 Main
TYNE Fred, laborer, r 107 Main
TYNE George, laborer, r 107 Main
TYNE Harry, laborer, 107 Main

UHRLAU William, Flower pot man'f Sheldon ave, r Railroad cor Sheldon ave. See p. 552

Van ALLEN Edmund, laborer, r 6 Main
VAN DUESEN Norman, teamster, r 139 Main
VAN DEUSEN Simeon, lock tender, r Cemetery street
VAN DEUSEN Wm. H., coal dealer, r 136 Main
VINCENT John, farmer, r East Frankfort
VINTON Milo, peddler, r Sheldon ave
VOSBURG William M. teamster, r 89 Litchfield

WALDBY Henry, mechanic, r East Frankfort
WALDBY John, boat builder, r East Frankfort
WALDBY W. H. boat builder, r East Frankfort
WATERBURY Margaret A. teacher, r 38 Main
WATERBURY Wm. H. ass't post master, r 38 Main
WATERBURY Wm. S. butcher, 38 Main, r same
WATKINS James, farmer, Schuyler road
WATSON Frank A. postal clerk, r 88 Litchfield
WATSON Kittie Miss, millinery and fancy goods, 20 Litchfield, r 88 same
WATSON Oliver, carpenter, r 88 Litchfield
WELCH James, laborer, r 42 Orchard
WELCH James Jr., r 42 Orchard
WELLINGTON Louis, laborer, r 3 Frankfort
WELLS Uriah, laborer, r 8 George
WELLS Wm. J., laborer, Cemetery street
WEST Albert, r Sheldon ave
WHALEN Patrick Mrs. 117 Litchfield
WHITNEY Catharine Mrs. r 89 Litchfield
WICKENS Charles, painter, r 99 Main
WICKENS William, carriage maker 101 Main, r 99 same
WICKHAM James, teamster, r 46 Orchard
WICKHAM Thomas, laborer, r 46 Orchard
WIDRICK Charles, carpenter, r 1 Main
WIDRICK David, hostler, r 25 Orchard
WIDRICK Eugene, laborer, r 42 Litchfield
WILLMAN Wm. J., machinist, r 30 Orchard
WILLIAMS Frank, blacksmith, 52 Litchfield r 59 same
WILLIAMS Frank, blacksmith, r Litchfield cor George
WISHOT Charles, laborer, r 29 Canal
WOOD Henry M. proprietor Central Hotel Main, cor Litchfield, r same. See p. 552
WOODBRIDGE Charles, r 47 Canal
WOODBRIDGE Charles R., operative, r 21 Canal
WOODRICK David, hostler Central Hotel, r same
WOODRUFF Icy, r 19 Orchard
WRIGHT H. N. Mrs. r Main
WYKOFF Orin L., miller, r 59 Main

YOULEN Warren, gunmaker, r 65 Litchfield
YOUNG Libbie, widow, r 12 Main

ZOLLER James J., mechanic, r 112 Main
ZOLLER Solomon, r 111 Main

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