All items in this section were contributed via email or snail mail by your fellow researchers and historians. Providing our site visitors with general county history has always been our strong point. We've posted articles from classic books and journals that should be expected on a GenWeb county site. Herkimer County is part of a region of early upstate settlement, as well as being counties that neighboring counties developed from. And so, other important resources pertaining to our area can be found on the Otsego, Schoharie, Fulton and Oneida County GenWeb sites, as well as the Ft. Klock Historic Restoration site. If you enjoy reading about the general history of the Mohawk Valley, we encourage you to visit our neighbors on a regular basis to check out what they're posting.

If a resource you need/ are interested in/ have heard about isn't listed below or on the above-mentioned sites, please contact directly the experts - the Herkimer County Historical Society - or ask your local librarians about interlibrary loan.

Articles pertaining to the history of specific towns are located in each town's section. Please refer to our table of towns on the cover page.

Some of the books mentioned have been reprinted and are available for sale through some of the vendors listed in our commercial books section.

Herkimer County - General History

Early Mohawk Valley Map Fragment
1860 Map Showing Herkimer and Montgomery County
1865 Herkimer County Map of Towns
1885 Map of Herkimer County
1902 Map of Herkimer County
1824 Gazetteer: County Profile
1824 Gazetteer: Columbia, Danube, Fairfield, Frankfort
1824 Gazetteer: German Flats and Herkimer
1824 Gazetteer: Litchfield, Manheim, Newport, Norway
1824 Gazetteer: Russia, Salisbury, Schuyler, Warren, Winfield
Early Herkimer County History
1860 French's Gazetteer of Herkimer County
Herkimer County NYGenWeb Archives: link off site
1869 Profile of Herkimer County
Herkimer and Its People During the First Thirty Years of the Past Century (written in 1907)
Herkimer County 1939 Farm Directory
Names From 1923 Herkimer County Home Bureau Cook Book
January 1, 1890 Herkimer Democrat Newspaper
;Miscellaneous Herkimer County News Articles

Place Names

Herkimer County Place Names

Resources for Both Counties

NYGenWeb Archives - NY State: link off site
Genealogies Being Written in 1896
Towns Bordering Herkimer and Montgomery Counties
Herkimer County Post Offices in 1824, 1851 & 1911
Herkimer County Post Offices in 1870
1850 - 1890 Population by Town
Early Herkimer Area Newspapers at the New York State Library
Names Index to "History of the Mohawk Valley", Vol 3
Names Index to "History of the Mohawk Valley", Vol 4
Herkimer County NY Biographies - listings lead to another site
Little Journeys along the Old Mohawk Turnpike - don't pass this by!
The Old State Road
1824 Trip on the Erie Canal
Early Inns of New York State
1901 Mohawk Valley Cheese Brands
1917 Glen Telephone Directory
The Camden Advance Journal: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4
1911 Utica Saturday Globe Newspaper
1901 Utica Semi-Weekly Press Newspaper
Odds and Ends Bulletin Board: Part 1  Part 2
Baron Steuben and His Road
Who Were the Palatines?
County Connections!
Women of the Mohawk Valley
Profiles of DAR Chapters, Part 1: Frankfort and Dolgeville
Profiles of DAR Chapters, Part 2: Little Falls
Profiles of DAR Chapters, Part 4: West Winfield
Profiles of DAR Chapters, Part 5: Ilion
Profiles of DAR Chapters, Part 8: Herkimer
Land Owners of the Mecklenburg District (Ontario, Canada), 1790
Herkimer Home and Guy Park Manor

Herkimer Extras!

Herkimer County Churches
The Original Herkimer County Patents
Early Herkimer County Land Grants and Patents
The McNeil Patent an original article by A. Ross Eckler, w/maps
List of the Burnetsfield Patentees
History of Free Masonry in Herkimer County
Receipts from Alonzo W. Harter's Day Book
The College of Physicians and Surgeons at Fairfield - links to several files on this page
Tidbits About the Cheese Industry
1865 Supervisor's Report, Herkimer County, Pt. 1
1865 Supervisor's Report, Herkimer County, Pt. 2
Herkimer People and Important Historical Events

Town Profiles and Historical Articles

Profiles and articles about individuals towns are in their respective town sections. Please refer to table of towns.

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