The list of soldiers from German Flatts was transcribed for us by Laura Perkins from "The History Herkimer County, N.Y." by F.W. Beers & Co., 1879. This local list shows that men from German Flatts joined a variety of regiments and individual companies. The editors did not put the men's names in any particular order and it has been alphabetized for browsing convenience.


Dewit ASHLEY; enlisted in the navy July 12, 1864; dschd Oct 18, 1864.

James E. BALLARD; enlisted Aug 20, 1864, in Co G, 80 inf; dschd July 25, 1865.

Clark BERRY; enlisted Aug 3, 1864, in Co C, 14th hvy art; dschd May 21, 1865.

John T. BINNS; enlisted Aug 29, 1864, in Co A, 91st veteran inf; dschd June 11, 1865.

Alfred BROWN; enlisted March 10, 1864, in Co G (afterward changed to Co F) 12th Conn. inf; dschd April 12, 1865.

M. D. BROWNER; enlisted Oct 11, 1861, in Co K, 2nd N. Y. light art; taken prisoner at the second battle of Bull Run Aug 26, 1862, and again at Deep Bottom Aug 16th, 1864; released Feb 28th, 1865.

N. S. BURNETTE; enlisted Aug 13, 1862, in Co A, 15th Conn. inf; wounded in three battles; dschd July 14, 1865.

Albert H. CARPENTER; enlisted in 1861, and served through the war.

Edward G. CHAPMAN; enlisted in 1861 as a musician and served about fourteen months.

James CHISMORE; enlisted Jan 1, 1864, in Co L, 2nd N. Y. hvy art; taken prisoner June 22nd, 1864, in front of Petersburg, taken to Andersonville and afterward to Florence, where he sickened and died November lst, 1864.

Franklin CHRISTMAN; enlisted in 1862; died in the service.

Jacob H. CHRISTMAN; enlisted in Aug 1862, in the 121st inf; killed at Salem Church.

John E. CLAPSATTLE; enlisted in 1863 in the same company and served through the war.

Paul J. CLAPSATTLE; enlisted in 1863 in Co L, 2nd hvy art; killed at the battle of Farmville, Va, Apr 7, 1865.

Peter N. CLAPSADDLE; enlisted Dec 3, 1863, in Co L, 2nd hvy art; dschd May 15, 1864.

Richard CORCORAN; enlisted 1863, troop M, 15th N. Y. cav; dschd 1865.

T. CORCORAN; enlisted Sept 1, 1863, in troop I, 20th N. Y. cav; dschd July 31, 1865.

John DAIN; enlisted Aug 12, 1862, in Co B, 34th inf; dschd July 6, 1865.

Charles R. DARBY; enlisted as landsman on board the U. S. ship "Mendota," July 11, 1864, for three years; dschd at Norfolk, Va, May 2, 1865.

John L. DOUGLASS; enlisted in Oct, 1864, in Co G, 2nd (Harris) light cav; dschd June 14, 1865.

Jeremiah FARELL; enlisted in 1861, in the 31st N. Y. inf.

John FESEL; enlisted Nov 3, 1861, in Co K, 2nd hvy art; dschd May 9, 1864.

Jesse R. FORT; enlisted May 4, 1861, in Co B, 34th N. Y. inf; dschd June 30, 1863; re-enlisted for two years; wounded and dschd in 1864.

Charles FOSTER; enlisted Nov 28, 1861, in Co E, 31st Mass. inf; wounded and three months in hospital; dschd on account of wounds Nov 25, 1864.

David GIBSON; enlisted Aug 29, 1864, in Co D, 21st cav; dschd May 30, 1865.

Peter GOO, enlisted Oct 12, 1861, in Co K, 2nd hvy art; dschd Dec 3, 1862.

Herman GREEN; enlisted in 1865 in the navy, on board the gunboat "Maumee;" dschd at the close of the war.

Artemus HAMOND; enlisted in the navy Aug 18, 1864; dschd June 6, 1865.

James HARRIS; enlisted June 4, 1861, in Co H, 62nd inf; dschd June 9, 1865.

Daniel M. HARTER; enlisted in Dec, 1861, in Co B, 34th inf; dschd for disability in 1862; re-enlisted in 1863, in the 16th N. Y. cav; dschd in 1865.

Millington HARTER; enlisted in Aug, 1862; killed at the battle of Salem Heights, May 3d, 1863.

Michael D. HARTFORD; enlisted July 21, 1862, in Co B, 121st inf; was in the battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Rappahannock Station, Mine Run, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, and in front of Petersburg.

Jacob HASSLER; enlisted Aug 3, 1858, in Co C, 6th U. S. inf; dschd Aug 3, 1863; re-enlisted Jan 28, 1865, in Co F, 8th U. S. inf as lst sergeant; dschd July 19, 1866.

Richard A. HOUGHTON; enlisted Aug 10, 1864, in Co G, 186th inf; taken prisoner at Fort Damnation; held till the surrender of Lee; dschd June 2, 1865.

Joseph M. HUBBARD; enlisted Feb 12, 1864, in Co A, 12th Conn. inf; was amorer for the regiment; dschd Aug 12, 1865.

Alexander ILLIG; enlisted April 25, 1861, in Co K, 6th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps; dschd Jan 3, 1863.

F. L. JOY; enlisted in 1861, in the 87th inf; dschd after the second Bull Run fight; re-enlisted in the 21st cav, and was under Sheridan till the close of the war.

Henry L. JOY; enlisted in 1862 in Co I, 146th inf, as sergeant; dschd in May, 1865.

Henry C. KEITH; lieut of Co B, 121st inf; enlisted Aug 13, 1862; dschd Jan 10, 1863.

George F. KIRK; enlisted Sept 12, 1863, in Co F, 16th hvy art, and served through the war.

John B. KREDLEY; enlisted Oct 18, 1861, in Co F, 77th inf; dschd Nov 26, 1864.

James S. LEECH; enlisted in the U. S. navy Aug 22, 1864; dschd June 17, 1865.

D. J. LEROY; enlisted Sept 20, 1861, in Co B, 52nd Penn inf; dschd Feb 12, 1863; re-enlisted Sept 5, 1864, in Co E, 203rd Penn. inf; promoted commissary sergt; dschd June 22, 1865.

A. J. LEVIS; enlisted Nov 30, 1861, in Co C, 92nd inf; dsch for disability July 12, 1862; re-enlisted Aug 6, 1862, in Co C, 10th art; dschd June 23, 1865.

Daniel H. MCLEAN; enlisted Sept 4, 1862, in Co E, 152nd inf; dschd in 1862.

Frederick J. S. MERTINS; enlisted Oct 3, 1864, in Co A, 20th Ill. inf; dschd July 16, 1865.

Thomas MILSTED; enlisted Dec 21, 1861, in Co F, 16th hvy art; dschd Aug 21, 1865.

David L. MORGAN; enlisted Sept 27, 1861, in Co F, 3rd Minn. inf; dschd Dec 19, 1863; re-enlisted Dec 20, 1863, in the same company; dschd Sept 2, 1865; then re-enlisted in the regular army Aug 2, 1866; served till June 29, 1871.

R. L. MYERS; enlisted in the navy near the close of the war.

A. E. NEASKERN; enlisted Dec 21, 1863, in Co D, 14th hvy art; dschd Sept 13, 1865.

Norton J. NEWTH; enlisted Aug 11, 1862, in Co F, 8th cav; dschd Aug 15, 1865.

Martin C. OSTRANDER; enlisted in Co E, 12th inf, July 28, 1862; dschd June 25, 1865; was first corporal.

Lieut James A. PALMER; enlisted Jan 18, 1863, in Co H, 2nd hvy art; promoted 2nd lieut May 1, 1864; wounded in right hip at Petersburg, and in the hand at Deep Bottom.

John PARSONS; enlisted Aug 30, 1862, in Co B, 160th inf; was in eighteen battles; promoted corp in 1863; dschd Nov 15, 1865.

John W. PENNEY; enlisted Oct 18, 1861, in Co C, 44th inf, as corp; wounded in right leg at Malvern Hill.

Nathaniel POST; enlisted Aug 11, 1862, in Co D, 121st inf; was in eighteen regular battles, twenty-seven battles and skirmishes; promoted corp, sergt, 2nd lieut and capt; wounded in right arm, hip and leg; dschd July 7, 1865.

Thomas POWERS; enlisted Dec 5, 1861, in Co E, 101st inf; re-enlisted in the field as a veteran Dec 23, 1863, in Co A, 40th inf; dschd July 6, 1865.

Charles RATHBONE; enlisted as corp Oct 9, 1861, in Co K, 2nd light art; promoted sergt in 1862; wounded in right cheek, loosing right eye, in front of Petersburg, and in hospital till dschd, Dec 4, 1864.

Alonzo A. RIVERS; enlisted Mch 11, 1865, in Co C, 9th cav; dschd Oct 31, 1865.

John W. SHEELER; enlisted April 7, 1864, in Co A, 12th Conn. inf; dschd Aug, 1865.

Halsey B. SHERWOOD; enlisted April 21, 1861, in Co K, 2nd Conn. inf; promoted corporal; dschd Aug 7, 1861.

Vincent C. SMITH; enlisted Apr 23, 1861, in Co B, 14th N. Y.; promoted sergeant in 1862; dschd May 24, 1863.

Watson C. SQUIRE; enlisted as lst lieut, at the first call for three months men; served out the three months; went to Cleveland, Ohio, raised a company of sharpshooters, and went out as captain of the company; was on Rosecran's staff.

D. H. STEELE; enlisted in 1862, in Co C, 152nd inf;, as a commissary sergeant; dschd July 15, 1865.

Hamilton STEELE; enlisted in the navy, Aug 15, 1864; dschd Sept 1, 1865.

William STEELE; enlisted in the spring of 1863; killed at Petersburg, November 9, 1864.

M. D. TALLMAN; enlisted Aug 15, 1862, in Co C, 152nd inf; dschd in 1864.

Charles B. TAYLOR; enlisted May 1, 1861, in Co F, 34th inf, as corporal; dschd June 30, 1863; re-enlisted in Co F, 2nd hvy art; at Cold Harbor was wounded through the jaw; in the Wilderness was taken prisoner; escaped in three days; dschd Sept 29, 1865.

Joseph TAYLOR; enlisted Dec 7, 1861, in Co C, 13th Conn. inf; dschd Feb 7, 1864; re-enlisted Feb 8, 1864, in the same company, as sergeant; dschd April 25, 1866.

Joseph C. TILLINGHAST; enlisted as 2nd lieut, Sept 25, 1861; promoted lst lieut, Jan 1, 1863, and capt July 26, 1864; dschd Dec 8, 1864.

O. B. TUFTS; enlisted in Aug, 1862, in Co C, 16th Vt inf; dschd Aug 10, 1863.

George W. VAN ALSTYN; enlisted July 28, 1863, in Bat B, 30th N. Y. light art; dschd Aug 13, 1865.

Thomas VAN ALSTYN; enlisted Aug 14, 1862, in Co A, 148th N. Y. inf; was taken prisoner and held about five months; dschd June 19, 1865.

Samuel N. WARD; enlisted in United States service in 1858 on board the steamship "Merrimac;" dschd in 1860; enlisted in the navy, July 18, 1864, on board the "Colorado;" dschd Sept 7, 1877.

William WARD; enlisted Aug 26, 1864, in Co L, 10th art; dschd June 23, 1865.

Charles P. WHITE; enlisted Aug, 1864, in Co L, 189th inf; dschd May, 1865.

M. P. WHITNEY; mstd in July 22, 1861, in Co B, 5th Connecticut inf, as 2nd lieut; wounded in right shoulder at Cedar Mountain; taken prisoner and eleven months in Libby prison; promoted lst lieut Oct 21, 1861; captain March 1, 1862; after the battle of Chancellorsville was transferred to the staff of General Williams; while on his staff acted as aide-de-camp, provost martial and inspector general; dschd Jan 10, 1865.

Elerson WIGHT; enlisted Apr 26, 1861, in Co F, 34th inf; was in seventeen battles and skirmishes; dschd July 3, 1863; re-enlisted Sept 15, 1863 in Co K, 20th cav; promoted sergt, then commissary; dschd Aug 15, 1865.

John WILLIAMS; enlisted Apr 21, 1861, in Co F, 26th inf; wounded in left side and taken prisoner; dschd May 28, 1863.

Thomas WINEGARDEN; enlisted Nov 27, 1861, in Co C, 81st inf; dschd Dec 31, 1864; re-enlisted Jan 1, 1865; dschd Sept 17, 1865.

Harvey M. WISHERT; enlisted July 13, 1862, in Co C, 117th inf; dschd June 8, 1865.

Henry M. WOOD; enlisted Sept 23, 1862, in Co F, 151st inf; wounded in leg at Spottsylvania, and in the head at Ream's Station; dschd May, 1865.

George M. WRIGHT; enlisted Feb 22, 1864, in the 121st inf; died at City Point, Va., Apr 18, 1864.

Seward ZIMMERMAN; enlisted Nov 14, 1861, in Co I, 81st inf; promoted lst lieut; dschd Sept 21, 1864.

The German Flatts volunteer list was typed by Laura Perkins, whose gg-grandfather served in the 146th NY Vol. Infantry. Other family members were well-represented in local regiments. Laura is researching the family names of SNYDER and BAKER. Her ggg-grandparents were Richard K. and Elizabeth Snyder Baker. Richard was born in Schuyler. Elizabeth, the daughter of John and Catherine Snyder, was born in Frankfort. Laura believes that Richard and Eliz. lived most of their lives in Utica, NY. Any information on them would be most helpful.

Note: Neither Laura or other Herkimer/Montgomery GenWeb volunteers have any further information about the men listed above. If you find your ancestor listed, his records can be ordered from the National Archives.

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