The photos below were sent in by Jerry Reed, coordinator of our sister site, the Otsego County GenWeb Page. Although some of these specific houses are no longer in existence, or have been modified or modernized, they are representative of the variety of 19th and early 20th century family homes built throughout Herkimer and Montgomery Counties. More residential photos similar to Photo #3 will be added to this section every few weeks.

#1: An eyeview of Herkimer, New York, with bridge in middle

#2: The Quackenbush Gun Factory (still in operation today - they make HMQ Nutcrackers); Residence of H.M. Quackenbush

#3: Some fine old homes. Upper left: residence of John H. Nelson; Center: Mohawk Street Bridge; Upper Right: residence of D.M. Richardson; Lower Right: residence of J.W. Steele; Lower Left: residence of Henry Churchill.

Source: Panorama and History of Herkimer County, N.Y.: 1725 - 1900, published by Miss Flora L. Wood, written and compiled by Thomas C. Murray. Published 1900.

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