Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors

Herkimer County, 1865

Persons & Companies Paid Monies to

& Lists of Judges and County Officers

Source: Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Herkimer for the Year 1865
L.L. Kane, Chairman
J.G. Burrill, Clerk
J.C. Graves, Assistant Clerk
West Winfield, N.Y.: C. Ackerman, Book, Card and Job Printer 1866

A STATEMENT of the names of the several Incorporated Companies liable to taxation in the county of Herkimer N.Y.

FairfieldNewport and Herkimer Plank Road Co.
FrankfortFrankfort Bank
New York Central Rail Road Co.
Utica Water Works Co.
German FlattsIlion Protection Store
Mohawk Valley Bank
Ilion Bank
Ilion Agricultural Works
Mohawk Gas Light Co.
HerkimerNew York Central Rail Road Co.
Mohawk and Newport Plank Road Co.
Little FallsNew York Central Rail Road Co.
National Fire Insurance Co.
Rail Road Telegraph Co.
U.S. Telegraph Co.
NewportBank of Newport
SchuylerNew York Central Rail Road Co.
Morse Telegraph Lines
WinfieldFirst National Bank of West Winfield

[Individuals and businesses below were paid for services, bills, and monies owed, or given financial assistance by the towns.]

A Statement of Towns and County Accounts Audited by the Board of Supervisors of Herkimer County for 1865.


Peter H. Warren, Supervisor
Joseph Warren, "
David Harter, Justice
James D. Eaton, "
Jeremiah Myres, "
O. P. Ayer, "
A. B. Haggerty, Town Clerk
J. R. Ludden, Com. Highways
Jacob Ackler, Jr., "
Warner F. Spohn, Assessor
D. D. Hatch "
Henry J. Crewell "
Wm. Cristman, Ins'tor Elections
J. D. Hunter "
Nelson Van Dusen "
Jeremiah Starring, Town House
A. B. Haggerty, Clerk Electon
J. W, Getman, "
Melvin Shaul, Cl'k Spec Election
D. W. Haggerty, "
Lewis Cristman, labor highway
J. R. Stebbins, printing
L. F. Hawks, lumber
N. B. Hyde, Clerk Registery
G. W. Merville, Ov'er Poor, 1862
P. D. Overacker "
Harvey Getman, "
A. A. Moors, Physician
Eli Small, Jr., "
David Barger, Com. Highways
D. Harter, Justice
Chauncey Cristman


Peter Cramer, for substitute
Alex. Fox, Clerk Spec. Election
M. Champion, Com. Highways
Walter Green, damages
John F. Van Allen, Ov'er Poor
John Gardinier, Assessor
Jacob I. Shull, Insp. Election
Seth Miller, Assessor, 1863
Seth Miller, for substitute
J. J. Rickard, Overseer Poor
Israel Seever, Constable
Wm. Vincent, Overseer Poor
Levi Ackerman, poor account
John Smith, Supervisor, 1864
Henry H. Green, Physician
J. J. Wagoner, over tax
John Smith, for substitute, 1864
M. Finehout, damage to person
Wm. Townsend, Clerk
Henry S. Sanders, Assessor
Stephen Wagner, Ins. Election
Aaron Van Allen "
Isaac Vincent, Constable
J. B. Jones, Town House & Cl'k
Gilbert Spoor, Assessor
Gilbert Spoor, Counsel
Link & Smith "
Alex. Fox, Com. Highway
Dewitt C. Jones, Town House
Wm. G. Mixter, Town Clerk
Edward Sims, Justice
Edward Sims, poor account
Felix Schuyler, Justice
J. J. Ostrander, Supervisor
Jas. H. Cronkhite, Justice
Augustus D. Hess, "
David Davy, Com. Highways
Commissioners Highways
Reuben C. Petrie, poor acct.
J. R. Stebbins
Joseph White


John Green, Supervisor
F. S. Ford, Clerk
Wm. M. Huntley, Ex. Clerk
John Green, Justice
A. E. Varney, "
S. Green, "
E. C. Rice, "
Lyman S. Todd, Assessor
C. C. Jackson, "
D. B. Arnold, "
G. W. Griswold, Com. Highways
M. C. Crist, "
D. C. WiIson, "
Wallace Yale, Town House
Calvin Fenner, Insp. Election
Milton Ford, "
F. S. Ford, Clerk Election
James M. Hall "
James M. Hall, Constable
J. R. Stebbins, printer
J. Smith, 1864
Henry McMichel, Constable
Isaac Davis, Town House


Harvey Winant, Town House
J. S. Putnam, Clerk Election
J. S. Putnam, Constable
S. C. Gillett, Town service
Joseph Borden, Com. Highways
F. Harrison, Clerk Election
G. F. Schonthal, Constable
S. Z. Hoard, Inspector Election
H. Cooledge, volunteer relief
A. H. Sheldon, poor relief
F. Harrison, poor relief
Henry Austin, Assessor
George Folts, vol. relief
Sarah Mann, pound rent
W. W. Crossman, Com. High'ys
C. E. Starring, Clerk Election
W. H. Tisdale, town service
W. W. Crossman, Com. High'ys
G. H. Johnson, Justice
E. A. Richardson, Ins. Election
B. G. Johnson, volunteer relief
T. Devendorf, poor relief
H. B. Innman, Constable
James M. Hulser, Overseer
Garrett Widrich, Overseer
B. G. Johnson, poor account
Wm. Steele, Overseer
Hiram Joslin, Ins. Election
Thos. Devendorf, vol. relief
L. F. Joslin & Son, vol. relief
L. F. Joslin & Son, poor relief
D. M. Kenyon, poor relief
D. M. Golden, poor relief
D. M. Golden, town services
R. Etheridge, Supervisor
N. Starring, Justice
F. Harrison, Justice
D. Lewis, town service
E. Bridenbecker, poor relief
W. Graves, poor relief
W. Graves, volunteer relief
A. Hotaling, Justice
T. Devendorf, Supervisor
H. W. Bridenbecker, poor relief
John Thomas, over tax
J. A. Steele, town services
W. W. Crossman, Clerk Election
John Z. Brown, Insp. Election
James H. Whetmore, Cl'k Elec.
G. A. Harvey, volunteer relief
Elisha Whetmore, Town House
J. R. Stebbins, printing
James Rushmore, Assessor
Jeremiah Myres, Assessor
J. A. Steele, Town Clerk
T. A. Rushmore, Insp. Election
George B. Davis, Insp. Election
H.W. Bouck, Clerk Election


Thomas R. Jones, to I.Q.
C. C. Witherstine, printing
John R. Carmody
Calvin D. Brown, over tax
L. W. Peters, printing
C. T. Clark, Inspector Election
S. E. Coe, Assessor
Enoch Brown, Insp. Election
George H. Fox
J. R. Stebbins
W. H. Heath, Com. Highways
T. P. Newman, over tax, 1864
F. Merrill, over taz, 1864
Robert Myres, Constable
Robert Glass, Clerk Election
Enoch Clapper, Constable
A. Hall, Constable
Allen Campbell, Clerk Election
Henry M. Bellinger
F. Merrill, Com. Highways
John Bellinger, 1864
D.C. Paine, Town Clerk
Sanford Getman, Assessor
Clarence E. Piper, Cl'k Election
John A. Rasbach, Insp. Election
A. Van Slyke, Com. Highways
F. F. Bellinger, Com. Highways
L. B. Root, Justice
Charles Kline, Assessor
J.B. Pelton, Insp. Election
J. Conklin, Board Enrollment
F. Harter, Board Enrollment
H. Graves, Clerk Election
C. Shoemaker, Justice
J. A. Sherman, Town House
E. L. Young, Constable
C. & J. Brown, Town House
T.H. Cristman, Town House
John Golden, Town House
James Vickerman, Town House
E. W. Patridge, Deputy Sheriff
G. S. VanDusen, Poor Master
James H. Steele, Justice
L. B. Root, Justice
James Vickerman, Town Clerk
G. S. VanDusen, Poor Master
W. H. Thomas, Poor Master
James M. Dygert, Supervisor
J. D. Ingersoll, Com. Highways
J. H. Rasbash, Justice
James E. Casey, Supervisor
L. B. Root, Justice
T. Cunningham, Poor Account
Lavina Chapman, "
George OverBaugh,"
John Roach, "
Albert Pickert, "
T. Cunningham, "
S. E. Coe, "
John F. Hosch, "
Hunt & Rasbach, "
James W. Berry, "
Isaac Robach, "
S. O. Smith, "
D. Soloman, "
Hosch & Bellinger," "
Delano & Co., "
E. Caswell, "
Benjamin Gifford,"


Peleg G. Thomas, Clerk Elec.
Geo. H. Vedder, "
C. H. Batchelder, "
Frederick A. Gray, "
Jas. Addy, Clerk Election & Reg.
James Addy, Town Clerk
John C. Petrie, Inspector Elec.
Thomas Kast, "
Wm. O'Dwyre, "
Thomas Kast, poor account
Alex. R. Hall, "
Adam M. Folts, "
Charles Spinner, "
Morgan & Prouse, "
Folts & Daniel, "
G. P. Folts, "
F.P. Bellinger, "
Adam M. Folts, "
Cornelius R. Snell, "
William Harter, "
Peter Weber, "
John M. Smith, "
Bela Palmer, "
Warren Caswell, "
William Howell, Jr., "
M.W. Rasbach, "
Casper Gloo, "
Ass. of B.W. Howe, "
Thos. Kast, Com. of Highways
John A. Folts, "
Nicholas Smith, "
William O'Dwyre, Constable
Alexander R. Hall, "
Peter I. Lepper, "
John C. Graves, services
Franklin Adams, Register
Francis Popper
Sanford Eysaman, Assessor
Willard A. Gray, "
Harvey Huyck, "
Jacob H. Weber, Atty. for do
S. & R. Earl, Att'ys for Com. H
C. C. Witherstine, printing
Philip Hilts, Special Police
Charles Spinner, soldier's relief
Morgan & Prouse, "
George P. Folts, "
Warren Caswell, "
Cornelius R. Snell, "
Bela Palmer, "
M.W. Rasbach, "
Assignees B. W. Howe, "
John S. Whitehead, Overseer
John Hartman, "
Doolittle & Harter, Physicians
D. M. Devendorf, "
Charles Gray, Justice
Charles Spinner, "
O. G. Stearns, "
Peter P. Smith, "
Charles Gray, "
Charles Spinner, "
James A. Suiter et al, road jurors
A. M. Gray, Supervisor
A. M. Gray, for disbusement
Lucy Small, over tax
Mary L. Folts, "
David Cole, "
Elisha Washburn, soldier's relief
Elisha Washburn, poor account


A. Parker, Supervisor
E.V. Washburn, Town Clerk
Wm. Hosford, Justice
Julius C. Warren, "
Aaron Goodier, "
J. J. Pelton, Com. Highways
A. C. Combs, Assessor
Sylvester Dyke, "
H. G. Symonds, "
S. S. Woodard, Insp. Election
J. W. Fish, "
C. T. Wheelock, "
George Dewing, Overseer Poor
C. D. Gaylord, "
E. B. Fuller, "
A. D. Wheelock, Clerk Election
H. C. Mattison, "
W. A. Mattison, "
Almeron Day, poor account
J. True, ex-Commissioner
B. C. Van Housen, Constable
C. Barnes, poor account
Henry Talbott, "
Anson Rider, "
P. Rewey, ex-Supervisor
A. L. Avery, Com. town accts.
M. J. Everett, "
C. Mathers, "
J. J. Pelton, Com. Highways
O. B. Beals, agt. to obtain bounty money
E. V. Washburn, Town House
E. V. Washburn, military rep'ts
Wm. Hosford, poor account
Nathan Spencer, Physician
J. R. Stebbins, printing


H. P. Eyseman, excess tax
Sandy Casler
Mrs. Daniel Conant, Constable
Henry Roof, "
Joseph Lee
Henry Eyseman, excess tax
Barnard Filkins
Rollan H. Smith
Wm. Beattie
Jacob Sharp, Assessor
George Walker, "
Daniel Snell
Loton, Knapp & Arnold
Walter Petrie, excess tax
S. H. Anderson
G. S. Anabel
Richard D. Casler
William H. Abbott
Chauncey Granger
A. G. Story
James Sharp
Herkimer Co. Bank, excess tax
G. B. Swift
Asa C. Rightmyre
George Casler
Alonzo C. Casler
A. B. Wright
George Ashley
Nicholas Moyer
R. Casler
N. Moyer
H. Upright
B. E. Bushnell
N. A. Bradford, Election acct.
James Feeter, excess tax
Henry Snyder, Constable
N. S. Henderson, Norway b'nty
Augustus Golden, excess tax
Joseph Boyer, money safe
George H. Carver, late Clerk
A. Hall
C. G. Burrows, Attorney
Henry Roof, Constable
William Simons, "
H. Ritchie, "
H. Ritter, "
T. J. Starring, Assessor
John Uhle, Justice
A. Loomis, excess tax
Jacob Shaul, borrowed money
for repairing River Bridge
Peter S. Bellinger
Nicholas Moyer, Clerk Election
John Uhle, Justice
Robert Casler, "
A. B. Wright, "
J. R. Stebbins, printing
Chauncey Granger
B. F. Maxon, printer
A. E. Bellinger, Town Clerk
Elijah Wilds
Z. C. Priest, r's'g m'n'ys for t'n
N. Boyer
John Uhle
R. Casler
A. E. Bellinger
A. B. Wright
Z. C. Priest
Z. C. Priest, meeting town board
P. A. Starring
J. Uhle, Justice
David H. Hull


A. G. Barney, conv'ing to asy'm
A. G. Barney, physician
R. H. Petrie, ass'gd to H. Broat
Frank Adams, blank book
F. P. Green, support of poor
William Fenell, Insp. Election
William Fenell, Constable
Peter J. Duncle, Assessor
Ira Timmerman, "
Benjamin R. Jones, "
Robert Stewart, ex-Com.
Morgan Bidleman, ex-Supervisor
Robert Stewart, support
Amos Keller, soldier's relief
Amos Keller, poor support
Willard J. Ransom, T. Clerk, '61
Fink's Bridge, Supervisor
John P. Keysor, late Com.
John Kosselman, support
Benjamin Keller, Overseer Poor
Isaac Heller, Town Clerk
Samuel Sadler, convn'g prison'r
Jacob Powell, Constable
J. Powell, as'd S, Sadler, Const.
Andrew Ransom, Clerk
Andrew Ransom, Justice
John A. Walrath, late Constable
James W. Klock
David Snell
Harvey Brown, Justice
Joseph Bateman, "
Joseph Bateman, "
Daniel Couch
W. A. Feeter, Insp. Election
S. S. Lansing, Supervisor
Obediah Strough, Cl'k Spec El'c
Hiram Broat, Justice
Hiram Broat, Justice
John Strough, Town House
Deloss Borden, Com.
John Feeter
James Feeter, poor support
O. A. Strough, military record
O. A. Strough, Town Clerk
James W. Jackson, Com. Hi'ays
A. Loomis, counsel late Super
George Keller, poor support
George Keller, volunteer relief
J. H. Wetherwax, vol. service
B. F. Maxon, account 1864
S. A. Ingham,
S. S. Lansing, support
Joseph Loran, Com. Highways


Edward C. Pinney, Town Clerk
J. G. Barry, Supervisor
S. Willard, Road Com. &c
Keith Hawkins, "
Henry C. Safford, "
John G. Barry, Justice
H.W. Thompson, "
Edward Coffin, "
Alex. Turtellott, "
John G. Barry, "
A. S. McMitchel, Constable
A. C. Wentworth, ex. Town Clerk
James R. Coffin, Assessor
Arza Newman, "
W. B. Schermerhorn, " & Phys.
J. B. Holcomb, Inspector
J. R. Stebbins, Printing
K. Hawkins, paid for bridges &c
S. B. Hawkins, Town House
H. L. Ward, Poor Master
E. P. Hadcock, "
J. G. Barry, aid to soldiers' fam.
A. Barney, Clerk Election
M. Galligher, Inspector
D. P. B. Wooster, Clerk Election
Sally Wooster, House-rent
L. G. Hoskins, Physician
Newport Union Store, support
H. W. Dexter, Inspector


Norman Hall
Isaac Corp, Commissioner
William H. Hurlburt
Munson Bunnel, Inspector
Henry Cooper, "
J. R. Stebbins, Printing
C. C. Witherstine, "
William VanDenburg
Cold Brook Union
Fred Smith, Overseer Poor
" War Com. expense
Henry A. France, Physician
M. S. Henderson, War com
Henry A. France, Physician
B. R. Collins, Assessor
S. R. Millington, Physician
Cameron Moon, relief
O. LaDew & Brother
E. B. Pullman, Overseer Poor
E. C. Rathbun, Constable
S. F. Collins
George Hadcock, Town Hall
John B. Root, poor account
Nathan Smith, Commissioner
L. D. Gage, Assessor
J. J. Cook, War expenses
J. N. Coe, Clerk
A. W. Jackson, War Committee
S. B. Legg
William LaDew, Supervisor
Alanson Bly
Alanson Bly, Soldier's relief
William Carpenter, Justice
George Randall, "
Anson D. Avery, Commissioner
I. W. Bragg, Town Clerk
Wm. LaDew, Sup'r & T.C. book
Charles A. Willoughby
Jackson Smith, Assessor &c


Reuben H. Wood, Supervisor
" to pay war debt
Charles H. Paul, Town Clerk
Geo. H. Johnson, Town Clerk
R. H. Wood, Justice
Albert Abeel, "
F. Hallenbeck, "
C. H. Paul, "
John Hane, Assessor
John H. Fish, "
David L. Bly, "
Hugh Clark, Com. Highways
W. Mehner, "
John O. Williams, Ov'seer Poor
Lewis Paul, Constable
Marcus Hemstreet, "
S. R. Millington, Physician
R. H. Wiggins, "
John M. Allen, Insp. Election
James T. Cumming, "
Joseph L. Snell, "
Hiram Quackenbush, " 1864
Marcus Hemstreet, Cl'k Election
Jacob I. Shufelt, "
Samuel Gibson, ex-Supervisor
P. A. Coonradt, poor relief
Wheelock Wood "
Albert Abeel, "
William Coppernoll, "
John Hane, "
John O. Williams, "
Chauncey Potter, "
Cornelius Turner, Jr., Town H.
J. R. Stebbins, printing
Albert Abeel, soldier's relief
S. R. Millington, physician acct.


Solomon Graves, Supervisor
Miles Moon, Town Clerk
Moses M. Smart, ex-Town Clerk
Loren E. Hodgkins, Justice
Jefferson Moon, "
Asahell Carpenter, "
W. H. Garlock, "
John G. Conradt, Ov'seer Poor
Andrew Derrick, "
Duncan Carruthers, Assessor
Bowen B. Moon, "
Samuel N. Andrew, "
Allen Smith, Com. Highways
Elijah Scarey, "
Lorin R. Putnam, "
C. Vickery, ex-Com. Highways
R. S. Linsley, Insp. Election
Maynard Baker, "
James Polly, "
Lester S. King, Clerk
William B. Lansing, Clerk
Duncan Carrothers, Insp. Election
Malcom Cambell, "
Elihu N. Booth, "
Jacob E. Combs, Clerk Elect'n
Robert McChesny, "
William H. Garlock, "
Jefferson Moon, Justice & W.C.
Lorin E. Hodgkins, ex-Ov. Poor
F. Rich, Town House
Geo. W. Service
A. I. Carpenter
W. Forrest, error in former audit
T. Arnold, ex. in exemption
O. P. V. Root, "
W. P. Williams, "
Miles Moon, "
A. I. Carpenter, "
A. I. Carpenter, services as ag't
Solomon Graves, recruiting ag't
Perry Phileo, "
Jefferson Moon, "
A. I. Carpenter, "
William Coppernoll, poor sup.
Martin Jones, "
George Billsborough, "
Cameron Moon, "
Waterman Fenner, "
Hiram Dutcher, "
Division Store, No. 423
Frances Hoffman
Henry Bills
Cold Brook Union, poor sup
Philip A. Conrad, "
William Vincent, Constable
Elijah Scarey, to pay road jurs.
J. R. Stebbins, printing
George Vickery, ex-Ov. Poor
Albert Sweezey, poor support
Wm. S. Benchley, poor account


James H. Ives, Supervisor
Jerome B. Satterly, Clerk Elec
R. L. Foster, Insp. Election
R. L. Foster, Assessor
Frederick Ives, Insp. Election
Bradford Hall, Justice
L. D. Metcalf, Assessor
J. R. Stebbins, election notice
Ebenezer Streeter, Constable
M. B. Avery, Com. of Highw'ys
S. L. Bliss, Com. of Highways
Volney Hopson, Assessor
M. B. Avery, Supervisor
Moses H. Bliss, Clerk Election
Amos Cramer, Constable
L. D. Goodwin, Justice
G. L. Byington, Town C. & Insp
F. C. Ingraham, Town House
E. D. Munson, Justice
Amos Howard
Lyman Carr, over tax
Joel Curtis, "
W. J. Thompson, "


A. L. Johnson, Overseer
H. M. Johnson, poor support
Peter H. Klock,
Ebnor Wood
Sanford Holdridge. Com High
J. W. Mower, Physician
Charles Spain, poor account
H. S. McMitchel, Constable
Thomas Devendorf, poor supt
H. L. Johnson, Inspector Elec
H. M. Johnson, Constable
R. Cristian, Overseer
G. H. Elwell, volunteer support
Giles Robbins, over assessment
Jeremiah Houck
A. B. Finster
A. B. Wood, Overseer
Albert Rose, volunteer support
W. W. Richardson, Inspector
E. W. Day, Justice
" volunteer relief
G. H. Johnson, Justice
" volunteer relief
Newton Hough, Justice
Francis Harrison, Surveyor
H. H. Ingraham, Clerk Election
H. B. Tanner, Com. Highways
L. L. Kane, Supervisor
L. P. Sterling, Com. Highways
D. H. Barber, poor support
" Inspector
John N. Budlong, Assessor
C. B. Ingraham, Assessor
James VanVleck., Assessor
Philo Sweet, Constable
Ira Gordon, poor support
" volunteer support
" Town House
George Burch, poor support
L. L. Kane, volunteer relief
E. O. Ladd, Com. Highways
Francis Harrison, Constable
J. R. Stebbins, Printing
Whitney Graves, poor support
Frederick Haner, poor support
Augustus Klock
Charles Davis, poor support
H. Johnson


John D. Deck, Assessor
Carpenter Shaul, Inspt. Elect
Robert Siver, Clerk
Moses Weldon, Commissioner
Levi Gray
C. C. Witherstine, Printer
D. B. Elwood,
Menzo Watts, Commissioner
Oliver Countryman, Inspector
J. R. Stebbins, Printer
Cornelius Ellwood, Inspector
Daniel Shaul, Commissioner
H. H. Green, Physician
Alexander Roof, Assessor
John I. Moyer
Abram Patten, Poor Master
Daniel Backus, "
J. Dayton Munn, Physician
William N. Smith
Isaac Countryman, Poor Master
Adam Fikes, Town Clerk
Isaac Countryman, Poor Master
Anderson Lathrop, Poor Master
Menzo Kelley, Commissioner
Anderson Lathrop, Poor Master
Moses Elwood, Justice
V. C. Potter
A. P. Smith
Daniel VanHorn, Cl'k Election
Isaac Wright, Justice
Alexander Smith, Supervisor
A. B. Champion, Town Clerk
William H. Krum, Justice
Alfred Young
Oliver Bronner
Adam Fikes
W. H. Krum, Justice
J. J. House, Constable


Adam Miller
C. C. Witherstine
Harvey M. Carpenter
George M. Cleland
James H. Shoemaker
H. H. Helmer
Philo J. Flagg
Benjamin F. Sweet
William Druse
Wiliam I. Sweet
Wallace G. Devoe
Daniel I. Bonner
John McDonald
Daniel A. Devoe
Byron Paine
Phineas P. Hyde
P. P. Hyde
R. D. Wightman
Ceylon E. Blatchley
O. W. Bronson
Clark Sweet
George A. Hardin
Matin Goes
Monroe DeLong, Soldier's relief
" , town clerk
Thomas Marshall
R. L. Warren
D. A. Tunnicliff
William Billington
Wesley Ely
D. A. Tunnicliff
George Sweet, Poor Master
P. P. Hyde
John M. Treadway
James Petrie
Christopher Shoemaker
Alvin Lyman
Adam Crim
James Mason, 1864 and 1865
William G. Dolphin
James Lyman
Henry Lyman
Daniel McDaniels
James Mason
Hosch & Bellinger
William Belshaw
R. R. Treadway
Oliver Bronner


Frederick Rich, Constable
Martin Jones, poor account
George Davison, Assessor
Richard Wiggin, physician, 1864
George C. Morey, "
S. Harvey, Com. High'ys & Insp.
John B. Darrow, poor bill
John O'Bryan, poor bil & insp.
George Withers, Insp. Election
John J. Wilkinson, Cl'k Election
George Billsboro, poor account
Wm. Coppernoll, "
John Crisman, Overs'r High'ys
David Hubbard, "
James J. Lighthall, "
Hiram Hubbard, Oversee Poor
Martin Jones, poor bill
Hiram Hubbard, Com. High'ys
Richard O. Paul, Insp. Election
Richard O. Paul, Town House
F. Wilkinson, Assessor & Insp.
Edward Wells, Overseer Poor
George Williamson, Town Clerk
Francis Flansburg, "
J. A. Paul, Com. Highways
J. E. S. Wilkinson, Supervisor
Robert D. Roberts, poor bill
C. Williamson, Justice & Com'r
George Billsboro, soldiers relief
James Pruyne, Justice
J. R. Stebbins, printing
Edward Wells, Over'r Highways


S. S. Morgan, Supervisor
E. E. Walker, Town Clerk
J. W. Warner, Justice
P. Haslehurst, "
J. T. Round, "
S. J. MeKee, "
A. J. Brace, Assessor
Samuel Smith, "
A. G. Day, "
Hiram Brown, Com. Highways
A. R. Randall, "
B. Crim, "
J. H. Clark, "
Myron Eldred, Overseer
N. Wilcox, "
N. W. Sholes, Insp. Election
L. D. Smith, "
W. B. Hickox, "
J. W. Warner, Clerk Election
A. Barber, "
H. M. Aylesworth, ex-Cl'k Elec
M. Eldred, services & Overseer
N. Wilcox, "
E. F. Beals, Town Hall
John Freel, poor
C. E. Holmes, "
C. Ackerman, printing
J. M. Rose, physician 1865, 1864
N. Spencer, physician 1865, 1864
F. S. Weeks, poor
W. Z. Ball, special Clerk
J. R. Stebbins, printing
S. S. Morgan


J. P. Rice
F. Popper
Jas. Warren
S. S. Morgan
J. W. Warner
George H. Johnson
Peter Nellis
R. D. Wightman
A. Hall
E. P. Hadcock
H. L. Ward
Jacob Starring
Wm. Steele
A. H. Sheldon
H. H. Morgan
J. Levi & Brother
C. & J. Brown
H. A. Dimael
G. S. Van Dusen
H. L. Ward
W. W. Rasbach
Conrad Locker
Henry Tuttle
S. O. Smith
J. M. Hulser
Wm. Howell, Jr.
W. Wager
Abraham Myers
Charles Spinner
Warren Caswell
John O. Williams
C. R. Snell
Joseph Warren
J. M. Smith
G. H. Elwell
Benjamin Harter
P. P. Hyde
William Gifford
William Howell, Jr.
S. S. Morgan
D. D. Cools
M. B. Avery & Co.
D. A. Northrup
Enoch Clapper
Assignees of B. W. Howe


F. Harrison
A. B. Wright
Robert Casler
Peter Haslehurst
J. W. Warner
Andrew Ransom
Jefferson Moon
L. B. Root
A. B. Wright
Byron Paine
Charles Spinner
Charles Gray
John Uhle
John A. Rasbach
J. W. Warner


Weed, Parsons & Co.
C. Ackerman
J. R. Stebbins
C. C. Witherstine
B. F. Maxon
C. C. Witherstine
J. R. Stebbins
C. C. Witherstine


H. H. Lewis
Warren Caswell
J. M. Metzger
Harvey Huyck
Folts & Dimael
E. W. Patridge
C. H. Hopson
Charles Spinner
C. Johnson
William Howell, Jr.
Stephen Payne
S. M. Richmond
John S. Hoard
Hiram Getman
Daniel Couch
John Beverly
Whitehead & Jordon
Burch & Co.
R. Morgan
A. Eggleston
Bela Palmer
C. J. Fox
F. Kretsor
E. Streeter
G. M. Cleland
John M. Metzger


William Simons
J. A. Morgan
Lewis Paul
Henry Ritter
John Mc Daniels
A. Hall
Henry Roof
E. W. Patridge
E. L Young
Jacob Powell
Peter Cramer
John Hull
Chauncey Cristman
John L. Hosch
H. Johnson
B. C. Van Dusen
E. Streeter
Hugh Riche
Marcus Hemstreet
Peter I. Lepper
Oliver A. Bronner
John P. Tyler
A. E. Clapper
Ezra Harter
S. Vincent
M. D. Beckwith
Thomas Kast


A. L. Howell
J. Corruthers
A. Guivitts
J. P. Sharrer
R. Casler
John Uhle
J. C. Graves
S. A. Ingham
J. A. Folts
Hardin & Burrows
A. F. Doolittle
D. M. Deifendorf
W. H. Harter
William Howell, Jr.
Eli Fox
H. B. Maben
J. E. Casey
H. Upright
H. Richie
Z. Green, Co. Clerk


Deaf & Dumb Inst. N. Y.
Supt. Pub. Instruction
T. A. Burnham
Henry Miller
E. Lamb
Moses Bliss
G. Gunther
S. R. Pratt
James Hart
Newton Hough
S. P. Hoard
J. W. Getman
J. E. S. Wilkinson
E.W. Wilcox
Peter Haslehurst
Joseph W. Gray
George H. Gray
W. B. Schermerhorn
M. Getman
S. E. Hodgkins
Duncan Carruthers
George G. Stebbins
D. C. Paine
P. Gates
Fred Smith
Marcus Hemstreet
Burton Brown
John Little
H. M. Aylesworth
James S. Reno
J. G. Burrill
J. S. Crim
F. Adams
Morgan Bidleman
Ezra Graves
Samuel Gibson
A. H. Prescott
E. Streeter
W. H. Waters
William Howell, Jr.
Jefferson Moon
Henry Clay Hull
John G. Barry
John C. Uhle
John Uhle
Hardin & B.
W. L. Stockwell
J. H. Weber
O. B. Beals
H. H. Willard
C. Smith, killing wolf
P. Rewey
John C. Graves
W. J. Thompson
James Feeter
Jas. H. Weatherwax
S. S. Lansing
G. M. Cleland
J. R. Stebbins
O. B. Beals
J. E. Casey
Harvey Winant
Alexander Smith
George Ashley
P. H. Warren
J. J. Ostrander
John Green
Thomas Devendorf
J. E. Casey
A. M. Gray
Z. C. Priest
A. Parker
S. S. Lansing
John G. Barry
William La Dew
R. H. Wood
Solomon Graves
M. B. Avery
L. L. Kane
Alexander Smith
J. M. Treadway
J. E. S. Wilkinson
S. S. Morgan
Munson & Perry
Thomas Kast
J. H. Stewart
John Metzger
W. W. Mosier
A. L. Harris
Evan Perry
Mrs. I. Harris
St. John's Orph. As.
Wellington Jackson
William D. Hall
J. Sanderson
W. W. Hadcock & Co
S. C. Franklin
James Feeter
E. Delano & Co
D. H. Kelsey
R. Helmer
A. Newman
R. Walker
Bela Palmer
M. W. Rasbach
David Ford
E. Washburn
H. L. Ward
C. Johnson
Phillip Fullman
J. G. Fenner
Whitehead & Jordan
William Howell
Warren Caswell
L. L. Kane
W. B. Schermerhorn
Beroth Bulliard
Charles Chapin
R. H. Wood
John Smith
J. G. Burrill
G. M. Cleland
J. C. Graves
J. G. Burrill


Joseph Warren
J. J. Ostrander
John Green
Thomas Devendorf
James E. Casey
A. M. Gray
A. Parker
Z. C. Priest
S. S. Lansing
John G. Barry
Wm. LaDew
Reuben H. Wood
Solomon Graves
Milton B. Avery
L. L. Kane
Alex. Smith
J. M. Treadway
J. E. S. Wilkinson
S. S. Morgan


Hon. Wm. J. Bacon
Hon. H. A. Foster


Hon. Volney Owen, County Judge and Surrogate


Name, Office, P.O. Address

Hon. Volney Owen, County Judge and Surrogate, Herkimer
Hon. Geo. H. Andrews, Senator, Springfield, Otsego Co.
Hon. Stephen Turtellotte, Member of Assembly, Herkimer
Hon. A. C. McGowen, Member of Assembly, Frankfort
Geo. M. Cleland, Sheriff, Herkimer
Hiram Getman, Under Sheriff, South Columbia
Zenas Green, County Clerk, Herkimer
Alonzo H. Green, Deputy County Clerk
S. S. Morgan, District Attorney, West Winfield
F. C. Shepard, Treasurer, Ilion
O. B. Beals, School Commissioner, Cedarville
M. D. Beckwith, School Commissioner, Brocketts Bridge
C. Ackerman, Loan Commissioner, West Winfield
H. Huyck, Loan Commissioner, Herkimer
S. W. Stimson, Superintendent of the Poor, Herkimer
L. S. F. Crim, Commissioner of Excise. Mohawk
Wm. Howell, Jr., Commissioner of Excise, Herkimer
Ebenezer Streeter, Commissioner of Excise, Salisbury Centre

Part 2 was typed by our Town of Schuyler Editor, Bob Petrie, who's of course very interested in Petrie Family history across the Mohawk Valley. Bob is also interested in the surnames Dodge, Countryman, Knapp, Ellison, Robbins, Devendorf, Berner, Hartman, Kane, Burton, Barber and Mosher, which all have Herkimer and Montgomery County connections. A very special thank you goes to Bob for extending his assistance to others off-line by joining Herkimer County Historical Society's own volunteer team in 2000.

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