The following affidavit was recorded and read by the Clerk on Thursday, November 13, 1884 in the "Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors, County of Herkimer," in the year 1884: (Page 14)

The Board of Commissioners for the interment of deceased indigent soldiers of the late war respectfully report:

That immediately after their appointment they organized as a Board of Commissioners and elected a chairman and secretary. That they caused notice to be given of their appointment and duties in each of the towns of the county, and that they have caused to be paid, under the provisions of the law, to the following persons, the sums set opposite their respective names, for the burial of deceased soldiers upon the authenticated applications which are herewith enclosed: *

Check  No 1, Elizabeth Finn, burial John Finn.
          No 2, Julia Fleming, burial Jas. Fleming.
              3, W. B. Howell, burial Alonzo Willoughby
              4, Frank M. Petrie, burial Abraham Smith.
              5, Jas. Chattaway, burial John W. Sheiler.
              6, Catharine Fox, burial William Fox.
              7, D. J. Leroy, burial Chas. A. Robinson

At a total expense of $245.

These amounts were paid by checks upon the County Treasurer, signed by the chairman and secretary, after the receipt of the applications, authenticated by Supervisors of towns.

The Commissioners would further report that they have made inquiry into the cases of persons heretofore interred in ground reserved exclusively for pauper burial, and have not been able as yet to find any authenticated cases of the kind, but if any such are hereafter reported, the Board will investigate such cases and report to the next Board of Supervisors.

Your Board respectfully request the passage of a resolution by your Honorable Board authorizing said commissioners to select a style of headstone at a price not to exceed that fixed by law, to be placed at the graves of such soldiers as are entitled thereto.

The expenses of the Board for printing, etc, have been for the printing of checks and applications in order that they might keep a correct record of all proceedings before them. The trustees of Oakhill Cemetery, of Herkimer, N. Y., have set aside ten lots for the burial of deceased soldiers and sailors, and have placed the grant of the same in the hands of the secretary of the Board. All of which is respectfully submitted,

Dated Nov. 13, 1884

                H. Clay Hall, Chairman,

                J. A. Steele.

                D. J. LeRoy.

Mr. Merrit moved that the report be referred to a committee of three to be appointed by the chair. Carried.

The chair appointed as such committee Messrs. Merritt, Ives and Lawton.

* (Note: sums not listed on editor's copy.)

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