1887-1888 Herkimer NY Directory
Part 1 Surnames A - K
Herkimer County, NY

Transcribed and Donated by Linda D. Rood

The Herkimer County 1887-8 Directory is a great source for filling in the missing census records of 1890. Individuals in this directory would have likely been in the federal census of 1890. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there. All original spellings and punctuations were retained from the original records. Due to the size of the files, the directory has been split into two files.

* Explanation of abbreviations: Ave., avenue; bet., between; cor., corner; mfr., manufacturer; opp., opposite; h., house; sqr., square; bds., boards; ab., above; st., street.

- A -

ABELINE Anthony, mechanic, h 6 Mark Block, Smith
Adams Elenor Miss, milliner, h 115 Main
Adams Jesse, mechanic, h 106 Bellinger
Adams Maggie Miss, bds 80 Prospect
Addy A. R. clerk, h 24 Prospect
Addy F. E. Miss, h 24 Prospect
Addy J.B. Miss, h 24 Prospect
Addy Mary A. Mrs. H 24 Prospect
Allen Russell, carpenter, h Stimpson near S Washington
Allman Theodore, proprietor Allman House Albany near Main, h do
Allum John, peddler, h 27 Smith
Andrews May Miss, finisher, bds 14 Eastern Ave.
Archer David, farmer, h Lake
Arlington Hotel, Mohawk st opp Central Railway
Armstrong Delevan, cabinet-maker, h 11 Lake
Arnold Albert, tinsmith, bds 13 S Main
ARRONET ALEXANDER Rev. pastor Lutheran Church, h Mill St. near paper mill
Ashley, Ira, laborer, h Smith near Hydraulic
Atkins Charles H. painter, h 16 Pine
Atwell James, branchtender, h 22 Spinner ave
Ausman J. H. nickelplater, h 31 Bellinger
Ausman J.M. proprietor Mansion House, Main
Avery Clarence L. teller First National Bank, h 7 German

- B -

BABCOCK Marshall Rev. Free Methodist Church, h Liberty near Prospect
BAKER S. E. painter Fort Herkimer, P. O. address Herkimer
Balder John, h 70 Prospect
BANGBURN ALBERT, teamster, h Dorf Lane
BANKS GEORGE A. horse trainer, bds Park House
Bard Charles, at paper mill, h 37 Bellinger
Bard John R. at gun factory, h 8 Smith
Barse Charles, farmer, bds German near corporation line
BARNES A. B. dentist P. O. block Main, h 11 S. Washington (see index)
Barnes Frank D. machinist, h 9 Church
Barnes Frank Mrs. Dressmaker 9 Church
Barnes Levi, teamster, h 21 William
Barry F. G. clerk Spring House Richfield Springs, h 54 Prospect
BARRY W. H. bookkeeper Herkimer Manufacturing Co. h 86 Main
Barse Charles, ice dealer, h 6 Lake
Barse William, farmer, h German near corporation line
Bassett Charles, engineer, h 65 Eastern ave
BASSETT GEORGE, clerk h 127 S Washington
Batchelder Augusta Miss, dressmaker, h 47 Washington
Batchelder C. H. correspondent, h 14 Bellinger Ave.
Batchelder Clinton M. Clerk, h 47 Washington
Batchelder F. M. Miss, teacher, h 47 Washington
Batchelder Henry H. deputy postmaster, h 47 Washington
Batchelder Mark Mrs. H 47 Washington
Bates Charles, mason, h 60 Eastern Ave
Bates John, mason h Smith ave
Bates Minnie Miss, operative, h Smith ave
Bates William, mason, h 114 Bellinger
Baum Charles, machinist, h 9 Bellinger ave
Baum Chauncey, machinist, h 9 Bellinger ave
Baum Mary Miss, h 9 Bellinger ave
Becker David, teamster, h 87 Prospect
Becker George, cabinetmaker, bds 128 S. Washington
Becker M. cabinetmaker, bds 128 S. Washington
Becker M. S. machinist, bds S. Main cor Smith
BECKER SAMUEL, at paper mill, bds 87 Prospect
BECKER SAMUEL, laborer, h creek road
BECKWITH JOHN D. (Smith, Steele & Beckwith,) h Main
BEDELL GEO. E. (Bedell Mfg. Co.) h 33 Prospect
BEDELL MFG. CO. mfrs. Of spring beds and mattresses, Prospect near German
Bela John, laborer, h Pine near Smith
Bell Charles, lawyer, Main, h 55 Prospect
Bell Charles (Henderson & Bell), h 17 Prospect
Bellinger Amos, h 33 S. Main
Bellinger Carrie Miss, h 33 S. Main
Bellinger G. clerk Waverly House, bds do
Bellinger Graham Mrs. Millinery, Herkimer Bank building, h Main
BELLINGER HENRY, farmer, h German
BELLINGER H. H. farmer, h German near Bellinger
Benchley Henry, carpenter, bds 85 Washington
Benchley Mary, dressmaker, bds 85 Washington
BENCHLEY W. H. carpenter and builder, h 85 Washington
Benjamin Sophia, domestic, Albany cor Washington
Bennett Ada Miss, finisher, h Eastern ave near S Washington
Bennett Stella,finisher, h Eastern ave near S Washington
Bentley Ella Miss, dressmaker, h 11 S Main
Best John, engineer, h Dorf Lane
Best John, papermaker, bds Dorf Lane
Biegel Charles, bus driver, h 9 Pine
Biegel Dora Mrs. H 9 Pine
Bingham Jennie M. Miss, journalist, h 76 Prospect
Bingham I. S. Rev. First M. E. Church, h 76 Prospect
Bingham Mary S. Miss, stenographer, h 76 Prospect
BISHOP ARTHUR H. spinner, h rear 8 Green
Bishop S. M. Mrs. H rear 8 Green
Black Eva Miss, Operative, h 173 S Washington
Black Jennie Miss, h 173 S Washington
Black Mary Miss. Dressmaker, h 173 S Washington
BLACK SAMUEL L. B. miller, h 173 S Washington
Blair Joseph, laborer, bds Prospect cor Albany
Blogett Ellen Mrs. Dressmaker, h 33 prospect
Bloom P. Mrs. Bds Bellinger near Mohawk
Bly Delia Miss, domestic, Washington cor Alany
Boguer Joseph Capt. Laborer, h 118 S Washington
BOUGER JOSEPH, bds 118 S Washington
Bowers Albert J. cabinetmaker, h Eureka ave near King
Bowman Ada widow, bds 33 Washington
Bowman Charles, laborer, h 33 Washington
Bowman David Mrs. H 33 Washington
BOWMAN JACOB, teamster, h 33 Washington
BOWMAN JOHN, laborer, h 1 Marks Block, Smith
Bowman John, laborer, h 15 Washington
Brady Mamie Miss, operative, bds 22 Perry Lane
Braun William, carpenter, h Stimpson near S Washington
Briggs Samuel, variety store, Main, h 5 Mohawk
Broadrick John, ass't bookkeeper, Standard Furniture Co. bds Bellinger opp Church
BROCK, F. H. books, Opera House Block, Main, bds Waverly House (see index)
BRONSON DELOS, laborer, h 42 Pine
Brookman Martha, widow, h 32 Washington
Brooks Benjamin, at gun factory, h 5 Washington
Brown Catharine, widow, h 88 Prospect
BROWN, EDWARD A. lawyer and insurance agent, 97 Main, h Bellinger ave Cor. German
BROWN, HARRY, jailer Herkimer Co. jail, Main cor Church
Brown Mary Mrs. Bds 128 Main
Bryant Maria, widow, h 41 Washington
Bucklin Linda, widow, h 56 Prospect
BURGER SMUEL, car driver, h 26 Mohawk
Burgess D. M. physician, h 84 Main
Burkhart_____, at gun factory, bds Palmer House
Burnop Philip, butcher, h 21 S Main
Burns____, laborer, h 23 Eastern ave
Burrill Carrie Miss, student, h 33 Church
Burrill Charles H. bookkeeper, h Church cor Bellinger ave.
Burrill Georgiana, h 33 Church
Burrill Herbert, clerk, h 33Church
Burrill H.P. druggist, h 9 Mary
Burrill J. G. clerk, h Church cor Bellinger
Burrill, J. S. clerk, h 33 Church
Burrill, Minnie, teacher, h 33 Church
BURRILL RUFUS, papermaker, h Lake
BURRILL WM. G. (Rasbach & Burrill), h 51 Bellinger
Butterfield Charles Mrs. H 70 Prospect
Butterfield Helen Miss, bds 70 Prospect

- C -

Cain Patrick, mason, h Smith near Pine
Campbell Ella, finisher, bds 125 S Washington
Campbell John, agent, h S Washington
Campbell Margaret Miss, h 12 Spinner ave
Canada Albert, h 13 Green
Cantlin B. H. mechanic, h 6 Smith
Cantlin Mary A. h 6 Marks block, Smith
Cantlin Thomas E. operative, h 6 Marks block, Smith
Car Thomas, laundry, 110 Bellinger, h do
Carry Richard Mrs. H 12 Court
Case William, lather, h Smith cor Pine
Casey Minnie Miss, h 38 Prospect
Casler Jacob, mason, h 67 Bellinger
CASLER SOLOMON, mason, h 67 Bellinger
Cass Peter, laborer, h German near corporation line
Caswell Homer, billard parlor, Opera House Block, Main, h Albany near Main
Caswell Louis, clerk, h Mill lane
Chapin William, carpenter, h Eureka ave near King
Charles Thomas C. sewing machine agent, h at Mohawk
CHATFIELD A. C. Mrs. H 41 Prospect
CHATFIELD F. L. Miss, artist, h 41 Prospect
CHATFIELD LIBBIE M. Miss, artist and teacher of oil painting, h 41 Prospect
Christman Charles, laborer, h Creek road
Christman Frank, truckman, h 41 Eastern ave
CHRISTMAN HORACE F. gardner, h 7 Prospect
Christman Horace N. carpenter, h 57 German
Christman, Nellie Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 41 Eastern ave, h do
Christman, Walter, laborer, h 57 Eastern Ave
CHRISTMAN WILLIAM H. carpentr, h 47 Bellinger
CHURCHILL HENRY(Miller, Churchill & Co) also president First National Bank, h 64 Mohawk st
Claire Maggie Miss, dressmaker, h 102 Bellinger
Claire Michael, laborer, h 102 Bellinger
Clark Edward, spring bed maker, h King cor Smith
Clark Edwin, machinist, bds 128 S Washington
CLARK JAMES A. (Clark & Lyons), h 14 Eastern ave
Clark John M. carpenter, h head of smith ave
Clark Laura Miss, operative, h King cor Smith
Clark William S. overseer, h King cor Smith
CLARK & LYON(James A Clark and Benj. D. Lyon)machine shop and planning mill, Eastern ave near King
Cobb Nettie Mrs. H 7 Bellinger
COLCORD J. T. dry goods, Main, h 49 Bellinger (See index)
COLE J.M. painter, h Washington near Green
Cole Monroe, painte, h 64 Washington
Cole Orin, at paper mill, h 30 Lake
Collis Edward, hostler, h 46 German
Collis ____, laborer, h 87 Washington
Comfort Michael, coachman, h Bellinger ave cor Bellinger St
COMMERAW JAMES O, proprietor Park House, Mohawk at joining driving park
Conklin Geo. W. at gun factory, h Smith near Bellinger
Conley Michael, painter, h 9 Lake
COOK C.C. blacksmith and carriage maker, rear 25 S Main, h 25 S Main (See Index)
COOK DELAVAN L. sheriff Herkimer county, h Main cor Church
Cook Libbie Miss, student, h 26 S Main
Coombs E. J. Mrs. H 11 King
Coombs John, finisher, h 11 King
COOMBS WM. H., sash and blind maker, h Smith cor S Washington
Corby J. D. Rev. Universalist church, bds 115 Main
Coster J.S.(Herkimer Paper Co. Limited), h Lyons Falls
Cotton James, mason, h Mohawk at cor Bellinger
Cox Rev. Henry M. Reformed church, h 57 Prospect
COX THOMAS, blacksmith, bds 128 S Washington
Cramer Henry D. Arlington Hotel livery, h 17 Mohawk st
Cramer L. Harry, printer, bds 15 Mohawk St.
Crandall Adeline, widow, h 19 Lake
Crandall John B. farmer, h 8 Eastern Ave
Crane Bessie, domestic, h 70 Prospect
Crawford Catharine Mrs. H 67 Eastern ave
Crego Albert, h 26 Spinner ave
Crego Albert, hostler, bds Allman House
CREGO FRANCILLO, proprietor Palmer House, h ho
Crego Prince, hostler, h 25 Pine
CRISTMAN CHARLES H. carpenter, h 8 Marks block, Smith
CRISTMAN EDWARD, spinner, h Smith cor S Washington
Cristman Frank, cartman, 41 Eastern ave
Cristman Jacob J. painter, h 18 German
Cristman Woolchert, carpenter, h Smith cor S Washington
CROGAN JAMES, mattress maker, h 60 German
Crosby E. teacher, h 22 Washington
Crossett James, proprietor Crossett House, Albany cor Main, h do
Crouch Nicholas, carpenter, h Mohawk st
CROWLEY DANIEL M. millinery and ladies furnishing goods, Main near Railroad, h do
Crowley Mamie, domestic, Albany cor Washington
Cruickshank Wayman A. teamster, h near Eastern ave
Curley Helen Miss, operative, bds Stimpson near S Washington
Curley Susan, widow, h Stimpson near S Washington
CURRAN T. J. photographer, Democrat block, Main, h 76 Washington

- D -

Dager Balentine, h 133 S Washington
Daly Annie, operative, h 17 S Washington
Daly Enos, h 17 Smith
DAVENPORT S., paper maker, h 31 Church
Davins Mary A., operative, h S. Washington, near corporation line
Davins William, farmer, h S Washington near corporation line
Davis Anie, widow, h 85 Prospect
DAVIS B. H., newsdealer, confectionery and cigars, Main, bds 83 Washington. (See index)
Davis H. S. candy maker, h 21 S Main
Deimel Alphonso (Deimel & Co., Little Falls), h Albany cor Washington
Deimel Celia Miss, h Albany cor Washington
Deimel H. A. (Deimel & Snell), h Albany cor Washington
Deimel Henrietta Miss, h Albany cor Washington
DEIMEL HENRY (Deimel & Schermer), h Albany cor Washington
Deimel Jacob, peddler, h 14 Washington
Deimel M. A., spring bed mfr., h 13 Mary
Dennison Gertrude, operative bds 42 Mohawk
DEIMEL & SCHEMER, (Henry Deimel and Louis Schermer)boots and shoes, clothing, etc. 27 and 29 Main
DEIMEL & SNELL (H.A. Deimel and C. R. Snell), lumber and sawmill, spring bed and mattress and trunk mfrs. Office Albany cor King
DEMOCRATIC BLOCK, Main near Albany
Dent Lena Miss, bds 23 Prospect
DEVENDORF ALBERT C., merchant tailor, h 8 Court
DEVENDORF IRVING R. (Devendorf & Smith), h German near Bellinger
Devendorf Solomon S., merchant tailor, h 8 Court
Devendorf & Smith (I.R. Devendorf and A. J. Smith), lawyers, Opera House block, Main
Dietz Henry Mrs. L., 139 S Washington
Dismond Margaret, domestic, h 51 Washington
Dixon Bridget, widow, h 18 Green
Dockstader Isaac, h 126 S Washington
Dockstader Peter, bus driver, h 79 Prospect
Dodge Daniel, fireman, h Eureka ave near Smith
DODGE RICHARD, carpenter, h 10 Prospect
DOLAN A. H., fireman, h 8 Pine
DOLAN CHARLES, finisher, h Pine cor Smith
Dolan John J. clerk, h 14 German
Dolan Mary Miss, h 24 German
Doling James, h 14 Spinner
Doling John, clerk h German
Donovan Mary, domestic, h 130 Main
DONOHOE NICHOLAS, laborer, h 32 King
Dorehty Timothy, h 5 Prospect
Dorman Fred, h German, near corporation line
DOWNS JAMES A., paper maker, h 14 Lake
Doxtater Charles D., with W. B. Howell, h 10 Green
Doxtater Minerva Miss, h 10 Green
DOXTATER NORMAN (Doxtater & Noble), h Washington St.
Doxtater W. J., wines and cigars, h 145 Main
DOXTATER & NOBLE (Norman Doxtater and Frank Noble), wines and cigars, Fox block, Main. (See Index)
Draper M. N., painter and paper hanger, h 29 Washington
Drury E. T. foreman, h 7 Eastern ave
Drury Frederick, finisher, bds 7 Eastern ave
DRYER B., farmer, h Central turnpike near Pine Grove school
Dryer Doris, Jr., farmer, h S Washington near Smith
DUBOIS LUKE T., surrogate's clerk, h 137 Main
Dutch Reformed Church, Main cor Church, Rev. R. A. Cox pastor
Dwyer Clarence, clerk, h 47 Mohawk
Dwyer Franklin, Peddler, h 123 S Washington
Dwyer George, operative, h 47 Mohawk
Dwyer Kate Miss, h 47 Mohawk
Dwyer William, h 47 Mohawk
Dygert Dennis, teamster, h Steele near S Washington

- E -

EARL ROBERT HON. Judge court appeals, h Main
EARL ROBERT 2d, bookkeeper Herkimer national bank, h German
EARL SAMUEL, lawyer, Herkimer bank building, house German
Easton Francis E. clerk county clerk's office, bds 115 Main
Eaton Harriet A. Miss, h 115 Main
Eaton Volney, h 115 Main
Ecker E. laborer, bds Mohawk st
Eckert Romain, bds 11 Pine
Eckert Stephen, trackman, bds 11 Pine
Edic Ward, laborer, h 85 Prospect
EDMUNDS CHARLES C. JR. REV. Episcopal church, h 144 Main
Edwards ___, widow, h 23 Bellinger
Edwards Jennie Miss, operative, bds 10 Green
Edwards Rebeca, operative, h 23 Bellinger
Edwards Spencer, carpenter, h 50 Mohawk st
ELLIS ROMEYN, laborer, h Smith near S Washington
Erman Michael, laborer, h 193 German
Ertman Albert, tinsmith, h George
Ertman Bertie, domestic, h 87 Main
Evans Evan, teamster, h 24 German
Evans James H. overseer knitting mill, h 137 S Washington
EYGEBROAT W. M. mattress maker, h 189 German

- F -

FAGAN Anna Miss, teacher, h 38 Prospect
Fagen James, freight clerk, h 38Prospect
Fagen John, clerk, h 38 Prospect
Falk Charles, at gun factory, bds 86 Prospect
Falk Nettie Miss, clerk at P. O. bds 36 Mohawk St
Falk Paul, teamster h 86 Prospect
Falk Spellman, court crier, h 36 Mohawk St
Fallon Ella Miss, operative, h 107 Caroline
Fallon Patrick, farmer, h 117 Washington
Farmer E. J. barber,h 10 Church
Farmer D.J. h 10 Church
Farrell Esther, cook Allman House
Fay Dorethy, operative, h Green
Fenner William D. gunsmith, h 59 Bellinger
Fell Albert H. Photographer, h 38 German
Fick Nancy, widow, h 13 S Main
FIELD JOHN, farmer, h rear 177 Washington
Fikes Maurice Mrrs. H 2 Washington
Fisk William insurance agent, h 43 Washington
First M.E. Church, Prospect cor Liberty
Fitzcharles Anna, widow, h Snell's lane
Fitzcharles Ella, h Snell's lane
Fleischmn Bernard, clerk, h Albany cor Washington
Flood Mathias, at gun factory, bds 1 Albany
Foley Michael, Standard Furniture, Co. h 55 Washington
Folts Adam J. teamster, h 67 Eastern ave
Folts Allen, farmer, h 33 Bellinger ave
Folts Daniel, paper maker, h 23 Lake
Folts E. Ruberta Miss, h 45 Washington
Folts Geo. P. h Washington cor Albany
Folts J.A. Mrs. H Washington cor Albany
Folts Joseph, h 71 Washington
FOLTS JOSHUA, laborer, h 23 Lake
Folts L. J. farmer, h 45 Washington
Folts Maria Miss, h Smith ave
Folts Susan, widow, h 81 Washington
FORREST J. RICHARD, at paper mill, h Washington
Fort Dayton Brewery, 10 Washington
Fort Dayton Hose Co. over 92 Main
FOX AARON, carpenter, bds 8 Hydraulic bank
FOX CHARLES A. proprietor Waverly House, h do
Fox Eunice Miss, h Prospect near Albany
Fox Fred, machinist, h 56 Eastern ave
Fox May Miss, h Prospect near Railroad
Fox William H. baggageman N.Y.C. depot, h 7 Prospect near Albany
Fraker Peter, operative, bds 10 Perry lane
Fralick Sidney, mechanic, h Albany near Deimel
Frank John H. barber, bds 32 Washington
Freeman Margaret, widow, h Main cor Mary
Freeman John E. wood dealer, h 13 Court
Frick Eugene, clerk Mansion House
Fry Isaac, carder, h 63 Washington
Fullmer Alma Miss, operative, bds 9 Mohawk
FULLMER EDWARD, spinner, bds 54 Eastern ave
FULLMER GILES, at gun factory, h Eastern ave
Fullmer Theodore, carpenter, h 54 Eastern ave
Furlong Robert, laborer, h 32 King

- G -

GARTLAND Eveline, widow, h Steele near S. Washington
GAY ELMER, at gun factory, bds Pine
Gay George, laborer, h 19 Washington
Gay William H. carpenter, h Pine near Smith
Gehrman Joseph, cutter and bookkeeper, H 12 Mary
Geirsbach Christian, tinsmith, h 12 Chruch
GETMAN GEORGE, carpenter, h 12 Perry lane
Getman Harvey, h Smith near S Washington
GIESY CHARLES F. machine shop and novelty works S E cor Albany and Washington, h 31 Mohawk. ( See index)
Getman Timothy, h 130 S Washington
Getman Wm. laborer, h Lake
Gettly John, painter, h 10 Second ave
GIESY FRED F. machinist, h 31 Mohawk
Giesy Julia Miss, dressmaker, h 31 Mohawk
Gilchrist Margaret A. Mrs. H First ave Mohawk st
Gilett Geo. Farmer, h German near corporation line
Gloeckler Martin, restaurant 49 Main, h do
Gloo Casper, salesman, h 32 Mohawk
Gloo Charles T. clerk, bds 32 Mohawk
GLOO T. & F. millinery, Fox Blk Main
Glosson Joseph, oil dealer, bds Crossett House
Gnout Charles, fireman, h Steele
Gnout Valentine, cabinetmaker, h Steele
Gobst Sasie, cabinetmaker, bds 112 S Washington
Goldberg ______, Mrs. Seamstress, h 74 Eastern ave
Golden Adam, clerk, bds 40 German
Golden A. H. clerk, h 31 German
Golden Ellen, widow, h 139 S Washington
GOLDEN JOSEPH, engineer, h German near Lake
GOLDEN SAMUEL, papermaker, h Liberty near Prospect
GOLDSCHMIDT A. M. Mrs. Fort Dayton Brewery, 8 Washington h do
GOLDSCHMIDT FRANCIS, Fort Dayton Brewery, 8 Washington h do
GOLDSCHMIDT HENRY, sup't Fort Dayton Brewery, h 10 Washington
GOODALL GEO. Folding bed maker, h Eastern ave near S Washington
GOODLL WM. Miller, h Eastern ave near S Washington
Goodman Jacob, at knitting mill, h Smith ave near King
Gould Charles J. printer, h Bellinger ave
Gould Geo. W. printer, h Bellinger ave
Granger Edward, laborer, h State
Grannis Albert, laborer, h 8 Washington
Grannison Thomas, bartender, Arlington Hotel, bds do
GRAVES GEORGE, physician and surgeon, 37 Main, h do
Gray Alonzo, watchmaker, bds German cor Steuben
Gray Elizabeth, widow, h 82 Main
GRAY FRANK, gardner, h German near railroad crossing
GRAY F. A. postmaster, h German near Bellinger
Gray, Geo. H. h 32 S Main
Gray William. P. O. clerk, h German near Bellinger
GREENE GEORGE W. livery stable, also saloon, Albany ner Main, h 20 1/2 S Main
GREENE ZENAS, bookkeeper, h 73 ? Washington
Griffen Frank, h 108 Bellinger
Griffen Fred, billiard parlors, Main cor Albany, h 43 Prospect
Griffen Pardon, at papermil, h 8 Hydraulic bank
Griffen Rachael, widow, h 30 Prospect
Griswold Charles, clerk, bds 147 Main
Griswold Elizabeth, widow, h 86 Main
Griswold Giles, teamster, h 147 Main
Griswold Giles Jr. at gun factory, bds 147 Main
GRISWOLD H. W. (H.W. Griswold & Co.) h Main
GRISWOLD H. W. & CO. groceries and crockery, 92 Main
Griswold Theodore, teamster, h 49 Washington
Grogan Kate Miss, operative, h 15 Smith
Grogan Martin, bds 128 Washington
Grogan Martin Mrs. H 15 Smith
Grogan Mary Miss, operative bds 15 Smith
Grogan, Michael, papermaker, h 15 Smith
GROOM F. M. engineer, bds. Arlington House
GROOM JAMES, mason, h Smith near Pine
GROOM JOHN, mason, h 18 Perry Lane
GROOM JOHN MRS. Dressmaker, h 18 Perry Lane
GROOM, PETER, mason, h Mohawk st near driving park
GROOM THOMAS, H Smith near Pine
GROSVENOR BROTHERS (Charles G. and Thomas W.), gents' furnishing goods, boots and shoes, clothing and wall paper, Fox Block, Main
GROSVENOR CHARLES G. (Grosvenor Bros.) h Main
Grosvenor Julia Miss, h 82 Main
GROSVENOR THOMAS W. (Grosvenor Bros.) h Court
GSCHIHAY CARL, saloon and restaurant, Albany, h do
GUY S. S. dentist, Democrat block, Main near Albany, h 81 Prospect (see outside front and back cover marginal lines)

- H -

HABER Nettie, domestic, h 7 Mary
Hadcock William, laborer, h S Washington cor Smith
Hulley Mary Miss, music teacher, h 142 Main
HAGADORN MARCUS, shipping clerk, h 42 Mohawk
Haggerty Amos, teamster, h Albany near Main
Haile Rufus, cabinet maker, h 53 Eastern Ave
HALL, ALBERT, (Hall Bros.), livery, bds Crossett house
Hall, Alexander, h 26 German
HALL BROS. (Albert Hall and George Hall), livery near Crossett house
HALL FRANK H. meat market, 9 Green h 50 Washington
HALL GEORGE, (Hall Bros.) livery, h 28 Mohawk
Hall H. F. laborer, mason, h 15 Bellinger
Hall James, mason, h Smith near Pine
Hall Judson, polisher, h Bellinger Ave
Hall Nettie L. Miss, h 28 Mohawk
Hall Wilis, deliveryman bds Bellinger Ave
Haller Valentine, h 152 S Washington
HALPIN J. H. REV. St. Francis de Sayles, h 17 Green
Halpin Mary Miss, h 17 Green
Hammond William, mason, h 82 Washington
HANER ALBERT, clerk, h 1 Albany
Haner, Jane widow, h 1 Albany
Harrigan Julia, domestic, h 142 Main
Harrigan Harry, printer, bds 1 Albany
Harris E. A. machinist, h 26 Prospect
Harris James, teamster, h 28 King
Harris John, weaver, h 28 King
Harris Kate Miss, h 28 King
Harris Mary Miss, dressmaker, h 28 King
Harrison Harry, printer, bds 1 Albany
Harter Alonzo, machinist, h 3 Hydraulic bank
Harter Anna Belle Miss, h 14 Prospect
HARTER BLOOMFIELD, wire weaver, h 57 German
Harter Elfie Miss, h 14 Prospect
Harter Ernest, helper, bds German
Harter Frank, spring bed maker, h 102 German
HARTER G. (H. C. & G. HARTER) h, Smith
HARTER GEORGE G. carpenter and builder, King h 126 Main
HARTER H.C. (H. C. & G. HARTER), h 111 S. Washington
HARTER H.C. & G. grocers, S Washington near Albany
HARTER ISAAC, carpenter, h 109 German
Harter Israel, mechanic, h 171 S. Washington
Harter Jacob, blacksmith, h Albany near Washington
Harter Jane, widow, h 6 Hydraulic bank
Harter Marion Miss, h 39 Prospect
Harter Mary M. seamstress, h 22 German
Harter Mercy Ann, widow, h 2 Washington
Harter Philip, farmer, h Mohawk opp 2nd ave
Harter S. C. (C. W. Palmer & Co.), h 7 Mary
Harter William Mrs., h 14 Prospect
HARTER WILLIAM H. DR. h Main cor Liberty
Hartman Douglas, painter, h 86 Prospect
Hartman Estella Miss, milliner, h 15 Mohawk
Hartman Eugene, painter, h 15 Mohawk
Hartman Flora E. Miss, h 86 Prospect
Hartman James D. painter, h 86 Prospect
Hartman John Mrs. H 86 Prospect
Hartman William, collector Herkimer Democrat, h Washington
Harvey Emma, h 8 Green
Harvey Jessie Miss, h 8 Green
Harvey Mattie Miss, h 8 Green
HASELHURST A. W., cashier First National Bank, h at Mohawk
Hawins D. C. h 34 Prospect
Heim Joseph, laborer, h 118 S Washington
Heim, Joseph jr. teamster, bds 118 So Washington
Heiser Leander, h Eastern ave near So Washington
Heitzelman Christian, laborer, h 145 So Washington
Heitzelman Kate, operative, h 147 So Washington
Heitzelman Mary, operative, h 147 So Washington
Heitzelman Peter, carpenter, h 147 So Washington
Heitzelman Ursula, widow, h 147 So Washington
Heleneck William, laborer, h 27 William
Heleneck Philip, teamster, h William
Heleneck Philip, restaurant and saloon, 21 Main h same
Helmer B. K. telegrapher, h 12 Prospect
Helmer Charles R. Bookkeeper, h 12 Prospect
Helmer Frederick, teamster, h 11 Court
HELMER G. M. (Washburn & Helmer), h 128 Main
HELMER JOHN P., jr. teamster, h 64 Prospect
Helmer John P. teamster, h 68 Prospect
Helmer Louis, carpenter, h 28 Lake
Helmer Rosetta, widow, h Deimel near Albany
Helmer Timothy, blacksmith, h Bellinger near Mohawk
HELKER WILLIAM, broker and justice of peace, 90 Main h 12 Prospect
HENDERSON J.D. (Henderson & Bell and Henderson & Lawton), h 137 Main
Henderson & Bell (J. D. Henderson and Charles Bell, lawyers, 19 Main
Henderson & Lawton, (J. D. Henderson & L. A. Lawton), insurance ag'ts, 19 Main
Hennings Lewis, mason, h First ave near Mohawk
HERKIMER DEMOCRAT, H. P. Witherstine & C.o, proprietors, Main Near Albany
HERKIMER PAPER CO., limited, Hydraulic bank near German
Hessler George, upholsterer, h 37 Mohawk
Heyer Thomas Mrs. 35 Mohawk
Heyer Frank, sexton Oak Hill Cemetery, h 34 Mohawk
Hill Philip, farmer, h German cor Dorf Lane
Hill Theo, laborer, h German near Dorf Lane
Hill Alexander H. street lamp lighter, h 153 So Washington
Hilts Amanda E. Miss, h 3 Eastern ave
Hilts Andrew, h 73 Prospect
HILTS ANDREW Mrs. Boarding house, 73 Prospect
Hilts Dora Miss, h 69 Washington
Hilts Edward, h 3 Eastern ave
Hilts George W. (Hilts & Thayer), h 69 Washington
Hilts James A. lamp lighter, h 153 So Washington
Hilts Philip, h 25 William
HILTS SANFORD, insurance agent, 3 Eastern ave h do
Hilts Theodore, at paper mill, h 61 German
Hilts William, blacksmith, h 128 So Washington
Hilts William F. carpenter, h King cor Albany
Hilts & Thayer, (Geo. W. Hilts and Geo. C. Thayer), bakers and confectioners, Main near Church
Hoag E. A. Mrs. H 52 Prospect
Hodd William, laborer, h 89 Prospect
Hoffman Margaret Miss, h 36 Prospect
HOLDEN J. P. restaurant and confectionary, Main opp post office, h do. (see index)
HOLLAND, JOHN, laborer, h 20 Washington
Holler Rosa, widow, h 28 Spinner ave
HOLLINGSWORTH JOHN H. paper maker, h German
Hollingsworth Malcom) h 53 German
Hopkins Helen A. widow, h 54 Prospect
Horrocks --, type-writer, h 31 Church
Horrocks William, Standard Furniture Co. h Bellinger opp Church
House Eugene, mattress maker, h 2 Marks block, Smith
House G. laborer, h 2 Marks block, Smith
Houghtgon Jennie, widow, h 52 Prospect
Howard Kittie Miss, h Allman house
HERKIMER CITIZEN, Weaver & Munger proprietors, Main
Howard William Rev. retired, h 92 Washington
Howe James, carpenter, bds 33 Mohawk
HOWE THOMAS W., carpenter, h 15 Prospect
Howell William B. furniture dealer, 53 and 55 Main, h 73 Washington
Hud John, teamster, h 9 Bellinger
Hunt Kittie E. Miss, h King near Albany
Hunter Robert, at furniture factory, h 7 George
HUVER J. J. MILLWRIGHT, H German cor Dorf Lane
Huyck Peter, machinist, h 26 Prospect
HUYCK SELDEN H. paper maker, h Hydraulic bank
Huyck H. h 16 Court
HUYCK HORATIO, (Huyck & Deimel), h 7 Court
HUYCK J. H. (Huyck & Deimel), h Main
Huyck Mable E. Miss, h 7 Court
Huyck Solomon, at paper mill, h 7 Hydraulic
HUYCK & DEIMEL, (J. H. Huyck and Penry A. Deimel), coal dealers, So Main cor Mohawk

- I -

INGHAM Fannie, h 2 Marks block, Smith
Ives Charles, mechanic, h 70 Eastern ave

- J -

JACKSON E. L. , clerk, bds Main
Jackeway Frank, laborer, h 48 German
JEWELL FRANCIS, operative, h Eastern ave
Jewell Francis, at knitting mill, h 119 S Washington
Johnson Clarence, clerk, h 13 Bellinger
Johnson Clayton D., teamster, h Albany near King
Johnson D. C., nickel plater, h Bellinger
Johnson Duane, h German near corporation line
Johnson Elmer E., nickel plater, h Bellinger
Johnson George H., teamster, h 53 Bellinger
JOHNSON JAMES, hostler, bds Crossett House
JOHNSON JAMES, overseer Crossett House livery, h 4 Marks block, Smith
JOHNSON J. W. barber shop, Main, bds Washington near Court
Johnson Lillian Miss, looper, bds 4 Marks block, Smith
Johnson Sylvester, teamsher (as shown), bds 28 Mohawk
Johnson William, barber, bds 32 Washington
Jones Fannie, widow, h Smith near S Washington
Jones S. B., drug clerk, bds Waverly Houyse

- K -

KAPLE James, cabinet maker, h 34 1/2 King
Kay Amos, h Main near Albany
Kay Cyrus J., physician, opp Opera House, h do
Kean Patrick, mason, h Smith near Pine
Keefe Jennie, domestic, h 64 Mohawk
Keeler Hattie, widow, at knitting mill, bds 7 King
Keiley Ellen, operative, h 16 Bellinger ave
Keiley Margaret, widow, h 16 Bellinger ave
Keiley Mary, operative, h 16 Bellinger ave
Kelly Ellen, hair goods, 3 Liberty, h do
Kelly James, freight hand, h 44 Mohawk
Kelly J. F., clerk, bds Main
Kelly Maggie, domestic, h 7 Court
Kelly Mary, domestic, h Washington cor Albany
Kelly Thomas, h 3 Liberty
Kelly Thomas, h 10 Bellinger
Kelly Thomas, Jr., printer, h 10 Bellinger
Kelly William H., mechanic, h 10 Bellinger
KELSEY CHARLES, watchman, h 14 Church
Kelsey George H., clerk, h 101 Main
Kent Alden, carpenter, h Dorf lane near German
Kent John, teamster, h 36 King
KERN ELMER G., physician, h 88 Washington
KERSHAW JAMES, foreman at gun factory, h rear 58 Prospect
KERSHAW JOHN, assistant foreman at gun factory, h Prospect
Kiley G. M., painter and decorator, h 118 Main
Kiley John, painter, h First ave near Mohawk
Kiley Maggie, domestic, h 86 Main
Kill Darius, clerk, h 11 S Main
KILL S. P. Mrs., dress maker, h 11 S Main
Kimball L. J. Miss, teacher, bds 115 Main
King George, laborer, h 42 Pine
Kinney Eugene, mason, h 24 Lake
Kinney Owen, mason, h Lake
Klem Philip, trunk maker, h 25 Bellinger
Klock A. B. (Klock & Sheaf), h 7 Dorf lane
KLOCK NEWTON W., paper maker, h 63 Bellinger
Klock & Sheaf (A. B. Klock andJ. F. Sheaf), machine shop, Dorf lane
Knapp George, barber shop 13 Main, h 153 Main
Kouth Nicholas, farmer, h Dorf lane
KROUTCH NICHOLAS, carpenter, h Mohawk near Bellinger
KRUG PETER J., trunk maker, h Albany at toll gate

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