Herkimer County, NY

These bits and pieces were taken from various newspapers and assorted information at the Herkimer Public Library. Information on Deeds was gathered from the Herkimer County Deed books. I thought it might be interesting to anyone finding a link to their family whereabouts.

Betsy Voorhees
Town of Herkimer Editor

1709 - One of Herkimer's earliest inhabitants was Mr. Melchert Folts who came to America from Palatine, lower Rhine, in Germany.

1710 - Johannes Hess born in Germany 1692, migrated to Herkimer with his wife Katherine Korsing born 1694. The Hesses obtained Lot #31 of the Burnetsfield Patent.

1720's - Migration from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and other New England States finds many arrivals in Herkimer County. These newcomers were pushed here by early politicians, poverty and given land and a hope for better times.

1723 - Reformed Church built in German Flats.

1723 - Johannes and Margaretha Bellinger settled at Burnetsfield Patent in Herkimer.

In 1730 the old Reformed Church was built on an acre of land given for this purpose by Johann Jost Petry and was located on the corner of N. Main Street and Church Street in Herkimer. It had been destroyed in 1757 by Indians under M. Beletre when the village was burned down. In 1804 it was rebuilt at the same site but in 1834 it was burned again together with the jail and court house. The church was immediately replaced again at the same site. (In 1999 a monument/gravestone was erected containing all the names of the families buried within: Dockstader, Bellinger, Folts, Smith, Myers, Moyer, Brown, Christman, Piper, Hilts, Hanchet, Jacob Weber, Petrie, Petry, Helmer, Harter, Hyser, Gay, Fake, Smith, and Casler.)

1734 - The earliest reference to a church building in Herkimer is in the will of Nicholas Feller, dated May 28, 1734, in which he bequeaths his seat in the church to Hans Nicholas Crisman (his son-in-law). The will does not show which church is meant. Another early preacher at Herkimer was Rev. Wilhelm Berkenmeyer. (Taken from historical brochure written by Rev. W.N.P. Daily)

1743 - Anna Margaretha Young and Johannes Hess were married November 10 of this year. (from "Mohawk Valley in the Revolution" by Maryly B. Penrose)

1752 - Frederick Harter and Appolonia Bellinger married. Parents of both resided at Burnetsfield Patent.

1753 - Construction of the Fort Herkimer Church was begun and the church containing a beautiful edifice was opened in 1767. Johan Jost Herkimer, father of Gen. Nicholas Herkimer, and Augustine Hess were major contributors for the project and leaders of the construction effort.

1757 - John Joost Petrie, the leader of the Palatines, built a grist Mill near Little Falls. He was living in Stone Ridge, now the site of Herkimer, when the French raided the Mohawk Valley on November 11, 1757 and was captured with his family and taken to Canada. He returned after the war and died at Herkimer just before the Revolution.

1769 - Andrew McKoom born in Scotland ca 1740 enlisted with the German Flats militia. He was previously a tailor; 5'4 1/2" with fair complexion, blue eyes, and black hair.

1753 - Construction was begun on the Fort Herkimer Church. Johan Jost Herkimer, father of Gen. Nicholas Herkimer, and Augustine Hess were the prominent influence and guidance for the project as well as being major financial contributors. The building was completed in 1767.

1764 - John Marshall was born in Rhode Island. While in Herkimer County his father was drafted in the Revolutionary War in 1778, and authorities accepted his son Marshall in his place.

1772 - New York to Boston via Hartford coach took two weeks round trip. Postriders took 6 days in summer and 9 days in winter to go between Boston and New York State. (Excerpt from Turnpikes of New England)

1775 - According to County Committee minutes - Nicholas Herkheimer, Augustinas Hess and William Petry were Ordered to "be a Committee to attend Congress with the Indians." (Pg. 15 - Mohawk Valley in the Revolution, by Maryly B. Penrose.)

1776 - Col. Elias Dayton dispatched to Johnstown by General Schuyler, to arrest Sir John Johnson. Fort Dayton in Herkimer had derived its name from territory occupied by German, Washington, Court, and Main Streets and named after its builder Col. Elias Dayton.

1777 - August 6 marked the day when General Herkimer was felled by a severe wound to the leg at the Battle of Oriskany. Later the leg was unskillfully amputated at his home where he later died.

1777 - General Arnold arrives at Fort Dayton with troops for relief of Fort Schuyler.

1780 - In the Town of Herkimer a Marker was placed on Smith Road in 1938 to mark the site of the ambush in 1780 of a Battle at West Canada Creek. It reads as follows: "MAYFIELD MEN - buried with 25 of their Men where they fell. They gave the Full Mesure of Devotion to the Cause of Freedom. Captain Soloman Woodworth, Sergeant John Dunham of the Frontier Rangers. Killed in Battle of West Canada Creek - Sept. 1780."

1783 - George Washington stops at Fort Dayton in Herkimer.

1783 - In April, Captain Thompson passed through the Mohawk Valley on his way to Fort Oswego, and brought word of the signing of the Peace Treaty which made the United States free. The residents of surrounding Herkimer area must have been happy to leave the confines where they were staying at Fort Dayton in Herkimer and return to their burned homes to start life all over again.

1784 - Josiah Quincy said: "The journey to New York state took up a week. The carriages were old and shackling and much of the harness was made of ropes. One pair of horses carried the stage 18 miles. We generally reached our resting place for the night, if no accident intervened, at ten o'clock and after a frugal supper went to bed with a notice that we should be called at three the next morning, which generally proved to be half past two ... proceed on his way over bad roads, sometimes with a driver showing no doubtful symptoms of drunkennes, ... sometimes obliged to get out and help the coachman lift the coach out of a quagmire or rut ... after a week's hard traveling, wondering at the ease as well as the expenditure of our journey."

1788 - Town of Herkimer was formed.

1788 - Dr. Jacob Leach and his wife Elizabeth (Rixbury) moved from Connecticut to Herkimer County.

1789 - First election of the Town of Herkimer officers was held in March of this year. Those elected were: Henry Staring, supervisor; Melchert Folts, town clerk; George Smith, Melchert Folts, and Melchert Thumb, assessors; George Folts, collector; Peter F. Bellinger, John Demuth, and Jacob Weber, commissioners of highways; Henry Staring, George Weber, Jr., Michael Myers, overseers of the poor.

1790 - On December 29, 1790 a petition was drawn up by Dr. William Petry for division of part of Montgomery County from Herkimer County with proposed boundaries stated.

1791 - February 16 of this year Herkimer County was created by the New York State Legislature.

1792 - The Bly family from Rhode Island moved to Herkimer County in the spring of this year and located in Norway, NY.

1792 - Steuben Hill Road was cut through Baron Von Steuben's Land Grant from Steuben to Herkimer. The entire project with financing was arranged by Steuben. Located at the bottom of Steuben Hill Road and corner of German Street was the Steuben School. In the year 2000, after the school has been completely remodeled, are housed various offices for WIC, Planned Parenthood, and other entities.

1793 - New York State appropriated funds to build a bridge over West Canada Creek on the public highway on the road leading from Little Falls to Fort Stanwix.

In 1795 Gaylord Griswold, the only lawyer in town, owned a home on North Main Street where the Christ Episcopal Church now stands. By 1802 his legal expertise found him as a member of Congress.

1798 - Oneida County is taken from Herkimer County.

1799 - Beginning of religious revivals in the valley, bringing numerous Protestant circuit riders and missionaries.

In 1800 stage coaches would stop at the Barnum Tavern on N. Main Street by the court house. This was a convenient stop to rest before continuing their journey on dusty, dirt roads.

In 1802 Gov. George Clinton built a beautiful colonial mansion for his daughter, Mrs. Philo Hackley on N. Main Street.

1803 - Maria Card, was born in 1803 at Card City. As an adult she married Judge Ezra Graves of Herkimer.

1804 - The previous records of Herkimer County were destroyed by fire.

1804 - Mary and Adam Crysler recorded a land transaction with James Cochran listed as Master in Chancery at that time.

1806 - Naham Daniels and Samuel Wright of Norway deed property listed as Lot #26 on Stone Ridge in Herkimer with a northerly boundary line bordering Windsor Maynard.

1806 - Ichabod Brown and wife Rebecca sold property on part of Lot #164 bordering westerly side of West Canada Creek to George Kast. Papers signed before George Griswold with Gaylord Griswold as Chancery.

1807 - Herkimer Village incorporated on April 6, 1807. (originally had been called Stone Ridge and Fort Dayton.)

1807 - The home of Colonist Warrior, Colonel Peter Weaver, was located at the Head of Main Street.

1807 - Colonel Peter Webber was engaged in building his home on German Street.

1809 - The little crafts serving as a guide-boat (canoe) was introduced to this area and quickly becoming popular. These guide boats were light and used to travel on rivers and streams and carried by the guide or owner when on land from one place to another and used again on the next stream, etc.

1810 - Johathan Dye now living in Herkimer.

1812 - In the midst of the war going on this year, Typhoid Pneumonia caused an alarming epidemic with many lives lost.

1812 - John Bowman, a nine year old was sentenced to be executed on December 4 of this year for the murder of a female child. Because of his youth, he was confined to state prison at hard labor for the rest of his life.

1816 - Eliphalet Remington Senior arrived in 1800 and settled in Ilion with his family. By 1816 he opened Remington factory in Ilion which since that time has expanded, providing lucrative employment for many Herkimer County residents.

1818 - Book 12 of Deeds shows Henry Whiting on Turnpike Rd., Herkimer purchasing parcel of land from Christopher D. Lounsberry and wife Sally with a Sarah Lounsberry recorded in the deed transfer. One boundary listed as the corner of Ansel Dewey's lot. David Holt Dodge, Com Pleas also named as person involved at transfer.

1822 - Adrian Brown married Margaretha (Peggy) Herder on November 10, 1822.

1825 - Regligious revivals were flourishing throughout the Mohawk Valley with Charles G. Finney, being the Valley's most celebrated evangelists. Finney preached faith and good work in such a way that he convinced many young men to become evangelists or leaders of reform movements against, alcohol, slavery and injustice. These revivals led to the construction of many churches throughout the state.

1825 - Official opening of the Erie Canal on October 26 was celebrated with Governor Clinton and a party with flotilla boats leaving Buffalo, NY. Celebrations were held at various places along the canal until reaching Little Falls.

1831 - News of the death of Maria Shoemaker living in Columbia, Herkimer County saddens her friends and family. She was born 5/2/1757.

1834 - While residing in Herkimer in August of this year Peter Countryman announced the birth of a son, J. H. Countryman J.H. Countryman years later joined the firm of Peter Countryman & Son, tanners of leather in Poland village. He married in 1857 to Alvira Gorton of Russia, NY who died in 1868. In 1869 he married again to Miss Eliza Berner of the town of Russia. (Information from History of Herkimer County, NY by F. W. Beers)

1834 - Herkimer County Jail completed on the historic four corners of Herkimer. Later in mid 1900's this jail was expanded to N. Washington Street and the old jail (in year 2000) houses the 1834 Jail/Gift Shop.

1835 - John C. Christman and wife Margaret, together with Philip Christman listed with property transaction. Other names recorded were Christine and Peter Dayas (could be Dayar - hard to read). Property location on highway leading from Herkimer and Shells Bush Road. Deed book #48, page 218.

1836 - Marcus Rasbach came home from school to find a gray-haired man visiting his family. He learned this man was one of the Schell twins who had been taken to Canada at the age of 11 when the Schell's home was attacked by Indians. Mr. Schell was 66 years of age at the time of his visit. (Information from George W. Nellis, Roslindale, MA whose family member married a Schell. Mr. Nellis forwarded newspaper clippings to the Middleville Library, Middleville, NY)

1838 - At reading of Ichabod Brown's will, Lauren Ford testified as a witness, that he had known all parties listed in the will "during Ichabod's life." Ichabod and Rebecca Brown had ten children while living at Kast Bridge, Herkimer.

1839 - First bank in the Village of Herkimer was the Agriculture Bank, which commenced business in the year 1839 with Harvey W. Doolittle as president and General P.F. Bellinger as cashier.

1840 - The Snells completed their home around 1840 at 245 N. Main Street, Herkimer.

1841 - Nat Foster previously was accused of killing his next door neighbor Drid (an Indian) while they were on a fishing party up north. It is said that everyone on the fishing party knew that Nat murdered Drid. Drid's real name was Peter Waters, but everyone knew him as Drid. At Nat's trial in Herkimer which lasted two days, the judge repeated the words "Not Guilty" three or four times in the silence of the crowded courtroom. After the death of Drid, Nat Foster never seemed to rest his mind and he would not venture out of doors in the dark. At the age of 74 Nat Foster passed away at the home of his son-in-law, Mr. Edgerton.

1844 - George Petrie is a Justice of the Peace in Herkimer.

1844 - Christian F. Skinner, Platt Potter, Atoinette Potter listed in Deed Book #48, page 135. Boundary line listed bordering Alfred Putnam on Lot #18 of Stone Ridge, Herkimer.

1844 - Book of Deeds #48 recorded on #347 lists Hiram Walrath and Allen G. Larnard, with Benjamin I. Brockett as Justice of the Peace presiding over transaction in the town of Salisbury.

1844 - James A Sherwood, Herkimer will recorded February 19, 1844 in Book of Deeds #48 item #437. Alida Sherwood and John Hays trustees.

1844 - Several property exchanges in Herkimer listed in this time frame for James F. Hildreth whose home address lists him living in County of Fulton.

1845 - On June 13, 1845 George Monroe Helmer was born on Shells Bush Rd. His father was Simon Helmer and mother Saran Allen Stearns. Mr. Helmer later was the first Herkimer mill owner to use electric power supplied by the Municipal Commission. He was one of the organizers of the Universalist Church. He had been employed four years with his father in making cheese in a Herkimer factory at the head of Church Street. At one time he was employed as a bookkeeper at Barse & Lyon Lumber Co. located where the Folts Homes are now located.

1846 - A vote of 10 - 9 was approved on January 14, 1846 for the site of the new county poorhouse. This was for a location two miles south of Middleville on the West Side of highway. The erection of the building was supervised by George W. Alton, George Burch, and Cornelius T. E. VanHorne. This home had an abundance of spring water from the nearby hills, also had many apple orchards and farmlands.

1847-1848 The dusty old dirt roads were being replaced by plank roads. The first in this point of time, was the road from the village of Mohawk through Herkimer and Middleville to Newport. (From: Herkimer County and Upper Mohawk Valley - Benton)

1850 - 2,106 miles of plank roads were laid in New York State alone, mostly radiating from cities like Rome, Syracuse, Rochester. Apparently, areas with rich soil and/or a deficiency of local gravel were more likely to have plank roads. (From Turnpikes of New England)

1854 - Dora Dygert born 1854 in Herkimer; as an adult married Henderson Shaul.

1855 - The Reformed Church on Main Street was erected with brick characteristics of the late Federal-Gothic style. Tiffany and Company designed the interior in 1912. A matching addition was also added to the structure in 1999.

1856 - Mr. Petry gave a piece of land adjoining his property to be developed as School District #9 in the Town of Herkimer. Mr. E. N. Thayer was the builder for this one room brick schoolhouse. After almost 150 years this school building is still in excellent condition facing Farber Lane in the Town of Herkimer.

1856 - Simeon Osborn and wife Hannah Osborn conveyed land to Almira Turtelot in town of Herkimer. Surveyor was Samuel Green.

1857 - A major depression caused much pain over the country and the Mohawk Valley was not exempt. The Agriculture Bank in Herkimer which was organized by Harvey Doolittle as president in 1839 failed and the depositors lost 30% of their deposits.

1857 - Herkimer County Home for the Aged was built on Rt. 28 with two wings added in 1880. Later it was torn down in 1976 when the new state-of-the-art complex was built across the highway. The County Home Cemetery lies on an incline, embraced by a brick retaining wall next to the lands formerly occupied by the first home.

1859 - Thaddeus Hildreth sold parcel of land to Francis A. Osborn in the town of Herkimer - Book 74 of Deeds page 387.

1861 - Byron Morris enrolled at Herkimer in the 81st Infantry Regiment and assigned to Company I. Several years later he served as Captain of Company F after his re-enlistment.

On March 20, 1862 Colonel Ladu's health forced him to resign from the 34th Regiment - more familiary known as the "Herkimer County Regiment." He was succeeded by Lieutenant-Colonel James A. Suiter.

About 1863 George M. Whitney is listed with the New York Volunteers 152nd Regiment.

1864 - North Creek Bridge was built.

1865 - John Wood born l/16/1791 passed away 1/16/1865 and was buried in the Middleville Rural Cemetery.

1865 - Recorded in the Board of Supervisors book of the County of Herkimer:
   S. S. Morgan, Chairman Special Meetings
   L.L. Kane, Chairman Annual Sessions
   J.G. Burrill, Clerk
   J. C. Graves, Assistant Clerk
(Printed by C.A. Ackerman, Rook, Card & Job; Printers 1866; W. Winfield)

1866 - Listed in Book #48 of Deeds, #506 property of Leaman Christman and wife Catherine with Lewis Christman as witness. Property on East side of West Canada Creek and bordering property of James Cole, Peter Kast, and Folts. Alfred Putnam, Justice of the Peace.

1866 - Upon sale of property of Harvey W. Doolittle and Charles Doolittle in the Village of Herkimer the following people were listed being due money from sale: Alfred Putnam, George I. Hilts, John A. Rasbach.
Book 48, #532.

1867 - Under the direction of Charles Harter the Ilion National Bank & Trust Company was organized after receiving its federal charter in 1867. Fiduciary powers were granted by the Federal Reserve Board in 1919.

1870 - The knitting mill of Marks & Elias was built in Herkimer.

1870 - Prestigious home known as Oak Hill Farms was built by Sen. Warner Miller for his wife Caroline Churchill.

1870 - Mark Batchelder is operating his shoe manufacturing establishment on Main Street in Herkimer.

1870 - Eckler Building completed in Italianate style next to the Suiter Building. In 1992 the Historical Society purchased the property and restored the building. In the year 2000 the main library of the Historical Society is now occupying this space together with its computer system. Researchers are afforded lookups in the computer to facilitate a quicker knowledge of where to look for information on their families while at the Society.

1873 - Hotel known as the Allman House was built by Theodore Allman on East Albany Street.

1873 - Remington Standard Typewriter Co. in Ilion now hiring new employees. The company flourished and in 1935 merged with Remington Rand.

1873 - The third Herkimer County Court House was built at 320 North Main Street. The first one located at this site was errected in 1725 after the Palentines settled in the area.

1874 - Roman Catholics banded themselves together and purchased the church on the corner of Washington and Green Streets, then owned by Methodist Episcopal Society. It was dedicated in June 9, 1875 by Rev. Francis McNierney, Bishop of Albany under the title of "St. Francis of Sales." The first regular pastor was Rev. William Howard. (pg. 153 History of Herkimer County New York by F.W. Beers, 1879)

1875 - Francis P. Pryne, son of Henry V. and Catherine Folts Pryne married Fanny Godfrey, daughter of William and Jane Swartout Godfrey on May 25, 1873 at Cedar Lake.

1877 - Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Price settled in Herkimer and conducted church meetings in their home. As the membership increasingly grew in size, the group was able to obtain a pastor from the Free Methodist Church conference. (The Free Methodist Church was first organized on August 23, 1860 at Pekin, Niagara County, NY by a convention of lay members and ministers.) Rev. Stover, the first pastor to Herkimer's Free Methodist Church, was sent by the church conference. Under Rev. Stover's leadership, large crowds gathered at the West Canada Creek to witness the baptismal services performed in the creek. His congretation continued to increase its membership and eventually built a church to accommodate the throngs of people.

1877 - Kenneth and Florence (Eaton) Goldthwait were buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Herkimer this year.

1878 - Annie Hallinan recorded leaving Arhagower Parish in Maho County, Ireland and residing in Little Falls.

1878 - W. B. Fenner and Eliza A. Fenner sold portion of farm to Hiram Farmer in Herkimer with a portion of the farm lately owned by Stephen Turtelotte and Almira Turtelott. Book 111 Deeds page 86.

1879 - McGowan and Richardson opened insurance agency in the Bank Block in Herkimer.

1880 - Delos C. Dempster of Herkimer as guardian of Rosa Hawkins, an infant. Property to Howard M. Hildreth with one border on the land owned by Daniel Farmer. Book 113 of Deeds page 527

1880 - Herkimer Newport & Poland Narrow Gauge Railway Company purchases property for its route from Herkimer to Poland.

1880 - A home was erected at 426 N. Main Street a few doors from the Historic Corner and within the stockade of Fort Dayton. For years this was a gathering place for members of the Herkimer County Bar Association. At one time it was the home for Henry Gillette Munger and later to Justice Zoller and wife Muriel Schmidt Zoller.

1881 - Irving H. Griswold is crushed to death while coupling cars for the railroad, which was one of his duties as conductor. Previously he carried mail by stagecoach from Herkimer to Gray.

1881 - Cornelius Moynihan left Ballyvourney Parish, County Cork, Ireland and took up residence in Little Falls.

1883 - A new standard gauge railroad was put into operation going from Herkimer to Malone, NY. Dr. William Seward Webb constructed the rail system in eighteen months and it was named M & M or Mohawk to Malone railroad.

1884 - The elegant Queene Anne brick building on the corner of Main and Court Streets was completed. It was known as the Suiter Building after having been willed by Dr. A. Walter Suiter and his sister Mary Grace to the Historical Society in 1938.

1885 - Philo Herkimer Dygert and Ellen J. Wick were married in Herkimer on April 22, 1885.

1887 - On May l9, Mr. Charles Bell married Miss Carrie Steele at the Fort Herkimer Church. The Hon. Judge Charles Bell presided over court matters in the Herkimer Surrogate Court, retiring December 31, 1929 at age 70.

1888 - Area is hit by the "Blizzard of '88 which paralyzed New York State. Inhabitants were forced to stay at home until the storm let up. Travel was cautiously done with horse and sleigh or snowshoes. In some places shovels had to be used to break the drifts before the horses could plow a path.

1890 - Herkimer Democrat newspaper of December 31, 1890 obituary lists "Aunt Polly Dye buried in Ionia, Michigan. Wife of Richard Dye - age 71 in 1886. She had emigrated to Ionia over 40 years ago."

1891 - Broomhall Building and Malting Co. organized in the brick building at the foot of Ann Street, Mohawk. Building later occupied by Dufold Co. manufacturer for many years of knit underwear and turtlenecks. Many jobs were offered by Duofold to Mohawk Valley residents. During the 1980's employement grew to over 700 and the plant expanded to Spruce Street in Ilion. Duofold operations closed permanently in 1998 when recent owners changed the name to Morgan-Duofold and later moved the company to Pennsylvania.

1892 - Mr. Michael J. Foley was president of the Standard Furniture Company through the years from 1892 to 1920.

1895 - Stock certificates were issued by the Herkimer, Mohawk, Ilion, and Frankfort Electric Railway in N.Y.S. at $100 per share. The Railway's capitol stock at that time was $55,000.

1896 - Sixteen year old Lydia Marie (Rhea) Greeley became the bride of George Waddell in Charles City, Iowa. In 1960 Mrs. Waddel was living on South Street, W. Winfield in Herkimer County, while her husband was in a nursing home in Sherburne, NY.

1896 - H. G. Mungers store advertised bargains on October 21: "All-wool dress flannels 23 cents a yard; all-wool French plaids-imported-59 cents a yard; Ladies shoes-$1.99, worth $3.00." The H. G. Munger home was located at 426 N. Main Street, Herkimer.

1896 - Byron and Olive Tranceneth Perkins were the proud parents of Mary Perkins, their daughter. In adult life Mary was united in marriage to George F. Owens. The couple operated a farm in West Winfield for many years.

1897 - The home of Colonist Warrior, Colonel Peter Weaver, was located at the Head of Main Street. At the time the street was extended across German Street the Weaver home was moved to another location

1897 - Colonel Peter Webber built his home at 619 W. German Street.

1898 - John Butler was gate tender on the N.Y. Central Railroad. He retired from that position at the age of 70 in 1921.

1898 - The Evening Telegram newspaper was in full operation.

1898 - Charles Cronk, of Herkimer was the architect and Charles Began, was the building contractor for the Little Falls Hospital. It had two large wards and nine private rooms at that time.

1900 - Area school districts will receive more in state aid next year than their taxpayers pay in state school taxes. Herkimer district pays $17,257 and under new rates, Mr. Charles Skinner the state superintendent of public instruction has released news that Herkimer will receive $37,822 to reduce the rate. The Herkimer district residents are elated at the announcement.

By 1900 bicycles were a popular item now with the development of many new pathways and roadways. Repair rates were fixed by a newly organized Cycle Board of Trade. Some of the prices agreed upon were 75 cents to repair a seat, free air for tires, $1.35 to repair a chain guard, $l.50 to fix a wheel spoke, 50 cents to repair an inner tube and 25 cents to adjust a chain.

1900 - Among postcards produced by C. R. Maylenders of Herkimer was a print of the Methodist Church on Prospect Street taken from Albany Street railroad tracks, with the dirt road and horse and buggy in the scene. The view also showed the A. Santello Store by the old railroad tracks with the crossing arms.

1903 - East Herkimer Trolley Bridge completed by Beckwith Quackenbush, contractor for the project.

1906 - Frederick A. Ray of Herkimer publishes his book "Maid of the Mohawk."

1906 - Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) erected a Memorial marker on the spot where John Christian Schell was felled at his home on Shells Bush Road during a sneak attack by an Indian in 1836.

1907 - Howard M. Hildreth passed away Dec. 7, 1907 leaving a widow Annie T. Hildreth and two daughters Margaret C, Madelein H. Mann, and two sons Hiram T. and Cadwalder Hildreth listed as heirs at law in Petition to Surrogate's office. (Note: this was the way Madelein was spelled in Deed)

1907 - Stefan Ochodnicki born in Kraja, Czechoslovakia arrived in New York City from Bremen, Germany on vessel SS "Bradenburg." He moved to Herkimer County and married Anna Bumbala in Little Falls.

1908 - Petition filed in Surrogate Court on June 1, 1908 alleging that Howard M. Hildreth died intestate on or about Dec. 7, 1907, leaving a widow Annie T. Hildreth and two daughters Margaret C. Hildreth & Madelein H. Mann and two sons Hiram T. Hildreth and Cadwalder Hildreth as his only heirs at law.

1914 - Two story brick house was built on the corner of N. Prospect and Church Streets and was the home of Justice Irving R. Devendorf, who was nationally recognized as the judge in the famed Gillette murder trial.

1916 - Michael and Angela (Antonucci) Morelli announce the birth of their son Rocco G. Morelli on January 9, 1916.

1917 - Raging fire destroyed the Earl Building on the corner of Green and North Main Streets.

1917 - War was declared - everything changed. Various days of the week are meatless, wheatless, gasless, and heatless. Woman work in factories and hemlines are rising. (From Herkimer newspaper)

1918 - Influenza Pandemic outbreak killed more people in the United States than World War I. The devastating affects spread to Herkimer County.

1919 - Company M of the New York State Infantry returned to the Mohawk Armory in April of this year.

1920 - A team of eight horses were used to plow the road from Herkimer to Cold Brook. When the snow was too deep for the horses it would have to be shoveled by hand to permit the horses to plow through the towering drifts.

In 1920 Howard P. Helmer was the mail carrier using his horse and buggy for delivery. Back in those days Helmer paid for his own feed for his horses, as well as keeping them properly shoed and groomed. Howard was well liked by the residents and it was not unusual for them to ask him to pick something up from the store and deliver it to them along his mail route. In March of 1945 Howard's route covered 33 miles. Mr. Helmer was also very active in all activities concerning School House No. 9 in the Town of Herkimer.

1920 - Roy L. McGibney buys the Allman House.

1920 - It was starting this year that Albert E. Bleekman leased the "Garden Inn" in Richfield Springs together with his son-in-law G.A. Vielhauer. Mr. Bleekman was born in Stratford, NY on April 17, 1856 and moved to Herkimer in 1897. Mr. Bleekman was a member of the Baptist Church and Herkimer Tent of the Maccabees.

1921 - Dempster's long wooden covered bridge on Route 28 was replaced by a steel truss and concrete arched bridge. In 1965, the NYS Highway changed the course of the West Canada Creek because of all the mud and snow slides from adjoining hills blocking the roadway. The highway was rerouted around the "dugout" near Kast Bridge. At this time Dempster's bridge was torn down.

In 1922 Nettie Hickson Smith was waiting to become one of the Mohawk Valley's richest women. She was one of the heirs to the fortune of the late Elizabeth Astor, first wife of multimillionaire fur baron John Jacob Astor. The Astors died about 1845 and it had taken many decades to settle their estates because of the very complicated wills. In 1925 Nettie, who was employed at the Waverly Hotel in Herkimer finally received her share and became a millionaire.

1922 - Also happening in the year 1922, Elizabeth M. Ward accepted a teaching position with the Ilion School District. Miss Ward grew up in Moravia, NY and attended Cortland State Teachers College. Miss Ward retired in 1957 from the Ilion school district.

In 1922 Percival F. Brittan left England to come to the United States. He first located in Illinois moving on to Michigan before residing in Mohawk in the 1930's. Prof. Brittan taught music and art in the Mohawk schools. The beautiful countrysides surrounding Mohawk, Herkimer, etc. were an inspiration for his many sketches and paintings. He could be seen outdoors sketching away on his next masterpiece and enjoying every minute of it. He was the only artist in his family. When he lived on Catherine Street in Mohawk, his home was artistically arranged with his paintings in warm colors throughout the rooms.

1923 - May 6,1923 William J. Grimes celebrated his 94th birthday.

1923 - Theodore Palmer Griswold passed away at the age of 39 in 1923. He was born February 25, 1884. For many years he was secretary and treasurer of Christ Church on Main Street in Herkimer. He was involved in many varied activities including the Masons.

1925 - The new Herkimer Memorial Hospital was dedicated and opened to the community. The three-story, light brick building was located just above Church Street, on a slight bank, overlooking German Street and represented an investment of $174,000.

1927 - Announcement was made of a plan for building a new school in Middleville. E. P. Sharp of Herkimer was awarded the construction project to build the school on a piece of land overlooking the picturesque West Canada Creek. The school was completed and ready to move into in 1929.

1928 - These people are listed as conveying perpetual easement of their property to the Village of Herkimer in order to lay water supply pipe lines on their property on Route 28: Margaret Laws, Madeline H. Grant and Hiram T. Hildreth, all of Germantown, Tennessee; J. Cadwalder Hildreth of Akron, Ohio; Edna Hildreth wife of J. Cadwalder Hildreth of Akron, Ohio. Other names mentioned in boundaries were: Margaret H. Laws, Madeline H. Grant, Edna Hildreth.

1928 - Charles A. Shepard and Amelia R. Homrighaus his wife of Herkimer purchase the property of Howard M. Hildreth (deceased) from the Hildreth heirs of the property. - Charles A. Shepard and wife Amelia R. sold a parcel of land to Harry Coffin and wife which parcel borders on north, the lands owned by Earl Smith on Route 28, town of Herkimer; Recorded Book 292 of Deeds page 570. (surveyed by Wood, Rasbach and Forrest, Civil Engineers, Herkimer.

1929 - The Stock Market crashes.

1930 - Horrocks Desk Company commences two week vacation in July of 1930. - Hale Manufacturing Company announces their plans for a brief vacation, - National Desk plant will be closing for inventory August 4. - Quackenbush Gun shop to have no vacation period this year. - Standard Furniture is following their previous vacation schedules.

1931 - County Route 7 Bridge over West Canada Creek at the Hamlet of Kast Bridge in Herkimer County being replaced. (Replaced again in 1999 because of flagged weight limits that excluded trucks which must take lengthy detours.)

1934 - From the West Winfield Star - Vito and Stella Pavaloich announce the forthcoming wedding of their daughter Jennie to Louis Tilbe.

1939 - Hubbard Heel Co. moves to Herkimer from Dolgeville.

1940 - Hummel's Office Supplies opens store. Continues to grow and expand to several other areas over the years.

1943 - Infantile Paralysis epidemic spreads across the United States. Our Herkimer County was not exempt from the ravage of the paralyzing affliction. Doctors all over the country were working frantically with those affected. (A polio vaccine has not yet been developed.)

1945 - Grace H. Palmer of 3l6 Margaret Street, Herkimer listed in Quit Claim Deed. Recorded Book 359 Deeds, page 158.

1946 - School No. 19 on the Middleville Road, Herkimer announces its closing. Students now transferred to schools in the Village of Herkimer. Mr. Anderson and family have maintained the school building in excellent repair for his phonograph collection since the closing of the sturdy red brick schoolhouse.

1947 - Humphrey Memorials opens new gravestone business on the Middleville Road not too far from Shells Bush Road.

1950 - Herkimer County Dairy run by the Hladysz family on the Middleville Road has been obtaining many more customers on its milk delivery route. The three Hladysz brothers operate the farm and their own milk processing plant, delivering door to door to many customers in the surrounding towns.

1951 - Calla M. Shepard Waite, formerly Calla M. Shepard, of Little Valley, New York conveys property at RFD #l (Route 28) Herkimer to Harry Coffin, Jr. and Marian Coffin, his wife. Recorded Book 443 Deeds, page 530.

1952 - Eric E. Ley is president of the Herkimer Kiwanis Club. - Harrison Hummel is Chairman of the Herkimer Athletic Association. - Irving Basloe, Esq. president of the Athletics Association. - Judge Blaugrand presides over Herkimer County Family Court.

1956 - Utica Club Beer selling at three quarts for $1 in Herkimer Stores.

1959 - A monument on Smith Road, Town of Herkimer to honor Lt. Solomon Woodworth and his brave men was erected at the site where they fell in battle during the Revolutionary War. This farm property has been owned by the Smith family over 200 years.

1960 - Hon. Edmund A. McCarthy, Herkimer County Judge, was guest speaker at the annual dinner of the Holy Name Society of St. Joseph's Church, West Winfield. Some of the persons present were Maurice Doyle, Francis Kerwin, Paul Blowers, Stanley Lonchek, Arthur Sherwood, Peter Kujawski, Alfred Parks, and T. W. Smith. Father James H. Curley spoke briefly.

1960 - Lucy A. Dye, of Wall Street, W. Winfield, passed away after a long illness.

In 1961 the Robert J. McGibney estate sold property on E. Albany Street, which for years was occupied by the Herkimer Hardware Co. The Cut Rate Market will operate at this address. The sale was through Basloe and Levin, local realtors.

In 1962 Gordon Weinstein, president of Winns of Herkimer and Charles Weinsteine, president of the Utica Winns completed negotiations on the purchase of a Cut Rate building. Attorney Daniel Blaugrand represented both parties during the transaction.

1966 - Mirror Lake Dairy on W. Lake Ave., Herkimer does progressive ad campaign to gain new milk customers for home delivery or cash and carry.

1966 - Herkimer County Community College completed this year and enrollment of it's first students has begun.

1967 - Sixty fireman from Herkimer and Mohawk battle a blaze which started at Myer's Clothing Store in the Myers Block owned by Saul Myers. A firewall in a building owned by the Rush family prevented flames shooting up the sides of the Stearn Bldg. from destroying the entire block. Judith Rush, co-owner of the Bush store, was out of the area at the time. Upon receiving the news of the raging fire, she scurried to the scene to unlock her building and was relieved to find there would only be smoke damage.

1971 - Duofold began its first year of their expansion project at their new building in the Harry S. Truman Industrial Park, Spruce St., Ilion. (The former Sperry-Rand UNIVAC plant.)

1999 - With the completion of the new Latter Day Saints Church in East Herkimer it was announced a Family History Center would be located here for researchers.

2000 - At this time we still find the "well" used by Fort Dayton intact on the site of a home occupying the piece of land which is next to the Herkimer County Historical Society Buildings.

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