This eye-catching picture of downtown Herkimer was first printed in The Herkimer Evening Telegram on November 12, 1953.

Old Herkimer Buildings

THESE OLD FRAME AND BRICK BUILDINGS, all built before the Civil War, were an important part of Herkimer's Main street shopping district at the time Chester W. Palmer started the business which is now the Herkimer Hardware Co. From left to right the buildings and occupants have been identified as follows: M. M. Draper's bake shop and restaurant; side by side in the next building were Louis Turner's meat market and Henry Voight's tailor shop; the tall building in the center housed the Koonz photographic studio upstairs, John Zintsmaster's harness shop downstairs, and Alden Kent's saloon in the basement. The booth on the sidewalk was a display case of harness and bridle ornaments. The building was later moved to Park Avenue and is still in use by Harter & Harris Electric Co. The next building included Peter Lepper's cobbler shop and a sewing machine business operated by Thomas Bedworth. The next was the residence of Dr. George Graves, father of the present George Graves, justice of the peace, deputy fire chief John Graves and the late Dr. James Graves. Adjoining was the brick home of County Judge Ezra Graves, father of Dr. George Graves. The large brick building at the extreme right was the Schermer Grand Opera House, built in 1880. It presently houses the W.T. Grant store. Most of the buildings were either torn down or moved to make way for construction of the Earl block which was destroyed by fire in 1917.

This next building is still there and has had many varied occupants over the years. This image was used with permission from The Herkimer Evening Telegram dated June 3, 2000.

111 W. Smith St., Herkimer

Pictured is 111 W. Smith St., Herkimer, as it appeared in the early part of the century. From 1915 to 1922, the building was a store owned and operated by Frank and Anna Pugliese. The building currently is the home of Jill Rae Signs. The gentleman leaning against the building at left is believed to be Mr. Pugliese.

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