Mirror Lake

For years Mirror Lake was a popular place for people to spend a quiet, peaceful day relaxing. Many people enjoyed what was a picturesque setting for row boating, swimming, and picnicking. In the winter many people enjoyed ice skating at this very same spot. People who now shop at Herkimer's P & C can view the remains of this overgrown lake to the left of the building as they enter the P & C Plaza.

At one time Wood & Little, Herkimer ice dealers, would harvest about 5,000 tons of ice from Mirror Lake to fill their ice house. The clear ice on the lake would average from 8" to 12" thick after a cold winter. People would gather to watch the ice being cut into blocks.

(added 7/27/03, from a June 1933 issue of the newspaper "Herkimer Telegram.") In June 1933 the village ordered that all bathers must wear top piece (even in the sun) with their bathing trunks, otherwise they will be apprehended said Chief of Police Morris Keller. Local authorities have received complaints from persons who bathe in West Canada Creek and Mirror Lake that bathers have been seen going into the water with only trunks on.

Indecency in swimming with trunks and no top cover would not be tolerated said Chief Keller.

"If bathers want sun tan on their backs it's all right, but they had better make sure that there is a front piece and back support to their suits or they will be brought into court," he said.

Betsy Voorhees
Town of Herkimer Editor
March 2003

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