Herkimer and Montgomery County, NY

Newspaper Items 1901

Source: Utica Semi-Weekly Press, October 18, 1901. Only news containing names was transcribed.

Herkimer News:

Was Due to Poor Health
A Herkimer Young Man's Act

Emory Nichols, Who Is Well Known in the Village, Takes Sixteen Morphine Pills With Alleged Suicidal Intentions

Strenuous Efforts by Physician Saves His Life - Mentally Affected.

Herkimer, Oct. 17--Emory Nichols of this village, who is well known, attempted to commit suicide last evening by taking sixteen morphine pills. Owing to the good work of Dr. Burgess the rash act was prevented. Young Nichols, who is in his 24th year, has been employed by P. H. Brown during the latter part of the summer, and of late he has been feeling quite badly.  Last evening he left his home as usual and went to one of the local drug stores and purchased a large quanity of morphine pills. He then went home and after swallowing them sank into a deep slumber. It was some time before his family realized that he was suffering from some opiate, and then they immediately notified the doctor, who worked over the young man until 4 o'clock this morning. To-day he is reported to be improving and it is hoped that he will recover. It is thought that his mind has been affected during the past week and this accounts for the act.

Three Weddings

Herkimer, Oct. 17--A pretty home wedding occurred last evening at Hollingsworth Heights, when Lulu, the daughter of Mrs. H. Hollingsworth, became the wife of William Wright of this village.  The contracting parties are well known in this village and are highly respected.  Mr. Wright is bookkeeper at the Paragon Knitting mill, Mohawk, and Miss Hollingsworth is one of the leading ladies of the village.  The marriage was performed by Rev. A. P. Palmer and Miss Ruby Hollingsworth, sister of the bride, and Floyd Casler of Little Falls attended the young couple.  After the ceremony the young couple left for Buffalo and will be home after Dec. 1.

Herkimer, Oct. 17--The marriage of William E. Kent of Grand Rapids, Mich., and Miss Nellie Evans of Utica was performed by Rev. A. P. Palmer of the First M. E. Church at the parsonage this morning at 10 o'clock.

Herkimer, Oct. 17--At 8 a. m. to-day occurred the marriage of M. McCoy of Raquette Lake to Miss Lena Mills of Glen Falls. Rev. A. P. Palmer performed the ceremony.

Frankfort News:

Death of Mrs. Abigail Osmond

Who Once Had a Narrow Escape from Being Captured by Indians 

Frankfort, Oct. 17--The death of Mrs. Abigail Osman occurred early this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Florence Willman.  Mrs. Osman was born at Fort Herkimer nearly 83 years ago, but has resided in Frankfort about 50 years.  She was a consistent member of the M. E. Church and was a sincere Christian woman who won and retained the esteem of all who knew her.  During the revolutionary period the grandmother of the deceased was once compelled to flee with her two children from the Indians.  Realizing that she must soon be overtaken she crawled under a rude bridge which crossed a stream and wrapped her little ones in her dress skirt to keep them warm and quiet.  She remained concealed until the red skins had crossed the bridge over her head and disappeared.  Having an idea that some one might possibly be secreted under the bridge, some of the savages thrust their bayonets through the crevices between the rough bridge planks barely missing the brave fugitive.  Mrs. Osman lost her husband, Benjamin Osman, several years ago and has since resided with her daughter, who survives her with one grandson.  The funeral will be held from her late home at 2 p. m. Saturday, Rev. W. F. Markham officiating.

Frankfort, Oct. 17--Mrs. Charles Cookingham and Miss Elva Pratt of New Hartford, have been guests of Mrs. Charles Pratt.

Frankfort, Oct. 17--Twenty-one members of the Fortnightly Club enjoyed a strawride to the home of Miss Hunt south of the village last evening.  While the springs of the conveyance might possibly been more "springy" nothing was lacking in the welcome which the ladies received upon reaching their destination.  The meeting was called to order by the president at 8 o'clock, and the responses to roll calll were made by reciting some item of recent current events.  The chief matter of business was the discussion of prices to be charged for single admissions to the first library entertainment which occurs November 1.  In view of the fact that this is a very expensive entertainment it was decided to charge 35 cents for single admission.  The program of the evening was then taken up.  Mrs. Russell was called on for a report of the meeting last week of the State Federation of Women's Clubs to which Mrs. Russell was delegate.  Mrs. Russell's report was entirely extemporaneous and was most interesting.  As a matter of local interest she mentioned that at the opening session the only officer present at the scheduled hour of opening was Miss Lucy Watson of Utica, second vice president of the federation.  Mrs. Russell spoke of the benefit which she believed came from these meetings and cited several of the addresses which most appealed to her.  The first paper of the evening was one by Miss Leonard, who gave a clear and entertaining account of the society of Cincinnati.  Miss Clark had the subject of the Black Plague.  Although not exactly a pleasant topic, it was treated in a very lucid manner.  Miss Pope discussed "Prisons and Prisonships," giving a vivid description of the terrors encountered by the unfortunates whose lot it was to be thrown into those veritable pits of death.  Miss Orcutt was fortunate enough to have a pleaster topic in the "Literature of the Revolution," and she handled her subject most charmingly and in a manner which held the closet attention of her hearers.  "The Music of the Revolutionary Period" was delightfully described by Mrs. G. H. Watson.  The eighteen original verses of "Yankee Doodle," most of which were "new" to her hearers were given and created much amusement.  Mrs. Watson also gave some illustrations of the music in vogue, among them being a lament of David.  No one hearing the lament could doubt that David mourned or hearing, could fail to lament with him.  At the close of the program the hostess served light refreshments and some time was then spent in looking over some of the artistic work done by Miss Hunt and in admiring some of her furnishings.  A hearty vote of thanks for her hospitality was given the hostess and the club members returned home after a delightful evening.

The Tooney-Muckey Wedding

Frankfort, Oct. 16--The marriage of William Tooney of New York and Miss Mildred Muckey took place at the home of the bride's parents,  Mr. and Mrs. Warner Muckey, at 10 a.m. to-day. The house was prettily decorated with palms, potted plants, asters, dahlies and carnations. The bride was attired in a traveling gown of mixed green goods, with white silk waist. Rev. G. O. Webster performed the ceremony in the presence of about forty friends and relatives. Miss Jane Fricks of Mohawk accompanied the bride as maid of honor and Miss Gussie Crossman of Frankfort acted as bridesmaid. Benjamin Farrell of Frankfort was best man. Miss Frick wore blue broadcloth and Miss Crossman was gowned in grey broadcloth. Little Kittie Muckey preceded the bridal party carrying the wedding ring on a tray. After the ceremony came hearty congratulations and best wishes and then the guests sat down to a delicious wedding breakfast. The bridal gifts were numerous, beautiful and costly. Among them was a unique dish in the form of a lobster, which was the possession of the great grandmother of the groom and which will be especially prized for its family associations.  Mr. and Mrs. Tooney left on the noon train for a visit to the Pan American. Among the guests from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. James Shoemaker, Mrs. Eugene Davis, son and two daughters, John Lints, Mrs. William Muddeman of Utica; Miss Jane Frick, Mohawk; Williard Roberts, Frankfort Center. Mr. and Mrs. Tooney have many friends who will unite in wishing them a happy and prosperous married life.

Frankfort, Oct. 16--J. J. Duddleston and son Janion are visiting the Pan-American.

West Frankfort

--Among those who have returned from the Pan-American are John Yack, Jake Johnson, Ralph Morris, Bert Short, Edward Ferguson and Nathaniel Darling.

--Mr. & Mrs. William R. Williams of Oriskany and Mr. & Mrs. Griffin Roberts of New Hartford, were the guests of Hugh Hughes Sunday.

--R. Austin and son are in the southern part of Herkimer county and Otsego county looking for beef cattle.

--Mrs. Anson Cheeseman is with her daughter at Perch River.

--Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather on Wednesday night, a goodly number of ladies attended the parlor meeting and listened to the excellent report of the State W. C. T. U. convention given by Mrs. McKoon, who has just returned from there and is visiting her sister, Mrs. Louisa Faulkner. Mrs. McKoon will return to her home in Long Eddy in a few days.

--The following delegates have been elected to attend the Epworth League convention at Ilion: The Misses Cora Ferguson and Grace Borden and Arthur Darling.

Frankfort Hill

--The next social will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Widrig.  It is to be a mum social and will occur October 25.
Quarterly meeting services will be held Oct. 27 in the afternoon.

West Winfield News:

West Winfield, Oct. 15--H. H. Wilcox has begun business since he was burned out on West Main street in a dwelling formerly occupied by Mrs. GreenF. C. Wilcox has his furniture and undertaking in the same house.  There is no prospect that the burned district will be rebuilt this fall.

--Will Horrigan met with a sad mishap recently.  He had been helping thresh at A. M. Rice's and had finished the job and in throwing the belt off the wheel, his hand was caught and drawn into a wheel and the arm broken in three places.  He has gone to Buffalo to see Dr. Ira Sweet, the celebrated bone-setter.

--Mrs. George Barstow and daughter are doing the fair at Buffalo this week.  C. E. Morgan and wife are also in Buffalo.

--It is reported that Dr. Armstrong has taken in a partner, Dr. Clarence Wood, who has been in pratice at Wells Bridge for some years.  He will be remembered as a graduate of the West Winfield Union School and Academy.

--The editor of the Winfield Star will hereafter be found in the rear of J. I. Dowling's dental parlors in the Beals block.

Ilion News:

Death of William Swain, A Well Known Resident

Ilion, Oct. 17--William Swain died at his home, No. 11 East Clark street, at an early hour this morning, aged 56, after an illness of about two months.   Deceased came to Ilion from Birmingham, England, thirty-two years ago and enteres the employ of E. Remington & Sons.  After several years he went to Worcester, Mass., returning to Ilion several years ago, since which he has been employed in the assembling department of the type writer works.  Deceased was a member of Quinsigamond Lodge No. 43, I. O. O. F., of Worcester, Mass., also a member of the Order of Maccabees and Damon Lodge, No. 125, Knights of Pythias, of this village, the latter having charge of the funeral and are requested to meet at their hall at 1:30 p.m. Sunday.  Mr. Swain leaves a wife, two sons and one daughter, residents of this village and one brother and sister of Birmingham, Eng., besides a host of friends and acquaintances to mourn his loss.  Funeral will be held from his late residence on East Clark street at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon and from the Episcopal Church at 2:30, Rev. William M. Cook conducting the services.

Montgomery County, NY

Canajoharie News:

Daniel Shaper and Miss Augusta L. Waner United in Matrimony

Canajoharie, Oct. 17--At the home of the bride's father, Paul Waner, in Seebers Lane, occurred the marriage of his daughter, Miss Augusta L. Waner, to Daniel C. Shaper.  Promptly at 6:30 the bridal party took their places in the parlor.  Miss Carrie K. Waner, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid and William Allen acted as best man.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. A. E. Schmitthenner.  After a bountiful repast was served, Mr. and Mrs. Shaper left on a midnight train for Buffalo.

Canajoharie, Oct. 17--The Sockalexis Concert Company is playing to good houses in Wagner Opera Hall, and it is one of the best companies that has ever come to this village.

Canajoharie, Oct. 17--The Monday Evening Club will meet with Mrs. J. D. Peters next week.

Canjoharie, Oct. 15--Ernest Brickner is spending a few days in New York City.

Canajoharie, Oct. 15--The marriage of Miss Louise Katherine Fredericks and John C. Fosmer of Palatine Bridge will occur October 28 at 7 o'clock at the home of the bride's mother.

Canajoharie, Oct. 15--Frank Kearns of this village, and Miss Alice Murphy of Amsterdam, will be married to-morrow.

Canajoharie, Oct. 16--Frank Kearns of this village, and Miss Alice Murphy of Amsterdam were united in marriage at 9 o'clock this morning at St. Mary'sChurch.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Father Mooney.  Miss Margaret Murphy, a sister of the bride, was bridesmaid, and Frank McKeough of Greenville acted as best man.  The bride was attired in a gown of dove color crepe de chine, with white silk trimmings and applique.  She carried a pearl prayer book.  The bridesmaid's dress was of castor colored cloth.  After the ceromny the bridal couple was conveyed to the home of the bride at 5 Dean stret, where a bounteous repast was served and a reception followed in the afternoon.  Mrs. and Mrs. Kearns left on the 5:25 train for New York City, and upon their return will reside in Frankfort.  Those present from this village were Mrs. Theodore Sloper, Mrs. Dennie Kearns, Miss May Kearns, Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Murphy, Richard, Edward and Margaret Murphy.

Canajoharie, Oct. 15--Arthur Bleeker of Amsterdam, succeeds John Rose as machinist at the Sack Factory.

Canajoharie, Oct. 15--Supervisors Roser and Spaker have received a check from the New York Central Railroad Company for $13,635.94, the amount which the company agreed to pay to have the bridge elevated to give a clearance of 21 feet above its tracks.

Canajoharie, Oct. 15--At the annual meeting of the Canajoharie Creamery Company the following directors were elected: President, W. J. Roser; secretary and treasurer, W. H. Lipe; H. A. Diefendorf, S. W. Cohen and Vedder Yates.  The company did a business of $97,000 last year; their disbursements being $69,475.  They secured 5,600,000 gallons of milk and are paying the farmers $9,200 a month.

Canajoharie, Oct. 15--The first assembly by the Canajoharie Dancing Club will be given at Wagner's Hall Oct. 23.  Committee, Walter H. Lipe, James H. Cook, A. C. Sticht.  Music will be furnished by Wires & Gerrard of Herkimer.

Canajoharie, Oct. 15--Cameron Tunnicliff, who conducts a hotel between this village and Fort Plain, plead guilty to selling liquor without a license yesterday at Fonda before Judge Nisbet, and was fined $50 which he paid, and in addition loses $91 which he had deposited for a license, but which was not granted because no bond could be secured.

Dolgeville News:

Fort Plain, Oct. 17--Tomorrow night will be one of the "big ones" at the Catholic fair.  Several well-known singers are expected from Utica to put on an entertainment and delegations are also expected from Little Falls and other valley towns.  The attendance thus far has been highly satisfactory, about 400 finding admission to the hall every night.

--The Champion Piano Case Company, whose planted is located here, will henceforth be known as the Adirondack Piano Case Company, an order of the court to that effect going into force today.

--William Heyward has departed for Massachusetts.

--The Columbia Bowling Club meets tomorrow night.

--Leon Rundell has taken up his former position in Eaton & Boland's machine shop.

Fort Plain News:

Fort Plain, Oct. 15--At the annual meeting of the Women's Christian Temperance Union the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:  President, H. A. White; first vice president, Mrs. John Stemple; second vice president, Mrs. John Mosher; third vice president, Mrs. Hawn; recording secretary, Mrs. E. T. Low; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Maggie Smith; treasurer, Miss Adaline Ehle; social committee, H. M. Eldridge, Mrs. Austin Weller. The regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. will be held in the Church of the Messiah Thursday at 3 o'clock.  A report of the state convention will be given by the delegate, Mrs. H. A. White. 

--Miss Clara Thurwood has been visiting in Utica.

--Miss Catherine Wagner of Gloversville, is visiting friends in this village.

--Miss Florence Cook is the guest of relatives in Winsted, Conn.

--Mrs. Henry Sparks is visiting in New York and Poughkeepsie.

--Fredolin Salmen is the guest of his daughter at Newark, N.J.

--William C. Wock is now in the employ of George T. Gibbs, Little Falls.

Fort Plain, Oct. 16--Wells S. Grant is in New York.

--Miss Rexa Wood is the guest of relatives in New York.

--Mrs. W. H. Selwood of New York is the guest of Mrs. A. P. Fritcher.

--Mr. and Mrs. James Hollerman of Utica are guests at the home of Samuel Van Eppe.

--Mrs. C. H. Wood and daughter of Madison, S. D., are visiting at the home of Frank J. Selwood.

--Mrs. O. O. Austin and Miss Emma Austin leave on Saturday for Wilmington, S. C., where they will spend the winter.

--Leon Kelsey has accepted a position in a law office in Syracuse.  He is spending a few days at his home in Little Falls.

--At noon to-day the marriage of W. D. Beekman of this village to Miss Katherine E. Griffiths was solemnized at the home of the bride at 801 Midland Avenue, Syracuse.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milan Griffiths and for the last few years has been teaching at the preparatory school at Randolph.  The groom is a well known druggist of Fort Plain.  The bride was gowned in white silk trimmed with Persian applique, and carried a bouquet of bride roses.  Rev. F. W. Betts, pastor of the First Universalist Church officiated.  There were no attendants, and the guests were confined to immediate members of the family.  The parlors were tastefully decked with autumn foliage and in the dining room the decorations were of carnations and smilax.  After a wedding breakfast, Mr. and Mrs. Beekman left for New York.  They will be home at Fort Plain after November 1.

Fort Plain, Oct. 17--Abram Zoller, a produce shipper of this village, has filed a petition in bankruptcy with debts amounting to $18,189.21, and no assets.  The heaviest creditor is the firm of Egbert & Case of New York, for $13,282.17, a judgement covering seven promissary notes given by Zoller.  Other creditors are the Fort Plain National Bank, $920.52; H. M. Eldredge of this village, $207.91; Jacob Zoller of Little Falls, $2815.20.

--The engagement of Irene C. Duncan and Samuel Hall is announced.  Mr. Hall's home is in West Bloomfield and he was at one time a C. L. I. cadet.

--Mr. and Mrs. William Gros are visiting in Rochester.

--Miss Lenore Corte of Canajoharie, is the guest of friends in Fort Plain.

--Miss Ada Sisson of Fayettville is the guest of Mrs. Menzo Snyder.

--Hon. Angell Matthewson of Parsons, Kansas, is visiting in this village.  Mr. Matthewson recently returned from an extensive European tour and is now on his way home.

Many Fort Plainers at the Pan-American

Fort Plainers at the Pan-American this week are:  M. D. Reynolds and wife, Miss Blanche Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shaut, Mrs. Charles Weeks, Mrs. Abram Wagner, Mrs. L. Roof, N. D. Young, A. V. Doxstader, J. E. Young, Seymour Van Valkenburg, Mrs. Lizzie Shaffer, Seneca Seward and daughter, Albert Alter, S. E. Wiles and family, Elmer Fox, Clarence Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rickard, Mr. and Mrs. John Muehleck, Jerome Head, Adelbert Barnum, Melville Graham, Mr. and Mrs. George Hesgen, Ephraim Wagner and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dunkle, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moyer, Mrs. George Sparks, Mrs. Davis and daughter, Mrs. J. C. Moyer.

St. Johnsville News:

St. Johnsville, Oct. 15--Mrs. Abram Tilyoe lies in a very precarious condition at the residence of her son, William Tilyoe at Van Hornesville as the result of an accident last Friday.  Mrs. Tilyoe, who resides a short distance fron VanHornesville, was on her way to that place in a light wagon drawn by a team of spirited horses, driven by Tilyoe's hired man. A trace becoming unhitched while descending a slight declivity the loosened whiffletree struck the horses, startling them into a run.  The end of the tongue striking the ground, both parties were thrown out.  Mrs. Tilyoe was conveyed to her son's residence and Dr. Jackson of Ft. Plain summoned.  The shock to Mrs. Tilyoe's nervous system was severe and the extent of her injuries was not easily ascertained, as she is afflicted with a weak heart, which greatly complicates the situation.  Lawrence, the driver, on whom the responsibility for the accident rests, was also severely, but not seriously injured.

--Andrew Root of Stark, who was at the hospital at Utica for several weeks was expected to return home to-day.  His condition is unimproved.

--Chauncey E. DeLong, a prominent citizen, died at his residence there on Wednesday last of pnemonia, in the 60th year of his age.  Mr. DeLong was a Democrat politically and had held several important positions in his native town.  He is survived by his widow, (born Elizabeth Failing of St. Johnsville) one son, Charles L. DeLong of Little Falls and four daughters, Mrs. Byron Root, Mrs. Alfred D. Cramer, Miva DeLong, and Miss Grace DeLong of Danube.  The funeral was held at the late residence Saturday, Rev. Dewitt Lanphere of Minden officiating, assisted by Rev. A. D. Yantis of Fort Plain. The internment was in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Minden.

St. Johnsville, Oct. 16--Emory G. Storms is seriously ill with catarrhal pnemonia.

--The sale of Hadley Jones' bank stock, which should have taken place yesterday, has been postponed to October 28.

--Lester Johnson of Danube was married to-day to Kittie, daughter of Dr. John D. Young, of Starkville, Rev. B. E. Fake officiating.

--Postmaster Fox is confined to his house by an attack of influenza.

--Rev. G. E. Harsh and Rev. D. A. Day are attending conference at Freybush.

--Asa Youker of Oppenheim was married to-day to Mrs. Edick of South Columbia.

A Grist of Interesting Notes from a Down the Valley Town

St. Johnsville, Oct. 17--Sherebiah Johnson of Oppenheim has purchased the property of Otto Gladt on West Liberty street, consideration $2300.  Mr. Johnson has leased his farm and contemplates moving to this place.

--D. R. Nangle is attending conference at Freybush, as representative of St. Paul's E. L. congregation of this place.

--The Herkimer authorities are prepared to arrest the three hoboes committed from here yesterday for train jumping when their five days' sentence has elapsed on a charge of buglary. 

--Quite a number from this place attended the Nestle-Miller wedding at Little Falls last evening.

--Rev. D. A. Davy, Seymour Handy, Miss Marie Dillenback and Miss Jennie Keller attended the Luthern League convention at Schenectady this week.

--The local Epworth League is represented at the Ilion convention this week by the Miss Minnie Storms and Mae Hyde and Mrs. Arthur Cline.

--Mr. and Mrs. George Turnbull, Jr., of Ilion, are the guests of Assistant Postmaster Alex Turnbull.

--Mrs. O. J. Hogan, who has been seriously ill is convalescent.

--Mrs. H. W. P. Allen is at Dolgeville, the guest of Mrs. A. L. Leavitt.

--Frank Morey, who is a sufferer from the effects of a paralytic attack some years ago, is now an inmate of the Watkins sanitarium.

--George B. Zimmerman is at Freybush as a delegate to the conference from the church at Crum Creek.

--The Democrat ticket in Oppenheim is as follows:  Supervisor, James Austin; town clerk, William Clemons; highway commissioner, Marshall Youker; collector, Frank Seamon

--John Wood at Crum Creek is seriously ill.

--Mrs. Henry Bettinger of Lassellsville, is at the Albany Hospital for surgical treatment.

--The venerable Mrs. John I. Zoller of Minden, is fast declining in health.

--Dr. C. C. Vedder of this village, is the Republican candidate for coroner and Dr. A. Walrath the Democratic.

Mohawk News:

Mohawk, Oct.16--At the Reformed Church in this village at 6 o'clock this evening took place the marriage of Edward Millton Allis of Springfield, Mass., and Miss Florence Mabel Wightman, elder daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Oliver C. Wightman of this place.  The church was artistically trimmed under the direction of Miss M. Adelaide Cunningham, the effect being an immense wedding bell made by many creeping vines suspended from the reflector in the center of the ceiling to the corners of the room and the window casings.  Adding to this wild flowers, autumn leaves and sumach sprinkled with tiny electric lights, the scene presented a charming one.

Mohawk, Oct.16--At their home on Fulton street in this village, last evening, the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Witherstine was observed in an exceedingly pleasant manner.  There were numerous callers, and the occasion was made an enjoyable one for all.  Refreshments were served, at the conclusion og which an address of a nature congratlatory to the celebrants were delivered by Rev. D. M. Lewis, Mr. Witherstine responding in a fitting manner. Mr. & Mrs. Witherstine received a number of valuable presents including a $5 gold piece and heard many sincere expressions of the wish that they may be spared to witness many returns of the day.  Mrs. Witherstine, whose maiden name was Cornelia Hyde is 70 years of age and Mr. Witherstine is 75 years of age and is a brother of the late C. C. Witherstine of this village.

Mohawk, Oct.17--Robert O. Jones entertained several gentlemen friends at a smoker Wednesday evening, which was enjoyed by all present.

--O. C. Lowell of New York City is spending a few days in town.

--Mrs. Carry Doxtater is spending a few days at the Pan-American.

--Mrs. J. H. Hartson of Marshall avenue left for a three weeks' visit at the Pan-American and Niagara Falls and will be the guest of Mrs. A. J. Foltz of Buffalo.

--Sidney A. Lyke and bride of Johnstown have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Wells of Walnut street.

--The fall lecture course opened auspiciously at the Methodist church last evening.  The audience, which was representative of Mohawk's best citizens, filled the church.  Extra chairs and benches were needed in the aisles and rear of the pews.  The exercise opened with a double number by Miss Alice Brand of Ilion.  Her selections were thoroughly enjoyed and heartily applauded.  The speaker of the evening was Rev. Andrew Gillies of Troy.  The large audience which greeted him was a pleasant testimonial to the good impression made by his lecture of last year.  The subject last evening treated by the speaker was "English as She is Spoke."  The lecture was replete with interest, as the subject of language was developed in various forms, brightened by telling illustrations.  Close attention was given from the beginning to end.  By many the lecture was considered even better than last year's.  Mr. Gillies has made many friends and admirers in Mohawk.  The men's committee are to be congratulated on the successful opening of their course.  The next number will occur Tuesday evening, October 29, when Rev. J. D. Phelps, D. D. of Syracuse will lecture on the "Ups and Downs of a Pedagogue."  Dr. Phelps lectured here a year ago on "Cape Cod and Cape Codders."  Miss Stevens, the new music teacher in the high school, will be the vocalist on that evening.  Course tickets are still on sale for those who wish them. 

Death of Arthur Liard

Arthur Liard died at his home on Otsego street this afternoon of consumption, aged 33 years. Deceased was the only son of J. A. Liard and was a young man who was a favorite with all who knew him.  He had been a patient sufferer for a long time and his death, although not unexpected, was nevertheles a sad shock to his many friends, who will sincerely mourn his loss.

Poland News:

Herkimer S. S. Union

Meeting Held at Poland Yesterday Instructive and Interesting

Poland, Oct. 17--The Sunday School Union of Northern Herkimer county covened in the Free Baptist Church of Poland this morning, with W. L. Ford of Fairfield in the chair. The attendance was large and the sessions spirited.  Following is the program as presented:

    Morning Session--Opening song service, conducted by Miles Moore; devotional, Rev. W. J. Hart; appointment of committees; "Teachers' Discouragements and Encouragements," Ben L. Ford; music, "Home Department," Rev. M. G. Wadsworth; "The Prize That is Set Before Us," Rev. L. B. Gray; music.

    Afternoon Session--Song service; devotional, Rev. Usher; "Things Which Work Against Spirituality," (a) "Sabbath Descretation," Rev. A. J. Marsh; (b) "Narcotics," Miss Emma Hurd; (c) "The Saloon," Mrs. Sprague; music; paper, "Primary Work," Miss Margaret Sherman; "How Are the Sunday Schools Helped by These Conventions- 

[Note: Nothing more written on this in the newspaper.]

--Miss Emma Stillman of Albany, is the guest of her brother, E. J. Stillman.

--Mr. and Mrs. C. Schermerhorn and daughters have returned from a visit with relatives in Pennsylvania.  They also attended the Pan-American.

--Miss Carrie Matterson of Bridgewater is the guest of her grandmother, Mrs. Adelia Wiser.

--Will Moore of Rochester is spending a short time with his parents.

--Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Jarvis have returned from the Pan-American.

--Mrs. Flora Hannahs has returned from a visit with friends in Troy.

--Mrs. Lulu Newberry has reopened her millinery store in the Read Block.

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