North Woods Lodge No. 849 F. & A.M.

1912 Directory

Old Forge, Herkimer County, NY

Contributed by Anonymous

While going through our computers this winter we're finding donations from years back. We're not sure whether Lisa found this or if it was sent in by a researcher and the accompanying email lost. If you contributed this directory of Old Forge Masons, please contact us so that we can give credit where credit's due!

1912 Directory
North Woods Lodge
No. 849
F. & A. M.
Old Forge, N.Y.

Regular Communications
First, Third and Fifth Fridays
In Each Month at 7:30 p.m.

(includes many guides and prominent businessmen of the area)


Abbott, E. F.
Abbott, H. J.

Ball, J. E.
Barbet, W. C.
Barker, J. W.
Barrett, C. M.
Bellinger, J. M.
Brown, W. T.
Burke, Wm. H.
Burton, Wm.
Berkowitz, H. L.

Callaghan, D. J.
Canfield, J. P.
Case, J. R.
Clark, F. A.
Codling, D. W.
Codling, W. C.
Cohen, M.
Claffee, A. T.
Conkling, G. E.
Covey, E. W.

Dart, Wm.
Day, W. H.
Deis, A. H.
Deis, Charles
Dennio, John
Dennelly, H. L.

Efner, G. T.
Ernest, G. R.
Ernest, P. V.

Fraula, D. A.
Fuller, G. W.

Goddspeed, G. W.
Goodsell, Geo.
Gornt, P.

Haines, P.
Hall, B.
Harvey, G.
Harwood, B.
Harwood, Edw.
Hurlbut, H. D.

Jewett, Alex
Jones, F.

Kammelohr, C.
Keeler, F.
Kennedy, J. J.

LaMont, J.
Lanz, A. R.
LaRock, B. W.
Leitch, M.
Lewis, F. H.
Lindsay, R. S.
Lomon, F.
Langford, J. S.

Markham, F. H.
Marks, E. L.
Marks, W. D. Jr.
Moore, R.
Morhouse, B. L.
Marrison, A.
McBride, Jas.
McDougal, G.
McKinric, J. F.

Nelson, S. W.

Olyer, P.

Parsons, R. B.
Peck, F. B.
Pierce, D. D.
Pullman, E. H.
Pullman, J. C.
Pulling, W. Z.

Rank, J. C.
Rarick, A. A.
Rogers, R. W.

Scarratt, G. E.
Scrafford, J. L.
Spinning, H. L.
Shaw, E. J.
Smith, S. A.
Sperry, B.
Sperry, D. F.
Stowell, A. L.
Sutliff, Geo. B.

Taylor, A. C.
Tracy, Wm.
Trotter, F. O.
Tuttle, O. C.
*Thatlewaite, W. J.

VanArman, E. J.
VanAtter, S.
VanAuken, C. H.

Wallace, A. J.
Wallace, D. J.
Wallace, B. C.
Wallace, Thomas
Weedmark, A. W.
Wellington, J.
Wheeler, E. J.
Williams, F.
Williams, G., F.
Winterbotham, W. F.
Wood, A. W.
Wood, C. N.
Wood, J. A.
Wood, P. C.
Woodruff, F. C.

(*Honorary Member)


W. H. Burke, Worshipful Master
H. J. Abbott, Senior Warden
H. L. Donnelly, Junior Warden
Thos. Wallace, Treasurer
J. P. Canfield, Secretary
J. W. Barker, Senior Deacon
W. F. Winterbotham, Junior Deacon
Alex. Jewett, Chaplain
Peter Gornt, S. M. C.
G. F. Williams, J. M. C.
R. B. Parsons, Marshal
J. E. Ball, Tiler


D. W. Codling
C. M. Barrett
J. P. Canfield

Past Masters

S. W. Nelson
E. F. Abbott
Charles Deis
R. B. Parsons
Thomas Wallace
A. L. Stowell
J. C. Pullman

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