A hundred years ago, and much more recently, the central Mohawk Valley was one of the major cheese-producing regions in the United States. Cheeses were made on local dairy farms, boxed with locally made wooden boxes, and sold to wholesalers for distribution across the U.S. Producers were required to register with the NYS Dept. of Agriculture, and "full milk cheeses" were marked with proprietary brands.


Source: Ninth Annual Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture. State of New York. In Assembly. No. 59, January 13, 1902.

New York State Agricultural Law, Laws of 1893, excerpt:
Section 23 of chapter 33 of the General Laws, under which these brands are issued provides as follows:

Section 33. Manufacturer's brand of cheese. - Every manufacturer of full milk cheese may put a brand upon each cheese indicating "full milk cheese," and the date of the month and year when made, and no person shall use such a brand upon any cheese made from milk from which any of the cream has been taken. The Commissioner of Agriculture shall procure and issue to the cheese manufacturers of the State, on proper application therefor, and undner such regulations as to the custody and use thereof as he may prescribe, a uniform stencil brand, bearing a suitable device or motto, and the words "New York State full cream cheese." Every such brand shall be used upon the outside of the cheese, and shall bear a different number for each separate factory. The commissioner shall keep a book in which shall be registered the name, location and number of each manufactory authorized to use the same. No such brand shall be used upon any other than full cream cheese or packages containing the same.

During the year full-cream cheese brands have been issued to the following factories:

EpharatahEli Smith Ephratah
Willow Creek A.W. Getman Ephratah
Willow Spring J.O. Bennett Oppenheim

Bartlett, R. Rush Bartlett Winfield
Bartow Hill J.W. Ford Fairfield
Benninger & Heath Jas. A. Irwin Edicks
Burt Grove Delos M. Burt Little Falls
Casler Philo W. Casler Little Falls
Cedar Lake J.L. Craver Cedar Lake
Cedarville Grant Hollenbeck Cedarville
Cedarville Milk Station H.D. Jones Chepachet
Clover Leaf Fred Petterson Herkimer
Clover Valley C.A. Ford Little Falls
Cold Brook E.D. Connor Cold Brook
Cold Creek Isaac Fox Dolgeville
Cold Spring J.L. Craver Cedar Lake
Columbia Centre N.J. Harter Columbia
Countryman G. Veitch Herkimer
Craines Corners T.C. Swift Jordanville
Cramer Dairy Chas. E. Teall Little Falls
Dennisons Corners N.J. Harter Columbia
Dividing Ridge R.G. Starkweather Jordanville
Eatonville Stephen Dapson Little Falls
Elizabethtown A.E. DeGarmo Ilion
Fairfield Association T. Atkins Little Falls
Fairfield Centennial Alex. McKerrow Middleville
Finks Basin D.H. Burrell & Co. Little Falls
Getman, M. N.J. Harter Columbia
Gray A.E. Snyder Gray
Gulph Jas. Donahoe Gulph
Hassenclever W.T. Fitzgerald Newport
Henderson Association Chas. W. Crim Jordanville
Herkimer Wm. Kreuger Herkimer
Hill L.G. Rankin Little Falls
Indian Castle E.M. Card Utica
Jones, E.E. E.E. Jones Centre
Jordanville J.M. Hanner Jordanville
Kast Bridge A. Countryman Countryman
King Julia L. Ives Little Falls
Lanning W.B. Lanning Russia
Lints, S.P. Jr. S.P. Lints, Jr. East Schuyler
Little Falls Edward Simmons Little Falls
Little Lakes John McNamara Richfield Springs
Manheim Cold Spring John C. Fox Ingham Mills
Maple Grove J.W. Windecker Little Falls
Mather, A.B. D.S. Willoughby Norway
McArthur, D. Daniel McArthur Grant
McEvoy, R.S. R.S. McEvoy Cold Brook
McNierney Jos. McNierney Newport
Middleville A.W. Ford Middleville
Millers Mills L.J. Miller Millers Mills
Murphy, J.C. John C. Murphy Norway
Mutual Milk & Cream Co. John McKone Gravesville
New Manheim John Garlock Little Falls
Newport Hill W.A. Brayton Poland
Newville Otis Cagwin Newville
999 Wm. McKerrow Middleville
North Litchfield H.H. Davis North Litchfield
North Winfield No. 1 C.T. Wheelock North Winfield
Norway H.C. Nichols Norway
Norway Association Frank Turck Norway
Ohio Chris. Tarber Ohio
Old Fairfield W.E. Wartman Fairfield
Old Manhaim Jos. Rice Manheim
Old Salisbury J. Hand Salisbury
Paines Hollow Geo. Van Slyke Edicks
Platform John Carney Middleville
Poland J.B. Read Poland
Quinlavin T.B. Quinlavin Ilion
Ransom, C.W. Chas. W. Ransom Dolgeville
Rickard John Rickard Cullen
Rising Star N.H. Conrad Paines Hollow
Ruby C.G. Babcock Newport
Sand Hill Geo. L. Wood Herkimer
Schuyler Centennial W.V. Minott Minott
Shed Brook C.G. Babcock Newport
Shells Bush Adam Casler Little Falls
Springer Geo. Springer Jordanville
Star David Gordo Countryman
Sterling Creek C.G. Babcock Newport
W. Winfield Creamery C. Vagts West Winfield
White Creek John Baird Newport
Whipple, B.A. B.A. Whipple Van Hornesville
Zoller No. 2 Jacob Zoller Little Falls
Zoller No. 3 Jacob Zoller Little Falls

Ames A.B. Miller Ames
Bowmans Creek Peter McEwan Marshville
Cayudatta E.L. Miner Fonda
Dockstader, Wm. Wm. Dockstader Palatine Bridge
Flat Creek J.J. Weaver Flat Creek
Getman C. Getman Stone Arabia
Hallsville Chas. Van Slyke Hallsville
Lykers John V. Lyker Lykers
Maple Grove Francis H. Pruyn Glen
Mohawk Daniel Dockstader Palatine Bridge
Nellis, A. Jacob C. Nellis Palatine Bridge
Palatine Union P.G. Yost McKinley
Root John B. Gove Rural Grove
Smith Creek C.D. Smith Fort Plain
Stone Arabia Albert Kilts Stone Arabia
Tribes Hill W.F. Getman Tribes Hill
Valley Geo. Rogers Salt Springville
Van Deusen Dewitt Van Deusen Freys Bush
Zoller Jacob Zoller Little Falls

Enterprise Gray, Proper & Co. Proper
Seward R.G. Peet Mt. Vision

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