"A List of Genealogies Being Compiled"

Privately Printed by Seymour Morris

Chicago, 1896

This is a transcription of a rare booklet listing persons who were compiling information, writing, or planning to write genealogy books and monographs, mainly pertaining to old New England families, back 110 years ago. Some of their projects may have been published or privately distributed to family members and interested subscribers. Despite the researchers' good intentions after years of collecting data and writing and receiving letters, "things happen" and some books and manuscripts were probably not completed or written up. Whatever the outcome, in the mid-1890s the individual researchers listed below were corresponding with descendants of their families and surnames of interest, and likely had accumulated letters and piles of notes, as well as been given access to or copies of original documents & family bibles, long-lost public and church records, photographs, etc.

What happened to all of this material? Some of their accumulated research material was likely passed down in families or donated to an historical society, library or museum over the years. We all dream about discovering papers and pictures that might still be out there, stored in attics or drawers after generations, or sitting uncatalogued and forgotten on institutional shelves or in unsorted boxes of papers. My intent in purchasing this booklet to type up for online researchers was my belief that awareness of the names and locations of these 19th century researchers could assist 21st century researchers in seeking extant caches of documentation that survived backyard bonfires or being tossed out at the curb. If one knows that there's something to look for, and has the clues of name / place / time period, it just might turn up.

All spellings, punctuation, and obvious typos or misprints are exactly as in the original and will not be changed. Addresses given may be home addresses or work addresses, as well as post office boxes. Thank you in advance for not emailing the transcriber, who has no information about the results of any of these researchers' efforts or whether books or articles were ever written, widely published, or otherwise distributed.

Title Page

A List
Being Compiled

Collected by
Seymour Morris
Member of the N. E. H. & G. Society


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If you are a member of any of the Families herein mentioned, it would be an excellent idea to write the genealogist of that family telling him all you know about your ancestors and others bearing the name. By so doing you can assist in advancing the date of the publication of the work.

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ADAMS - Andrew N. Adams, Fairhaven, Vt.; Nelson D. Adams, Washington, D.C.

ALBRIGHT - W. A. Goodspeed, 269 Dearborn St., Chicago.

AKERLY - Miss Lucy D. Akerly, Newburgh, N.Y.

ALDEN - Descendants of John Alden. By Mrs. Charles L. Alden, Little Compton, Rhode Island.

ALDRICH - M. M. Aldrich, Mendon, Mass.

ALLEN - O. P. Allen, Palmer, Mass.; Helen L. Allen, Lincoln, Illinois. F. A Hutchinson, 187 Nesmith St., Lowell, Mass.

AMES - Descendants of Williams Ames of Braintree, Mass. (1645). By Dr. Azel Ames, Jr., 161 Shawmut street, Chelsea, Mass. Cora F. Ames, Pulpit Harbor, Maine.

ANNABLE - Descendants of Anthony Annable, 1623. By the Rev. H. L. Buzzell, Fairhaven, Mass.

ASHLEY - Dr. F. T. Bradley, 553 Monroe street, Chicago; Frances B. Trowbridge, New Haven, Conn.

AVERY - Of Connecticut; Professor Elroy M. Avery, Cleveland, Ohio.

BALCH - Galusha B. Balch, M.D., Yonkers, N.Y.

BANGS - Dean Dudley, Montrose, Mass.

BAKER - The Hon. E. H. Baker, Rockford, Ill.

BARNARD - Frank B. King, 95 Washington avenue, Albany, N.Y.

BARRETT - Joseph H. Barrett, Loveland, Clermont Co., Ohio.

BARTHOLOMEW - John H. S. Bartholomew of La Conner, Skagit Co., Wash.

BARTOL - Charles E. Banks, M. D., United Sttes Marine Hospital, Portland, Maine.

BARDWELL - Descendants of Sergeant Robert Bardwell. By Arthur F. Bardwell, 11 Woodside avenue, Springfield, Mass.

BARBOUR - Edmund D. Barbour, 344 Beacon street, Boston.

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BARNES - Byron P. Horton, Sheffield, Pa.

BASSETT - Charles H. Sergel, 258 Dearborn street, Chicago.

BEANE - The Rev. S. C. Beane, D. D., Newburyport, Mass. also Chas. A. Beane, 213 Commercial street, Portland, Maine; descendants of John Beane of Exeter, N.H., 1660. By Josiah H. Drummond, Portland, Maine.

BEEBE - H. H. Beebe, 60 Berkeley Place, Brooklyn, N.Y.; George Beebe, Jr., 3112 Prairie avenue, Chicago.

BELL - Henry W. Bell, 385 Broadway, Chelsea, Mass., is at work on "Scotch-Irish" Bells.

BEMIS - T. Waln-Morgan Draper, Denver, Colo.

BENTON - Myron B. Benton, Leedsville, N.Y.

BERRY - Henry Dutch Lord, 18 Somerset street, Boston, Mass.

BEECHER - Mrs. Helen Beecher McGraw, 456 Russell street, Cleveland, O.

BILLINGS - The Rev. Charles Billings, Billings Bridge, Ontario, Canada.

BISSELL - F. C. Bissell, Willimantic, Connecticut.

BLACKMER - Orlando Blackmer, Oak Park, Illl.

BLAKE - Descendants of John Blake of Middletown, Conn. By By George M. Blake, Rockford, Ill.

BLICKENSDERFER - Jacob Blickensderfer, Oakland, Mo.

BOARDMAN - Miss Charlotte Goldthwaite, Hartford, Conn.

BOND - Thomas Bond, 61 Stockton avenue, San Jose, Cal.

BRADFOD - By Rollin H. Cook, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

BRAINARD - Miss Mary A. Brainerd, Hartford, Conn.

BRAZIER - Charles W. Norris, Milwaukee, Wis.

BREWSTER - Oliver A. Roberts, Melrose, Mass.

BREWSTER - (Early generations only) Lucy Hall Greenlaw, 1 Gordon Place, Cambridgeport, Mass.

BRIGHAM - Charles H. Brigham, 23 Court street, Boston, Mass.; also B. A. Brigham, M. D., 103 State street, Chicago.

BROWN - Asa W. Brown, 2 Cedar street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

BRUEN, Descendants of Obadiah Bruen of Conn. and N. J. By Frank Bruen, Dayton, Ohio.

BRUER - J. B. Bruer, Pontiac, Ill.

BRUSH - Dr. George R. Brush, U. S. Navy, Brooklyn, N. Y.

BRYANT - Bradford Kingman, Brookline, Mass.

BULL - Stevenson H. Walsh, 1806 Pine street, Philadelphia.

BUSWELL - Boswell, Buzzell, Busiel and Bussell. By the Rev. H. L. Buzzell, Fairhaven, Mass.

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BURR - Charles B. Todd, 1275 Dean street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

BUTLER - The Hon. Edward A. Butler, Rockland, Maine.

BUTTERS - By George Butters, Oak Park, Ill.

BUZZELL - The Rev. H. L. Buzzell, Fairhaven, Mass.

CADLE - H. S. Cadle, Bethany, Mo.

CALDERWOOD - Jesse Calderwood, Warren, Maine

CANFIELD - A. E. Canfield, Wyncote, Pa., also J. B. Canfield, 3002 Prairie avenue, Chicago.

CARNEY - Howard Sidney Carney, M.D. 201 West Fifty-fifth street, New York City.

CARPENTER - Amos B. Carpenter, West Waterford, Vt.; descendants of William Carpenter of Providence, R. I. by Daniel H. Carpenter, Maplewood, N. J.

CASWELL - S. J. Caswell, M. D., Rockford, Illinois.

CATLIN - L. A. Knox, Leavenworth, Kansas.

CHAFFEE - W. H. Chaffee, box 3068, New York City.

CHAMBERLAIN - H. B. Chamberlain, Brattleboro, Vermont.

CHANDLER - Charles H. Chandler, Ripon, Wis.

CHAPMAN - Descendants of Edward Chapman of Ipswich, Mass., by Brown Thurston, 106 State street, Portland, Maine.

CHAPPELL - Mrs. Chas. L. Alden, 4 Gale place, Troy, N. Y.

CHASE - William A. E. Thomas, Trinity College, Hartford, Conn.; descendants of William Chase, 1630, Thoams Chase, 1639, and Aquila Chase, 1639, by Joseph W. Brown, 47 Michigan avenue, Chicago.

CHATFIELD - Edward Chatfifeld, Minneapolis, Minn., also F. W. Chatfield, Baird, Texas.

CHENEY - Rev. Chas. H. Pope, Cambridge, Mass.

CHESEBOROUGH - Mrs. Anna Cheseborough Wildey, San Remo Hotel, New York City.

CHOATE - Rev. E. O. Jameson, 18 Somerset street, Boston.

CHURCH - Dennis Church, Riga, N. Y.

CHURCHILL - Geo. Dudley Seymour, New Haven, Conn.

CLAFLIN - Charles H. Wight, 415 Broadway, New York City

CLARK - Descendants of John Clark, Rochester, Mass. Seymour Morris, 142 La Salle street, Chicago.

CLEVELAND - E. J. Cleveland, 43 Beacon street, Hartford, Conn.

COBURN, COLBURN - George A. Gordon, Somerville, Mass.

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COFFEEN - W. A. Goodspeed, 269 Dearborn street, Chicago.

COLBY - J. W. Colby, 205 Harvard street, Cambridgeport, Mass.

COLTON - G. Woolworth Colton, 312 Broadway, New York City.

CONE - W. W. Cone, Topeka, Kas.

CONGDON - Descendants of Benj. Congdon of R. I. By G. E. Congdon, Waterman, Illinois.

COWLES - Captain C. D. Cowles, United States Army, 142 P street, Washington, D. C.

COOKE - Rollin H. cooke, Pittsfield, Mass.

COUTANT - Arthur Beardsley, Swartmore College, Swartmore, Pa.

CRAM - Descendants of John Cram of Exeter, N. H., in 1635, By S. G. Cram, North Pittsfield, N. H.

CRANDALL - E. G. Davis, 230 Cambridge street, Boston.

CROCKER of Branstable - Josiah Hinckley, Wollaston, Mass.

CURRIER - Jacob B. Currier, Lowell, Mass.

DALTON - Descendants of Philemon Dalton of Hampton, N. H. By Rev. Asa Dalton, Portland, Maine.

DANA - By Miss Elizabeth E. Dana, Cambridge, Mass.

DANFORTH - Mrs. F. D. Stamp, Adams' Basin, N. Y.; John J. May, post office box 2348, Boston, Mass.

DAVIDSON - Descendants of William Davidson, 1728, by Milon Davidson, Newfane, Vermont; Walter K. Davidson, Worcestor, Mass.

DAVIS of Va. and Carlisle, Pa. John S. Goodwin, Rookery Building, Chicago.

DELANO - Joel Delano, Grove, Mich., also L. L. Delano, Atlantic, Iowa.

DEMING - Judson Keith Deming, Dubuque, Iowa.

DENNIS - Descendants of Robert and Sarah (Howland) Dennis of Portsmouth, R. I., 1672. By Dr. O. M. Humphrey, 100 East Fourteenth street, Minneapolis, Minn.

DERBY - Prof. S. C. Derby, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

DICKERMAN - E. D. Dickerman, 15 Lake Place, New Haven, Conn.

DIMOCK - Mrs. Wm. H. McCartney, Wilkesbarre, Pa.

DOW - Herbert B. Dow, Woburn, Mass.

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DRAKE - Descendants of Thomas Drake of Weymouth, Mass., 1635-91. By the Rev. W. L. Chaffin, North Easton, Mass.; descenants of John Drake of Windsor, Conn., 1636. By Harrie B. Drake, Auburndale, Mass.

DRURY - Edwin Drury, Wilmette, Illinois.

DUNBAR - Chas. S. Dunbar, box 605, Bristol, Conn.

DUNN, of Pa. and N. J. By Miss Eveline G. Dunn, 2016 Adams street, Chicago; O. B. Leonard, Plainfield, N. J.

DUTTON - W. Tracey Eustis, 19 Pearl street, Boston.

EDWARDS - Kate L. Edwards, Southbridge, Mass.

EGGLESTON - W. E. Hagans, Hawthorne, Elmhurst, Ill.

ELDER - J. J. Elder, 24 S. Penna street, Indianapolis, Ind.

ELDREDGE - Zaeth Eldredge, 488 Boylston st., Boston, Mass.

ELLERY - Harrison Ellery, Boston, Mass.

EMERSON - Mrs. Clara (Emerson) Turner, 103 East Forth-ninth street, Chicago.

ENDICOTT - Miss Emma Marean, Cambridge, Mass.

ENSIGN - Charles S. Ensign, 23 Court street, Boston, Mass.

EVANS - David Evans, 84 Lockwood street, Providence, R. I.

EVERETT - Edward F. Everett, Box 1423, Boston, Mass.

FAIRBANKS - L. S. Fairbanks, 34 School street, Boston, Mass.

FAIRCHILD - Miss Annie F. Plant, Milton, Vt.

FAIRWEATHER - Walter C. Fairweather, Post Office box 11, St. John, New Brunswick.

FANNING - W. F. Brook, 54 Queen street, Worcester, Mass.

FARRINGTON - C. Granville Way, Boston, Mass.

FASSETT - Captain William M. Fassett, Round Pond, Me.

FAY - O. P. Fay, Vermontville, Mich.

FELCH - Wm. F. Felch, Hartford, Conn.

FELLOWS - G. M. Fellows, Hyde Park, Mass.

FERNALD - Dr. Charles A. Fernald, 1483 Washington street, Boston, Mass.

FISHER of N. E. By Philip Adsit Fisher, San Francisco, Cali. Of York Co., Pa., By Jno. S. Goodwin, 1141 Rookery Building, Chicago.

FISK - Frederick C. Pierce, 120 Fifth avenue, Chicago.

FLAGG - Charles A. Flagg, Sandwich, Mass.

FORBES - Descendants of James Forbes of Hartford, Conn., and others. Jno. S. Goodwin, 1141 Rookery Building, Chicago.

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FRASER - Descendants of Alex. Fraser of Guilford, Conn. By Rev. Marshall E. Fraser, Kirkland, Illinois.

FREEMAN - Mrs. George J. Ainsworth, 184 Williams street, Springfield, Mass.

FRENCH - Samuel W. French, Peterboro, N. H.; J. M. French, Milford, Mass.

FULLER - Howard Fuller, 16 Harvard ave., Providence, R. I.; Newton Fuller, New London, Conn.

GAGE - Mrs. Mate S. David, Lincoln, Illinois.

GALLUP - Captain J. D. Gallup, Agawan, Mass.

GAMBLE - J. P. Cilley, Rockland, Maine.

GARLAND - J. G. Garland, Biddeford, Maine.

GATES - C. O. Gates, 81 Fulton street, New York City.

GIFFORD - H. E. Gifford, Wollaston, Mass.

GILBERT - Emily W. Leavitt, 292 Kent street, Brookline, Mass.

GILL- Watson Gill, Syracuse, N. Y.

GOLDTHWAITE - Miss Charlotte Goldthwaite, Hartford, Conn.

GOODALE-GOODELL - By Lucy H. Greenlaw, 18 Somerset street, Boston, Mass.

GOODELL, GOODALE, GOODALL - Isaac Goodell, Fort Worth, Texas.

GOODWIN - John S. Goodwin, 1141 Rookery Building, Chicago.

GOODSPEED - Weston A. Goodspeed, 269 Dearborn st., Chicago.

GOODYEAR - Miss Grace Goodyear Kirkman, Benicia Barrades, Benicia, Cali.

GORDON - George A. Gordon, Somerville, Mass.

GRAVES - By John C. Graves, Board of Trade Building, Buffalo, N. Y.

GREENLAW - Wm. P. Greenlaw, 18 Somerset street, Boston.

GREENLEAF - James E. Greenleaf, Charlestown, Mass.

GRIDLEY - By Mrs. Nora C. Gridley, 61 University place, Chicago.

GRIFFIN - W. W. Griffin, No. 1 Market street, Lynn, Mass.

GROSVENOR - Mrs. S. L. Crissey, 1426 Massachusetts avenue, Washington, D. C.

GUTHRIE - Miss Eveline G. Dunn, 2016 Adams st., Chicago.

HAMBLEN - H. F. Andrews, Audubon, Iowa.

HAMILTON - The Rev. A. W. H. Eaton, New York City.

HAMLIN - J. F. Andrnews, Audubon, Iowa.

HAMMETT - Mrs. Chas. L. Alden, 4 Gale place, Troy, N. Y.

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HARRIMAN - H. P. Rolfe, 317 Central avenue, Great Falls, Mont.

HARRIS - Wilson Nevins, Falmouth, Maine.

HARTWELL - L. W. Densmore, Hillsborough Center, N. H.

HARVEY - O. J. Harvey, Wilkesbarre, Pa.

HATHAWAY - S. W. Hathaway, 34 School street, Boston, Mass.

HAYES - Dr. David Hayes, Dover, N. H.

HAYWARD - Bradford KIngman, Brookline, Mass.

HAZARD - Mrs. B. F. Robinson, Wakefield, R. I.

HEALD - Edwin Drury, Wilmette, Illinois.

HERBERT - Miss Edith Herbert-Mather, Bound Brook, N. J.

HERRICK - Dr. Lucius C. Herrick, 1447 Highland street, Columbus, Ohio.

HERSEY - Francis C. Hersey, South Boston, Mass.

HESCY, HASEY, HALSEY - W. P. Greenlaw, 18 Somerset street, Boston, Mass.

HEWITT - Mrs. Frederick Law Olmstead, Brookline, Mass.

HIGLEY - Warren Higley, 120 Broadway, New York City.

HILDRETH - Arthur Hildreth, Boston, Mass.

HILL - General lines, Edwin A Hill, New Haven, Conn.; (William of Hartford) Mrs. Charles H. Smith, Hartford, Conn.

HILLS - E. M. Hills, Taunton, Mass.; William S. Hills, 294 Newbury street, Boston, Mass.

HINCKLEY - Josiah Hinckley, South Boston, Mass.

HOAG - Charles A. Hoag, Lockport, N. Y.

HODGE - O. J. Hodge, 1096 Euclid avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

HODGES - William of Taunton and George Hodges of Salem, Mass., By Almon N. Hodges, Jr., box 1857, Boston.

HOLYOKE - Charles F. Holyoke, Marlboro, Mass.

HOOKER - Commander Edward Hooker, United States Navy, 289 Gates avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.

HOPKINS - Timothy Hopkins, Mills Building, San Francisco.

HOPPER - Harry S. Hopper, 514 Walnut street, Philadelphia.

HOWARD - Bradford Kingman, Brookline, Mass.; descendans of Samuel Howard of Charlestown and Malden, Mass. By David H. Brown, West Medford, Mass.

HOWE - The Hon. Daniel Waite Howe, Indianapolis, Ind.

HOUGHTON - Dr. A. W. Clark, Lawrence, Kansas.

HUESTED - Rev. Anson Titus, Tufts College, Mass.

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HUME - Descendants of David Hume. By Seymour Morris, 142 La Salle street, Chicago.

HUNGERFORD - Austin Hungerford, San Francisco, Cali.

HUSSEY - C. W. Tibbetts, Dover, N. H.

IDDINGS - Descendants of Richard Iddings of Chester Co., Pa., By Jno. S. Goodwin, 1141 Rookery Building, Chicago.

INNIS - R. A. Young, Rock City, Illinois.

JACKSON - Descendants of Jonathan Jackson (born 1718), Woodstock, Conn. By Frank W. Jackson, 2326 Washington street, Roxbury, Mass.

JAMESON - Rev. E. O. Jamesson, 18 Somerset street, Boston.

JEFFERSON - By J. K. Holland, Austin, Texas.

JOHNSON - John French Johnson, Amesbury, Mass.

JOHNSTONE - Miss Edith Herbert-Mather, Bound Brook, N. J.

JONES - Edwin A. Hill, 2 Church street, New Haven, Conn. and Timothy Jones, 19 Liberty street, Danbury, Conn.

JONES - Descendants of Lewis Jones of Watertown, and Conn. A. S. Salley, Jr., 18 Broad street, Charlestown, S. C.

KELLOGG - Timothy Hopkins, Mills Building, San Francisco.

KELLY, KELLEY - By Jno. S. Goodwin, 1141 Rookery Building, Chicago.

KELSEY - T. Waln Morgan Draper, Denver, Colo.

KELTON - Dwight H. Kelton, Montpelier, Vt.

KENDALL - Miss Edith Kendall, Brookline, Mass.

KEYES - Judge Asa Keyes, Brattleboro, Vt.

KIMBALL - Leonard A. Morrison, Windham, Canobie Lake, N. H., and Prof. Stephen P. Sharples, Cambridge, Mass.

KINGMAN - Bradford Kingman, Brookline, Mass.

KINGSBURY - Descendants of Henry Kingsbury of Haverhill, Mass., and Joseph Kingsbury of Dedham, Mass. By Miss Mary K. Talcott, 815 Asylum avenue, Hartford, Conn.

KINGSLEY - Prof. J. S. Kingsley, Tuft's College, Mass.

KNAPP - Charles R. Knapp, 135 West Forty-first street, New York City; A. M. Knapp, Public Library, Boston, Mass.; Charles R. Knapp, Interlachen, Fla.

KNOWLTON - The Rev. C. H. W. Stockton, 16 Prospect Terrace, East Orange, N. J., and William Herrick Griffity, Albany, N. Y.; George W. Knowlton, Los Angeles, Cal.

KNOX - L. A. Knox, Leavenworth, Kansas.

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LADD - Mrs. Anna W. Drummond, 677 County street, New Bedford, Mass.

LAMB - Frank B. Lamb, Westfield, N. Y.

LANE - Descendants of William Lane of Dorchester, Mass., 1635; Robert Lane of Stratford, Conn., 1660, and John Mansfield Lane of Boston, Mass., 1752; Job Lane of Malden, Mass., 1644; James Lane, Casco Bay, Maine, 1660. By the Rev. James H. Fitts, Newfields, N. H.

LANGFORD - Mrs. Chas. L. Alden, 4 Gale Place, Troy, N. Y.

LANMAN - Mrs. M. P. Ferris, Garden City, N. Y.

LEACH - Col. Josiah Granville Leach, Philadelphia, Pa.

LEE - Miss Sarah Fiske Lee, New Ipswich, N. H.

LEFFINGWELL - By Albert Leffingwell, M. D., Cambridge, Mass. By the Rev. C. W. Leffingwell, Chicago.

LEONARD - Lucy A. Leonard, New Bedford, Mass. B. A. Leonard, De Perc, Wis.

LILLIE - J. W. Lilly, room 501, 225 Dearborn street, Chicago.

LIVERMORE - Walter Eliot Thwing, box 3324, Boston.

LIVINGSTON - The Rev. William Farrand Livingston, 187 State street, Augusta, Maine.

LORD - Henry Dutch Lord, 18 Somerset street, Boston, Mass.

LOWELL - D. R. Lowell, U. S. A., Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City, Utah.

LUDINGTON - Dr. Horace Ludington, Bee Bldg., Omaha, Neb.

LUMMIS - H. T. Lummis, Lynn, Mass.

MANNING - Wm. H. Manning, care L. I. Historical Society, Brooklyn, N. Y.

MARKHAM - E. A. Markham, box 95, Durham, Conn.

MARSH - Descendants of John Marsh of Hartford, Conn. By J. Dwight Marsh, Hadley, Mass.

MASON - By L. B. Mason, 244 West Forty-sixth street, New York City.

MATHEWSON - J. J. Elder, 1 Board of Trade, Indianapolis, Ind.

MATHER - Horace E. Mather, 747 Asylum av., Hartford, Conn.

MAYNARD - Francis E. Blake, 95 Milk street, Boston.

MAUSON - Alfred S. Mauson, 1 Allston street, Boston.

MERICK - The Rev. James L. Merrick, South Amherst, Mass.

MERRILL - Samuel Merrill, 45 Bellevue avenue, North Cambridge, Mass.

MILLER of Pa. and W. Va. - Jno. S. Goodwin, 1141 Rookery Building, Chicago.

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MILLER - Frank B. Miller, Register of Knox Co., Maine.

MINER - Mrs. Sidney Miner, New London, Conn.

MINOT - Walter K. Watkins, 18 Somerset street, Boston, Mass.

MORSE - John H. Morse, 17 Capitol avenue, Hartford, Conn.

MOSELEY - The Hon. E. S. Moseley, Newburyport, Mass.; J. Dwight Marsh, Hadley, Mass.; By W. Tracey Eustis, 19 Pearl street, Boston.

MOULTON - Henry W. Moulton, Newburyport, Mass.

MUNGER - J. B. Munger, 35 Newbury street, West Somerville, Mass.

MUNSON - The Rev. Myron A. Munson, 23 West Forty-fourth street, New York City.

McKINLAY - Jno. S. Goodwin, 1141 Rookery Building, Chicago.

NEWTON - By Newton Lull, 146 Monroe street, Chicago.

NEVENS - Wm. Nevens, Falmouth, Maine.

NORTON - Emilie H. Norton, 1306 B street, Washington, D. C. is compiling a second edition of descendants of Charles Norton of Guilford, Conn. (descendant of John Norton, the emigrant of Branford, Conn.)

NORTON - By Prof. Thomas H. Norton, Lorraine avenue, Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio. Descendants of George Norton of Ipswich and Suffield, by Francis Norton of Springfield, Mass. Descendants of Nicholas Norton of Martha's Vineyard, by Mrs. Pratt, 65 Washington street, Chelsea, Mass.

NOYES - Alfred Poor, Salem, Mass.

OAKS - Henry L. Oaks, Seigler Springs, Lake Co., California.

ODELL - Rufus King, Yonkers, N. Y.

OHLS - Henry G. Ohls, M. D., 34 Washington street, Chicago.

OVIATT - Truma D. Oviatt, Warren, Ohio.

OVITT - Charles H. Ovitt, 818 Walnut street, Chicago.

PAGE - Mrs. E. A Mower, 5 Smith street, Lynn, Mass.

PAINE - Josiah Paine, Hardwick, Mass.

PALMER - Noyes F. Palmer, Station E., Brooklyn, New York.

PARK - J. J. Elder, 24 South Pennsylvania street, Indianapolis.

PARKER - Theodore Parker, 10 Hawley st., Worcester, Mass.; Abraham of Charlestown, Woburn and Chelmsford. John L. Parker, 47 Estes street, Lynn, Mass.

PARMELEE-PARMELE-PARMALE - Dr. Geo. L. Parmele, Hartford, Conn.

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PATTERSON - William D. Patterson, Wiscasset, Maine.

PATTIE - By W. T. Eustis, 19 Pearl street, Boston, Mass.

PAUL - Descendants of Samuel Paul, of Dorchester, Mass. By Hon. Fulton Paul, Hudson, N. Y.

PAYSON - W. K. Watkins, 18 Somerset street, Boston, Mass.

PEABODY - Selim H. Peabody, 7424 Wright street, Chicago.

PETTY, PETTEY - W. A. Goodspeed, 269 Dearborn st., Chicago.

PHELPS - A. T. Servin, Lenox, Mas.; R. G. Phelps, Atlantic, Iowa.

PIER - Descendants of Serj. Thomas PIer of Great Barrington, Mass. By Ellen A. Martin, 516, No. 84 La Salle street, Chicago.

PILLSBURY - The Rev. Dr. Pillsbury, Melrose, Mass. Mrs. E. A. Getchell of Newburyport, Mass.

PINSON-PYNSON - Francis E. Blake, 95 Milk street, Boston.

POOLE - Descendants of John Poole of Reading, Mass. By Wm. P. Greenlaw, 18 Somerset street, Boston.

POTTER - William D. Palmer, 137 Madison street, Chicago, is compiling a genealogical tree of the Potter family.

PRATT - (Descendants of Thomas of Watertown) Mrs. A. C. Pratt, Chelsea, Mass.

PRESTON - By Charles H. Preston, Asylum Station, Essex County, Mass.

PRIME - Ralph E. Prime, Yonkers, N. Y.

PRINCE - By Edward Prince, Quincy, Illinois. [Note: "Mass." was crossed off and "Illinois" penned in.]

PULLEN - Charles Pullen, Memphis, Tenn.

PURRINGTON - By Eben Putnam, Salem, Mass.

QUAYLE - Thomas Quayle, Jr., Oak Park, Illinois.

QUIMBY - Harry Cole Quimby, Lake Village, N. H.

RATHBONE - F. P. Rathbone, Oberlin, Kansas.

RENO - By Wakeman Reno, M. D., Benton Harbor, Mich.

REED - Captain Allen V. Reed, United States Navy, Washington, D. C.

REES - Of Pennsylvania, Jno. S. Goodwin, 1141 Rookery Building, Chicago.

RIPLEY - Willis J. Ripley, 120 Fifth avenue, Chicago.

ROBBINS - I. Gilbert Robbins, Melrose Highlands, Mass.

ROBERTS - Of Martinsburg, W. Va., Jno. So. Goodwin, 1141 Rookery Building, Chicago.

Page 14

ROBINSON - Charles E. Robinson, 173 West Eighty-third street, New York City; descendants of Chas. Robinson of Carlisle, Pa., by John S. Goodwin, Rookery Building, Chicago.

ROBY - L. L. Roby, Topeka, Kansas.

ROE - Hon. Alfred S. Roe, Worcester, Mass.

ROGERS - Geo. W. Rogers, Dayton, Ohio; descendants of Jas. Rogers (whose son John founded the sect of Rogerenes.) By Miss Annie Williams, Springfield, Mass.

RUGGLES - H. S. Ruggles, Wakefield, Mass.

RYTHER - H. F. Ryther, Newport, Vermont; descendants of Lieutenant David Ryther of Bernardtown, Mass. By Dr. F. T. Bradley, 543 Monroe street, Chicago.

SABIN - Rev. Anson Titus, Tufts College, Mass.

SACKETT - Frederick Sackett, Omaha, Neb.

SAFFORD - Judge William Safford, Chillicothe, Ohio.

SALISBURY - Edson S. Jones, Port Chester, N. Y.

SANBORN - V. C. Sanborn, La Grange, Illinois.

SARGENT - William Sargent of Ipswich, Mass., by E. E. Sargent, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, William of Malden, Mass. By Aaron Sargent, Somerville, Mass.; also Stephen P. Sharples, Cambridge, Mass.

SATTERLEE - John C. Satterlee, 172 Washington st., Chicago.

SAYRE - Theo. M. Banta, box 1401, New York.

SCOFIELD - Mrs. Jennie M. Bartow, 74 Union street, Rochester, N. Y.

SEARLE - Mrs. Wm. H. McCartney, Wilkesbarre, Pa.

SEYMOUR - By Miss Mary K. Talcott, 815 Asylum av., Hartford, Conn., also Geo. Dudley Seymour, New Haven, Conn.

SHAW - Descendants of Roger Shaw of Hampton, N. H. By Mrs. H. F. Farwell, of North Brighton, Maine. Rodney K. Shaw, Mariette, Ohio.

SHEAFE - By Thomas E. Satterthwaite, M. D., New York City.

SHEDD - Frank E. Shedd, 18 Somerset street, Boston, Mass.

SHEPARD - Franklin Shepard, Pecatonica, Illinois.

SHOTWELL - Ambrose M. Shotwell, Concord, Mich.

SHURTLEFF - Benj. Shurtleff, Revere, Mass.

SLOCUM, SLOCUMB - Dr. Chas. E. Slocum, Defiance, Ohio.

SMITH - R. A. Smith, 700 Ninth street, N. W., Washington, D. C.; descendants of George Smith, New Haven, 1639, by Charles S. Smith, Terryville, Conn.

Page 15

SNOW - By Mrs. Charles L. Alden, 4 Gale Place, Troy, N.Y.; Mrs. E. A. Mower, 5 Smith street, Lynn, Mass.; S. S. Snow, Spencer, Iowa. [Note: "Ohio" was crossed off and "Iowa" penned in.]

SOUTHER - George H. Souther, Springfield, Illinois.

SPAULDING - Charles Warren Spaulding, 501 Byron avenue, Chicago.

SPEAR - William G. Spear, Quincy, Mass.

SPROUEL - J. J. Elder, 24 South Pennsylvania street, Indianapolis, Inc.

STARKWEATHER - C. L. Starkweatehr, 104 West Thirty-eighth street, New York City.

STEELE - Frank Barnard King, 95 Washington avenue, Albany, N. Y.

STONE - Of Philadelphia. By the Rev. Morton Stone of La Grange, Illinois. Descendans of William and John Stone of Guilford, Conn., 1639. By Charles S. Smith, Terryville, Conn.

STORY - Oilver Howard Story, Gloucester, Mass.

STREET - Mrs. Mary A. Street, Exeter, N. H.

STURTIVANT - Walter H. Sturtivant, P. O. box 52, Richmond, Maine.

SWAN - Harrison Ellery, Boston, Mass.

SWEETING - Mrs. Charles L. Alden, 4 Gale Place, Troy, N. Y.

TAFT - Henry W. Taft, Pittsfield, Mass.

TAYLOR - W. O. Taylor, Orange, Mass.

TEALL - Edward M. Teall, 160 La Salle street, Chicago.

THOMPSON - J. J. Elder, 24 South Pennsylvania street, Indianapolis, Ind.; Charles O. Thompson, 35 Cambridge street, Boston, Mass.

THORNDIKE - Mrs. Alice T. Johnson, Muscatine, Iowa.

THORNE - The Rev. Arthur W. H. Eaton, 2 Bible House, New York City.

TIBBETS - By Charles W. Tibbetts, Dover, New Hampshire.

TILLSON - Mercer V. Tillson, Bryantville, Plymouth County, Mass.

TINKER - Descendants of John Tinker. By the Rev. William Durant, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

TITUS - By the Rev. Anson Titus, Tufts College, Mass.; Edward D. Titus, 26 Court street, Brooklyn.

TOBEY - Rev. Anson Titus, Tufts College, Mass.

TOWLE - Mrs. Maurice Lindsay, Tenafly, N. J.

Page 16

TOWNSEND - Descendants of the three Townsend brothers, who settled in Oyster Bay in 1630. By Frank M. Townsend, Birkenhead, England.

TRASK - William Blake Trask, 18 Somerset street, Boston.

TRUMBO - Of Virginia. W. E. W. MacKinlay, Ottawa, Ill.

TUCKER - Descendants of Richard Tucker, of Casco, Maine, 1630-1653 and Portsmouth, N. H., 1653-1679. By David H. Brown, W. Medford, Mass., and Gilman H. Tucker, 126 W. 85th street, New York city. Descendants of Morris Tucker, of Salisbury, Mass. By Seymour Morris, 142 La Salle street, Chicago.

TUTTLE - G. T. Tuttle, New Haven, Conn.

VANDERCOOK - John D. Vandercook, 604 Masonic Temple, Chicago.

VOTAW - E. H. Votaw, Anita, Iowa.

WALWORTH - Adela E. Walworth, 1365 University Place, Evanston, Illinois.

WALLBRIDGE - W. G. Wallbridge, Litchfield, Conn.

WEAVER - Clement of Newport. Oren W. Weaver, Washington, D. C.

WEBSTER - Prof. Stephen P. Sharples, Cambridge,Mass., also Wm. H. Webster, Washington, D. C.

WELD - J. Edward Weld, 160 Broadway, New York City.

WHEELER - Henry M. Wheeler, 80 Park avenue, Worcester, Mass., also Judge Richard Wheeler, Stonington, Conn.

WHEELER - George Tolman, Concord, Mass., also Clarence E. Pierce, Pawtucket, R. I.

WHITCOMB - F. W. Shepardson, University of Chicago, Chicago.

WHITE - Horace and Samuel White, Marlboro', N. H.

WILES of Montgomery County, Md., Jno. S. goodwin, 441 Rookery Building, Chicago.

WILLIAMS - Descendants of Robert Williams of Roxbury, Mass. Prof. E. H. Williams, Bethlehem, Pa.

WILLITTS - Le Roy Willets, New Boston, Ill., also Rev. John C. Willetts, 411 Pine street, Fort Madison, Iowa.

WILLIAMS, Professor Edward H. Williams, Jr., 117 Church street, Bethlehem, Pa.

Page 17

WOOD - Of Connecticut and Rhode Island, Frank B. Lamb, Westfield, N. Y.

WOODCOCK - J. L. Woodcock, 449 Washington Boulevard, Chicago.

WOODWARD - Theron R. Woodward, 302 Dearborn street, Chicago.

WISWELL - Rev. Anson Titus, Tufts College, Mass.

WYMAN - Walter C. Wyman, Union League Club, Chicago.

YOUNG - Mrs. Susie Young Gates, Provo City, Utah.

Frank Willing Leach, 254 South Twenty-third street, Philadelphia, is compiling a work giving the ancestry and descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence.


CHAPPELLL - O. A. Chappell, M. D., Elgin, Ill.

CLAYPOOL - Edw. A. Claypool, 281 Ontario St., Chicago

CROSWELL - Chas. C. Whittier, 40 Dartmouth St., Boston

GOWING - Robt. H. Gowing, Peabody, Mass.

ROLLO - John Hall Rollo, Wilmington, Del.

WHITTIER, WHITCHER, WHICHER - Chas. C. Whittier, 40 Dartmouth St., Boston.

Page 18

The following MANUSCRIPT GENEALOGIES are in the Library of the N. E H. & G. Society, 18 Somerset Street, Boston.

Armstrong, Anthony, Aspinwall, Atwood.
Barstow, Blake, Bourne.
Chapin, Child, Crandall, Cushing.
Davenport, Dean, Dearborn, Derby, Dewing, DeWolf, Dodge.
Elliott, Ellis, Elwell.
Fay, Folger, Fuller.
Gerrish, Giles, Green.
Hale, Hall, Ham, Hamlin.
Jones, Judd.
Lindall, Loring.
Marshall, Mason, Miner.
Rand, Raymond, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Ripley.
Sargent, Scollay.
Thacher, Towne, Tucker.
Vail, Vinton.
Webster, Wheeler, Whittlesey, Wheelwright.

Page 19

The State Historical Society at Madison, Wis.
Has Manuscript Genealogies as Follows:

Descendants of William Reade of Weymouth (?) Mass. Prepared by Elisha Reed, Madison,Wis. 1889. 41 pp.

Fletcher Genealogy supplement - The descendants of Remembrance Fletcher, by her grandson, J. Wakefield. Fremont, Wis. n.d. 17 p.

Genealogy of Aaron Wakefield and Olive Wight to the present time, (1887.) By Benjamin A. Wakefield. Webster, Mass. 1887.

Genealogy of the Sanborn family, by Nathan Sanborn, M. D. (printed pamphlet, with numerous MS additions). Boston. 1856. 21 p.

Genealogy of the Fields of Providence, Rhode Island, as traced by Mrs. Harriet A. Brownell, of Providence, R.I., (printed pamphlet with numerous MS additions.) Providence. 1878. 65 p.

Genealogy of the Dearborn family by Henry A.S. Dearborn, 1844.

Durneford family of England. 2 pp.

Henshaw genealogy. MS with additions and corrections by Miss H. E. Henshaw of Leicester, Mass. July, 1887.

Dr. Wm. O'Donnavan's Catalogue of MSS. connected with Heraldry and Genealogy in the Library of Tirnity College, Dublin, 1888.

Bernardstown, Mass., Mrs. Lucy J. Kellogg, Greenfield, Mass.
Dover, Mass., Frank Smith.
Hebron, Conn., F. Clarence Bissell, Willemantic, Conn.
Bound Brook, N. J., Rev. T. E. Davis
Harford, Pa., Prof. W. L. Thatcher
Towanda, Pa., C. F. Heverly
Tioga Co., Pa., Hon. Chas. Tubbs, Osceola, Pa.
Chatham, Mass., Mrs. M. L. Nickerson, Chathamport, Mass.
Gray, Me., Miss Florence W. Hunt
Danbury, Me., Mrs. Susan B. Hill, Danbury.
Windsor County, Vt., W. P. Baxter, Box 238, Chicago.

The Mansfield Family of Lynn, Mass., collected by the late Mr. Moulton, of Lynn, has been given to the Lynn Public Library.

Page 20 - not transcribed; list of several well-known publications devoted to genealogy, with subscription information.

Page 21 - not transcribed; listings of manuscript genealogies (surnames only) owned by The Connecticut Historical Society, of Hartford, CT.

Page 22 - not transcribed; miscellaneous notices advertising a professional genealogist and several genealogical presses and booksellers.

Page 23

SUPPLEMENT, Sept. 1, 1896.
Copyright, 1896.

ABBOTT - Maj. L. A. Abbott, Washington, D. C
ADAMS - J. Smith Adams, Milltown, Me.
ALEXANDER - Rev. J. S. Alexander, Greenville, Tenn.
ASPINWALL - Algernon A. Aspinwall, 1305 Riggs st., Washington, D. C.; Bradford Kingman, Brookline, Mass.
BACHILOR, BATCHELDER - Fred'k C. Pierce, 162 Washington street, Chicago.
BASSETT - B. Frank Leeds, College Park, Cali.
BEELER - Chas. Beeler, Peoria, Ill.
BLOOD - Eben Putnam, Salem, Mass.
BREWER - Henry A. May, 47 Florence st., Roslindale, Mass.
BRIDGE - Henry A. May, 47 Florence st., Roslindale, Mass.
BUTLER - Henry A. May, 47 Florence st., Roslindale, Mass.
BUTTRICK - Sidney H. Buttrick, 19 Milk street, Boston, Mass.; Arthur C. Buttrick, Winter Hill, Somerville, Mass.
CHAMBERLAIN - J. Chester Chamberlain, 1 West 81st street, New York City.
CHASE - H. M. Chase, Barnstable, Mass.
CURTISS - Frederick Haines Curtiss, Broadway National Bank, Boston, Mass.
DEWEY - Louis M. Dewey, 48 Jefferson st., Westfield, Mass.
DUNHAM - Prof. Isaac W. Dunham, Schenectady, N. Y.
EAMES - Mrs. Lucia Eames Blount, "The Oaks" Georgetown, D. C.; Miss Cora F. Ames, Pulpit Harbor, Me.; Mr. M. E. Eames, 121 No. Swan St., Albany, N. Y.
ELDREDGE - Marcus Baker, U. S. Geological Survey
ELLIOT - Richard M. Elliott, 149A Tremont st., Boston, Mass.
FITTS - James H. Fitts, Newfields, N. H.
FOSTER - Henry A. May, 47 Florence st., Roslindale, Mass.
FULLER - Francis H. Fuller, 18 Somerset street, Boston.
GREENE - George Sears Greene, Morristown, N. J.

Page 24

HARWOOD - W. H. Harwood, M. D., Chasm Falls, N. Y.
HIGGINSON - Eben Putnam, Salem, Mass.
HOLBROOK - Henry A. May, 47 Florence st., Roslindale, Mass.
HOUGHTON - (Canadian) L. N. Vaughn, 1045 Cambridge street, Cambridge, Mass.
HUNTER - E. J. Hunter, 105 Clark street, Chicago.
KIMBERLY - Chester T. Sherman, Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C.
LEEDS - B. Frank Leeds, College Park, Cali.
LEONARD - Miss Anna Leonard, 5 Chestnut street, Boston.
LUFKIN - Mr. E. B. Lufkin, Weld, Maine.
LYON - Henry A. May, 47 Florence st., Roslindale, Mass.
MARCH - Miss Ellen Gates March, Baltimore, Md.; Azel Ames, M. D., Chelsea, Mass.
MAY - Henry A. May, 47 Florence st., Roslindale, Mass.
NOYES - Col. Henry E. Noyes, Fort Wingate, New Mex.
OWSLEY - Heaton Owsley, Chicago.
PRESSEY - Eban Putnam, Salem, Mass.
PUTNAM - Eben Putnam, Salem, Mass.
SHAILER - Sumner Shailer, 126 West 66th st., New York City.
SHERMAN - Rev. David Sherman, Brookline, Boston, Mass.; Chester T. Sherman, Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C.
STACEY - Henry A. May, 47 Florence st., Roslindale, Mass.
TAPLEY - Eben Putnam, Salem, Mass.
THOMAS - Descendants of Hugh Thomas of Md., Mrs. Jno. N. Jewett, 412 Dearborn avenue, Chicago.
TUCKER - Eben Putnam, Salem, Mass.
TYLER - W. I. Tyler Brigham, 4814 Evans avenue, Chicago.
WADE - Stuart Chas. Wade, 1903 Michigan ave., Chicago.
WALKER - Descendants of Lewis Walker of Chester Valley, Priscilla Walker Streets, 109 E. 19th st., N. Y. City
WENZEL - John Wenzel, Ashland, Mass.
WHITE - Descendants of Thomas White of Plymouth, by Hon. George White, Norfolk County, Probate Court, Dedham, Mass.; Miss Elvira B. Smith, 18 Somerset street, Boston.
WINCHESTER - Bradford Kingman, Brookline, Mass.
WRIGHT - Nathan M. Wright, Providence Journal, Prov., R. I.

Advertisement on inside of front cover:


The Genealogy of "Ephraim and Pamela (Converse) Morris, their Ancestors and Descendants," contains several generations of the following allied families:

Bowen, Bowman, Carter, Chaffee, Child, Converse, Flynn, Frary, Granger, Graves, Hickox, Hollister, Lillie, Manning, May, Peake, Pease, Richardson, Sawyer, Seymour, Tucker, Washburn and Weston.

Also contains a great deal of information about families prominent in

Rosbury, Woburn, Charlestown, So. Wilbraham, Lexington, Rehoboth and Plymouth, Mass.

Bethel, Roxbury, W. Randolph, Hartford and Norwich, Vt.

Woodstock, Stafford, Lebanon, Hartford, Waterbury, Conn.

Oneida County, New York.

The Book is handsomely bound in Half Morocco. 208 pages. Royal 8 vo. Price, $5.00.


Advertisement on inside of back cover:

Society of Colonial Wars
In the State of Illinois

Giving a list of members with their lines of descent, and the service of their ancestors in the Wars of the Colonies, together with the documentary reference for such service.


The book is printed on heavy hand-made paper, illustrated with 75 full page illustrations, and is a valuable book of reference.

322 pages, Cloth, $1.50. Half Morocco, $2.00.


IMPORTANT! If you skipped reading the introduction or missed the date - every one of persons listed above is deceased, with no forwarding address!

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