Gen. Herkimer Home and Guy Park Manor

Below are lists of local residents appointed by the Governor of New York State to preside over the administration of two famous local landmarks - the Herkimer Home and the Guy Park Manor. Kindly contributed by Jeanette Shiel.

Source: Legislative Manual, New York by Robert Moses, Secretary of State, (J. B. Lyon Company, Albany), 1928 pg 364-365.

(Note from site coordinator: Robert Moses was the mastermind behind New York State's Thruway, Taconic State Parkway, Meadow Brook State Parkway, Jones Beach State Park and the causeway to it, as well as other major state public works projects. At one time he was head of the Port Authority of New York, also planning Manhattan's Battery Park City, the new Penn Station, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, and the World Trade Center. Moses' career outlasted the terms of decades of governors and changing bureaucracies (he was a tenured govt. worker until he finally retired) and he didn't have to spend his own money. Donald Trump, take notes. Moses' tremendous power and influence in shaping 20th century NY State is the subject of the fascinating unoffical biography "The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York," by Robert A. Caro.)

General Herkimer Home, Danube, N.Y.

Commissioners of the Herkimer Home
Chapter 198, Laws of 1918

Ten commissioners, appointed by the Governor. Term, five years.
Have Supervision over the Herkimer Home, the original home of General Nicholas Herkimer, and located two miles east of Little Falls.

Commissioner, Residence, Term expires

Charlotte A. Pitcher, Utica, April 1, 1929
Ralph D. Earl, President, Herkimer, April 1, 1929
Eugene M. Walrath, Little Falls, April 1, 1930
Elizabeth S. LeRoy, Ilion, April 1, 1930
Delight R. Keller, Little Falls, April 1, 1931
Clarence L. Fisher, Little Falls, April 1, 1931
Edward S. Van Valkenburg, Secy., Little Falls, April 1, 1932
Mrs. Estella F. Callan, Ilion, April 1, 1932
Ella C. Bellinger, Fort Plain, April 1, 1933
Edward H. Teall, Treas., Little Falls, April 1, 1933

Thomas P. Corcoran, Caretaker

Guy Park Manor, Amsterdam, N.Y.

Guy Park House and Grounds
Chapter 662, Laws of 1921

Five appointments by the Governor, three to be women.
In making appointments, Governor considers indorsements [sic] made by the American Chapter of the D. A. R. Term, five years.

Trustees, Residence, Term expires

Horace M. Hicks, Amsterdam, March 1, 1929
Mary Waldron, Amsterdam, March 1, 1930
Elizabeth Carmichael, Secretary, Amsterdam, March 1, 1931
Josephine L. Reynolds, Pres., Hagaman, March 1, 1932
Patrick J. Fitzgibbons, Amsterdam, March 1, 1933

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