"Souvenir of Ilion" - 1904

Photos of Buildings and Scenery

Source: "Souvenir of Ilion," Ilion, N.Y.:Citizen Print. 1904. No Author.

Homes of:

Benison, Henry
Benton, W. W.
Brand, H.
Brill, Addison
Brooks, A. E.
Burton, N. W.

Carpenter, Mrs. L. P.
Clive, Stephen

DeVoe, David
Downs, J. V.

Giblin, J. A.

Harter, Charles
Hartford, Wm. D.
Heacock, Seth G.
Hoefler, John
Hollister, L. E.
House, H. A.
Hunt, Mrs. Mary


Jenne, W. K.

King, R. E.

McGowan, A. W.
Moore, E. D.
Morgan, A. D.

Pelton, J. R.

Remington Home (Old)
Remington, Mrs. Caroline
Remington, Eliphalet
Richardson, A. D.
Richardson, Mrs. Harriet
Ringwood, Thomas
Roberts, Thomas G.
Ross, A. M.
Ross, B. B.
Russell, A. N.
Russell, B. A.
Russell, S. T.

Schmidt, John V.
Stone, Geo. H. P.
Stubblebein, P. A.

Walker, Dr. D. E.
Warner, Dr. Robert

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