Ladies of Ilion, N.Y. 1915

Ilion, N.Y.

Ladies of Ilion, NY

I don't know this group of women, maybe church related. Try as I might I cannot figure out the order of the names. I know two women in these pictures and no matter how I count they don't come out right. Here is the list of women who's names I could read, but in no picture order. Some of the names were in pencil and are just not readable. Perhaps someone who sees it can help place the names with the faces.

Barbara Babcock
March 2001

Helen Nagle, Mary Tracy, B. Cahill, Ann Archer, Mrs Dowd, Margaret David or Dowd, Lizzie Carlen, Agnes Miehan, J.McCay, Dottie ?, Kate Bonn, Mary Kennedy, Bertha Furman, Veronica Williams, Agnes McGrath, Alice Farnum, Alice Finnegan, Alice Kennedy, Ann English, Blanch Foley, Mrs. Barnum, Mrs. Hurley, Bertha Stressell, Sara Mc?, Helen Murphy, Agnes Hurley, Mrs. M.C., L Bell/Ball Wilford, Libbie Fall, Harriett ?.

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