Following is a copy of the program celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Typewriter. The source document was provided by Carolyn Deming Bayer of Ilion. If your relative's mentioned, I'd like to hear from you. Text has been reformatted for easier online reading.

Paul McLaughlin



Wednesday, September 12, 1923
10 A. M.

Colonel John W. Vrooman
President of Herkimer County Historical Society


of the
Chairman of the Day
Honorable Homer P. Snyder
Representative in Congress

Invocation   -   -   -   -   Rt. Rev. Charles Fiske D.D., LL.D., Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Central New York

America    -   -   -   -   Remington Typewriter Band

Address: "The Early Days"   -   -   -   Mr. Henry Harper Benedict, Founder of the Typewriter Industry

Address by   -   -   -   -   Ex-Governor Frank O. Lowden, of Illinois

Address: "The Age of Communications"-   -   Mr. Owen D. Young, Chairman of Board, General Electric Company

Address by   -   -   -   -   Governor Alfred E. Smith of New york

Star Spangled Banner   -   -   -   Remington Typewriter Band

Two o'clock:   -   -   -   -   Assembly at the Monument to the Inventor of the Typewriter, Christopher Latham Sholes

Address: "Advent of Women in the Business World"   -   Mrs. Lena Lake Forrest, President, National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs

Reading of a letter from Mrs. Corrine Roosevelt Robinson, Vice-President, Herkimer County Historical Society   -   -   By Colonel John W. Vrooman, President, Herkimer County Historical Society

Address: "The Keys to Success"   -   -   Mrs. Elizabeth Sears, President New York League of Business and Professional Women

Unveiling of Monument   -   -   -   -   By Christopher Latham Sholes, 4th and Elizabeth Latham Sholes, Great Grandchildren of Christopher Latham Sholes

Tableau with Flags of all Nations   -   -   -   Typewriter Girls

"Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot"   -   -   -   Remington Typewriter Band

March to Remington Typewriter Field (two minutes walk)

Drill   -   -   -   -   -   -   Typewriter Girls

Baseball, Parade, Fireworks, Block Dance

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