A great many people, including some native Ilionites, think only of the Remingtons as manufacturers of firearms. Such is not the case. One of the other products manufactured by E. Remington & Sons was the "Sulky Rake". The story, and photos of a model, can be found by clicking on the words Sulky Rake. In addition, I recently came across a newspaper, FOREST, FORGE AND FARM, which was published by E. Remington & Sons in the late 1800's. I obtained a copy dated December 1881, which is comprised of eight pages, almost two pages of pictorial ads for Remington products. Articles included are;

Modern Rifle ShootingThe Jury System
To Detect Incipient Small PoxAncient Female Inventors
Automatic Freight Car BrakesSuggestions of and for the Season
Where Does American Game Go ToWhat a Cabinetmaker did for Cohoes
A poem, "The Angler's Confession"Draw Poker as a Disease
Can a Patent be Sold by Sheriff for Debt Like Other Property  Luxuries of our Ancestors
Names of SteelTimber Planting
Notes on Scientific SubjectsThe Use of Short Words
The HammerLime as a PreservativeGrowing Demand for Meats
PinsFeed for Laying Hens
A Model ManThe Father of the British Army
The Moderate Bear StoryThe Rifle Tournament
What a Cheap Cigar Will DoA poem, "Two Women"
A Little Too PreviousHome Decorations
A poem, "Man's Mortality"English and Foreign Song-Birds
The Multiplying Uses for CottonHistory of Ear Rings
The Cotton Trade of the WorldThe First Christmas
The Poultry Yard - Hints for DecemberTo Sis
Southern AgricultureThe Old Fashioned Mother
Sheep Husbandry with Cotton Seed for Winter FeedDomestic Brevities
Farming for BoysPullman
History of the TomatoAbout Kissing
Trading in MexicoThe Razor-Back Hog
Farming in DakotaSweet-Flag Candy
The Close of the Atlanta ExpositionHousehold Recipes
FirearmsA poem, "Der Moon"
The Southern Rifle TournamentA Wail
A Compliment Well BestowedGrass Bouquet
The End of the TournamentChaff
The International Match"Darn It."
What Invention May DoFeeding Young Colts
Fruit Trees for Ornament A Hint on Household Management
A poem, "The Farmer's Wife"Epitath on a Western Hotel
A poem, "Among the Pines"and several anecdotes.

The only reason that I listed all of the items is to point out the diversity of subjects in this, a monthly publication. The size of the type font appears to be smaller than an '8'. It would have to be in order to get all of the above, plus the ads, into an eight page newspaper. It is interesting to note that, in a newspaper published in Ilion, NY, there are ads from companies in New York City, Austin, TX, Portland, ME, Augusta, ME, Chicago, IL, Pittsburg, PA, Rochester, NY and Newark, NJ. To see copies of the ads for other Remington products and to read some of the articles to obtain a feel for the composition, language, etc., click HERE.

Paul T. McLaughlin.
Village of Ilion Editor

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