The following is taken from "Ilion 1852-1952." We thank the Mayor and other officials of Ilion for granting us permission to provide this information to our visitors.


A century has passed since the days of David D. Devoe and his contemporaries, a century marked by many changes, improvements almost unbelievable to the men of that era. What would David Devoe think if he could revisit the village to which he gave the name "Ilion"? It had been his privilege to see that settlement grow from infancy through childhood to lusty youthfulness by the time of his death in 1882. Would he be proud of the adult or would he find evidence of decay?

Surely he would be proud of those village institutions in which he had shown so deep an interest. Imagine his amazement at our Post Office with its spacious building, modern equipment and staff of thirty two! He would recall with some amusement his contract to bring the mail from Mohawk to $12 a year, an actual pocket loss to him of $44.00. He would recall with some nostalgia the crude mailboxes he had built of pieces of discarded lumber.

Treading with interest the modern concrete sidewalks, he would marvel at the growth of his Ilion, and especially at the huge factories. Watching the thousdands of workmen and women stream forth at the closing hour, he would recall that in his day, there were fifty men on the factory payroll.

He would be proud that Ilion provides--spiritual advantages through its many churches, excellent schools for its youth, a library free for all readers, and a hospital for its sick. He would admire the municipal building and the work of the various commissions centered there.

Himself a musician, he would thoroughly approve of the musical opportunities offered to both the youths and adults of Ilion. He would approve the work of the recreation commission which provides recreational facilities such as playgrounds, skating rinks, a swimming pool, all with excellent supervision.

A close friend of Eliphalet Remington, he would be sincerely pleased that the Remington name is known around the world, famous for the quality of its products.

Seeing all these things and many more, might he not leave us with this word of caution:

"We of our generation builded better than we knew, you of the
twentieth century are reaping the bountiful harvest. Look you
also to the future - build for tomorrow."

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