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Foreman's Club House, Ilion, N.Y.

A - G

Source: The Ilion Directory, for the Year 1883, from "Utica City Directory for the Year 1883, with a General and Business Directory of Utica, Frankfort and Ilion"
Compiled & published by Chas. N. Gaffney, 191 Genesee St., Utica, N.Y., June 1, 1883
Curtiss & Child's Printers, copyright 1883 C. N. Gaffney.

EXPLANATION OF ABBREVIAT1ONS. Ave., avenue; bet., between; cor., corner; mfr., manufacturer; opp., opposite; r., residence or resides; sqr., square: n., north; e., east; w., west; s., south.

ACKLER FRANK, laborer, r Railroad cor River
ACKLER J.H. grocer 10 Otsego, r 21 Railroad
Ackler Martin, painter, r 57 East Main
Ackler N. H. farmer, r 77 Otsego
Ackler Warren, laborer, r 31 West
Aicheler Frederick, machinist, r 42 Third ave
Allston James, laborer, r 21 Second ave
Alexander Reuben, laborer, r Ilion
Alexander William, r 26 Elm
Anable A. S. contractor, r East North
Anable C. W. painter, r 4 James
Anderson Samuel, laborer, r Second street
Angel I. A. news agent, r 3 West Clark
Angel M. D. Chief of Police, r 14 Second
Anzie Charles, clerk, r Railroad street
Armstrong Frederick, book-keeper, r 3 W. North
Arnold Arthur, gunsmith, r 8 English
Arnold Walter, gunstocker, r 15 Elm
Atherton Geo. polisher, r 7 E. River
Atherton Joseph, polisher, r 8 E. North
Atherton William, mechanic, r 10 E. North
Austin Charles, r 34 Otsego
Austin C. H. Rev. r 4 John
Austin Wm. R. 34 Otsego

Babcock Ray, machinist, r 73 West
Bach Minnie, Mrs. widow, r 53 West
Baker Albert contractor, r 26 E. Main
Baker C. E. painter, r 21 First
Baker Frank, contractor, r 28 E. Main
Baker J. C., contractor, r 4 First
Baker Walter, polisher, r 18 Armory Hill
Baldee G. W., machinist, r 80 Otsego
Baldee John, laborer, r 11 West
Ball Chas., gunsmith, r 2 W. Canal
Ball W. R., clerk, r 3 W. Canal
Ballard J. E., tool maker, r 25 Second
Bargy Charles, laborer, r 57 Main
Barhydt John, mechanic, r 28 Elm
Barlow G. H., inspector type writer dept, r 51 John
Barrett H. F., wagon maker, r 31 West
Barringer Chas., laborer, r 8 East Canal
BARSE FREDRICK, (Miller & Barse) r 28 Morgan)
Bassett W. L., rake maker, r 38 John
Bates Chas., laborer, r Montgomery
Bates John, engineer, r 17 River
Bates William, engineer, r 6 E. North
Beach Arthur, physician, 20 Otsego, r same
Beardsley S. L. Miss, r E. Main near Armory
Beaver John, inspector of gun, r 23 Railroad
Beckwith J., painter, r 39 Railroad
Bedworth Frank, mechanic, r Fifth ave
Bedworth Frederick, gunsmith, r Charles
Bedworth John, mechanic, r Charles
Bedworth Wm., mechanic, r Charles
Behan T. J., commercial traveler, r 9 W. North
Belcher Albert, lawyer and agent for Ohio Mutual Aid Company, 12 E. Canal, r same
Bell James, mechanic, r 5 W. North
Bell Robert, machinist, r 21 W. North
Bellinger Lawrence, r 42 E. Main
Bellinger Milton, machinist, r 11 Second
Beirne John, mechanic, r 37 W. Clark
Beins Paul, r 14 W. Canal
Bennett A. H., mechanic, r 7 Railroad
Bennett Emmett M., mechanic, r 7 Railroad
Bennett Fred H., lawyer 4 E. Main, r 7 Railroad
Bennett F. R., mechanic, r 7 Railroad
Bennett Henry Rev., r John cor Fourth
Bennett R. R., salesman, r 7 Railroad
Bennett Willis, mechanic, r Second
Benson George, watchmaker, r 38 W. Main
Benton Warren, r Armory Hill
Best Henry, poster, r Otsego
Best Jeremiah, laborer, r Otsego
Berry William, carpenter and joiner, r 29 Elm
Beverly David, mechanic, r 51 E. Main
Blackwell Abraham, carpenter, r E. North
Blanchard A. B., machinist, r 28 W. Clark
Bliss E. L., machinist, r 50 West
Blood B. F., boilermaker, r 34 E. North
Boardman Spencer, laborer, r Barringer
Boeger Emil, shoemaker, r Railroad
BORGERSRUD ALEX., grocer 11 W. Main, r 19 River See page 571
Bornefeld C. filer, r 13 Montgomery
Bornefed, Edward, moulder, r 13 Montgomery
Booth Sim., r West cor Main
Bradley H. W., foreman, r 14 E. Main
Brand Charles Edgar, mechanic. r Fourth ave
Brand Henry, mechanic. r Fourth ave
Brand Harrison, r Fourth ave
Brand N., r 32 Morgan
Brawn Benjamin, teamster, r W. Ilion
Breiner August, saw filer, r 6 Third
Bremer Chas., shoemaker, r 53 West
BREMER WM., photograph gallery 2 W. Canal, r 53 West. See page 575
Brennan John, laborer, r 23 E. North
Brenan Malacha, night watchman, r 15 W. Canal
Brennan Frank, cartman, r 5 Railroad street
Bridenbecker Zach, laborer, r West Ilion
Briggs Wm., mechanic, r 23 Second
Briggs Wm. P., mechanic, r 23 Second
Brill Addison, r W. Main
Bronner M. D., contractor, r 5 W. Clark
Brooks A. E., contractor, r 26 Otsego
Brooks W. E., inspector, r 33 1/2 W. Main
Brown Alonzo, r Prospect street
Brown Emory W., carpenter, r 46 W. Main
Brown Joseph G., teamster, r Armory Boarding House
Brown Geo. L, gunsmith r 8 Fourth
Brown L. D., polisher, r 4 W. Clark
Brown O. C., laborer, r Ilion
Brown Stephen, r rear of 47 W. Main
Bruce William, r 44 W. Clark
Bruder George, filer, r 1 Armory Hill
Bruder Max, mechanic, r Fourth ave
Buck M. J. Mrs., millinery, 28 Otsego, r 59 West
Bucker Gotlieb, clothes cleaner, Railroad street, r same
Buckley Daniel, laborer, r E. Clark
Bucklin W. B., canvasser, r Cottage street
Budlong Wm. L.S., mechanic, r 25 First
Buell Geo. N., engineer, r English street near Otsego
Bullard ___, r 34 Otsego
Burch Carl, book-keeper, 14 Third street
Burch C. B., clerk 6 E. Main, r 14 Third street
Burch William, r 14 Third
Burch S. C., book-keeper, 13 0tsego, r 14 Third
Burdett Frank E., machinist, r 7 W. Canal
Burdick Hiram M., pattern-maker, r E. North
Burdick James M., inventor, r 7 W. North
Burke M. L., contractor, r 25 West
Burke Wm., contractor, r 25 West
Burnett N. S., contractor, r 13 Railroad
Burns Alice Mrs., widow, r 30 W. North
Burns Alice Miss, dress maker, r 4 Morgan
Burns Mathew, laborer, r 10 West
Bush L. J., com. traveler, r 8 W. North
Butler Michael, r 38 W. North

CAMPBELL H. C., fork maker, r 22 W. North
Capron Charles, machinist, r Cemetery street.
Caple M. E., r 10 High
Caple Frank E., r 10 High
Carlton A. J., r 34 Morgan
Carp Christopher, tool maker, r 5 E. Main
Carpenter C. W., contractor, r 26 Morgan
Carpenter D. Mrs., r 12 Railroad
Carpenter H. R, machinist, r 26 Morgan
Carpenter M. Mrs. r 4 W. Canal
Carney Michael, laborer, r 12 River
Carney Owen, laborer, r 10 River
Carney Patrick, laborer, r 10 River
Carney Patrick, Jr., helper, r 10 River
Carney Peter, laborer, r 23 River
Carney Philip, helper, r 10 River
Carr A. J., teamster, r 13 E. Canal
Carver Eliza Mrs., r 6 W. Clarke
Casey George, laborer, r 27 River
Casler Jacob, teamster, r 37 Railroad
Casler Perry, teamster, r 8 W. Clark
Casler R. P., mechanic, r 14 Railroad
Casparas A. H., clerk, r 10 E. Canal
Castle Horace A., carpenter, r 18 Morgan
Castle Ione Miss, clerk 8 W. Main
Castle Ione Mrs., millinery 8 W. Main, r 18 Morgan
Caswell Edwin, merchant, r 39 John
Caswell E. E. gunmaker, r 53 John
CaswelI Howard, agent, r 25 John
Cave John, r W. Clarke cor Fredrick
Champlain H. B. painter, r Railroad cor Clark
Chandler Henry, mechanic, r 55 Third ave
Chapman E. G. machinist, r 23 Railroad
Chapman Joseph, steel roller, r 13 Third
Chapman Joseph A. express agent, r 13 Third
Chappell Arthur, mechanic, r Fourth ave
CHAPPEL J. A. dry goods, Crockery and paper hanging 6 East Main, r 34 Second
Chattway James, undertaker 24 Otsego, r same
Chismore Henry, contractor, r Rand near Third ave.
Chismore Jacob, r 20 Second
Christnian T. H. r 68 Otsego
Christie C. F. machinist, r 12 W. Clark
(Christman see Cristman.)
Clackner C. L. painter, r 60 E. Main
Clackner L. F. machinist, r 60 F. Main
Clair John, laborer, r Armory Boarding house
Clancey Martin, laborer, r 12 River
Clapsaddle Andrew, laborer, r 16 West
Clapsaddle Fred, laborer, r 25 F. Clark
Clapsaddle Peter N. mechanic, r 7 Third ave
Clarke Allie, mechanic r Fourth ave
Clarke John, molder, r 41 John
Clarke Owen, mechanic, r Fourth ave
Clarke Russell D. tinsmith, r Fourth ave
Clarke J. D. Mrs. music teacher 4 East Main, r North Ilion
Clarke L. F. r 5 West
Clarke Enis P. mechanic, r 32 Third ave
Clayton Henry, gunsmith, r l2 1/2 W. North
Clayton John, machinist, r 42 Otsego
Clayton Joshna, machinist, r 59 West
Clayton Oswell, moulder, r 34 Otsego
Cleary Daniel, laborer, r 3 E. Canal
Clegg George, paper hanger, south end of First ave
Cleveland S. H. carpenter, r Third ave
Clinton Mrs. r 4 E Canal
Clives George, r 3 Third
Clives George, painter, r 37 Second ave
Clive Henry, machinist, r 7 Second ave
Clive Stephen, machinist, r 7 Second ave
Cole C. N. mechanic, r Second ave
Coleman Edwin painter, r 13 Elm
COLEMAN FREDRICK. (F. Coleman & Co.) r James
COLEMAN F. & CO. (F. Coleman & N. R Osgood,) carriage manufacturers Morgan cor Main. See page 573
Coleman,William, carriage ironer, r Elm
Collins F. D. mechanic, r Clark
Comstock F. F. physician, r 32 Morgan
Condon Christopher, laborer, r 40 River
Cone W. T. mechanic, r 5 John
Conkling George, lawyer, r 20 E. North
CONKLING JAMES, lawyer 4 E. Main, r 13 W. Clark
Conkling James, r East Canal
Conley James, laborer, r 35 W North
Cook, R. F. inventor, r 1 E. Clark
Cooper Z. E. clerk. 10 Otsego, r 9 John
COPPERNOLL GEORGE L. eating house 12 and 14 Union, See page 570
Cornell Thomas, laborer, r Second
Cox Wm. S. tool maker, r 13 W. Canal
Crawford Robert, painter, r 21 W. Clark
Cramer William F. painter, 69 West
Crandall C. F. r 43 West
Crandall Erastus, carpenter, r 43 West
Craney John, mechanic, r 11 Montgomery
Creysler Flora Miss, short-hand writer, r 47 West
Crim Edward, soap manufacturer, r 46 River, r same
CRISTMAN WM. JR. liveryman 5 Morgan, r same
Crosby Luke, laborer, r 23 W. North
Crosby Patrick, mechanic, r 10 W. Canal
Crumb F. Mrs. r Railroad
Crumb Walter, r Railroad
Cryan Patrick, polisher, r 29 E. North
Culver Dewitt, mason, r rear of 22 West
Culver George, laborer, r 1 Canal
Cummings John, gunmaker, r 34 Otsego
Curry William H. book-keeper, r E. North cor Cottage
CUTTER GEORGE W. postmaster, r 6 First

DALY JOHIN carpenter, r 16 W. Canal
Daly Patrick, mechanic, r 10 Third ave
Dally C. M. clerk, r 78 Otsego
Danforth Charles A. civil engineer, r 1 W. Clark
Daniels Ira, mechanic, r Osgood House
Darby C. H. book-keeper, r Second ave
Davis Elizabeth, r W. Clark
Davis Frederick, works at armory, r 22 West
Davis George T. mechanic, r Charles
Davis James, blacksmith, r Main
Davis John, nickel plater, r Fifth Ave
Davison W. M. clerk, r S East Clark
Day Charles, musician, r 69 Otsego
Day George V. contractor, r 32 John
Day John C. machinist, r 38 Third ave
Day Julius C. cabinet maker, r 71 Otsego
Day William, laborer, r 69 Otsego
Dean Morris, machinist, First
Delaney John, r 9 W. Canal
Delano Clark, carriage maker, r 11 W. Canal
Delano D. C. carriage trimmer, r 11 W. Canal
Delano Edson Mrs. r 20 Morgan
Deltry S. H. tinsmith; r 61 E. Main
DENNIS A. F. contractor and builder Morgan cor West, r 25 West. See page 571
Devendorf Charles M. book-keeper, r West
Devendorf, E. W. machinist, r 9 Second
Devoe D. D. Mrs. r 25 E. Main
Deyle, William H. mechanic, r Cemetery street
Dickson, E. teamster, r 47 John
Dickinson Elsworth, clerk, r John
Dickerman A. C Mrs r 14 Armory
Diefiendorf Charles, book-keeper, r 24 West
Diss Louis, machinist, r 26 Third Ave
Dodge Walter, mechanic, r Second
Dodson Mrs. widow, r Charles
Dodson William, mechanic r 12 Elm
Donohoe Michael, mason r 8 W North
Doolittle George, mechanic, r 12 E. Clark
Dorflinger Enoh, laborer r 6 E. Clark
Doty, A. F. wagon maker 14 W Clark
DOUGLAS A. J physician and surgeon 5 Second, r West cor Second
Dowd Patrick, laborer, r 41 E. North
Downs Joseph V. (Ogden & Downs,) r 6 John
Doyle Bridget A. domestic, r 43 West
Doyle James, moulder r Railroad cor Clark
Doyle Patrick D. mechanic, r Central Hotel
Draper E. M. druggist Railroad cor Canal, r Osgood House
Drennan Michael, laborer, r 17 E. Clark
Drennan Thomas, machinist, r 17 E. Clark
Duckrow Frank, book-keeper, r 32 Main
Duckrow Mary Miss, fancy goods 8. Main. r 30 Morgan
Duckworth John, tool maker, r 55 Main
Dugan John, laborer, r 36 W. North
Dunn James; blacksmith, r 11 E. Clark
Durrenbeck J. F. carriage painter, r 52 E. Main
Dusham, Joseph P. clerk, r 12 W. North
Dutcher A. J book-keeper, r 3 English
Dygert Charles, mechanic, r armory boarding house E. Main
Dygert Daniel, book-keeper r Fourth ave, West Hill
Dygert D. H., machinist, r Third cor John
Dyett G. H. draughtsman, r First ave cor Second
Dygert James M. malster, r 12 Morgan
Dygert Jane Mrs. r 35 West

EARL WILLIAM W. mechanic, r 7 E. Clark
Eaton C. H. cutter, r 16 Morgan
Eaton N. merchant tailor, 10 Union, r 16 Morgan
Eckert Frank, clerk, r Railroad street
Edick George H. laborer, r Montgomery near Third
Edkins William, gunsmith, r 48 Third ave
ELDRIGE CYRUS, carpenter and builder German Flats, p o. address, Ilion, N. Y. See page 574
Elliott W. H. inventor, r Osgood House
Empsall Bethel, tool maker, r W. Clark cor Frederick
Empey John P. laborer, r E. Canal
Engham Fannie Mrs. widow, r 19 River
England John, gunsmith, r 66 West
Enos William, machinist, r 4 W. Clark
Ensign Gilbert, teamster, r 15 West
Enslow H. F. laborer, r Ilion
Evans C. F. mechanic, r E. North

FAGAN NICHOLAS, teamster, r 21 River
Fagan Thomas, blacksmith, r 15 West
Fairchild F. M., mechanic, r Third cor John
Fake Edward, mechanic, r Cottage
Fake E. A. teamster, r E. Clark
Fallon Patrick, laborer, r 33 W. North
Farmer H. J. farmer, r 59 E. Main
Farmer William, machinist, r 20 Second ave
Farnell William, blacksmith, r 30 W. Clark
Fay Chas. B., gunsmith, r 2 W. Canal
Fellows Newton Mrs., widow, r 30 E. Main
Fesel John, laborer, r W. Clark
Fesel Philip, mechanic, r 42 West
Finn Ann Mrs. widow, r 38 1/2 W. North
Finn John, r 8 W. Canal
Finn Thomas, laborer, r 31 River
Finnegan Lawrence, laborer, r 12 Second ave
Fitzgerald John, r 10 W. Canal
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, r Montgomery
Flahaven Patrick, gun stocker, r 38 Morgan
Flint Edward, polisher, r Morgan cor First
Flanders Moses, contractor, r 19 E. Clark
Foley Daniel, blacksmith, r 35 E. Main
Foley M. cabinet maker, r 21 John
Foley Patrick, laborer, r East
Foley Thomas, laborer, r 40 W. North
Follick Wm. B., carpenter, r 77 Otsego
Folts E. D., billiard parlor, 24 First
Folts George, laborer, r Main
Folts Isaac, fonndryman, r 14 River
Folts John, teamster, r 35 Railroad
Foothorape Frederick, japaner, r 5 Grant
Foothorape Wm., ornamenter, r 3 Grant
Ford Frank, r 54 Main
Foster C. H., machinist, r 22 First ave
Fowler L. J., pedler, r 7 John
Fox William, mechanic, r Third ave
Francis E. R., painter, r Main cor West
Francis Mr. r 18 Morgan
Fried John, mason, r Charles
FURRER E. J. MRS., dry goods and fancy goods 18 Union, r same. See page 570

GAFFNEY JOHN, laborer, r 13 E. North
Garner Nelson, baggage master, r Morgan cor Third
Ganeard T. H. contractor, r Osgood House
Gates Phineas, r 62 W. Main
Gearmann John, grocer 33 Third ave, r same
Georey Uelia, teamster, r 4 John
Getman Charles, clerk, r 30 Morgan
Getman Ellen Mrs. clerk, r 8 W. Main
Getman H. W. carpenter, r 72 Otsego
Getman Lyman, r 30 Market
Getman Mathew, teamster, r 4 W. North
Getman Sanford, r 30 Morgan
Getman Wm., laborer, r Ilion
Geywits D. A. mechanic, r James
Gibbins Ferguson, laborer, r 16 E. North
Giblin I. George, book-keeper, r 30 West
GIBLIN JOHN A. (Roche & Giblin) r 30 West
Giblin Michael, blacksmith, r 30 West
Giblin Michael Jr. filer, r 10 Second
Gibson Andrew, moulder, r 3 W. Clark
Gibson David, contractor, r 19 Railroad
Giddings Chas. H. gunsmith, r 31 W. Clark
Gillet C. D. farmer, r Barringer
Gillet S. C. Mrs. r 4 Morgan
Gilligan John, r 12 W. North
Gilligan J. F. clerk, r Railroad
Glatthart William, tool maker, r Central Hotel
Gleason Dennis, mechanic, r 31 1/2 W. Clark
Gleason Dennis, laborer, r 78 West
Gleason John, machinist, r 76 West
Gleason Maurice, filer, r 18 W. Canal
Gloechler Jacob, barber, r 35 North
Goff Chas. B., mechanic, r Charles
Golden D. M. r Main
Gorrey John, mechanic, r 4 John
Goo P. W. machinist, r 83 Otsego
Gray Albert, clerk, r 16 Elm
Gray Alfred clerk, r 6 Elm
Gray Chas. M., clerk, r 16 Elm
Gray George, machinist, r 38 Main
Gray Henry, r 16 Elm
Gray William, carpenter, r E. Canal
Green B. E. cartman, r 8 English
Green John, laborer, r Ilion
Green Martin, laborer, r 37 W. Clark
Green W. C., carpenter and builder, r 15 John
Green Zalmon Mrs., r 7 W. Canal
Green E. C., gunstocker, r 59 E. Clark
Greenman John, moulder, r Barringer
Greenought Geo., machinist, r 32 E. North
Groff Harry, teamster, r 39 W. North
Groom Alfonzo, mason, r 32 W. Clark
Gridley Jno. B. sexton of Cemetery, r 1 Grove
Gridley John E. operative, r 1 Grove
Grimes Frank, r W. Clark
Grimes W. J. stoves and tinware 27 First, r 72 West
Grimshaw Wm. H., clerk, r 5 West
Gunston Stephen, painter, r 3 Third

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