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Foreman's Club House, Ilion, N.Y.

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Source: The Ilion Directory, for the Year 1883, from "Utica City Directory for the Year 1883, with a General and Business Directory of Utica, Frankfort and Ilion"
Compiled & published by Chas. N. Gaffney, 191 Genesee St., Utica, N.Y., June 1, 1883
Curtiss & Child's Printers, copyright 1883 C. N. Gaffney.

EXPLANATION OF ABBREVIAT1ONS. Ave., avenue; bet., between; cor., corner; mfr., manufacturer; opp., opposite; r., residence or resides; sqr., square: n., north; e., east; w., west; s., south.

HAKES & SON, (Harvey and Seward) florists 39 to 43 E. Main. See page 571
HAKES SEWARD,( Hakes & Son,) r E North
HAKES HARVEY, (Hakes & Son,) r E. North
Hagen Frank, r 10 W. Canal
Hall Charles, clerk 3 W. Main, r E. North
Hall Harvey, clerk 3 W. Main, r E. North
Hall John, mason, r 45 E. North
Hallinell Samuel, tool maker, r 1 West
Hamilton James, typewriter, r 10 Second
Hamen George, coachman at S. Remington's
Hamm James D. carpenter, r 13 Rand
Hammond Boyd A. iron worker, r Railroad street near Canal
Hammond Edwin, r 2 Otsego cor Morgan
Hammond Frank, boards 33 E. Main
Hammond Morgan, blacksmith, r E. Canal
Hannahs John Jay, r Osgood House
Hard William, boss malster, r 10 W. Canal
Harrington John, filer, r 9 E. Clark
Harrington Mrs. Eliza, r 50 West
HARRIS J. K. P. painter Otsego opposite Cemetery street, r 62 West. See page 575
Harter Charles, insurance agent, r Armory cor Cemetery
Harter E. M. mechanic, r English near Otsego
Harter Mrs. Mary, r 2 West
Hartford M. D. machinist, r 52 West
Hartford William, machinist, r 17 W. Clark
Hartson John, tinsmith, r 61 E. Main
Hassler Jacob, laborer, r 31 West
Hastings G. W. type maker, r 73 Otsego
Hathaway Alfred, laborer r 6 Second ave
Hathaway Nelson, mechanic, south end First ave
Hauger William, clerk 3 W. Main, r E. North
Hauger, William, carpenter, r 42 E. North
Haughton R. A. operative, r 35 W. Main
Hayes Cornelius Jr. mason, r 31 E. North
Hayes Cornelius, mason, r 31 E. North
Hayes Ellen, r Montgomery near Third ave
Heaps John Henry, r 9 West
Hecox Charles, engraver, r 4 River
Heiland Louis, cartman, r Cemetery street
Held Jacob, machinist, r 20 West
Hehner Lawrence, r 16 Railroad
Helsch August, operative, r 4 Remington ave
Hepburn L. L. gunsmith, r 27 W. Clark
Herbert Henry, r 7 West
Herrick Albert, laborer
Hess Henry J. harness maker, r Union near First
Hierholcer Leopold, street commissioner, r 19 W. Canal
Higgins Mike, laborer, r 31 W. North
Higgins Patrick Mrs. widow, r 27 E. North
Hills Charles, wood workman, r 18 First ave
Hilliard Charles N. gunsmith, r Fourth ave
Hills George C. clerk shoe store, r 18 First
Hinman E. R. r 11 W. Canal
Hitchcock Mrs. H. L. r Morgan cor Third
Hitchcock, Mrs. Nellie, widow, r 57 West
Hoefler Jacob, mechanic, r 30 Third avenue
Hoefler John, superintendent, r 16 E. Main
Hoefler John L. tool maker, r 16 E. Main
Hoefler Philip, mechanic, r 4 E. Clark
Hoefler William H. bookkeeper, r 16 F. Main
Hoefler Charles G. clerk, r 16 E. Main
Hofman Leopold, machinist, r 53 Third ave
Hohner Jacob, mechanic, r 56 West
Hohner John, mechanic, r 56 West
Holland Thomas, butcher 23 First, r cor West and Third
Hollar George, laborer, r 67 West
Holler John, mechanic r Cemetery street
Homan Jacob, mechanic, r 64 West
Horlburt Charles E. pistol inspector, r 4 West
Horner J. F. mechanic r 6 E. North
Horrocks William boss carpenter, r Main cor West
HORTON FRANK L. painter Osgood block Otsego cor Main, r Barringer street. See page 572
Horton Jennie, dressmaker, r Barringer
Horton William, miller, r Barringer
Hosp Abraham, r 20 W. Canal
Hotaling Reuben, clerk, r W Canal
HOTALING WILLIAM, grocer Main opposite Otsego, r 5 E. Canal
Houghton C. J. gunsmith, r 3 English
House Herbert, r Main cor West
House Seward, painter, r Main cor West
Howard R. W. wagon maker, r 6 James
Howlett Sally Mrs. r 50 E. Main
Howard Thomas, laborer, r E. Clark
Howell B. J. C. inventor, r Osgood House
Hoyt O. K. gunsmith, r 23 John
Hubbard Charles H. furniture; r 6 Morgan
Hubbard Frank W. mechanic, r 28 Second
Hubbard Joseph H. mechanic, r 28 Second
Hubbard Merrick, farmer, r 38 E. North
Hubbard S. M., mechanic, r 38 E. North
Hughes John W. r 15 High
Humphrey Robert, carriage painter, r 2 River
Humiston Willard, mechanic Second ave
Hunt J. D. Mrs. proprietor Central Hotel Railroad st., r same
Hunter Wm. mechanic, r Fifth ave
Huntley R. r 42 John
Hurd A. C. watch maker 2 First, r West
Hutchins C. H. clerk, r 6 Cemetery
HUTCHINS GEO. C. lawyer 4 E. Main, r 6 Cemetery
Hutchins J. H. book-keeper r 6 Cemetery
Hutchinson Thomas, tailor, r 12 E. Canal
Hyland Rev. J. F. pastor of Church of Annunciation, r 37 E. Main
Hyland Sigwood, mechanic, r 37 E. Main
Hyland Theodore, mechanic, r Main

ILLE JOSEPH, machinist, r 45 Third ave
Illig Alexander, farmer, r Main
Ilion National Bank, 4 E. Main
Ilion and Mohawk Gas Co., E. Canal
Ingersoll John, r Otsego cor John
Ingham C. S. r 13 Second
Irlam John, contractor, r Prospect, Second ave
Istas Joseph, machinist, r 49 Third ave

JACKSON RANDOLPH, coachman, r 27 Elm
Jackson Wm. H. barber Central Hotel, r same
Janes Walter, mechanic, Charles
Jennie Chas. mechanic, r 10 Elm
Jennie W. K. type writer, r 18 John
Jennings Henry D. mechanic r 19 Morgan
JEPSON C. S. stationer 3 W. Main, r 42 Otsego
Jess Al, machinist, r 58 Third ave
Jess Samuel, moulder, r 24 E. Main
Jochmus Herman, machinist, r 27 John
Joerissen Fred, filer, r 50 John

Joerissen Lewis, machinist, r 3 Fourth
Johnson Carlton, carpenter
Johnson C. H. contractor, r 17 Railroad
Jobnson Edmund, r 9 Cemetery
Johnson Frank, laborer, r 1 E. Canal
Johnson Eugene, moulder, r Railroad cor Clark
Johnson Geo. L. carpenter, r Second ave
Johnson J. A. contractor, r 9 Cemetery
Johnson J. D. tool maker, r 11 High
Johnson J. L. mechanic r W. Clark
Johnson Walter, mechanic, r W. Clark
Johnson Wm. B. r 27 Third ave
Jones A. H. machinist, r 7 Cemetery
Jones Lewis B. book-keeper, r 45 W. Main
Jones Mrs. J. H. boarding house, Railroad cor Clark
Jones Richard, carpenter, r 9 River
Jones R. W. book-.keeper, r Osgood House
Joslin C. H. mechanic, r 3 E. River
Joslin J. W. Mrs. r 26 First
Joslin R. J. laborer, r 3 E. Main near Armory
Joy Henry L. clerk, r Second

KANE MITCHELL, grocer, r 18 E. North
Kavanaugh Patrick, laborer, r North
Kavanaugh Martin, teamster, r North
Keach Geo. moulder, r 11 E. Canal
KEITH H. C. boot and shoe dealer 13 First, r 10 W. Clark. See page 573
Keller John, blacksmith 34 West, r same
Kellow Mrs. Charlotte, widow, r 62 E. Main
Kendell Mrs. teacher, r 25 Otsego
Kent Chas. teamster, r E. Main near Armory
Kemble C. E. r 1 E. River
Kemble Chas. R. foreman, r 1 E. River
Kerr Neil, type writer, r 36 John
Kinney J. W. brewer, r 87 Otsego
KINNEY S. H. proprietor National Hotel, r same
Kinnie J. W. foreman brewery, r 87 Otsego
Kinnie Manuel, mover, r 17 Second
King Mrs. widow, r Second
King W. S. laborer, r 22 Second ave
Kitzmiller Mrs. Wm. widow, r 3 Second
Kline E. r 6 Elm
Klig Charles, carpenter, r Fourth ave
Kling John W. carpenter, r Fourth ave
King Wm. book-keeper, r Fourth ave
Krug Henry, tool maker, r 39 E. Main
Kunze August, machinist, r 46 E. North

LAHEY JOHN, polisher, r Railroad cor Clark
Landt Sheridan, mechanic, r 30 E. Main
Lane Chas. gunmaker, r 6 West
Lane Chas. student, r 6 West
Lankton E. painter, r English near Otsego
Larkin Thomas, r 29 W. North
Lathrop F. F. accountant, r 83 Otsego
Lawson E. F. mechanic, r Barringer road
Lawton Mary, widow, r North
Leach Geo. L. overseer, r 36 Morgan
Leahy D. mechanic, r Osgood House
Leddy Peter, machinist, r 7 Elm
Lee James A. laborer, r 50 E. Main
Lee James P. inventor, r 1 Second ave
Leech James S. foreman Agl. Works, r 24 W. North
Lempert Mrs. Rose, r 74 West
Leofler George, machinist, r 51 Third ave
Leonard J. B. filer, r 37 W Main
LeRoy Delavan J. grocer 2 Block, r 15 Railroad
LESTER ELIOT T. justice of the peace and book-keeper, r 53 E. Main
LESTER G. E. grocer 9 W. Main, r 53 E. Main
Lester Thomas, mechanic, r 53 E. Main
Lever Alfred, blacksmith, r 44 E. North
Lever James, polisher, r 19 W. North
Lever John, agricultural works, r E. Canal.
Lever Robert, r 11 Montgomery
Lever Sanford, polisher, r E. Canal
Lewis Albert F. r E. Canal
Lewis Charles E. meat market 11 W. Main, r 40 John
Lewis David, cashier Ilion National Bank, r 34 West
Lewis Marshall, book-keeper, r 18 W. North
Lewis William J. r 48 West
Lewis William P. photographer Main cor Railroad, r 48 West
Lole Frank, mason, r W Ilion
Long Luke, gardener, r 10 Canal
Loomis J. J. carriage maker, r Shulls Hill
Luce C. B. toolmaker, r 15 W. Clark
Luke Charles E. machinist, r 4 E. North
Lutz Bartholomew, shoemaker, r 34 W. Clark
Lyman E. C. machinist, r 12 John
Lynch, C. D. grocer, 4 W. Main, r Railroad cor River
Lyons Michael, carpenter, r 33 Railroad

M ABEN H. B. physician and surgeon 22 Morgan, r same
Maben William S Hamilton College student, r 22 Morgan
Macking A. M. Mrs. r 32 West Clark
Maloy Martin, r 10 W. Canal
Manggang Anton, mechanic, r 70 West
Marhaver Peter, shoemaker Main cor Railroad, r 14 Second ave
Markline John, filer, r 11 Rand
Martin H. W. jeweler 2 First, r 81 Otsego
Marsh John, mechanic, r 20 East North
Marsland John, r 3 West
Mathews Charles, watchmaker, r 17 West
Mathews Hugh, laborer, r 17 West
Mathews Hugh P. clerk, r 17 West
Mathews J. mechanic, r Railroad cor Clark
Mathews J. Mrs. widow, r 5 Morgan
Mauser F. C. mechanic, r 60 West
Maxey Andrew, r Main cor West
McCann James, tailor, r 34 W. North
McCann Martin, tailor, r 25 E. North
McCOY Edmond, patternmaker, r 25 E. North
McFagan Patrick, laborer, r 47 W. North
McFarlan David, r 43 Main
McGary William, filer, r 3 River
McGraw George, wagon maker, r 25 W. Clark
McGraw Patrick, mason, r North
McGuiness James, laborer, r 5 river
McKean Thomas, mechanic, r 19 W. Clark
McKeon James, oiler, r 10 W. Canal
McLean Daniel H. shipper and receiver, r 3 Armory Hill
McLEAR MAGGIE Miss, hair goods Main cor Union, r same. See page 573
McLoughlin Thomas, r 36 W. Clark
Meehan Patrick, laborer, r Montgomery near Third ave
Mentz, C. R. shipper, r E. Clark
Mentz John P., shipper r 52 West
MERRY SEWARD (L. L. Merry & Son,) r 17 John
MERRY L. L. & SON, grocers, r E. Main cor Otsego. See page 575
MERRY L. L. (L. L. Merry & Son,) r 44 John
Millar William, locksmith, r 65 West
Miller Alex. machinist, r 5 Elm
Miller Anson, mechanic, r 40 E. North
Miller Catharine Mrs. r 14 W. Canal
Miller Charles, filer, r 7 Elm
Miller John C. machinist, r 50 Otsego
MILLER WILLARD, (Miller & Barse,) r Canal
Miller Joseph, laborer, r Second
Miller Robert, mechanic, r Second
MILLER & BARSE, (Willard Miller and Frederick Barse,) restaurant, Main
Melstead Thomas, laborer, r Ilion
Misfieldt William, mechanic, r Second
Mitchel Thomas H. carpenter, r 19 River
Moolick Bridget, widow, r 31 W. North
Monroe J. Allen, machinist, r 67 West
Montgomery Asa, machinist, r 8 High
Morelli Anthony, confectionery 8 Union, r same
Morgan A. A. feed mills W. Main, r 32 West
Morgan A. D. lawyer, r 32 West
Morgan David, collector, r 10 Morgan
Morgan D. L. r Ilion
Moran John, laborer, r 25 River
Morgan Thomas, machinist, r 40 West
More Edward, r 13 Third ave
Morse M. M. machinist, r Montgomery
Moyer John, teamster, r 3 E. Canal
Munsell H. J. clerk, r Canal
Murphy Frank, tinsmith, r 22 W. North
Murray John, machinist, r 9 W. Canal
Myers Fanny, teacher, r 25 Otsego

NAGLE JOHN, carpenter, r 3 Third ave
Nagle Thomas, laborer, r 54 E. Main
Nase John, mechanic, r Second
Neal Thomas, r Otsego
Neale Henry, butcher, r Ilion
Neale John, book-keeper, r 8 John
Neary Peter, moulder, r West cor Otsego
Nebhut George, laborer, r Charles
Nelson George, r 23 Otsego
Nelson James, laborer, r Third ave
Nelson Roger, gunsmith, r 58 West
Nellis A. D. r 12 Armory Hill
Nesbitt Nathan G. r 22 W. Clark
Neiskin N. r 1 W. Canal
NEWTH N. J. hardware 10 Otsego, r 75 West
Newth G. W. insurance agent, r 65 John
Newhouse G. L. carpenter, r 9 John
Newhouse J. W. carpenter, r 2 E. Clark
Nichols B. r North
Nichols Daniel, carpenter, r 76 Otsego
Nichols, J. S. machinist, r 25 E. Clark
Niles L. W. patternmaker r 54 John
Niles Samuel, laborer, r 45 West
Neirskin ____, r Railroad cor Clark
Neirskin Eugene, moulder, r Railroad cor Clark
Nigabower August, cabinet maker, r First ave
NIGABOWER CHARLES, furniture dealer 13 W. Main, r 7 E. Clark. See page 570
Norton W. O. r 69 West

O'BRIEN M. G. real estate and insurance agent and justice of the peace, E. Main, bank building, r Osgood House. See page 571
O'Hara John, r 68 West
O'Hara Peter, laborer, r 29 River
O'Neil John, laborer, r 9 High
O'Reilly Philip, carriage maker, r 48 E. Main
Odell William, r 7 W. Canal
Ogden, J. P. druggist, (Ogden & Downs,) r 2 W. North
Ogden & Downs, (Joseph P. Ogden and Joseph V. Downs) druggists, 16 Otsego
Oliver George, tool maker, r 42 E. Main
Olney J. C. mechanic, r Second
Onyans Isaac T. engineer, r 16 Armory Hill
Onyans William, contractor, r 16 Armory Hill
Ovan Frederick, carpenter, r 14 First ave
Orendoff F. laborer, r 10 Morgan
Ormond Michael, gunsmith, r 21 E. North
Osbourne Robert, machinist, r 36 Otsego
OSGOOD D. D. barber Osgood House, r Second cor Fourth
Osgood D. H. barber, r Second cor Fourth
Osgood J. L. r 10 W. Clark
OSGOOD N. R. (F. Coleman & Co.)
Osgood P. D. clerk (Osgood House,) r same
OSGOOD PHILO, proprietor Osgood House Main cor Otsego, r same. See page 572
Outwater John, painter and glazier, r E. Canal
Outwater James, painter, r 36 Third ave
Owens Hugh, laborer, r 14 E. North
Owens John, r 28 W. North

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