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Foreman's Club House, Ilion, N.Y.

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Source: The Ilion Directory, for the Year 1883, from "Utica City Directory for the Year 1883, with a General and Business Directory of Utica, Frankfort and Ilion"
Compiled & published by Chas. N. Gaffney, 191 Genesee St., Utica, N.Y., June 1, 1883
Curtiss & Child's Printers, copyright 1883 C. N. Gaffney.

EXPLANATION OF ABBREVIAT1ONS. Ave., avenue; bet., between; cor., corner; mfr., manufacturer; opp., opposite; r., residence or resides; sqr., square: n., north; e., east; w., west; s., south.

PADDOCK C. M. gunsmith, r E. Canal
Paddock David, machinist, r Morgan cor Otsego
Paddock C. machinist, r 45 West
Paddock Stephen, laborer, r 1 E. Canal
Palmer Arnold, merchant, r 35 Third ave
Palmer James, machinist, r Prospect
Palmer Maria, widow, r 2 Prospect
Panshall A. G. tailor, r W. Ilion
Paolo Frateske, confectionery Otsego opp Armory, r same
Parker J. G. machinist, r 2 Grove
Parkerson G. W. watchmaker, r 33 John
Parks George, machinist, r Fifth ave
Parks Thomas, r Otsego cor English
Parsons John, mechanic, r Second
Partiss Fred W. gunmaker, r English near Otsego
Paschke Fred, filer, r 33 W. Clark
Patterson A. mechanic, r E. Main
Patterson Joseph, laborer, r Second
Patterson Louisa, widow, r Second
Peek Jackson, wood turner, r 9 Railroad
Pelton J. B. hardware 12 Otsego, r 32 Main
Pelton J. R. book-keeper, r 35 John
Penny E. boarding house, 34 Otsego
Penny John, r 27 Otsego
Perkins Anna Miss, teacher, r 32 Otsego
Perkins R. mechanic, r 7 W. Clark
Petingill Charles A. mechanic, r 12 Railroad
Petrie H. r Main
Petrie Harvey, carpenter, r 47 W. Main
Petrie Irvin, machinist, r 25 E. Main
Petrie J. A. harness and trunks 16 Otsego, r at Mohawk
Petrie Judson, polisher, r 38 W. Main
Petrie C. E. machinist, r 47 West
Pettingill Albert, r 77 Otsego
Phillips Horace, laborer, r E. North
PHILLIPS S. S. (Robinson & Phillips,) r 20 Morgan
Pickert Dewitt, blacksmith, r 9 E. Canal
Pickert Frederick, operative, r 6 Remington ave
Pierson John, r Main cor West
Pierce John T. gunmaker, r 6 River
Plastridge Eugene M. clerk 2 E. Main, r at Mohawk
Ploss L. J. Mrs. r 55 Third ave
Plumb H. B. book-keeper, r 4 Grove
Plumb Mrs. widow, Second
Poland Addison, principal Union School, r 14 West
Post N. r 31 First
Powell Frank, mechanic, r Osgood House
Powers Edward, janitor, r 16 Second ave
Powers J. F. clerk National Hotel, First, r same
Powers Thomas, polisher, r 2 Third ave
Priest William, laborer, r W. Ilion
Prijot Alfred, engraver, r 12 West
Pugh William C. laborer, r E. Clark
Puher J. A. contractor, r 23 E. Clark
Putnam Laura, widow, r 27 Third ave

Q UAIFE CHARLES E. machinist, r 31 E. Main
Quaife Frank N. book-keeper, r 13 West
Quaife Henry, moulder, r 31 E. Main
Quaife Walter, moulder, r 31 E. Main
Qualter Edward, r Main cor West
Quinilty Mary, widow, r Montgomery

RAND ALLANSON, r 24 First ave
Ranken A. E. machinist, r 4 Fourth
Rapp Richard, coachman, r 16 E. Main
Rapp John, painter, r 10 High
Rasbach Benj. F. farmer, r 13 E. Canal
Rasbach George O. lawyer 4 E. Main Bank Building, r 39 E. North
Rasbach James I. physician 2 Morgan, r same
Rasbach John A. farmer, r 13 E. Canal
RASBACH J. A. Jr. meat market Otsego cor Second, r 30 Otsego
Rasbach J. W. forger, r 82 Otsego
Razier John S., widow, r Cemetery
Reader J. J. Rev. pastor Baptist church, Otsego above Fourth
Redway A. P. Mrs. r 23 Morgan
Redway Charles B. clerk, r 23 Morgan
Redway Estate, dry goods Osgood Block, W. Main
Redway E. P. clerk, r 23 Morgan
Reese F. proprietor stage line Morgan cor Third, r 41 West
Reese W. H. Rev. r 15 Second
Remington Agricultural Co. Works, E. Clark
Remington Carver, r 14 John
REMINGTON E. & SONS, (Philo and Eliphalet,) manufacturers of rifle, sewing machines, type writers and agricultural implements. Office and works Otsego street
Remington Eliphalet, (E. Remington & Sons,) r 26 John
Remington Philo (E. Remington & Sons), r Armory place
Rhoda William H. tinsmith, r 37 W. North
Riboilon William, mechanic, r Fifth ave
Rice G. P. carpenter, r 80 Otsego
Richards Robert, gunsmith, r 36 W. North
Richardson George D. book-keeper Ilion National Bank, r 22 Second
Richardson Julius C. mechanic, r 22 Otsego
RICHARDSON THOMAS, lawyer 4 E. Main, r 64 W. Main
Richardson William, mechanic, r 57 John
Rickard Thomas, mechanic, r 10 Second ave
Rider J. inventor, r Osgood House
Riley Thomas, mason, r 44 E. Main
Riley Thomas J. mechanic, r 8 Third ave
Ringwood Patrick, mechanic, r Central Hotel
Ringwood Thomas, contractor, r 4 Armory street
Risedore Clarence, mechanic, r 18 E. North
Rivers A. A. toolmaker, r 46 Third ave
Rix George, machinist, r 40 Third ave
Rix John, machinist, r English near Otsego
Roberts Thomas G. toolmaker, r 2 Remington ave
Robinson Charles, carpenter, r Ilion
ROBINSON G. W. (Robinson & Phillips) r 37 John
ROBINSON & PHILLIPS, (G. W. Robinson and S. S. Phillips), boots and shoes, 17 First
Robson J. D. laborer, r Second street
Robson J. D. carpenter, r Second street
ROCHE EDMUND, (Roche & Giblin), r 39 West
Roche John Mrs. r 34 East Main
Roche M. N.gunsmith r 33 E. North
ROCHE & GIBLIN, (Edmund Roche and John A. Giblin), coal dealers & steamship agents 8 W. Main. See page 572
Rogers Wm. H. blacksmith, r ?9 John
Root W. A. carpenter, r 3 W. Clark
Roscup George, laborer, r 7 High
Rose C. D. book-keeper, r 9 Rand
Rose Ernest, mechanic, r 41 Fourth ave
Rosien Fred, mechanic, r 49 John
Rossinsky Alexander, cigarmaker, r W. Canal
Ross A. M. superintendent, r 21 E. Clark
Ross D. A. fruit grower, r 38 West
ROSS D. G. dry goods and paper hangings 7 First, r 63 West
Rourke George, firemen, r 43 E. North
Rourke Michael, r 42 W. North
Rowland Edward, moulder, r 1 Grant
Rowland Joseph, r 1 Grant
Rowland Joseph, watchman, r W. Ilion
Rowland William, watchman, r 33 E. Main
Rowland William H. machinist, r 27 W. North
Royle Benjamin, r 16 First ave
RUDD 0. B. jeweler 8 Main, r 33 John. See page 572
Ruddef John, laborer, r 11 E. North
Ruddef Mary Mrs. r 11 E. North
Ruddy Henry, r East street
Rulison M. A. Mrs. teacher, r 32 West
Rulison Nellie Miss, r 32 West
RUSSELL A. N. (A. N. Russell & Son), r 32 Otsego
RUSSELL A. N. & SON (A. N. Russell and S. T. Russell), lumber dealers and planing mill, yards Frankfort and Ilion, office 41 W. Main. See page 570
Russell Charles A. book-keeper, r 13 Third street
Russell Frank, r 30 Second
Russell George, (with A. N. Russell & Son.), r 34 Otsego
Russell James A. toolmaker, r 30 Second
Russell James H. r 10 E. Clark
RUSSELL S. T. (A. N. Russell & Son), r 45 W. Main
Ryan Patrick, polisher, r Elm street

SANFORD JAMES A. stenographer, r 3 W. Clark
Sanford James A. stenographer, r Second street
Sargent L. P. mechanic, r 22 John
Sayles H. R carriage maker, r James street
Saxon John, watchman, r 25 W. Clark
Seamans A. C. clerk, r 36 West
Seegar G. W. mechanic, r 38 Otsego
Segur Samuel, contractor, r 15 Armory Hill
Seibert Michael, r 11 Armory Hill
Seiler Charles, mason, r 66 West
Seiple Charles W. cutter 13 Otsego, r 19 John
Servey Kate Miss, r 11 E. Clark
SCHESCH GEORGE A. plumber steam and gas fitter 18 Otsego, r E. Canal. See page 573
Schesch H. A. foreman, r E. Canal
Scheseli Theodore, polisher, r 19 Third ave
Schmidt Charles, watchmaker, r S Main
Schmidt John A. student, r 11 Armory Hill
Schmidt John V. contractor, r 11 Armory Hill
Schmidt Fred, toolmaker, r 47 John
Schuyler George F. laundry Otsego near Morgan, r same
Scott Daniel, polisher, r 18 W. Canal
Scott George W. r 15 High
Scriber George, clerk Otsego cor First, r 36 E. Main
Shall Josiah, surveyor, r Main street
Shay James Mrs. r 17 W. Canal
Sheeler David, r 23 Otsego
Sheeler John W. gunsmith, r rear 22 West
Shields John, r 20 Morgan
Shield John, inspector, r 28 Morgan
Shepard Alfred C. grocer, r 11 W. North
Shepard F. C. superintendent, r 15 W. North
Sheppard Thomas B. Rev. r 31 John
Sherman Alvah, clerk, r Second street
Shumway Mrs. widow, r 57 Main
Shoemaker Adam, machinist, r 15 River
Sible William, blacksmith, r 25 E. Main
Simpson Henry, shoemaker 6 Union, r same
Sinott Charles, laborer, r E. Canal
Skeen J. D. Rev. r 1 W. North
Skinner S. W. mechanic, r 7 Armory Hill
Slattery Dennis, laborer, r 2 Cemetery
Slattery James, laborer, r 2 Cemetery
Sloan L. A. carpenter, r 8 Montgomery
Slocum A. E. machinist, r 6 English
Slocum Duane, operative, r 4 Remington ave
Smith A. r 5 Fourth ave
Smith C. C. dentist Otsego cor First, r 2 W. Clark
Smith J. C. machinist, r Second street
SMITH C. W. clothing 13 Otsego, r 36 E.Main
Smith George, mechanic, r 5 E. River
Smith John, pedler r Second
Smith Rosa, r 38 W. Clark
Smith Vincent C. laborer, r 24 First
Smith William, r Main cor West
Snell Eli, operative, r 28 West
Snow Frank A. carriage trimmer, r 21 W. North
Snow Frank, r North Ilion
Snyder Andrew, mechanic, r 3 Third ave
Snyder W H. operative, r 2 John
Soefler Joseph, machinist, r 25 W. North
Sommer Joseph, mechanic, r 6 1/2 E. North
Spedding Frank S. 17 W. Main, r 13 W. Canal
SPEDDING SAYER, brewer canal street, office 17 W. Main, r 3 W. Canal
Spencer Isaac, publisher, r 36 Third
Spencer Frank, polisher, r 4 Remington ave
Sperry Mrs. widow, r Charles
Spollin Thomas, woodworker, r 25 E North
Spore John, r 14 W. North
Squire W. C. r Armory Hill
Stafford Benjamin, machinist, r 32 W. North
Staples E. S. patent right dealer, r Central Hotel
Staring Jerry, carpenter, r 10 Rand
Starks E. J. gardener, r First ave
Starkweather Hattie Miss, dressmaker, r 19 West
Steber Frank J. C. machinist, r 14 Morgan
Steber, J. N. machinist, r 14 Morgan
Steele Catharine, widow, r 26 West
Steele Charles, blacksmith, r 8 River
Steele Daniel, r 57 West
Steele D. H. agent, r 4 Second
Steele Frank, driller, r 26 West
Steele Frederick, laborer, r 50 W. Main
Steele Hamilton, mechanic, Fourth ave
Steele N. Mrs. r 33 West
Steele William, driller, r 26 West
STERLING A. H. butcher W. Main cor Railroad, r at Frankfort, N. Y.
Sterling George, farmer, r 47 E. North
Sterling Joseph W. butcher, r 30 Otsego
STERLING M. H. meat market W. Main cor Railroad, r 9 W. Clark
Stevens Lewis, gunmaker, r 27 E. Main
Stevens Annie M. widow, r 11 W. North
Stevens George F. r 20 John
Stevens Harry L. mechanic, r 11 W. North
Stiles, Samuel, printer, r 2 River
Stillman S. E. Mrs. r 26 W. Clark
Stilson Walter S. teamster. r W. Main
Stitts William, mechanic, r 35 W. Clark
Stockwell __________ 20 Morgan
Stoddard E. G. engineer, r 12 Second
Stoddard George W. carpenter, r 6 West
Sullivan Edward, filer, r 26 W. North
Sullivan Frank, laborer, r 37 E. Clark
Sullivan Henry, painter, r Armory boarding house
Sullivan James, shoemaker, r W. Main near Otsego
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, r 57 E. Clark
Sullivan J. D. japaner, r 3 Grant
Sullivan Mathew, laborer, r 57 E. Clark
Sullivan Thomas, mechanic, r 8 E. Clark
Sumner A. H. timekeeper, r 36 John
Sunderlin, N. B. r 7 Cemetery
Swartz Charles, butcher r 16 E. North
Sweet Mary Mrs. r 28 W. Clark

TEFT D. A. mechanic, r 9 W. North
Tallman J. W. r 16 W. North
Tallman M. D. moulder, r 16 W. North
Tanner C. H. r 46 West
Taylor Arthur, contractor, r 20 First ave
Taylor Joseph, operative, r 24 West
Tefft Fremont, r 48 Otsego
Tefft, H. J. Mrs. r 48 Otsego
TenEyck John, miller, r Clark
TenEyck S. R. mechanic, r Second ave
Thayer, George C. baker Union near First, r same
Thenerkauf Albert, machinist, r 42 John
Thistlethwaite James, r 13 River
Ticknor Sanford mechanic, r Armory Boarding House, E. Main
Thomas C. A Mrs. r 26 E. Main
THOMAS OPERA HOUSE, (J. F. Thomas, proprietor,) First. See page 575
THOMAS J. F proprietor and manager Ilion Opera House, r 21 Morgan
Thomas Levi, mechanic r 26 E. Main
Thomas Robert, watchman r Railroad cor River
Thompson, G. M. carpenter r 8 E. Canal
Thomson C. D. barber First cor Union, r same
Thomson Henry H. pedler r 36 River
Thornley John, r W. Ilion
Tourbert Francis, blacksmith, r 63. W. Main
Trow James, book-keeper, r East
Trowbridge G. A. stationer and manager W. U. Telegraph office 11 First, r 44 West
Truax James, mechanic, r 6 John
True Loren, laborer, r 22 Second ave
True Wallace E. laborer, r Barringer
Trueman Mary Mrs. r 4 W. North
Trueman Mary widow, r 4 First ave
Tubbs, William, mechanic, r Central Hotel
Tucker George, brass founder, r 65 Union
Tufts O. B. mechanic, r 70 Otsego
Tuthill James H. turner, r E. Clark
Turner W. A. mechanic, r 62 West
Twiss F. L. contractor, r 24 John
Twiss J. H. mechanic, r Osgood House

Underwood Samuel, r 10 Frederick
Underwood William E. Mrs. r 38 Morgan
Unitt Thomas, r 20 W. North
Upham George, clerk, r 24 West
Upham George A. clerk 16 Otsego, r West
Urqhart Duncan, tinsmith 12 Otsego, r Mohawk

VAN ALSTYNE FRANK, carpenter, r 79 Otsego
Van Alstyne James, carpenter, r Second
VAN ALSTYNE LUCIUS, carpenter and joiner 8 Frederick r same
Van Alstyne Thomas W. polisher, r 2 E. Clark
Vanatten John, carpenter, r 9 Railroad
Vandenburgh Augustus, mechanic r Fifth ave
Van Gumster Henry, filer, r 9 E. Clark
Van Gumster James, mechanic, r Second
Van Gumster John, contractor, r 16 W. Clark
Van Namee Seth, carpenter, r 9 E. North
Van Slyke Nelson, r W. Ilion
Van Slyke William, mechanic, r Charles
Van Tassell Ezra J. mechanic, r 12 Frederick
VAN ZELLER JOSEPH V. upholsterer and decorator Osgood Block, r 12 W. Canal
Vickerman James, grist and saw mill, r Otsego cor John
Vickerman William, r 7 W. Canal
Vincent James D. carpenter, r Barringer
Vincent William, polisher, r 46 Main

WACHTMAN CHRISTIAN, mechanic, r 12 E. North
Waggan Albert, mechanic, r Fourth ave
Wakefield Chas. H. machinist, r 10 W. North
Wakelee E. E. machinist, r Barringer
Waldo Dwight, teamster, r 56 Main
Walker D. V. M.D. office 18 West, r same
Walker Lewis N. gunsmith, r Fourth ave
Walrath Anthony, laborer, r 46 E. North
Walrath L. B. inspector, r 11 Cemetry
Walrath Merton, r 3 Third
Walrod James, carpenter, r 8 W. North
Walstrom Nelson, butcher North, r 7 River
Warner Robert, physician Otsego cor First, r 31 Second
Watts Esan, tinsmith, r 23 W. Clark
Weaver C. W. machinist, r Frederick
Weaver George W. editor and proprietor Ilion Citizen 6 E. Main, Bank Building, r 44 West
Weber Christopher, r Otsego above West
Weber D. A. milkman, r Otsego above West
Weiler N. Mrs. widow, r 8 Elm
WEISBECKER CASPER, groceries and provisions 49 Main, r same
Weldon Mathew, carpenter, r 5 Third ave
Weller John, machinist, r 50 Otsego
West G. Mrs. r 34 Third ave
West Geo. M. tinsmith, r rear 47 W. Main
West Sarah B. r E. North
West William, r Prospect
Wandeldt Wm. clerk, r Canal
Ward A. r Ilion
Ward Edward, farmer, r Ilion
Ward S. N. blacksmith, r 25 Third ave
Ward Win. r 6 James
Warner Frank, mechanic, r Fourth ave
Warner Henry, farmer, r James
Warner Levi, laborer, r James
Warner Robert, physician, r Second
Warner Robert, mechanic, r Ar. Boarding House E. Main
Warren J. E. clerk, r Montgomery
Watson Albert, trackman, r Railroad cor E. Clark
Watson James, cartman, r 40 W. Clark
Watson John, cartman, r 42 W Clark
White Chas. O. inspector, r 2 Grove
White George, grinder, r Montgomery
Whitea John B. mechanic, r 5 W. Canal
Whitfield George, mechanic, r Railroad cor Clark
Whitfield J. A. contractor, r 16 John
Whitfield Geo. r W. North
Whitney H. P. tool maker, r 21 Second
WHITNEY H. G. liveryman Otsego, r 3 Morgan
Whitney James G. machinist, r 74 Otsego
Whitmore Edward, plumber, r 29 W. Clark
Whitmore Henry, mechanic, r 35 W Clark
Wicks Abram, agent Remington sewing machines 8 West, r same
Wight Ellison, machinist, r 15 Rand
Wilcox Edwin, mechanic, r 29 Otsego
WILCOX GEORGE F. (G. F. & H. E. Wilcox), r 24 W. Clark
WILCOX G. F. & H. E. clothing and gents' furnishing goods, Main cor Railroad
WILCOX H. E. (G. F. & H. E. Wilcox), r 3 E. Clark
Wilfert George, mechanic, r Fourth ave
Williamson Alfred, gunmaker, r 54 Third ave
Williamson Chas. laborer, r Ilion
Williamson Robert, gunmaker, r 14 Elm
Williams Chas. coachman, r 4 Remington ave
Williams John, engineer, r 5 Montgomery
Willis William, laborer, r 44 W. North
Willoughby Alonzo, cabinet maker, r Central Hotel
Willoughby C. A. Mrs. r Otsego
Wills F. W. r Main cor West
Wilson Jas. H. clerk, r National Hotel
Winegar R. contractor, r 20 W. Clark
Winters Geo. machinist, r 28 Elm
Wishart H. M. r 11 River
Wolfs Jean, gunmaker r 61 Third ave
Wood Mary A. r 24 West
Woodard Esther, widow, r 36 W. Main
Woodard LaFayette, driller, r Charles
Woodward George, clerk, r 6 E. Canal
Woodward George A. clerk, r E. Canal
Woodward James H. grocer 4 Union, r E. Canal
Woodward John, mechanic, r 26 E. Main
Wormouth Edward, laborer, r Ilion
Wright Amos, mechanic, r 54 John
Wright Charles, mechanic, r 54 John
Wright Reuben, lawyer 4 E. Main, r 71 West
Wright William, blacksmith, r 18 W. Clark
Wright William, dry goods Osgood Block, r 23 Morgan

YEOMAN THOMAS S. butcher, r Morgan cor First
Young George A. barber, r Frederick near W. Clark
Young George R. carpenter, r 9 Elm
Young I. laborer, r Ilion
Young Orville, clerk, r 9 Elm
ZIMMERMAN SEWARD book-keeper, r 28 John

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