Ilion, N.Y.


"The following honor roll was brought completely up to date to the best of our ability but we shall appreciate your continued cooperation in the matter of errors, omissions and additions."

That quote was written in "The Ilion Sentinel" on July 12, 1945. We reproduce that list, and request anyone who may have additions or corrections to contact us. The list was copied in April 2001 by Paul McLaughlin, generously contributed by Carolyn Deming Bayer of Ilion, N.Y., sister of serviceman Richard Milton Deming. Since it's posting, I've received email from Ilion veterans whose names weren't included in the newspaper article. Their names have been added to the update section at the end of the article.

Paul McLaughlin
Village of Ilion History Page Editor
May 2001


Acquaviva, Frank
Adams, Charles Dixon
Adams, Robert Francis
Ahern, Francis Joseph
Ainsworth, Douglas Francis
Alberts, John J.
Alexander, Donald James
Allen, Alfred Eugene
Allen, Charles Frank
Allen, Edmund E.
Allen, Edward William
Allen, George W.
Allen, Robert Charles
Allston, Robert Harry
Alverson, Donald
Amond, Robert
Anderson, Carl John
Angell, Cecil Earl
Anderson, Chas. William
Anderson, Gail Frank
Andrecheck, Frank L.
Anthony, Charles H.
Antonaros, Anthony Peter
Applegate, Arthur Holmes
Applegate, Charles Pliny
Armstrong, Alex. H.
Armstrong, Floyd Nelson
Ashley, Clarence Ira
Ashley, Jr., Millard John
Ashley, Richard
Ashley, Robert
Ashline, Roy Albert
Ashton, Jack Ames
Ashton, Lee R.
Asklof, Gosta Engelbert
Asnoe, Glenn David
Austin, Harold L.
Austin, Peter Joseph
Austin, Robert C.


Backman, LeRoy
Bailey, Leon Joseph
Bailey, Vernon Frederic
Baker, Charles Richard
Baker, LaVerne
Baker, Mary
Baker, Philo
Baker, Robert Morgan
Baker, William Barnes
Baldock, Frederick
Ball, Clarence Franklin
Ball, Leslie J
Barker, Francis Young
Barker, Gordon A.
Barnett, Conrad William
Barney, Daniel
Barnum, Herbert Murray
Barrell, Claude C.
Batchelder, Roy Kenneth
Bates, John L.
Bates Joseph Francis
Baulch, LaVerne
Baum, Joyce Irene
Baum, Ralph
Baum, Rosemary
Bean, Daniel Hartford
Bechard, John J.
Beckwith, Warren Earl
Bedford, Kenneth Edward
Bedworth, Merrel Vincent
Bedworth, William H.
Behrens, Kenneth Paul
Bellstedt, George
Bellstedt, Walter
Bennett, Douglas Paul
Bennett, Floyd E.
Bennett, Milton C.
Bennett, Raymond James
Bennett, Robert William
Bennett, Schuyler J.
Bennett, Thomas Alfred
Benson, Alexander Ross
Benson, Lloyd D.
Berckemeyer, Ashton Henry
Berckemeyer, Jack Richard
Bergiri, Francis James
Bergiri, John William
Best, Frederick Alson
Billington, Robert Cornelius
Binney, Robert L.
Birmingham, Edward F.
Bishop, Edward J.
Bishop, Howard Davis
Bishop, Terrace
Blaise, Richard T.
Blaise, William F.
Blauvelt, George Willard
Bleau, Kenneth
Bleau, Raymond Franklin
Bluett, Ralph James
Bluett, Robert
Bluett, Theodora Ira
Blume, Donald Francis
Bly, Richard Allen
Boote, Reginald John
Bogardus, Robert Randall
Borshing, Robert R.
Botting, John Richard
Bouchard, William G.
Boucher, Irwin McCrea
Bouck, Carlton A.
Bouck, Robert Howard
Bouck, Walter Ingersoll
Bouten, Robert Edward
Bowman, Gordon Richard
Bowman, James Sylvester
Bowman, William
Braga, Lester Robert
Braren, John Russell
Bremer, Perry
Brennan, Francis Hayes
Brewer, Earl Edward
Brewer, John A.
Brewer, Robert Lester
Brewer, Russell Charles
Brow, Harry Parker
Brower, Lyle Henry
Brown, Donald Ellsworth
Brown, Jr., George
Brown, Richard H.
Bubb, Arthur J.
Buckminster, Albert Winslow
Bugal, Andrew
Bullis, Douglas E.
Bullis, Marjorie
Bullis, Raymond Howard
Bunce, Donald Lloyd
Bunce, Kenneth
Burger, William R.
Burke, Gerald Lewis
Burke, James E.
Burns, Robert John
Burns, Thomas J.
Burkhart, Frederick
Burney, Claude Alton
Burton, Carl Ernest
Burton, Robert
Butterworth, Jr., James W.
Button, Edwin George
Button, Bernard Robert
Byrnes, Wesley A.
Byron, William Harold


Cacciatore, James Vincent
Campbell, Francis Byrd
Campbell, George W., Jr.
Caple, Arthur Wallace
Caples, Richard
Cargin,Claud Arthur
Card, Harold W.
Carman, Charles W.
Carney, Theodore Robert
Carter, Glenn
Casey, Harold James
Carter, Jack Henry
Carter, Robert, Jr.
Casey, Robert John
Cashman, Raymond William
Casler, Doris
Casler, Elmer LeRoy
Casler, Harold Pershing
Caswell, John Howard
Caulkins, Glenn A.
Caulkins, Ward Franklin
Cefaly, Joseph George
Chambers, Robert Leman
Champagne, Edward Morris
Chapin, Edgar Duane
Chapin, Maynard L.
Chase, James Edgar
Cheeseborough, David F.
Cheeseborough, Glenn Clarence
Cheeseborough, John
Chollar, John S.
Christiana, Frank
Christopher, Francis Eugene
Claffey, Ellis LeRoy
Clark, Bruce
Clark, Francis Woodrow
Clark, Glenn E.
Clark, Milburn C.
Clark, Patricia
Clayton, Maynard Bailey
Clayton, Oliver E.
Clegg, Charles Clifton
Clifford, George Orr, Jr.
Cline, Robert
Clive, Robert E.
Cobb, Eugene Perry
Colburn, Everett Harold
Cole, Andrew James
Cole, Herbert Edward
Cole, Howard B.
Cole, John William
Cole, Mary
Cole, Ward Asa
Coman, James W.
Comes, Herbert Everet
Comes, Marcus W.
Comins, George C.
Compeau, Arthur Richard
Comstock, Willard
Coniglario, John
Connors, Edmund A.
Connors, Vincent DePaul
Conover, Charles H.
Conover, Russell Brewer
Conroy, John
Conroy, Robert Edward
Cook, Elroy
Cook, Howard
Cook, Theron Melvin
Cool, Vernon Voige
Coons, Arthur Earl
Cooper, Edward O.
Cooper, Jacob
Corbett, Bert C.
Corey, Whitney Thompson
Cormia, Keith
Cornell, Elwyn Herman
Costanza, Samuel S.
Costanza, Vito V.
Couchman, Carl Francis
Couchman, Harry Albert
Couchman, Lee Sidney
Coyle, Robert Lynn
Crandall, Francis Edgar
Cramer, Raymond LeRoy
Cranney, Peter Brazill
Crim, Leonard
Cristman, George Frank
Cristman, Willard M.
Crocker, John William
Crosby, Francis
Crosby, Nora T.
Cross, Miles Donald
Cross, Robert M.
Crossway, Robert Nelson
Crowley, John Edward
Cuatt, Alfred
Culver, Harrison Lawrence
Curran, Joseph Patrick
Curtis, James B.
Curtis, Miles Edward
Cushman, Frank Joseph
Cushman, Ross Arthur
Cushman, Samuel


Dack, George Edward
Dagenkolb, Mortimer G.
Daily, Bruce Andrew
Daily, Richard
Damato, Herman
Damon, Arthur F. Jr.
Damon, Edwin Leland
Danforth, Glenn Edward
Danforth, John A.
Dare, James McDonald
Darling, George Edward
Darling, Harry
Darling, Ward N.
Davies, Gordon William
Davis, Arthur Benjamin
Davis, Charles Walter
Davis, Dorothy Marie
Davis, Ernest Hamilton
Davis, George Crouse
Davis, Irving Charles
Davis, James Loren
Davis, John N.
Davis, Nathan Van
Davis, Phillip Arthur
Davis, Robert Edward
Dawley, Edgar G.
Day, Charles Russell, Jr.
Day, Lloyd R.
Day, Marjorie
Day, Robert J.
Day, Roy Edward
Daz, Arthur
DeCarr, Francis J.
Decker, Charles
Dekin, Donald George
DeMartin, Milton Kenneth
Deming, Richard Milton
Derby, Earl Francis
Derby, Joseph James
Derkay, Elizabeth
DeRocco, Alfonse Frederick
DeRocco, Michael
Des Grosiellier, George
DeVere, Jr., Albert Wallace
Dewing, William Edward
Deyle, Forrest Bower
Deyle, Frank Everett
Dhonau, Harvey
Dibble, Eldon William
Dietlin, Martha
Dietz, Carl
Dievendorf, Ellen M.
Dillon, Ward
Dillion, John Thomas
DiSano, Onofrio Peter
Donahue, Bernard
Donahue, Clyde Francis
Donahue, Ralph Shanley
Donahue, Richard Sidney
Donahue, Ray Brown
Donaldson, Wesley Walker
Donovan, Margaret
Donovan, Robert Charles
Donovan, Thomas James
Doud, Evelyn
Dougherty, Michael P.
Duckworth, Robert Otis
Dufort, Emile, Jr.
Dugan, Vincent James
Dunning, Helen
Dunnings, Ross Law
Dunworth, Lynn
Durant, Alfred
Durkin, Jr., Arthur John
Durkin, Harry Thomas
Durkin, John
Dykeman, Edward George
Dykeman, Frank Stanley


Eastman, Charles Richard
Eastwood, Robert Thomas
Eckler, Robert
Eddy, Ivan Howland
Eddy, Robert Stewart
Eddy, Vernon R.
Edgett, Ivan Kenneth
Edgett, Jr., Kenneth W.
Edick, Roy
Edwards, David William
Edwards, Lester William
Edwards, Jr., Morton Glenn
Edwards, Richard M.
Egan, John Francis
Egelston, Harold Adelbert
Egelston, Raymond Joseph
Ellis, William Ray
Elliott, James Henry
Elmer, Richard Vincent
Engell, Lyle Pomeroy
Engell, Warren William
Ennis, Carleton Luther
Erni, Beatus Joseph
Etson, Neil Raymond
Evans, William
Everhart, Robert Clarence


Fagan, George Adrian
Fake, Charles
Fake, Leo
Fake, LeRoy
Fallon, John Lawrence
Fay, Robert Harrison
Fay, William Stewart
Fecla, Frederick Joseph
Feldbrugge, Frank C.
Fenner, Carl W.
Fenwick, James Edward
Fenwick, Thomas Brady
Ferguson, Donald Raymond
Ferris, Velma
Finch, Myrtle E.
Finger, Harold May
Finnegan, George
Fischer, John F.
Fischer, Philmore M.
Fischer, William Raymond
Fitch, Harry Vincent
Fitch, Jack C.
Fitch, Linos Earl
Fitzer, John K.
Fitzgibbons, Dorothy
Fitzgibbons, John Benedict
Flemming, Edward
Flemming, Robert
Fletcher, Francis Carlos
Fletcher, Isabelle
Flynn, Cornelius Bernard
Flynn, John Joseph
Foertsch, Howard Peter
Foley, John Patrick
Foley, Lawrence T.
Foppes, Guy Bateman
Foreman, James Francis
Foreman, Paul Raymond
Forristel, Robert Andrew
Fort, Leland Edward
Fortuna, Roger Anthony
Fox, Justine
Francis, James Lewis
Francisco, Robert
Frantz, James Francis
Franz, Robert
Frederick, William Henry
Fuller, Winifred
Fulmer, William Adrian
Furlong, F. Remington
Furlong, Leath R.


Gagnon, Robert Joseph
Gala, Edward Adam
Gala, Dorothy
Gardner, Forrest W.
Gardner, Mildred E.
Garlock, Charles William
Garlock, Donald Leon
Garlock, Paul Eugene
Garlock, Raymond Gordon
Garnsey, Silas William
Garow, Harvey John
Gaudu, Edward Francis
Gay, Elverton Floyd
Gay, Gerald Clarence
Geer, Clinton E.
Geloso, Enaus
Geloso, Joseph John
Getman, Fayette B.
Getman, Frank Newton
Getman, George H.
Getman, Madison George
Gilbert, Edward E.
Gilman, William Clyde
Gilmartin, George Francis
Gintley, William A.
Gleason, John W.
Gogol, Ludwig Paul
Goldin, Maurice Ulra
Goldner, Frederick George
Gollegly, Emmett J.
Gollogly, Frank Walker
Goller, Henry Franklin
Goodale, Kenneth Stewart
Goodman, Nelson W.
Googin, Walter Richard
Gorman, James H., Jr.
Gorman, Thomas H.
Gould, Robert William
Grainger, Edward Joseph
Grant, Clifford
Green, Edward T.
Green, George James
Greene, Austin Conrad
Greene, Clarence W.
Greene, Ernest F.
Greene, Roger Darrel
Greenleaf, Raymond Willis
Greer, Jr., George William
Gregg, Palmer
Grescheck, Michael Lewis
Greshle, Jr., Albert John
Greyback, Frederick Stanley
Griffiths, Owen Richard
Grimm, Thomas E.
Grimshaw, James F.
Grimshaw, William Henry
Griswold, Emmett H.
Groesbeck, William
Gross, Charles Edward
Grup, William R.
Gurney, Roy Jay
Gutsell, Robert


Hagadorn, Raymond Loren
Hagar, William Muirhead
Hager, Leonard J.
Haggerty, Clifford Matt
Haggerty, Francis James
Hailston, Earl Jr.
Hailston, George LeRoy
Hailston, John Landall
Hall, Arthur William
Hall, Eugene Lewis
Hall, Valentine S.
Hallenbeck, Kenneth
Hamill, Francis Eugene
Hamlin, Edgar Gale
Hamlin, Joseph Tracy
Hamlin, Mary C.
Hammond, Donald W.
Hammond, Frederick
Hammond, Miles Morgan
Hammond, Robert David
Hand, Jasper Newell
Handsbury, Willis J.
Hanley, Thomas L.
Hannahs, Carroll Leonard
Hansel, Annamarie
Hansel, Carl
Hansel, Paul Herbert
Hanson, Harold Ralph
Hanson, Kenneth George
Hardy, Marshall Clinton
Hardy, Ralph Eddy
Harkins, Edward William
Harkins, Samuel T. Floyd
Harrig, David Samuel
Harrig, George E.
Harrig, Harold S.
Harrig, William Charles
Harris, Betty J.
Harris, Donald Leo
Harris, George Thomas
Harris, Ralph Kenneth
Harris, Robert H.
Harris, Roger William
Harrison, John W.
Hart, Francis John
Hart, Frank George
Hart, Harry Robert
Hart, William Charles
Hartman, Frederick William
Harter, Clyde Irving
Harter, Frederick Hudson
Harvey, James C.
Harvey, William Francis
Hassett, Edward P.
Hawks, Glenn
Hawver, Lewis E.
Heath, Nellis C.
Heiland, David
Heiland, Jean M.
Heiland, William
Heintz, Howard Bernard
Hellenbeck, Michael James
Helmer, Francis J.
Hemstreet, Harold S.
Hendrickson, Theodore
Hendrix, Clarence Byron
Hendrix, Horace LeRoy
Hendrix, Howard Leonard
Hendry, Webster
Hess, Austin Stuart
Hess, Howard William
Hess, Hubert Homer
Hess, Myron Daniel
Hess, Norman Lawrence
Higgins, Francis Emerson
Higgins, Kenneth
Hildebrandt, Ernest Lewis
Hilegas, Donald LeRoy
Hilegas, Ray Wellington
Hilliard, Jr., Charles S.
Hilliard, John E.
Hitchcock, Harold Clark
Hitchcock, Jr., Willis L.
Hobbs, William Robert
Hoeschle, Agatha
Hoeschle, Leo Henry
Hoffman, Donald Francis
Hoffman, Joan
Hoffman, Paul J.
Hoffman, Robert John
Hofstra, William Joseph
Hoke, Bennett Franklin
Holcomb, Charles Neil
Hoke, John Reynolds
Hollis, Jr., Albert J.
Holmes, Robert Quentin
Holt, Robert Gray
Hood, Paul
Hopkins, Francis Charles
Hopkins, George Edward
Hopkins, John Charles
Hopkins, William C.
Hoppe, Edward
Houck, Byron Tennyson
Howard, Wilbur Charles
Hoyt, Robert
Hubbell, Robert George
Hummell, Charles Erford
Humphrey, Robert O.
Humphrey, Walter
Hunt, Edgar Jack
Hutchins, Gerald Ora
Huyck, Earl Eugene
Huyck, Harry M.
Hyde, Richard E.
Hyer, Stanley E.
Hynes, Richard William


Ineich, Raymond Arthur
Ineich, Walter Charles
Ingersoll, Aldon Troyer
Ingro, Samuel
Ireland, Lester W. Roy
Isom, Eugene
Isom, Phillip Lewell


Jackson, George Allen
Jackson, George Sears
Jackson, Robert Charles
James, Clarence J.
Jarvis, Samuel
Jennett, Charles
Jennette, Francis L.
Jennings, Charles Frederick
Jensen, William
Johnson, Alfred Luke
Johnson, Beron Carl
Johnson, Donald Wilton
Johnson, Edward William
Johnson, George Lawrence
Johnson, Michael Y.
Johnson, Raymond L.
Jones, Arvin
Jones, David Anthony
Jones, Howard William
Jones, Hugh Pierce
Jones, Jr., Lewis Parry
Jones, Roger Lewis
Jones, Stanley Edward
Jonsen, Oscar Alfred
Jordan, Donald Paul


Kamp, William Joseph
Kancharek, Walter Samuel
Kane, George Otis
Kane, Morris Joseph
Kaune, Fred Charles
Keating, Jack Elrod
Kegal, Harry August
Kelley, Lewis Martin
Kelly, Lawrence John
Kelly, Thomas George
Kenefick, Jr., Joseph Francis
Kennedy, Francis J.
Kennedy, Frank O.
Kennedy, Helen
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, Joseph
Kennedy, Margaret
Kennedy, Robert
Kennell, Peter
Kenyon, Jr., Orela Holton
Kerber, Alton L.
Kerber, Arthur James
Kern, Lloyd Edward
Kinney, Paul Lewis
Kinney, Paul Nicholas
Kinville, Earl Phillip
Klipple, Wellington G.
Knack, Russell W.
Knewasser, Clifton Sutton
Knowles, Donald Raymond
Koerner, George
Krummen, Harry L. S.
Kubacki, Theodore A.
Kubici, Daniel
Kucirka, Michael
Kulczycky, William


LaCelle, Edward
LaCelle, Marrill Dean
Lahey, James
Lasek, John J.
Lamphier, Glenn W.
Latt, Charles Leland
Lauer, Arthur Ray
Leary, John William
LeClaire, Thomas
Ledger, Elseph Wally
Ledwith, John F.
LeFever, Myron
LeFever, Robert Arthur
LeFever, Russell Henry
Leistyna, Arthur
Leitz, Charles E.
Leitz, William A.
Leonard, Adele
Leonard, Joseph Allen
Leonard, Richard Vincent
Leonard, Thomas
Leonard, Theodore E.
Leonis, Michael
LePoint, Marshall E.
Lester, Thomas Elliott
Letts, Julius H.
LeVigne, William Peter
Lewis, Robert John
Lewis, Marshall V., Jr.
Limpert, Fred Arthur
List, Arthur J.
Lodge, Clifford William
Loefler, Donald James
Long, Herbert Clair
Lonis, David Edwin
Lonis, Ralph E.
Loomis, Edwin L.
Losier, Bernard Joseph
Loughlin, Paul Renwick
Lozo, David Arthur
Lozo, David Raymond
Lozo, Robert Earl
Ludden, John L.
Ludden, Myron Charles
Ludwig, Frederick Carl
Luke, Alan A.
Luley, Albert Raymond
Lupinski, Anthony Stanley
Luther, Harriett J.
Luther, Leigh I.
Lynch, Monte
Lyons, Mary L.
Lyons, Thomas Webster


Mackin, William L.
MacMillan, Wallace H.
MacNeill, Harold Edward
MacNeill, Robert William
Madaras, Daniel
Madigan, Paul
Maloney, Thomas Mitchell
Manders, William H.
Manggang, Charles L.
Manion, Edward James
Manion, Joseph Paul
Manion, Lawrence Michael
March, Albert Francis
March, Howard A.
Marcoline, Frank
Marcoline, Phillip
Marhaver, Edward Arleigh
Markley, Leland John
Marks, Henry Fancher
Marley, Francis A.
Marley, John Joseph
Marsden, Frank
Matthews, Robert Joseph
Matteson, Sanford Wilbur
Matthews, Charles F.
Mattison, Richard Ernest
Maurice, Richard Henry
Maury, Alfred J.
Maury, John P.
Maury, Richard
McAllister, John Pershing
McArdle, Charles Edward
McCarthy, Floyd Thomas
McCarthy, Leward Clifton
McCleve, Finley Eugene
McCloud, Richard J.
McCollum, Robert Emmett
McCumber, Charles V.
McCumber, Clarence
McCumber, Henry
McCumber Ralph Kneeland
McDonald, Mark Dennis
McDowell, Burdette K.
McDowell, Howard Melvin
McGovern, Beverly J.
McGraw, John Edward
McGrath, Harold Patrick
McGraw, Robert Francis
McGuinness, James C.
McGuinnes, John Francis
McIntyre, Joseph
McKenna, Edward J.
McKinney, Leonard W.
McKeon, Jr., Burt Brooks
McLaughlin, Paul Thomas
McMahon, Harry James
Mead, Herbert Spencer
Mead, Howard Francis
Meays, Llewellyn Henry
Meehan, Joseph William
Mergenthaler, Fred T.
Merritt, Harry S.
Merritt, Lewis R.
Merritt, Milton K.
Merritt, Robert
Miller, Charles Henry
Miller, Ellsworth
Miller, Elwood W.
Miller, Harold E.
Miller, James William
Miller, Macy Homer
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Paul Leary
Milson, Doris Julia
Milsted, William Henry
Minosh, Dominick Anthony
Mitchell, Donald Chandler
Mombereger, Paul Edward
Momberger, William Henry
Moneyhan, Donald
Monohan, John Lawrence
Monohan, Thomas
Monroe, Stephen Gerald
Montgomery, George Lloyd
Moody, Robert W.
Moore, Charles Irving
Moore, Clayton Clarence
Moore, Frank
Moore, James H.
Moore, Myron E.
Moore, Richard
Moore, Vernon Earl
Moreau, Alfred Joseph
Moreau, Edward
Moreau, Russell
Morgan, Glenn Richard
Morgan, Peggy
Morgan, Forrest Wilbur
Morgan, William Harold
Morris, Edward Joseph
Morris, John B.
Morris, James Phillip
Morris, Richard Aloysius
Morris, Thomas Anthony
Morris, Vernon Burl
Morrison, Raymond Charles
Morse, Howard Bertrum
Morton, Kenneth Webster
Morton, Leon F.
Mosher, Raymond Walter
Mosseau, Doris
Mullaney, Robert J.
Mullen, John James
Mullin, Elizabeth
Mulvey, Phillip Michael
Munson, Clinton Willard
Munger, John B.
Munger, Roscoe Harvey
Murphy, Charles Joseph
Murphy, Francis Wiliam
Murphy, Leo Joseph
Murphy, Robert Edward
Murphy, Thomas Leonard
Murphy, William J.
Murray, Allen John
Murray, Barbara
Murray, Bernard Charles


Nabinger, Edward L.
Nason, John Franklin
Nason, Walter Robert
Nawrocki, Stanley John
Nehr, Carl Walter
Nelson, Robert John
Nestle, Stanley Ivan
Nicolette, Jr., Joseph
Nicolette, Salvatore Francis
Nichols, Arthur James
Nichols, Eleanor
Nichols, Eugene B.
Nichols, John M.
North, Donald Thomas
Noyes, Floyd Francis
Noxon, Winfred Charles


Oakes, Eugene Walter
Oaksford, Addie
Oaksford, Richard Albert
O'Connell, Gerald
O'Donoghue, Leo Charles
Ogilvie, James Law
Olin, Arnold Emeory
Oram, Frederick Charles
Oram, Walter J.
Orendorff, Arthur George
Orendorff, Orlando
Ortner, Rudolph
Osgood, Charles Kendrick
Ostrander, Eugene Raymond
Owens, Owen
Owens, William A.
Owens, William Richard


Pace, Lewis C.
Paddock, William J.
Padgham, Robert
Palmer, Spencer Hall
Pantarities, Constantine J.
Pantarites,Gus Peter
Pantarites, William George
Pardee, Nelson Arthur
Paro, James
Paro, Lawrence T.
Parkinson, Edward Francis
Parkinson, John William
Parkinson, Richard Donald
Parsons, Robert B.
Partington, Donald Clifford
Partington, Sidney, Jr.
Patrei, Gildo P.
Patrie, Louis A.
Patterson, Oscar Elmer
Paulsen, Arne Bolerne
Pederson, Robert
Pederson, William John
Pelko, Peter Paul
Pelletier, Alton
Peltier, Robert W.
Pelton, Richard Millington
Perkins, John Floyd
Peak, Harold Lynn
Peters, Francis Charles
Peters, Vernon C.
Peterson, John Edmond
Peterson, Robert William
Petrie, Gordon Ray
Pettingill, Jr., Raymond A.
Phillips, DeWitt
Pickersgill, Charles L.
Pickett, Joseph Heenan
Pierce, Jesop
Piper, Stanley Irving
Pirnie, William Hayes
Pisarz, Bennie Stanley
Piscione, John Joseph
Platt, Douglas LeRoy
Platts, Charles William
Platts, John Patrick
Plunkett, Joseph Edwin
Plunkett, Fred Thomas
Pollard, James Nolan
Polley, Earl Robert
Polley, Francis Herbert
Pollock, James Sherman
Pooler, Charles
Porter, Donald Charles
Post, Phillip Leon
Powell, Richard John
Powers, Charles Edward
Prell, Jr., Raymond Andrew
Prine, Eugene
Prior, William Lewis
Pugh, John L.
Pugh, Richard Francis
Pullman, Willard Howard


Quaife, Thomas Wilbur


Ragusano, George S.
Ramsey, Merle O.
Ramsey, William Evan
Rasbach, Joris B.
Rathbun, Allen Warren
Raymond, Edward Lincoln
Reardon, Richard, Jr.
Redden, Robert Frank
Reed, Daniel R.
Reed, Elwood LeRoy
Reese, Charles Edward
Reid, Ralph Evon
Reider, Louis Harry
Reisdorf, Jean
Remington, Woodbern Edwin
Remmers, Henry Franklin
Remmers, Jr., William Fred
Remmers, William G.
Reynolds, Clyde Herbert
Reynolds, Frederick
Reynolds, Robert James
Rice, Victor Lee
Rieth, Edgar
Riddell, George Francis
Riddell, James Albert
Ridpath, Howard Edgar
Ringwood, William Asa
Ringwood, Thomas
Ritten, Jr., Joseph Charles
Roberts, Dorothy
Roberts, Lillian M.
Robson, Winton Elliott
Roe, Jr., Frank Henry
Roe, Robert Kenyon
Ronsvalle, Theodore
Rose, Lee Willard
Rose, Robert William
Ross, Anthony Alfred
Ross, Arthur H.
Ross, Robert Malcolm
Rowan, Isobel
Rowan, Mary A.
Rowan, Sarah L.
Rudd, Joseph Holland
Rumont, Stanley Peter
Runge, Robert Phoenix
Russell, Allen Homer
Russell, Donald Gerald
Russell, Harry Jasper
Russell, Raymond H.
Ryan, Charles Francis


Sackett, Edward B.
Salsburg, Glenn William
Salsburg, Phillip Eugene
Salvaggio, Joseph Louis
Same, Vincent Ferdinand
Samson, Robert James
Sanford, Edgar John
Sanford, George
Satterly, Milo Brown
Schmidt, Lawrence E.
Schneider, Albert William
Schoomaker, Clarence C.
Schorer, Charles John
Schulz, George T.
Scofield, Robert
Scott, Thomas Francis
Scott, Thomas Kearney
Scouten, Bruce
Scouten, Carl Steven
Scouten, Fay Edward
Seads, A. George
Seed, Daniel Charles
Selwood, Robert W.
Seney, Kenneth Joseph
Seney, Woodrow Wilsoon
Serow, Francis John
Seymour, Albert
Seymour, Christopher T.
Seymour, Harry R.
Seymour, John Edward
Seymour, Joseph John
Shanley, Howard George
Shaul, Roger Tanner
Shepard, Alfred Cushman
Shepard, Thomas Murray
Sheridan, Thomas Oswald
Shineman, Ralph
Shults, Leland David
Shute, Leslie C.
Silvernail, Ira Edmund
Sincerney, John James
Singer, Hoeschel Leonard
Sitterly, Melvin Harvey
Sitts, Clifton A.
Sitts, Ernest H.
Skinner, Jr., Hiram Jamarith
Skinner, Jr., Kenneth Wm.
Skinner, Raymond Carpenter
Slocum, Fred H.
Slocum, William A.
Small, Robert Ira
Small, Roy Bearsley
Smallwood, John F.
Smallwood, Robert James
Smith, Austin Charles
Smith, Burley, Jr.
Smith, Donald Edward
Smith, Earl Alvin
Smith, Edwin C.
Smith, Garet
Smith, George Bernard
Smith, George Burns
Smith, Jack W.
Smith, John Calvin
Smith, Keith Ward
Smith, Meryl Richard
Smith, Michael C.
Smith, Russell James
Smith, William T.
Smithson, Arthur
Smithson, Geo. William
Smithson, Milton James
Smithson, Roger Stanley
Snedeker, Guy
Snedeker, James Edward
Snedeker, Raymond Herbert
Snedeker, Richard Martin
Snedeker, Robert P.
Snell, Harry Parker
Snow, Edward Joseph
Snyder, George L.
Snyder, Vaughn Clinton
Snyder,, Walter Roy
Snyder, Wilbur D.
Somers, Edgar Burnham
Sorenson, John
Soule, Bernard
Soules, Frank
Soules, Fred
Squire, Frank Wilson
Sparrin, Lewis
Spatol, Carl Thomas
Sponburgh, Charles Albert
Sponburgh, Garland
Sporer, George Dewey
Sporer, Jeanne
Sprague, Richard Wilcox
Sproston, Phillip
Stafford, Clark James
Stagg, Clinton Edward
Stagg, Horace John
Stagg, William Joseph
Stairs, Emerson Alfred
Staley, Wilson Welby
Stapleton, June
Stasko, Robert Richard
Steber, Frank Wesley
Steele, John
Steele, Leo Francis
Steele, Raymond Edward
Stephenson, John R.
Sterling, Gerald Henry
Sterling, Hale
Stillwell, Jarvis S.
Stitt, George C.
St. John, Richard LeRoy
St. Louis, Ferrand Robert
Stokes, Robert Frederick
Stolark, Frank W.
Stone, Harold James
Storis, Robert Clark
Streeter, Edward Y.
Streeter, Harry Fred
Strife, Richard
Strife, Waldemar James
Strong, John Edward
Sturtevant, Donald Frank
Sullivan, Edward James
Sullivan, James Louis
Sutherland, Harry Donald
Sutherland, Jr., Ralph H.
Swaer, Paul
Swanson, Joseph E.
Sweeney, John Francis
Sweeney, Leo Bernard
Shoemaker, Clark


Talbot, Ruth
Tanner, Lloyd Clark
Tanner, Robert T.
Tanner, Ronald Leslie
Tanous, Andrew
Taylor, Albert Joseph
Taylor, Alfred Linsey
Taylor, Robert A.
Tefft, Marion
Thom, Warren W.
Thomas, Richard Wallace
Thompson, Donald Eugene
Thompson, Douglas D.
Thompson, Herbert
Thompson, John Francis
Thompson, Kenneth W.
Thompson, Norman M.
Thompson, Robert Wallen
Thomsen, Robert Lawton
Thune, Marie D.
Tillinghast, Kenneth
Topp, Eleanor
Topp, Joseph Stuart
Topp, Shirley
Torrey, Robert John
Townsend, James Gordon
Townsend, John
Townsend, Kenneth M.
Townsend, Paul
Tracy, Arthur Warren
Tracy, Bernard J.
Tracy, Harlow Walter
Tracy, John Thomas
Tracy, Joseph P.
Tracy, Vincent S.
Trapp, George Lawrence
Travis, Charles Edward
Trimble, Garrison Earle
Trombley, Everett G.
True, Floyd H.
True, John Nelson
Tucker, Arlington
Turley, Joseph Francis


Uertz, L. Stanley
Unsinn, Ronald Paul
Urtz, Albert Joseph
Urtz, Bernard Francis
Urtz, Jerome Lawrence
Urtz, Joseph Francis
Urtz, Richard Bernard
Urtz, Robert James
Urtz, Vincent Anthony


Valent, Anthony George
Valley, Wiliam Albert
Van Alstine, Edward Albert
Van Alstyne, Stanley Ford
Van Auken, Frank Marks
Vandawalker, George A.
Vandawalker, Sylvester John
Vandenburgh, Jr., Jay
Vandervoort, Kenneth C.
Van Schoik, Clarence Edwin
Van Sickle, James Rudolph
Van Sickle, Leo Edward
Van Slyke, John Oliver
Van Valkenburg, Russell O.
Van Wiggeren, Carl
Van Wiggeren, Richard H.
Vayo, William
Venema, Bernard Siebolt
Venema, William Gerald
Volk, Douglas George


Wagner, Paul Ross
Waite, Harold Albert
Walby, Donald Eugene
Waldo, Richard Earl
Walker, Herbert Samuel
Walrath, Harold E.
Walrath, Walter Edward
Walsh, Edward J.
Warburton, Charles
Warburton, Paul R.
Ward, Ronald
Warden, Leslie William
Warner, Edward James
Warner, John Frederick
Warner, Tracy Read
Waterman, Charles J.
Waters, Robert Henry
Watkin, Donald Morgan
Watson, Edwin Charles
Watson, Harvey M.
Watson, Lewis
Watson, Martin Vroman
Watson, Robert Doran
Waufle, George Stanley
Waufle, Gordon D.
Waufle, Maynard Edward
Waufle, Vernon LeRoy
Webb, George
Wedemeyer, Gladys C.
Weeks, Gerald Lacose
Weeks, Paul Joseph
Weeks, Walter J.
Wiegel, Fred C.
Weiss, Alexander J.
Welch, Gilbert O.
Welch, Ralph James
Weller, William Guy
West, Allyn Harry
Whalen, James Henry
Whitcomb, Donald LeRoy
White, Fred J.
White, Fred Neil
White, Earl B.
White, Louis John
White, Stewart Francis
White, Wiley H.
Whiter, Gerald Abraham
Whitmore, Harry Charles
Whittemore, Harold Ernest
Whittemore, Robert Eugene
Wichowsky, Stanley Peter
Wiedeman, Donald Van G.
Wiedemeyer, Gladys
Wilcox, Henry Curtis
Wilcox, Lewis Freeman
Wilcox, William Paul
Wiles, George Bertram
Wilfert, George, Jr.
Wilkins, Edward Charles
Williams, Everett John
Williams, Fred R.
Williams, Mat Owen
Williams, Robert M.
Williams, William G.
Williamson, Evan R.
Willis, Murray William
Willis, Thomas Henry
Wilson, Charles Albert
Wilson, Charles Raymond
Wilson, James Richard
Winslow, John Haslam
Winsor, Edward Joseph
Winsor, Gerald M.
Woertendyke, Clyde Emerson
Woertendyke, Meryl A.
Wolfert, Everett John
Wood, Edson Jerome
Wood, Edward O.
Wood, Leonard E.
Wood, Marian Y.
Woodard, George Henry
Woodard, Gerald Bennett
Woodard, James William
Wooley, Stuart Dayton
Worden, Victor Jerome
Wright, John F.
Wright, Leonard
Wright, Richard L.
Wright, Vivian


Yager, Francis McGurk
Yardley, Harry Ralph
Yardley, Richard Clinton
Yardley, Roland Mybra
Yaw, Arthur Newton
Yeoman, Thomas Richard
Young, Alice
Young, Dwight Arthur
Young, Robert Abram
Young, William H., Jr.
Younglove, James
Younglove, Robert Cole
Yule, James Harrington
Yutzler, Eugene Sewall


Zawada, Margaret
Zeh, Howard Douglas
Zeh, Muriel
Zimmer, Joseph Wendel
Zimmer, Winfield Howard
Zimmerman, Ross Leslie
Zukowski, Peter Leo

Updated 8/12/01:

I located your site and found it very interesting. I was born and raised in Ilion but moved away over 30 years. I am always interested in reading about recent and past local news. As I was scanning the list of WW11 veterans I failed to find my father's name. His name was William E. Frosch. My father was born and raised in East Herkimer and at the time he entered the service he lived in Herkimer. He was in the army and stationed with Patton's army in France. I have his Bronze Star he received. I also had an uncle, Archibald Frosch, that served in the army at the same time as my father. He was born and raised in East Herkimer also.

Ellen (Frosch) DeCarr

Updated 2/27/02:

The following Ilion veterans have personally checked in via email and added their names to the Honor Roll:

John Gilmartin
Duane W. McPherson
Robert A. Tuttle

Updated 5/23/02:

The following Ilion veteran's name was submitted by his wife, Donna Mulvey. :

Robert I. Mulvey

All spellings are as in the original newspaper. For further information about men listed, please contact the appropriate historical societies and libraries.

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