Frankfort's Loss is Ilion's Gain

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A Reliable Grocer.

Ilion Citizen, Thursday, April 25,1907

An Old Established Grocery Business in Ilion Saluted.

The Compliments of the Merry Spring Season to Irving W. Ingersoll's Careful and Steady-Going Business on Otsego Street - Good Thing sent to Ilion from Frankfort.

Grocery Store

It is a pleasure to present to the readers of the Citizen a sketch of the business and a view of the face of Irving W. Ingersoll, one of the most careful and industrious grocers in Ilion. The view shown gives a good idea of the section of Otsego street on which Mr. Ingersoll's grocery is located. Directly across Otsego street from his store is the main building of the Remington Arms Company. "The industry which made Ilion famous."

Mr. Ingersoll came to Ilion from Frankfort shortly after the removal of the West Shore Railroad offices in which he was employed for a number of years. Frankfort's loss was Ilion's gain. Mr. Ingersoll bought the grocery business of C. Smith Ingham who had for many years conducted a grocery store at the same stand.

Mr. Ingersoll, was like the large majority of successful men, born on a farm and still owns farm property on Frankfort Hill: he was for twelve years a school teacher; then spent a number of years in the West Shore offices, and has for ten years conducted a general grocery business in Ilion. He is a man of strict integrity and no one thinks of questioning his word on any matter. He is conservative in business management and prefers to take care of the bird in the hand rather than to race after the many in the bush. His customers have confidence in the representation he puts on his goods and that means a great deal to the average buyers.

Irving W. Ingersoll

The Ingersoll store has just been given a new dress of inside white and is neat and clean throughout. The location is unsurpassed and the trade won has been secured and held upon its merits.

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