Jordan Family Reunion

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The following is from a newspaper clipping. The name of the paper is unknown, possibly a Utica paper. The exact date is also unknown, it is estimated to be Aug. 1923. Any thing in () is added by myself. The rest is written from the newspaper article. While many of the family were from Herkimer County, many lived in Oneida County, in Clayville and in Utica. My great uncle Ed Jordan was a political figure in Utica, and up and coming Judge. Ed Jordan died a few years later from Scarlet fever, extremely young with a promising career from all reports.

Karen Wise
May 2001


Descendants of Moses Jordan Gathered at Ilion Saturday, 300 Present"

"The first reunion of the Jordan-Byrnes-Doyle families was so successful Saturday that it has been decided to make the affair annual. Herkimer County has among its residents a great number of the members of these families and the reunion was held in the grounds of the United States Hotel at Ilion gulf. The family numbers about 100 and Saturday's attendance numbered about 300.

Moses Jordan, who was a prominent resident of County Wexford, Ireland had five direct descendants who came to America to make their names and fortunes about 60 years ago. They located in Herkimer County and their names have been familiar with the affairs of the county. Lawrence Byrnes and his wife Elizabeth Jordan located at Winfield; James Jordan and family, Catherine Jordan and husband Arthur Doyle, Moses and Peter Jordan lived nearby. While all of them are now dead, they proved to be long lived, all of them experiencing at least 80 years and some of them more than 90.

Children, grandchildren and great (grand) children were at the reunion Saturday. A brief formal session was enjoyed when Michael Neagle acted as chairman and Frank Byrnes as toastmaster. The chief address of the day was delivered by Attorney Edward P. Jordan of this city, who gave a brief history of the Jordan family citing among other things, the information given above. After outlining the history of the family he referred particularly to the record of the Irish in America. The address was heard with pleasure and profit.

Moses F. Jordan of Chadwicks, Arthur and Justin Doyle of Ilion also spoke interestingly and James Doyle rendered fine vocal selections.

Some athletic events were enjoyed, the participants entering into the spirit of the occasion with a zest that carried them to a successful issue. Dancing was another feature which added to the pleasure and the good things were offered for the inner man deserved special mention. The refreshments were varied but combined to make a delightful menu.

A committee was named, including Moses F. Jordan, Chadwicks; Luke Byrnes, Cedarville, and Arthur Doyle of Ilion, to make arrangements for the next reunion which will be held in August of next year."

According to one of the descendants of Arthur Doyle, from whom I got this newspaper article, he did not think that there was ever another reunion of this sort. As they say, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray."

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