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Tues, November 24th 1938
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The present efficient police department of Ilion with it's staff of well trained officers and its modern equipment is of comparatively recent growth.

Although the department was organized as far back as 1878 it had but one officer and had but two patrolmen and a chief as late as 1898. Equipment was somewhat primitive.

Today the force, directed by Chief Jesse Babcock, consists of eight regular officers and a number of reserves. Day and night service is maintained through the medium of a switch board in charge of police clerks, four telephone call boxes and 14 signal lights.

Close cooperation is maintained with the Federal Bureau of Investigation at Washington and the State Department of Correction at Albany. The department is hooked up with the FBI and state bureaus for the quick and sure identification of criminals and furnished these bureaus with photographs and fingerprints of convicted felons. Tear gas guns and gas are kept for possible emergencies.

The department under Chief Babcock organized one of the first of two junior safety patrols in the state. In four years the movement has spread over the entire country. Since it first started there has never been an injury to a school child at the grade school street intersection.

The Ilion Policemen's Benefit Association was organized January 1, 1938. Most of the work done by the unit seldom reaches the notice of the public. It is dedicated to the welfare of the community, relieves a large number of emergency relief calls and joins with the other organizations in supplying Christmas and Thanksgiving cheer to the poor and needy.

In conjunction with the Police Chiefs Association and other benefit associations it has helped secure better hours and working conditions. Eventually it hopes to have a larger force of officers and a radio hookup with other valley towns and the state police.

Chief Babcock took office as chief August 1, 1931, succeeding the late Chief George Huck. Previously he had served six years as deputy chief and 10 years as a patrolman. Most of his force have had many years experience.

Old records indicate the Ilion Police department was organized in 1878 with one officer whose name is now forgotten. Louis Bowers and W. E. Crockett served from 1885. Ten years later W. J. King was appointed chief of police and apparently was the first to hold the office. George Luley also was patrolman. William Stitt was made chief in 1898.

In 1908 Stitt was still head of the department with Albert Meehan and Joseph Durenback as policemen. Then, in 1909 he gave way for a year to Frank Beckwith who was assisted by officers Atkins and Hamlin. When Stitt returned the following year his officers were Henry Fults and Tom McTague.

George Huck assumed charge in 1914. McTague remained as a patrolman and two others, Arleigh Slocum and Charles Edwards were added. The present Chief Babcock put on a uniform the next year.

Present staff consists of Silas Mott, Clifford Hall, Royal Doud, Sidney Watson, Frank Ford, Earl Mott, Edward Murphy and Leon Wooley.



Chief J.E. Babcock, Chairman

S.D. Mott

Frank Ford

R.B. Doud

Edward Murphy

S. Watson

Earl Mott

C.R. Hall
Joseph Meehan
No Photo

Frank Ford Edward Murphy

R.B. DoudS. Watson

Joseph MeehanS.D. Mott
Leon JarvisC.R. Hall

Earl MottEdward Murphy
S.D. MottWilliam Malloy

Kenneth LyonsHarold WhittemoreHoward Moore

C.R. HallFrank Ford


1. So Help Me
2. Small Fry
3. I Won't Tell A Soul
4. Heart and Soul
5. Two Sleepy People
6. I've Got A Date With A Dream
7. My Own
8. Stardust
9. My Walking Stick
10. My Reverie
11. This May Be The Night
12. At Long Last Love
13. Deep In A Dream
14. Summer Souvenirs
15. You Go To My Head
16. There's No Place Like Your Arms

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