Terrance J. Sweeney's Postcards of Ilion, Town of German Flatts


My name is Terrance J. Sweeney. I was born in Ilion in 1945, the second of five children. I attended Annunciation school until the second grade when we moved to Frankfort, NY and rented from Sam & Mary DeMartin. I attended North Side school until the 6th grade when we moved back to Ilion and I attended North Street school and Ilion Central Junior/Senior High school. I graduated in 1964 and attended the University of Houston on an athletic scholarship. I married Christine S. Bremer in 1968. In 1982 we were living in Waynesboro, PA and attended an annual town flea market. We came upon a dealer in postcards and looked under Ilion and found a card of Second St. Thus started our quest of collecting postcards from Ilion. Since that time we have accumulated over three hundred and numerous other paper items dealing with Ilion and its history. So view and enjoy; and if you have any questions, stories, or history to tell please forward them to the site manager or to myself.

Terrance J. Sweeney

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Eliphat Remington

The First Remington Gun Made by Mr. E. Remington, Ilion, NY., and the Anvil on Which it Was Forged

Remington Centennial, 1816-1916

1816 -1916 Remington Centennial - Old Forge in Gorge - Where First Remington Gun Was Made in Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Homestead, Ilion Gulf 1816

Remington Homestead, Ilion "Gulf" 1816

Remington Old Forge

All That is Left of the Old Forge, Where First Remington Gun was Made by Mr. E. Remington, Ilion, N.Y.   Back of Postcard

View From West Hill

1. Remington Typewriter/Tucker File Co.
2. Remington Armory
3. School House
4. Yetman Typewriter
5. Remington Residence
6. Baptist Church
7. Methodist Church
8. Presbyterian Church
9. Ilion Public Library

Old Armory

Old Armory, Ilion, N.Y. 1862 - The initials W.B. are those of my wife's great grandfather William Bremer, who was a photographer during that period.

Remington Typewriter Factory

West Wing of Factory of Remington Standard Typewriter, Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Typewriter Factory

Remington Typewriter Works Showing Employees, Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Typewriter Factory

The Typewriter That Made Ilion Famous

Remington Typewriter Model

A Large Remington Shipment From Ilion, N.Y.

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