Terrance J. Sweeney's Postcards of Ilion, Town of German Flatts


Ten more from the Collection of Terrance J. Sweeney.

Terrance J. Sweeney

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Plants of Remington Cash Register

Plants of Remington Cash Register and Remington Arms Co., Ilion, N.Y.

New York Central Railroad

Ilion, N.Y., From the Tracks of the New York Central Railroad

Paul J. Risedorf

Paul J. Risedorf is an athlete. He also enjoys the distinction of having won the first race of its kind - a 220 Yard Straightaway Race - RUN INDOORS. Stop and think a minute what that means and then imagine, if you can, the kind of building in which such a race could be run. There are not many in the whole world. The race was run on the fourth floor of the main building of the Remington Typewriter factory. This building is 800 feet long. Of course, there is room in it for a 220 yard straightaway race and room to spare. The 220 yard straightaway race for the Remington Indoor Championship is to be a regular feature of the annual athletic contests for Remington employees. The prize for the winner is a gold medal offered by the Vice-President of the company. Mr. Risedorf won it this year in the splendid time of 24 seconds.

Remington and Erie Canal

Remington Typewriter Company and Erie Canal, Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Typewriter View

Ilion, N.Y. View of Remington Plant

Remington Typewriter Factory

Remington Typewriter Factory, Ilion, N.Y.

Field Day

Typewriter Field Day, Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Typewriter Factory

Plant of Remington Standard Typewriter, Ilion, N.Y.
The person who sent made this comment "Saw one (typewriter) yesterday with special type for an East Indian dialect." It was postmarked July 18th, 1913.

NIght View Remington Typewriter Factory

Night View of Remington Typewriter Factory, Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Typewriter Factory

The Remington Typewriter Factory, Ilion, N.Y. Number of Buildings - 20. Floor Space - 7 acres. Capacity - One Remington Typewriter a Minute.

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