Terrance J. Sweeney's Postcards of Ilion, Town of German Flatts


Ten more from the Collection of Terrance J. Sweeney.

Terrance J. Sweeney

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Remington Arms Company

Remington Arms Co., Ilion, N.Y.

West Hill Park

Remington Arms and Ammunition Works, From Park on West Hill, Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Arms

Remington Arms Company Looking West, Main St., Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Typewriter Works

Remington Typewriter Works, Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Ammunition Factory

Remington Arms & Ammunition Company, Ilion, N.Y.

Otsego Street

Otsego Street, showing Remington Arms Co. Works, Ilion, N.Y.

Library Bureau

Library Bureau, Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Plant 1

Remington Typewriter, Ilion, N.Y.

Remington Plant

Remington Typewriter, Plant 1, Ilion, N.Y.

Yetman Transmitting

Yetman Transmitting Typewriter Factory, Ilion, N.Y.

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