The following compiled information concerning the Thurston Family of Herkimer County was kindly donated by Liz Getz, 2121 Michigan Ave., Englewood, FL 34224. Punctuation and spelling are as in the original sources.


Compiled by Brown Thurston, Portland, ME 2nd ED. 1892

WILLIAM THURSTON (Thomas) son of Thomas and Susanna (Allen) Thurston of Lyndon, Vt; born in Smithfield, RI, 1782; married about 1894 THIRZA LOCKLING, daughter of Jonathan Lockling of Lyndon. Mr. Thurston was a farmer in Lyndon, and in 1816 moved to Ilion, Herkimer County, NY; was a member of the Methodist Church. She died 1862; a lady of excellent character, of more than ordinary intellectual endowment, a member of the Methodist Church. He died in St. Ansgar, IA, Jan 25, 1867, aged 85. He lived a quiet life, esteemed by his neighbors, and maintained his religious integrity to the last.

- John and Thomas, both d. young

- Laura b. Dec 8, 1808 m. Nov 10, 1830 Silas Johnson a farmer in Schuyler, NY; she d. Jul 12, 167; he d. April 13, 1880; no children.

- Eliza b. May 11, 1811; m. Jan 16, 1830, Obadiah Pratt, a carpenter in Deerfield, NY. They have William (Pratt) wandered away in 1855 and never heard from; Julius (Pratt), a farmer near Seymour, IL; Shurman (Pratt) on Chicago Railroad.

- Parker Joshua b. in Lyndon Jan 26, 1813; a farmer in Herkimer from 1835 to 1857, when he went to Ilion, NY.; m. Dec 7, 1834, Cornelia Vosburg, b. in Stark, NY, Jan 26, 1807, d. Jan 10, 1891, greatly esteemed for her kind christian character; no children.

      HERKIMER CITIZEN 11 Feb 1902
      Parker Thurston died at his residence in North Ilion on 31 Jan 1902 age 89. Born Lyndon, VT 26 Jan 1813. Married in 1836 to Cornelia Vosburg. Leaves one brother, the Rev. T. W. Thurston of Albert Lea, MN and a cousin Alexia L. Johnson.

- Thomas William b. Feb 5, 1815 m. Mary Brown Faville

- Thirza b. Mar 13, 1819 m. Nov 28, 1839, Gilbert Abraham Wendell, B. Nov 8, 1815 a farmer in Stockholm, NY; she d. Feb 5, 1885. Had Herman Hildreth (Wendell) b. Jul 19, 1840; a farmer in Buckton, NY; Horace Duane (Wendell) b. Jul 17, 1843; a peddler, d. in TN 1855

REV THOMAS WILLIAM THURSTON (William, Thomas) son of William and Thirza (Lockling) Thurston of Lyndon, VT; born there Feb 5, 1815; married 1842 MARY BROWN FAVILLE born Feb 2, 1821, daughter of Thomas and Betsey (West) Faville of Manheim, NY. He studied law three years, but, believing it to be his duty to preach the gospel, he joined the Black River M. E. Conference of NY and preached thirteen years under it's direction, with good sucess; 1858 went to IA and preached four years in the Upper IA Methodist Conference; 1863 he located upon a farm in St. Ansgar, IA and preached as occasion offered; has been supervisor of schools, justice of the peace, and has held several civil office of trust; 1886 called to Congrational Church of Hope, and June 1890 to Dawson, ND of which he is member and the pastor.

- Charles Parker b. Aug. 30 1844; m. Harriet Rebecca Dodge

- Mary Louise b. 24 Apr 1848 in Trenton, NY ; m. 1869 William Edgar Morehouse a boot and shoe dealer in Otranto, and May 1884 a farmer in Mitchell, IA, b. Sep 27, 1833, son of William Tyler and Margaret (Macomber) Morehouse of Sun Prairie, WI; served in the war against the rebellion in the 29th WI Reg. from 1861 to 1865; held the rank of orderly sergeant and is a pensioner. They have:

      Mary Faville Morehouse b. Dec 2, 1870; a teacher in Hope, ND
      Arthur Thurston Morehouse b. Dec 22, 1872
      Frank William Morehouse b. Aug 17, 1876; d. Dec 9, 1889
      Ralph Edgar Morehouse b. Feb 27, 1880
      Kate Faville Morehouse b. Mar 25, 1882
      Laura Evelyn Morehouse b. Aug 7, 1886

- William Dwight b. in Wilmurt, NY Jan 3, 1850; a blacksmith in St. Ansgar; 1879 went to Ortonville, MN, and in 1885 to Gladstone, Dak., where he ran an engine in a gristmill till 1886, when he went to Moorhead, MN and 1887 to Wadena, MN on to a farm; m. Jan.18, 1880, Ida Hallock, b. Nov 21, 1862, daughter of Jerome Hunt and Matilda Hallack of Ortonville, MN. They have:

      George Carleton b. Nov. 2, 1880
      Bert b. Aug 19, 1882
      Myrtle Laura b. Apr. 18, 1887

- Evangelin St. Clair b. Jan 6, 1854 in Bombay, NY; m. 1872 Arthur Turney a farmer in St. Ansgar, IA; 1889 station agent in Taylor, ND for the Northern Pacific R. R. Co. They have:

      Carlton Cyrus Turnery b. Oct 27, 1874

- Thomas Faville b. 29 Oct 1858 in Osage, IA; a grocer in Albert Lea, MN; m. Jun 22, 1882, Lucy Cora Richardonson of Osage. Have:

      Laura Corinne b. Dec 5, 1884
      Locklin Parker b. 13 Sep 1888
      Robert Faville 31 Jul 1893

- Frank Locklin b. Apr 4, 1861 ins St. Ansagar; station agent in Hope, ND; m. Jun 19, 1890, Maggie Murray of Hope. Laura Bessie b. Dec. 25, 1864 m. 1883, William Taylor Best b. in Casselton, ND, a locomotive engineer on the Northern Pacific R.R. residing in Mandan, ND.

Evening Tribune Albert Lea, MN Feb. 7, 1911
Nearly Reached Century Mark

The entire community was grieved Monday when it was learned that Rev. Thomas William Thurston, the veteran devine had passed into the beyond, after an exceptionally long life filled with usefulness and activity in behalf of his God and follow men. Rev. Thomas William Thurston was born in Lyndon, Caledonia County, VT, Feb 5, 1815. At the age of three years his parents moved to Herkimer County, New York. He received his education at Fairfield Academy and intending to make law his profession, devoted three years to its study in New York City, but then believing it to be his duty to preach the gospel he joined the Black River Methodist Episcopal conference of New York and preached thirteen years under its direction, with great success. During this time he was missionary to the St. Regis Indians for a period of three years. In 1858 he removed to Osage and Charles City being among his appointments. In 1863 his eldest son Charles Parker entered the Union army in the war of the rebellion, which rendered it necessary for him to be home more, so he located upon a farm near St. Ansgar, Mitchell County, IA (which he still owned) and carried it on, preaching as occasion offered sustaining the relation of "Located elder" to the conference. He held several civil offices of trust. In 1886 he gave up his duties in IA and with his wife removed to Hope, ND, where he had a son and daughter living. The Congregational Church there was without a pastor and invited Rev. Thurston to preach for them and afterwards gave him a call as pastor and he accepted and filled their pulpit for a period of six years. In 1892 he received a call to the Congregational Church of Dawson, ND, at which place he preached for four years. At the age of eight-two he gave up his pastoral duties and moved to Albert Lea to make his home as his son, T. F. Thurston was living here. During his residence here on several occasions he has preached in different churches of the city. He was married Apr. 7, 1842 to Miss Mary B. Faville of Manheim Herkimer County, NY, and to them were born seven children, all of whom are living: Charles P. of Manna, ND, Mrs. Mary Louise Morehouse of Mitchell, IA, Dwight W. of Sebeka, MN, Mrs. Evangeline Turney of Waukee, WA, Thomas Faville of Albert Lea, Frank L. of Ada, MN; Mrs. Laura T. Bets of Crystal City, TX. His wife died April 10, 1905, at the age of 84 years.

Rev. Thurston was a remarkably active man for his age, and was out and around up to within a few weeks of his death, walking up town every few days to his son's place of business Barraging and Thurston Groceries. All through his life he took an active interest in the affairs of the day and this interest he retained up to his last days and he was always pleased to meet any of his friends and enjoyed their companionship.

The funeral services will be held from the family residence 423 Court Street, Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Passing of Rev. Thomas W. Thurston Age 96 Years

Rev. Thomas William Thurston, good man and true and life-long laborer, able and devoted apostle of the Christian cause died at the home of his son Thomas Faville Thurston in this city (Albert Lea, Freeborn, MN) Feb 13, at the advanced age of 96 years or nearly so, his birthday being Feb. 15. He was born at Lyndon, VT, his parents moving to Herkimer Co., NY, when he was an infant. He had an academic education, studied law three years in New York City, but decided to enter the ministry and preached 13 years in Methodist pulpits in NY, was a missionary to the St. Regis Indians 3 years meantime preaching next several years at Osage, Charles City and other Iowa places, next had a charge in the Congregational church at Hope, ND, where a son lived, then served a like charge four years at Dawson, in that state retiring from the ministry at 82 since when he has lived with his son in this city, frequently preaching in the local churches and elsewhere.

He married Miss Mary B. Faville at Manheim, NY, Apr 7, 1842. She died Apr. 10, 1905 leaving 7 children, all living, namely Charles Parker of Mandan, ND, Mrs. Mary Louise Morehouse, Mitchell, IA, Dwight William, Sebeka, MN, Mrs. Evangeline Turney of Waukee, WA, Thomas Faville of Albert Lea, Frank L. of Ada, MN, Mrs. Laura T. Best of Crystal City, TX.

Mr. Thurston was well preserved in all his faculties and powers until about his last days and possessed the esteem and affection of all favored with his gracious acquaintance. The funeral will be held tomorrow, Thursday from the Thurston home, Court Street, at 3 o'clock p.m.

Methodist Episcopal Church, Ohio, NY
Rev. Thomas W. Thurston Pastor 1849-1849

Northern Plains Conference United Church of Christ Archives.

According to the Congregational Yearbooks, Rev. Thomas W. Thurston was ordained to Christian Ministry in 1851. He held dual standing with the Methodist Episcopal and Congregational denominations during the time he served the churches at Hope and at Dawson. Presently the Hope congregation has standing in the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist denominations. The HOPE Church was organized July 23, 1882. T. W. Thurston was first listed a pastor in the 1888 Minutes of the General Congressional Conference of ND.

(The 1886 & 1887 Minute books are missing.) In 1886 he was not on the clergy roll for Hope and there were no representatives attending the meeting at that point. In the record of the 1888 meeting at Wahpeton, Mrs. T. W. Thurston was one of the two lay delegates and Rev. Thurston was present as the pastor.

In 1889 at Valley City, only Rev. Thurston attended from the church. The records indicate he was called as pastor of the Hope congregation in 1887.

Congregational Year Book.

1888 HOPE had 12 men and 17 women members. During the year Rev. Thurston had received 4 into membership (possibly three of these were his family), removed 1 by letter. These people represented 40 families.

1890 HOPE called a new pastor and Rev. Thurston was called to pastor the Dawson Congregational Church. UNION CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, DAWSON was organized in 1884. At the time they called Rev. Thurston in 1890, there were 8 males and 15 female members, 11 of whom were listed as absent. According to the 1881 report to the denomination, 3 were received into membership that year by letter of transfer (Probably the Thurston family since the same number had been removed by etter from the Hope congregation's rolls). At that time 25 were active members of the Sunday School.

1892 The Dawson membership was 5 male and 12 female with no one listed as absent. Six were received into membership and two removed. He had 3 baptisms, 2 of which were adults.

1893 Missing

1894 The Dawson membership was 10 male and 15 female, 4 of whom were listed as absent. Three more joined the church that year but four were removed due to death and one by letter of transfer. There were two more adult baptisms and one child.

1895 The Year Book included a listing of pastor's salaries. At the time Rev. Thurston was receiving an Annual Salary of $660. The church building which was constructed in 1883 was valued at $1500. This was supported by 8 male and 18 female members, six of which were absent. Two more members were received and one removed. The membership represented twenty-five families.

1896 The Dawson membership was 6 men and 10 women, 2 of whom were listed absent. No one was received, but 10 were removed. He had one infant baptism that year.

1897 Rev. Thurston is on longer listed in the reports to the Congressional Denomination. The Year Book shows a new pastor serving the congregation at Dawson.

Noble Woman Passes away at the age of eight-four

After an illness of about three weeks, Mrs. Rev. T. W. Thurston passed quietly away Monday morning at her home on Court Street, surrounded by children and grand children. She was eighty-four years old and on account of her great age her recovery was despaired of from the first. Although her death was hourly expected for some time, yet a large circle of friends and relatives are greatly grieved at her departure from this life. Hers was a noble life. The wife of a minister, her devotion to her husband and care and sympathy for the suffering and poverty stricken of the people with whom he worked, greatly aided him in his holy calling. The funeral took place from her home on Court Street, Tuesday afternoon, and the interment was in the cemetery west of the city. Her pastor, Rev. H. M. Bruins officiated assisted by Re. F. E. White of the Methodist Church. Many friends were present to pay their last respects to the departed and show their sympathy for the family. She leaves besides her husband Rev. T. W. Thurston, seven children, C. P. Thurston, Mandan, ND, Mrs. W. E. Morehouse, Mitchell, IA, D. W. Thurston, Sebaka, MN, Mrs. Arthur Turney, Fort Keogh, MT, T. F. Thurston of this city, F. L. Thurston, Ada, MN, and Mrs. W. T. Best, Wishek, ND, also a sister Mrs. H. H. Burington, Waverly, IA, and two brothers H. N. Faville of Mitchell, IA and Charles Faville, South Wales, NY. She also leaves about twenty grand children and seven great grand children.

Mrs. Thurston was born eighty-four years ago in Manheim, NY. Her maiden name was Mary Faville. In 1842 she married Rev. T. W. Thurston, an itinerant minister in NY. In 1858 they removed to Mitchell, IA, taking up their residence on a farm near that place. They remained there until 1886 when they moved to Hope, ND, where her husband again took up the ministry. In 1896 they moved to this city, where they have since resided.

All the children of the late Mrs. T. W. Thuston came here during her last illness and all but two remained until the end and attended the funeral Tuesday. Mrs. W. F. Morehouse of Mitchell was called home Saturday. The news that Mr. Morehouse had fallen and fractured his hip, and Frank L. Thurston, agent for the Great Northern Railroad at Ada, MN, found it necessary to leave as he could not obtain leave of absence for a longer time.

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