Litchfield Directory 1888-1889
Herkimer County, NY

The Herkimer County 1888-9 Directory is a great source for filling in the missing census records of 1890. Individuals in this directory would have likely been in the federal census of 1890. As Jo Dee Frasco said in her transcription of the 1869-1870 directory, "In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there." All original spellings and punctuations were retained from the original records and have been proofread by a third party to ensure a proper transcription.

From Herkimer County 1888-9 Directory, published by Lant & Silvernail, Valatie, Columbia County, N.Y.

Robert Lorick
Contributing Editor

Litchfield City Directory 1888-1889
Last Name
First title lease information occupation second occupation type of residence number Town County second residence number Town
Abbott S. L.

110 Litchfield

Ackler Jacob &

70 Litchfield

Albans John

140 Litchfield

Allen Fred

5 Litchfield

Atkins John J.

2 Litchfield


(leased from A. Rogers)

136 Cedar Lake

Atknison George
(leased to Rogers)

100 North Winfield

Auger Henry

54 Litchfield

Avery Sanford

45 Ilion

Avery William W.

190 Ilion

Ball Daniel A.

70 Cedarville

Ball Howard H.

92 North Litchfield

Ball Judson

100 Litchfield

Ball Varnum

1 Cedarville

Barnes George D.

92 Norwich Corners

Barnes J. L.

2 Norwich Corners

Beals Oliver B. Rev.

128 Cedarville

Bennett Evenezer

55 Gulph

Bennett Leonard

64 Gulph

Bennett Lewis

15 Litchfield

Bennett Stephen

70 Gulph

Birdseye Emery H.

75 Litchfield

Birdseye W. M.

157 Norwich Corners

Blackstone Everett

45 Cedar Lake

Blazier Irving


Botcher Richard

104 North Litchfield

Brainard M. S. Mrs.

75 North Litchfield

Brayton William W.

140 Litchfield

Brewer Jacob

8 Gulph

Brewer Malvin
(leased from Mrs. B. Slade)

36 Ilion

Brown A. T.

64 North Litchfield

Brown Damon

5 Cedarville

Brown Theodore P.

62 Frankfort Hill

Burpee Georege W.

94 Norwich Corners

Carey Thomas



Carran Philander

76 Cedar Lake

Carran Thomas G.

85 Cedar Lake

Casler Fred.

60 North Litchfield

Caswell George


Cole Babethany Mrs.

35 Ilion

Cole Edward

105 Cedarville

Cole Henry



Cole Martin L.



Cole Vader
(leases United States Hotel)

Columbia Springs

Combs Add N.

94 Litchfield

Combs Albert C.

70 North Litchfield

Congdon Mary Ann

145 Cedar Lake

Congdon William E.

120 Cedar Lake

Conkling John B.
(leased from J. Matthews)

112 Cedarville

Cooper William E.

196 Norwich Corners

Crook Jacob

15 Norwich Corners

Dane John


Dank Joseph

12 Norwich Corners

Davis Asher

90 Cedar Lake

Davis B. E. Mrs.


Davis Charles

cheese maker


Davis John D.

160 Gulph

Davis Richard

90 Cedar Lake

Dawley James W.

150 Litchfield

Devendorf Lewis Mrs.


Dewing George

82 Litchfield

Dodge Charles M.

55 Norwich Corners

Dodge Fisk L.

55 Norwich Corners

Dollar Michael

77 Litchfield

Donahoe Dennis

12 North Litchfield

Donahoe James

5 Cedarville

Donahoe Michael

45 North Litchfield

Dow A. S.

1 Cedarville

Dyke Sylvester

75 Gulph

Eddy William E.

1 Norwich Corners

Easton M. D.


Easton Mahlon

saw mill


Eaton Mary Mrs.

6 Cedarville

Eldred Delos

North Winfield

Eldred Rufus

2 Cedarville

Evans Mary Mrs.

14 North Litchfield

Ferry Horace T.

19 North Litchfield

Fish Charles P.

205 Gulph

Fish I. K.

140 Cedarville

Fish I. Wallace

117 Gulph

Fuller Chales W.

160 Cedarville

Gage Elizabeth

3 Litchfield

Gage Levi

40 North Litchfield

Gage Seymore

24 Litchfield

Gaylord Chester D.

52 Litchfield

Gaylord M. L.

95 North Litchfield

Gird John

250 Cedar Lake

Gird W. R.

Cedar Lake

Goodale E. L.

83 North Litchfield

Goodier Edwin

6 Cedar Lake

Goodier Emery

83 Cedar Lake

Goodier Henry W.

115 Cedar Lake

Goodier Alonzo J.

90 Cedar Lake

Goodier James R.

Cedar Lake

Goodier M. Henry

160 Cedar Lake

Greenland E. E.

117 Cedar Lake

Griffins Griffith

62 North Litchfield

Hadley Gilbert W.

105 Litchfield

Hadley John I.

185 Cedar Lake

Hadley Kernan J.

112 Cedar Lake

Hadley Mary Mrs.

119 Cedar Lake

Haggerty Charles



Haggerty Frank



haggerty James

5 Cedarville

Haggerty Nathaniel

74 Litchfield

Haggerty William



Harris William

236 Cedarville

Harrison Hoarace L.

77 Norwich Corners

Hasselkuse James E.

180 North Litchfield

Harter & Lewis


Harvey A. Clayton

56 Norwich Corners

Harvey B. F.

42 Norwich Corners

Harvey R. S.

55 Norwich Corners

Harvey T. C.

94 Norwich Corners

Hibbard Ed. D.

45 North Litchfield

Histed Duane W.

22 Cedar Lake

Hobbs W. M. Mrs.

28 Norwich Corners

Hodgkins Thomas

1 Cedar Lake

Holcomb Edward B.

105 Cedarville

Holland George

180 North Litchfield

Holland George

postmaster and grocer

North Litchfield

Hosford Israel

cheese maker


Hosford Mary (widow William)

18 Cedarville

Hudson Daniel

3 Cedarville

Hull Henry

125 Ilion

Huntly Eugene P.

105 Cedarville

Ingersol Fred

6 Ilion

Jacobson Frank



Johnson Fred.

20 Cedarville

Johnson John

115 Frankfort Hill

Jones Ann Mrs.

29 Cedarville

Jones B. P.

2 Cedarville


Norwich Corners

Jones Mary E. Mrs.


Jones Perry

175 Cedarville

Jones William J.

41 Cedarville

Kay Arthur J.

40 Cedarville

Kay L. Eugene

60 Cedarville

Kay Nelson Mrs.

1 Litchfield

Kelley David

20 Cedarville

Kelley John

42 Gulph

Kelley Kate

Caswell Hotel

Kelley O.


Cedar Lake

Kibby D. L. W.

postmaster and gen. Store


Kinna Jeremiah

175 Ilion

Kitschall James

30 North Litchfield

Klippel Fred F.

70 Cedarville

Klippel George

47 Cedarville

Klippel George

saw mill

60 Cedarville

Kolb Vincent

105 Litchfield

Ledwell Thomas

postmaster and grocer

Cedar Lake

Leroy S. P.

3 North Litchfield

Lewis William
(leased to R. Williams)

375 Ilion

Laddie James

48 North Litchfield

Manning Jacob W.

87 North Litchfield

Marriot Frank

78 North Litchfield

Marriot John

105 North Litchfield

Marriot O.

21 North Litchfield

Marriot Thomas
(also leased 32 from W. A. Mattison)

9 North Litchfield
32 North Litchfield
Martin Joseph J.



Matthews Chauncey

180 Cedarville

Matthews Jane
(leased to J. B. Conkling)

112 Ilion

Matthews John

83 Cedar Lake

Matthews John

95 Litchfield

Matthews Stephen

postmaster (also agent James Wheeler farm)
87 Litchfield

Matthews Thomas

21 North Litchfield

Mattison William A.
(leased to T. Marriot)

32 Utica Oneida Co.

Maxwell Alexander

6 Cedarville

Maxwell Herbert



Maxwell Robert

6 Litchfield

McGowan James

120 Litchfield

McGucken Frank

5 Gulph

Merrill L. F.

37 North Litchfield

Mezger David

40 Cedarville

Mezger Jacob

234 Cedarville

Miller Clifton P.



Morgan William



Morris John

128 Litchfield

Morrison Joseph

4 North Litchfield

Mott William



Newth Walter S.

92 Norwich Corners

Nichols Daniel

48 Cedar Lake

Nichols G. A.

6 Norwich Corners

Norton Charles F.

11 North Litchfield

Norton C. G.

70 North Litchfield

Norton Samuel M.

70 North Litchfield

Norton Samuel W.

48 North Litchfield
and cheese factory North Litchfield
Nurse George D.

1 Gulph

Paddock R. B.

41 Norwich Corners

Palmer Charles

70 Litchfield

Palmer Frank

110 Litchfield

Palmer Jerome

4 North Litchfield

Palmer N. B.

90 Litchfield

Parker T. P.

175 Gulph

Perry Dewitt
(leased from S. D. Smith)

180 Cedarville

Platts Caroline

3 Litchfield

Prior Philo

141 Cedar Lake

Putman James

40 Litchfield

Putman John

180 Litchfield

Quinlivin C. Mrs.

55 Litchfield

Rayhill M. E.

4 North Litchfield

Reagan Daniel

27 Norwich Corners

Rhoda Fred



Rice Lizzie



Rider Bert A.

141 Cedar Lake

Rider Burton L.

43 North Winfield

Rider E. Mrs.

200 Litchfield

Rider Emerson

60 Gulph

Rider Matthew C.

120 North Litchfield

Rider Samuel G.

93 Cedar Lake

Rider Wakeman

480 Cedar Lake

Rising Elizabeth

2 Cedarville

Rising Harvey &

128 Cedar Lake

Rising James

115 North Winfield

Rising William G.

66 Cedar Lake

Risley Henry

4 Cedarville

Rogers Alford
(leased by Atkinson)

136 Utica Oneida Co.

Salisbury John

118 North Litchfield

Salisbury Robert

68 North Litchfield

Sassaman Christopher



Saunders Mel.

86 Cedar Lake

Schooley Andrew

65 Litchfield

Sheen John

16 North Litchfield

Sibel George

5 Cedarville

Simmons John

60 Cedarville

Slade Benton Mrs. (leased to Malvin Brewer)

36 Utica Oneida Co.

Slade George

130 Cedar Lake

Slade Samuel

124 Cedar Lake

Smith Levi C.

pro. Cheese factory


Smith S. D.
(leased to Perry)

180 Frankfort

Smith William H.

54 Cedar Lake

Stannard Charles

15 North Litchfield

Stephens John H.



Stryker William

26 North Litchfield

Symons Henry G.
(leased to Waldruff)

76 Cedar Lake

Thomas Edward

144 Cedar Lake

Town Helen Mrs.

Cedar Lake

Townsend Herbert


Cedar Lake

Townsend Martin B.

12 Cedar Lake

Townsend S. P.

50 Cedar Lake

Truesdale Ann

125 North Litchfield

Universalist Church

Rev. H. O. Sommers, pastor


Van Hosen Benjamin C.

95 North Litchfield

Van Hosen Edwin G.

34 North Litchfield

Waldruff Leonard
(also leased from H. G. Symons #76)

30 Cedar Lake
76 Cedar Lake
Waldruff Martin

15 Cedarville

Walenstine John

21 Cedarville

Walker Mary Mrs.

75 Deerfield Oneida Co.

Walrath Amanda

9 Cedarville

Walrath Henry

261 North Winfield

Washburn Edward V.

7 Litchfield

Whalen James

45 Litchfield

Wheeler James
Steph. Matthews, agent

est. 87 Litchfield

Wheelock Charles F.

200 Litchfield

Wheelock Evander F.

80 Litchfield

Wheelock Fred. W.

66 Litchfield

Wheelock Henry

185 Litchfield

Wilcox Gilbert F.

170 North Litchfield

Wilcox P. N.

130 North Litchfield

Wilkinson Assel B.

150 Cedarville

Wilkinson Bargey



Williams Richard
(leased from W. Lewis)

375 Ilion

Willis Albert C.

13 Cedar Lake

Woodart O. B. &
A. B.



Youngs Samuel J.

12 Cedarville

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