Town of Litchfield
Herkimer County, N.Y.

Bill for building Joseph Alexander's house in Litchfield, 1832-1833. (Amounts omitted)

Jesse Campbell for use of wagon and horses

Junia Warner for mason work

Amos Fowler for mason work

Calvin Cole for sawing & lath

John Weber for sawing & lath

John I? Devendorf for carpenter work

Daniel Devendorf for carpenter work

Ichabod W Young for carpenter work

David Devendorf for carpenter work

James Schooley for carpenter work

Thomas Wilkason for work

Abern? Holcomb for hewing timber

S Hamilton for basswood boards

John Williams for oil and paint

Wilbor Norton for painting

B Carver for door handles, &c

C Bec(k)with for screw, &c

Mathew Hosford for 6 Bushels of hair

H R Ramsie for lime

A L Fish for iron

John Lock for iron

C Brainard for clapboards

Ira Wilkinson for lime

R Butler for stone

Dairy Book for the years 1835-1838, Joseph Alexander, Litchfield.

1835: Sold butter & cheese to Junia Warner, G V Orton, E Wetmore, G Barker, Barney Phillips,

R Butler; after Dec 25 1835 (perhaps 1836), to Elum Holcomb, S McNeil, John Weber.

1836: To Elias Fish, A Rider, E Holcomb, H Beals (Mar 29), Samuel Brayton.

1837: To E W Fish, H Burrell, S Devendorf (Oct 20), E Holcomb.

1838: No entries

Copied 1928 by Alice Payne Garden, Gen. Winfield Scott Chapter N. S. D. A. R., from papers in the possession of Miss Mary Eliza Harrison, West Winfield, N.Y.

The original typescript of this list is bound in the Miscellaneous Compiled Records of the D.A.R., Volume 15, page 292, 1928-29, available for your personal viewing in the genealogy room at the New York City Public Library. The site coordinator has no information about the whereabouts of or if the original documents have survived since being copied in 1928. For further information about persons named, please visit or order a search from the Herkimer County Historical Society.

These early Litchfield lists were prepared by volunteer Dick Nabinger. Dick's family arrived in Herkimer County in the mid-19th century:

"My family search in Herkimer county centers around Nabingers with side trips to Miller and any other connections that I come across. My great grandfather, Jacob C. Nabinger married an Emma G. Miller in Herkimer Co. somewhere. Jacob came to Herkimer sometime between 1849 and 1852 when he was five years old with his father Andreas. I have the bare information back to Germany but only a bare start and hope to find more in Herkimer County." Dick Nabinger

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