Minutes of Town Meetings, Town of Litchfield, Herkimer Co, N. Y.

"Originals preserved in the Town Clerk's Office."

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Litchfield, originally known as Snow's Bush, was set off from German Flats Feb 5 1796. A portion of what is now the Town of Winfield was included at that time, so that these records also form a part of the early history of Winfield.

The first settler in Litchfield is said to have been Elijah Snow, who came from Westbury, Mass., in 1786, & settled on what is now known as Wheelock's Hill. Some authorities give one David Scott this honor. The third to come in was probably Selah Holcomb.

In the early 1790's setters began to come in greater numbers, both from Massachusetts & Connecticut, especially from the vicinity of Litchfield, Conn., from which this town took its name.

The first town meeting was held at the house of Josiah Shepard, April 5 1796, at which were voted for--

Supervisor - Abel Brace, Sr.
Town Clerk - Josiah Shepard
Assessors - John Littlejohn, William C Jones, Jessaniah Holmes
Overseers of the Poor - Joseph Hooker, Joseph Walker
Commissioners of Highways - Asa Way, Oliver Harwood, Saml. Merrey
Constables - Peleg Thomas, Abel Brace Sr., Timathy Greenly
Collectors - Abel Brace Jr., Timathy Greenly
Path Masters - Alvan Wheelock, Paul Stickney, Stephen Remington, Wm Brewer, Benja.
          Cowles, Joshua Cushman, Orange Brace, Joseph Green, David Gould, And. Davidson, Moses
          Stickney, Heman Sears, Peleg Babcock, Eleazer Crosby, Ebr. Hitchcock, Peleg Thomas, Caleb
          Ellis, Moses Tutton, Mang. Shepard, Isaac Woodruff, Leml. Witton, Amasa Braynard.
Com. Of Schools - Abel Brace, Tilley Richardson, Joseph Shepard

2nd Town Meeting held 1st Tues in April, 1797, at house of Josiah Shepard.
Supervisor - Abel Brace
Town Clerk - Josiah Shepard
Assessors - Isaac Woodruff, Asa Way, Seth Goodwin
Poor Masters - Ezekiel Goodale, Lemuel Crocker
Commissioners of Highways - Mason Hatfield, Joseph Hooker, Zadoc Rider.
Constables - Abram Woodruff, William C Jones, William F Winchell
Commissioners of Schools - Francis Smiley, John Dillingham, Peter Sears.
Path Masters - Tilley Richardson, Elihue Gillet, James Gage, Joseph Walker, David Howard, Lemi
          Bradley, James Campbell, Jonathan Allen, Ezekiel Cheevir, Christn. Rider, Samuel
          Kent, Phins. Chamberlin, Jesse Bartholomew, Samuel Miller, Ezra Richardson, Arch.
          Parker, Mang. Wilcox, Isaac Townsend, John Underwood

Apr 3 1798 at house of Eleazer Crosby

Supervisor - Abel Brace
Town Clerk - Josiah Shepard
Assessors - Pabody Fitch, Peter Sears, Tilley Richardson
Comrs. Of Highways - Nathan Brown, Zadock Rider, Jos. Wilcox
Poormasters - Lemuel Crocker, Ezekiel Goodale
Constables & Collr. - Seth Goodwin, Charles Owen, Ebr. Morgan.
Comrs. Of Schools - Francis Smiley, Levi Hackley, Peter Sears.
Pound Masters - Oliver Herwood, William Underwood.
Overseers of Highways - Asa Priest, Peleg Thomas, Saml. Merrey, James Crosby, Jesseniah Holmes,
          Ezra Mallery, Ezekiel Hardy, Marvin Brace, David Scott, Francis Jones, Ezra Gates,
          John Everett, John Dillingham, Lemi Bradley, Manning Shepard, Lowden
          Millard, Benj. Denslow, Joel Calkins, Thompson Doolittle, John Morgan,
          Wilson Preston, Chrir. Rider, Moses Brockway, Moses Allen

1st Tuesday in April, 1799, at house of Eleazer Crosby:
Supervisor - Francis Smiley
Town Clerk - Peter Sears
Assessors - Eliphalet Remington, Oliver Harwood, John Littlejohn.
Comrs. Of Highway - Selah Holcomb, Robert Town.
Overseers of the Poor - William C Jones, John Morgan
Constables - Seth Goodwin, Nathan Brown
Comrs of Schools - Francis Smiley, Peter Sears, Levi Hackley
Overseers of Highways - Dyer Waterman, Manning Shepard, Benj. Cole, Ebenezer Ramsey, Stephen
          Remington, Martin Kellogg, Samuel Hodges, Isaac Bartholomew, Joseph
          Crosby, Ebenezer Drury, Elip. Remington, Abel Belknap, Norman Bushnel,
          Orange Brace, Jacob Miller, Ebenezer Cole, Nehemiah Andrews Junr.,
          Aseph Case, William Smith, Reuben Rider, Nathan Brown, Heman Barber,
          Joseph Knight
Pound Keepers - Isaac Crane, Oliver Harwood, Eleazer Crosby, Eli Bush
Voted that there should be 4 Pounds: at Capt. Harwood's, Isaac Crane's, Eleazer Crosby's & Benj. Bailey's

Apr 1 1800, at house of Eleazer Crosby:
Moderator, Oliver Harwood
Supervisor - Francis Smiley
Town Clerk - Isaac Crane
Assessors - John Littlejohn, Elphalet Remington, John Kelcey.
Overseers of the Poor - Wm C Jones, John Morgan
Comrs. Of Highways - Selah Holcomb, Elisha Bowman, Abraham Woodruff
Constables - David Town, Seth Goodwin, Francis Merry
Collector - Seth Goodwin
Overseers of Highway - John Littlejohn, Jared I Hooker, James Smith, John Merry, Russel Spencer,
          Stephen Remington, Charles Merry, Levi Wilkerson, Ebenezer Doolittle, Oliver
          Harwood, John Kelcey, Abraham Woodruff, Rufus Leonard, Jonathan Hubbard,
          Nathaniel Warner, Saml. Howard, Harry Titas, Thomas Gage, David Wedge,
          Stephen Batherek, Clark Nobles, Jeremiah Main, Bishop Coston, Rufus Rogers.
Voted that 3 Pounds be erected at or near the residences of Wm. Jones, Philip Coles & Jared I Hooker; &
That W C Jones, Jared I Hooker & Philip Coles be Pound Keepers.

Apr 7 1801, at the house of Charles Brace:
Moderator - Saml. Merrey
Town Clerk - Isaac Crane
Assessors - Eliphalet Remington, John Littlejohn, John Kercey
Comrs. Of Highways - Samuel Hodges, Amasa Braynard, George Paddock
Overseers of Poor - William C Jones, John Morgan
Constables - Seth Goodwin, Elihu Gillet, Nathan Brown
Collector - Seth Goodwin
Pound Keepers - Joseph Walker, Wm C Jones, Jared I Hooker
Overseers of Highways - Ward No. 1, Noah Terry 2 William Underwood, 3 Joseph Wilcox, 4 Sam.
          Littlefield, 5 Nathan Dyke, 6 Eli Gillet, 7 Samuel Miller, 8 Samuel Matthews, 9
          Jesse Doolittle, 10 John Everitt, 11 Joseph Green, 12 Joseph Walker, 13 John
          Wicks, 14 John Pray, 15 Levi Smith, 16 David Arnold, Jr, 17 Saml. Surtliff, 18
          Arnold Foster, 20 Maning Shepard, 21 Solomon Squire, 22 John Goff, 23
          John Wilks, 24 Sylvanus King, 25 Daniel Alesworth, 26 Samuel Crosby
Voted Wm C Jones, Christopher Rider & John Kelcey a committee to establish a Pound near Robert Town's.

Mar 2 1802, at house of Isaac Crane:
Moderator - Elijah Snow
Supervisor - Mason Hatfield
Town Clerk - Isaac Crane
Assessors - Jared I Hooker, Samuel Hodges, Joseph Wilcox.
Overseers of the Poor - Samuel Miller, John Morgan
Commissioners of Highways - Moses How, Amasa Braynard, Peter Sears
Constables - Abraham Woodruff, Arnold W Foster, Elihu Gillet
Collector - Arnold W Foster
Path Masters - Ward No. 1 Elisha Bowman, 2 Jared Hooker, 3 Jonathan King, 4 Asa Sweet, 5 Israel
          Porter, 6 Leonard Bullock, 7 Medad Canfield, 8 Seth Gates, 9 Jason Hemenway, 10 Jonas
          Everitt, 11 Timothy Walker, 12 John Kelcey, 13 Samuel Coston, 14 John Kent, 15 Henry
          Harbach, 16 Eldad Corbet, 17 Roger Catlin, 18 Timothy Foster, 19 Eleazer Crosby, 20
          Zadock Rider, 21 Stephen Jones, 22 Jeduthen Brace, 23 Jonathan Hooker, 24 Reuben
          Sears, 25 Jeremiah Brayton, 26 Gideon C Nuting
Voted that Joseph Walker build a Pound in the south part of this town near the Meeting house; & that Wm C Jones, Jared I Hooker & Roger Catlin be Pound Keepers.

Road laid out from Nathan Dyke's to road running by Esqr. Hookers. Beginning at sd Dykes thence S 26 degrees W 34 1/2 Rods; S 3 degrees W 96 Rods; S17 degrees W/90 Rods; (82 Rods; S 36 degrees, W), until it strikes the other road.
Surveyed by Israel Porter
George Paddock, Amasa Braynard, Commissioners
          Recorded June 14 1802, Israel? Crane, Town Clk.

Mar 1 1803, at house of Jason Hemenway.
Moderator- Saml. Merry
Supervisor - Mason Hatfield
Town Clerk - Isaac Crane
Assessors - John Wilcox, Samuel Hodges, Benjamin Wood
Overseers of the Poor - Samuel Miller, John Morgan
Comrs. Of Highways - Moses Howe, John Littlejohn, Eliphalet Remington
Constables - Elihu Gillet, Arnold W Foster, Isaac Woodruff
Collector - Isaac Woodruff
Path Masters & Fence Viewers - Ward No. 1 George Paddock, 2 Ebenezer Combs, 3 Heman Bush, 4
          Asaph Case, 5 Rufus Dyke, 6 Lodewick Edwards, 7 Amasa Bushnell, 8
          John Lock, 9 Nathan Underwood, 10 Jonathan Cole, 11 Samuel Guild, 12
          John Kelcey, 13 John Bartlet, 14 Noah Day, 15 Samuel Hodges, 16
          Abner Rising, 17 William Stewart, 18 Joseph Crosby, 19 Isaac Townsend,
          20 Ebenezer Judd, 21 Samuel Gage, 22 Elijah Barber, 23 Jonathan
          Hooker, 24 Ezekiel Hardy, 25 Horace Cadwell, 26 Aaron Goodier, 27
          John Ingersoll
Pound Keepers - Roger Catlin, Hosea Nelson, Jared I Hooker.
Voted $25 bounty on wolves.

Feb 28 1804 - Samuel Merrey, Joseph Crosby & Hosea Nelson mentioned as Justices.

Mar 6 1804, at the South Meeting House
Moderator - Jonathan Hubbard
Supervisor - Mason Hatfield
Town Clerk - Isaac Crane
Assessors- Nathan Brown, Benjamin Wood, Selah Holcomb
Overseers of Poor - Samuel Miller, John Morgan
Comrs. Of Highways - Jared I Hooker, Charles Brace, James Campbell
Constables - Arnold W Foster, Epaphras Merrey, Reuben Penoyer
Collector - Arnold W Foster
Pound Keepers - Jared I Hooker, Hosea Nelson, Asahel Brace
Path Masters & Fence Viewers - Ward No. 1 John Wemore, 2 Ephraim Brown, 3 Reuben Spencer Jnr, 4
          Asahel Andrews, 5 Israel Porter, 6 Seth Johnson, 7 Hosea Nelson, 8
          William Harris, 9 James Thompson, 10 Joseph Ball, 11 Clark Babcock,
          12 Joseph Walker, 13 William Green, 14 Noah Day, 15 John Harwood,
          16 Eldad Corbet, 17 Stephen Cromel, 18 Peter Sears, 19 Abner Walker,
          20 Zadoc Rider, 21 John Stevens, 22 Martin Barber, 23 Sylvanus King,
          24 Ebenezer Costin, 25 Butler Holcomb, 26 Henry Goodier, 26 Silas
Voted that $5 be paid Joseph Allen for damages in laying a road through his land the previous year.

Mar 7 1804 - Adjourned meeting.
Inspectors present, Mason Hatfield & Hosea Nelson Esquires.
Voted that Saml. Howard serve as Constable in place of Reuben Penoyer, "as he wishes not to serve."

Mar 5 1805, at the North Meeting House
Moderator - John Littlejohn
Supervisor _ Jared Hooker
Town Clerk - John Goff
Assessors - John Littlejohn, James Smith, Nathan Brown
Overseers of Poor - Samuel Miller, Roger Catlin
Comrs.of Highways - Selah Holcomb, James Gage, Heman Barber
Constables - Arnold W Foster, Samuel Howard, Benjamin Denslow
Collector - Arnold W Foster
Pound Keepers - Luman Kilbourn, Jared I Hooker, Roger Catlin
Pathmasters - Ward No. 1 Joshua Miles, 2 Benjamin Wood, 3 Harry Crane, 4 Ebenezer Dow, 5 Ezra
          Richardson, 6 Seth Johnson, 7 Samuel Miller, 8 Amasa Braynard, 9 Moses Hemenway, 10
          Nathan Dye, 11 Charles Brace, 12 Elijah Holmes, 13 Junia Warner, 14 Joseph Martin, 15
          David Town, 16 James Spaulding, 17 Jacob Leach, 18 Harry Titas, 19 Israel Coles, 20
          Richard Smith, 21 Isaac Gillet, 22 Seth Payne, 23 Thos. Baley, 24 Abner Rising, 25 Truman
          Bushnell, 26 Gideon C Nuting, 27 John Ingersoll.
Voted that the Poormasters be authorized to give some relief to Phineas Chamberlain in consequence of the expenses he has been subjected to for the Widow Clough.

Apr 8 1805 - Special Meeting:
Moderator - John Littlejohn
          Recorded Apr 29 1805, John Goff, Town Clerk

Mar 4 1806 - at the Meeting House near Nathan Underwood's:
Moderator - John Littlejohn
Supervisor - Selah Holcomb
Town Clerk - Arnold W Foster
Assessors - James Smith, Peter Sears, Levy Smith
Comrs. of Highways - James Gage, Heman Barber, James Cambel
Constables - Samuel Howard, Joseph Goodale, Ralph Merry
Collector - Samuel Howard
Poor Masters - Samuel Miller, Roger Catlin
Overseers of Highway - Ward No. 1 John Kindal, 2 Thomas Brown, 3 Eliphalet Remington, 4 Jesse
          Mattison, 5 John Monroe, 6 John Budlong, 7 Silas W Dowel, 8 Luman Kilbourn,
          9 James Thompson, 10 Nathaniel Ball, 11 Hezekiah Green, 12 Isaac Standley, 13
          Samuel Coston, 14 Nathan Brown, 15 James Gifford, 16 Nathan Bumpus, 17
          Samuel Howard, 18 Christopher Cressey, 19 -- , 20 Laban Ballow, 21 William
          Simond, 22 Abel Brace, 23 John Wilks, 24 John Wilcox, 25 Sterling Holcomb, 26
          Henery Goodier, 27 Earl Armstrong
Pound Keepers - Luman Kilbourn, Lewis Hooker, Roger Catlin
          Recorded, John Goff, Town Clerk

Mar 3 1807 - at the Meeting house near Thomas Canfield:
Moderator - Benjamin Wood
Supervisor - Selah Holcomb
Town Clerk - Arnold W Foster
Assessors - James Smith, Abraham Woodruff, Joshua Miles
Oversees of the poor - Samuel Miller, Joseph Walker
Comrs. of Highways - Rufus Rogers, John Goff, Richard Smith
Constables - Ralph Merry, Joseph Goodale, Caleb Dodge
Collector - Ralph Merry
Pathmasters - Ward No. 1, Jeremiah Howard; 2 Levi Hooker, 3 Jonathan King, 4 Jeremiah Kinney, 5
          Isaac Dawley, 6 James Parker, 7 Levi Warren Jr, 8 Ezra Gates, 9 Moses Hemenway, 10
          Benjamin Collins, 11 Charles Brace, 12 John Kelsey, (13), 14 James Orton, 15 Simeon Harbeck,
          16 Gideon Spencer, 17 Samuel Howard, 18 Samuel Rider, 19 Eleazer Crosby, 20 --- Judd, 21
          Nehemiah Andrews Jr., 22 Jeduthan Brace, 23 Ezekiel Smith, 24 Ezekiel Hardy Jr, 25 John
          Remington, 26 Samuel Nunn Jr, 27 John Ingersoll, 28 John Winter
Pound Keepers - Lewis Hooker, Samuel Andrews, Roger Catlin Jr.
          Recorded, Arnold W Foster, Town Clerk

Mar 1 1808 at the Meeting-House near Thomas Canfield's:
Moderator - John Littlejohn
Supervisor - Abraham Woodruff
Town Clerk - Arnold W Foster
Assessors - John Littlejohn, Charles Brace, Isaac Townsend
Comrs. of Highways - Jared I Hooker, Eldad Corbet, John Underwood
Overseers of Poor - John Willcox 2nd, John Wetmore
Constables - Joseph Goodale, Ralph Merry, Mathew Keith
Collector - Mathew Keith
Pathmasters - 1st ward, Jabez Winchester, 2nd Elijah Warren, (3), 4 Rufus Frost, 5 Franceis Jones, 6
          John Ross, 7 Joseph Tucker, 8 John Raymond, 9 Thomas Canfield, 10 Philip N Spencer, 11 John
          Morgan, 12 Oliver Powers, 13 Amherst Harwood, 14 Noah Day, 15 Minard Cole, 16 Phineas
          Chamberland, 17 Stephen Cromwell, 18 Nathaniel Foster, 19 Ebenezer Conant, 20 Zadock
          Rider, 21 Stephen Bathrick, 22 Abel Brace, 23 Nathan Tanner, 24 Seth Ballow, 25 Saxton
          Dewey, 26 Samuel Nunn Jr, 27 Seth Robinson, 27 Jonah Slocumb
Pound Keepers - Lewis Hooker, Hosea Nelson, Roger Catlin Jr.
          Recorded, Arnold W Foster, Town Clerk

Mar 7 1809 at the Meeting House near Nathan Underwood's:
Moderator - John Littlejohn
Supervisor - Abraham Woodruff
Town Clerk - Arnold W. Foster
Assessors - Samuel Miller, John Littlejohn, Charles Brace
Comrs. of Highways - Jared I Hooker, James Orton, John Underwood.
Overseers of the Poor - John Wilcox, William Brewer
Constables - Mathew Keith, Moses Hemenway
Collector - Mathew Keith
Pathmasters - Ward 1 Asa Preast, 2 Jonothan Hooker, 3 Alvan Wheelock, Jr; 4 Isaac Parker, 5 Elisha
          Lee,(6), 7 Samuel Miller, 8 Asahel Brainard, 9 Thomas Canfield, 10 Joshua Ball, 11 Hezekiah
          Green, 12 John Kelsey, 13 Henry Diefendoff, 14 Nathan Brown, 15 Rufus Dodge, 16 Abner
          Rising, 17 Robert Town, 18 Christopher Rider, 19 John Washbourn, 20 Moses Shepard, 21
          Isaac Gillett, 22 Anson Backus, 23 John Wilkes, 24 Ezekiel Hardy, 25 Stephen Frank, 26
          Stephen Townsend, 27 Benjamin Wood, 28 Levi Warren Jr.
Pound keepers - James Orton, John Underwood, Isaac Crane, Stephen Cromwell, Jordan Gray.
          Recorder, Arnold W Foster, Town Clerk

Mar 6 1810 at the meeting-house near Nathan Underwood's:
Moderator - Hosea Nelson
Supervisor - Benjamin Wood
Town Clerk - Ralph Merry
Assessors - John Littlejohn, Asahel Brace, Samuel Miller
Comrs. of Highways - Jared Hooker, James Orton, Selah Holcomb
Poormasters - Nathan Brown, William Brewer
Constables - Matthew Keith, Jonathan Butler, Rufus Howard
Collector - Matthew Keith
Pathmasters - Ward No. 1, Jordan Gray, 2 James Turner, 3 William Ross, 4 Truman Merry, 5 Franceis
          Jones, 6 Thadeus Stevens, 7 Amasa Bushnell, 8 Selah Holcomb, 9 Nathan Underwood, 10
          John Cole, 11 Hezekiah Green, 12 Joseph Walker, 13 Zenas Eldred, 14 Noah Day, 15 Rufus
          Dodge, 16 Ziba Corbet, 17 William Green, 18 Timothy Foster, 19 Alanson Townsend, 20
          James Congdon, 21 Isaac Gillett, 22 Jehosaphat Eldred, 23 Sylvanus King, 24 Anthony
          Slade, 25 Wyman Hutchins, 26 Samuel Nunn Jnr., Silas Farebank, 28 Stephen Martin
Pound Keepers - Roger Catlin Jr, John Underwood, Joseph Martin
          Recorded, Arnold W Foster, Town Clerk

Mar 5 1811 at the Meeting House in Sumner Society:
Moderator - Matthew Keith
Supervisor - Benjamin Wood
Town Clerk - Zenus Eldred
Assessors - James Smith, Asahel Brace, John Kendal
Comrs. of Highway - Selah Holcomb, John Everitt, John Kelsey
Poormasters - Nathan Brown, Arnold W Foster
Constables - Jonathan Butler, Rufus Howard, Heman Barber
Collector - Rufus Howard
Pathmasters - Ward No. 1, Thomas Gray; 2 Joseph Goodale, 3 Thomas Kiney, 4 Ensign Bush, 5 Waterman
          Bennet, 6 Job Dawley, 7 Asaph Andrews, 8 John Lock, 9 John Underwood, 10 Benjn.
          Collins, 11 Ebr. Morgan, 12 Ezra Mallory, 13 Saml. Wheelock, 14 Alven Burroughs, 15
          Matthew Keith, 16 Abner Rising, 17 Ebenezer Allen, 18 Saml. Rider, 19 Joseph Tucker, 20
          Ebenr. Rider, 21 Wm Hadley, 22 Asahel Brace, 23 Elijah Munn, 24 Joseph Knight, 25
          Daniel Aylesworth, 26 Zacheriah Townsend, 27 Tunis Van Vlack, 28 Jonah Slocum
Pound Keepers - Roger Catlin Jr, Joseph Martin, John Underwood.
          Recorded, Ralph Merry, Town Clerk

Mar 3 1812 at the Meeting House in Union Society:
Moderator - Matthew Keith
Supervisor - George Paddock
Town Clerk - Zenas Eldred
Assessors - William Stewart, Jonathan King, John Littlejohn
Commissioners - John Everitt, John Kelsey, John Ross
Poormasters - Nathan Brown, Arnold Foster
Constables - Jonathan Butler, Silas Farebanks, Heman Barber
Collector - Jonathan Butler
Pathmasters - Ward No. 1, Joseph Paddock; 2 Ebenezer Combe, 3 Ely Jillet Jr, 4 Nicholas Frank, 5
          Rufus Dyke, 6 Jonathan Baly, 7 Samuel Merry, 8 Samuel Fish, 9 Arnold W Foster, 10 Jonathan
          Marshal, 11 Hez. Green, 12 Joseph Walker, 13 Hez. Wilcox, 14 Joseph Martin, 15 Daniel
          Jerome, 16 David Emery, 17 Richard Ward, 18 Peter Sears, 19 Ezra Rider, 20 William
          Smith, 21 Chester Ruey, 22 Heman Barber, 23 Sylvanus King, 24 Joseph Knight, 25 Stephen
          Dow, 26 Samuel Nunn Jr, 27 John Ingersoll
Pound Keepers - Roger Catlin Jr, Joseph Martin, John Underwood
          Zenas Eldred, Town Clerk

Annual Town Meeting Opened at the Meeting House in Norwich Society & adjourned to the house of Thomas Paddock, on the 2nd day of March 1813:
Moderator - Matthew Keith Supervisor - James Orton
Town Clerk _ Stephen Dow
Assessors - Benjamin Wood, James Smith, Matthew Keith
Comrs. of Highways - James Guage, John Ross, Anson Backus
Overseers of the Poor - Arnold W Foster, David Howard
Constables - Heman Barber, Jonathan Butler, George Paddock Jr.
Collector - Heman Barber
Voted that we comply with the Act of the Legislature of June 19 1812 concerning common schools
Commissioners of common schools- George Paddock, Jonathan King, Zenas Eldred
Inspectors of common schools - Rev Jesse Churchel, Rev Samuel T Mills, John Littlejohn, Samuel Fish,
          Ralph Merry, Peleg Brown.
Overseers of Highways - Ward No. 1, Wm Carry, 2 David Scott, 3 Artemas Ross, 4 Jesse Matteson, 5
          Francis Jones, 6 John Budlong, 7 Hosea Nelson, 8 Timothy Fuller, 9 Russel
          Norton, 10 Philip Spencer, 11 Charles Brace, 12 Joseph Walker, 13 Junia Warner
          14 Caleb Dodge, 15 Abraham Cadogan, 16 Peter Corbet, 17 Moses Eldred, 18
          Harry Titas, 19 Jared Stephens, 20 Thomas Smith, 21 Solomon Squire, 22 Amos
          Porter, 23 Jason Bump, 24 Moses Rising, 25 Horace Cadwell, 26 Zachariah
          Townsend, 27 John Ingersoll, 28 John Dow.
          Zenas Eldred, Town Clerk.

Litchfield 24th March 1813. Benjamin Wood appointed an Overseer of Highway for 2nd ward in room of David Scott, absent.
Stephen Dow, Town Clerk.

Mar 1 1814 at Meeting House in Sumner Society:
Moderator - Mathew Keith
Supervisor - James Orton
Town Clerk - Stephen Dow
Assessors - Benjamin Wood, James Smith, Mathew Keith
Comrs. of Highways - Benjamin Denslow, John Everette, Anson Backus
Overseers of the Poor - David Howard, Arnold W Foster
Constables - Heman Barber, Jonathan Butler, George Paddock Jr.
Collector - Jonathan Butler
Commissioners of Common Schools - Mathew Keith, Benjamin Wood, Samuel Fish
Inspectors of Common Schools - Abraham Woodruff, Richard Smith, James Orton, Arnold W Foster,
          Ralph Merry, John Littlejohn
Path-Masters - Ward 1, Thomas Paddock; 2 Lewis Hooker, 3 Ralph Merry, 4 Jeremiah Kinne, 5 Joseph
          Risley, 6 John Ross, 7 James Schooley, 8 William Harris, 9 John Underwood, 10 Seber
          Ives, 11 John Morgan, 12 John Kelsey, 13 James Kelley, 14 John L Pandagrass, 15 David
          Wilcox, 16 Peleg Brown, 17 Richard Bonfey, 18 Stephen Crosby, 19 Thomas Gage, 20
          Laban Ballou, 21 Chester Rewey?, 22 Jeduthan Brace, 23 John Wilks, 24 Seth Ballou, 25
          Jeremiah Catlin, (26), 27 John Conoble, 28 John Aylsworth
Voted that Sterling Ackley be allowed $25
Voted that Salomon Howard repair the Pound
Voted that the next Town Meeting be held at the Meeting House near Widow Crane's.
          Recorded, Stephen Dow, Town Clerk.

Mar 7 1815:
Moderator - Jonathan King
Supervisor - James Orton
Town Clerk - Arnold W Foster
Assessors - Nathan Brown, Samuel Fish, Joseph Goodale
Comrs. of Highways - John Everett, Samuel Miller, Asahel Brace
Overseers of the Poor - David Howard, James Gage
Constables - Elisha Gates, Silas Fairbanks, Elias Gage
Collector - Silas Fairbanks
Comrs. of Common Schools - Selah Holcomb, Richard Bonfoy, John Kendal
Inspectors of Common Schools - Joseph Goodale, Julius C Nelson, Norman Kibbe, William Stewart,
          John Littlejohn Jr, Stephen Dow.
Path Masters - 1st Ward, Josiah Harrison, 2d Benjamin Wood, 3d Jonathan King, 4th Preserve Coset, 5
          Solomon Leonard, 6 Elisha Lee, 7 Amasa Bushnell, 8 Amos Fowler, 9 George K Smith, 10
          Jesse Everett, 11 Hezekiah Green, 12 Benjamin Cole, 13 Zenas Eldred, 14 Ansel Keith, 15
          William Stewart, 16 Gideon Spencer Jr, 17 Richard Bonfoy, 18 Harry Titus, 19 Ebenezer
          Cowles, 20 Moses Shepard, 21 Nehemiah Andrews, 22 Seth Pelton, 23 Elijah Munn, 24
          Ezekiel Hardy, 25 Butler Holcomb, 26 Zachariah Townsend, 27 John Littlejohn Jr, 28
          Jonah Slocum, 29, new district.
          Recorded, Stephen Dow, Town Clerk.

Mar 5 1816 at Meeting house in Norwich Society:
Moderator - John Littlejohn
Supervisor - Matthew Keith
Town Clerk - Jonathan Butler
Assessor - John Washburn, John Littlejohn, Nathan Brown
Comrs. of Highways - Samuel Miller, Benjamin Wood, Asahel Brace
Overseers of Poor - Richard Bonfoy, James Gage
Constables - Elisha Gates, Eliab Gage, Jonathan B Harvey
Collector - Elisha Gates
Comrs. of Common Schools - Charles Brace, Hosea Nelson, John Littlejohn
Inspectors of Common Schools - Revd. Samuel T Mills, Revd. Jesse Churchill, Revd. Calvin Philleo,
          John Littlejohn Jr, Justus Rider, George W Kellogg.
Overseers of Highway - 1st Ward Charles Birdseye, 2 Ebenezer Goodale, 3 Benjamin Denslow, 4
          William Paddock Jr, 5 Rufus Howard, 6 Oliver Rising, 7 Samuel Miller, 8 Chauncey
          Brainard, 9 John Washburn, 10 William Brewer, 11 John Wilcox, 12 Elijah
          Holmes, 13 Asa Kibbe, 14 Eli Day, 15 David Howard, 16 Reuben Spencer, 17
          Clark Nobel, 18 Samuel Rider, 19 Lewis B Rider, 20 William Smith, 21 Isaac
          Gillett, 22 William Eldred, 23 John Wilks, 24 Anthony Slade, 25 Daniel
          Aylesworth, 26 Henry Goodier, 27 Silas Fairbanks, 28 John Dow, 29 Russel
Voted that John Underwood & Clark Noble be poundkeepers.
Voted that the Town of Litchfield shall not be divided.
Voted that the Town Clerk transmit a copy of the vote respecting the division of the Town to one of Members of Assembly immediately.
          Recorded, Arnold W Foster, Town Clerk

June 17 1816. Special town Meeting held at the Meeting house near Nathan Underwood's in the town of Litchfield for the purpose of choosing such Town Officers as were vacant by reason of a division of the Town.
Moderator - Selah Holcomb
Supervisor - John Everett
Assessor - James Smith
Comr. of Highways - Samuel Rider
Poormaster - Arnold W Foster
Comr. of Schools - Richard Smith
Collector - Eliab Gage
Inspectors of Common Schools - Rev. Archibald Parker, Rev. William Underwood, Rev. Aaron Goodier
          Recorded June 17 1816, Jonathan Butler, Town Clerk

Nov 5 1816; Special Meeting of the undersigned for the purpose of division of Town moneys:
John Everett, Supervisor of the Town of Litchfield
Samuel Miller, Comr. of Highways of the Town of Litchfield
Asahel Brace, Comr. of Highways of the Town of Winfield
          Recorded Nov 13 1816, Jonathan Butler, Town Clerk.

Earmarks of Cattle

Name of OwnerDate recorded
Levi WilkersonMay 23 1801
Abel BraceAug 27 1801
Selah HolcombOct 5 1801
John RaymondMay 13 1802
Heman BarberMay 13 1802
Samuel MillerMay 27 1802
Eliphalet FullerMar 28 1803
Samuel JonesMay 30 1803
Daniel BushnellMay 12 1804
Louden MillardJune 12 1805
Ephraim BrownJune 12 1806
Moses EldredJune 16 1807
Joseph BallMar 15 1808
Arnold W FosterJune 20 1809
Truman MerryMay 16 1810

Copied 1927 by Mrs. Adele Cutter, Clayville, N.Y.

Litchfield's town meetings were one of the most difficult assignments offered on the volunteer board to date. Dick's original Word files were carefully formatted to match as closely as possible the layout of the original manual typescript. Considering that Dick's ancestors, so far as he has tracked back, are not among the early settlers listed, his efforts to bring this record on line for Litchfield and Winfield researchers are all the more appreciated. Dick's namesake family came to Herkimer County in the mid-19th century:

"My family search in Herkimer county centers around Nabingers with side trips to Miller and any other connections that I come across. My great grandfather, Jacob C. Nabinger married an Emma G. Miller in Herkimer Co. somewhere. Jacob came to Herkimer sometime between 1849 and 1852 when he was five years old with his father Andreas. I have the bare information back to Germany but only a bare start and hope to find more in Herkimer County." Dick Nabinger

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