Horseshoe Falls, Little Falls, N.Y.

Horseshoe Falls, Little Falls, N.Y.

The following is taken from the Little Falls Centennial booklet of 1911:

Previous to the adoption of a city government in Little Falls, the names and terms of village presidents from 1827 were as follows:

1827-Nathaniel S. Benton
1828-Nanthaniel S. Benton
1829-John Dygert
1830-John Dygert
1831-Arphaxed Loomis
1832-Arphaxed Loomis
1833-Arphaxed Loomis
1834-H. P. Alexander
1835-H. P. Alexander
1836-Arphaxed Loomis
1837-Jesse C. Dann
1838-M. W. Priest
1839-Jesse C. Dann
1840-M. W. Priest
1841-M. W. Priest
1842-Robert Stewart
1843-G. B. Youngs
1844-M. W. Priest
1845-Frederick Lansing
1846-Frederick Lansing
1847-M. W. Priest, resigned August 12, 1847; Richard N. Casler appointed August 18, 1847.
1848-Hiram Nolton
1849-George H. Feeter
1850-George H. Feeter
1851-Nelson Rust
1852-William Brooks
1853-Zenas Priest
1854-Henry Link, appointed, (Jarvis N. Lake elected), J. N. Barber appointed.
1855-Thomas Burch, (Joseph W. Helmer, appointed).
1856-J. N. Barber
1857-James Feeter
1858-Seth M. Richmond
1859-Seth M. Richmond
1860-Seth M. Richmond
1861-Seth M. Richmond, resigned, Robert Casler appointed January 14, 1862.
1862-M. W. Priest
1863-M. W. Priest
1864-M. W. Priest
1865-M. W. Priest
1866-M. W. Priest
1867-Mount M. Abel
1868-John P. Sharer
1869-John P. Sharer
1870-John P. Sharer
1871-John P. Sharer
1872-M. W. Priest
1873-M. W. Priest
1874-Willard A. Stafford, resigned. Watts T. Loomis appointed April 4,1874.
1875-S. Stewart Lansing
1876-S. Stewart Lansing
1877-Jonah May
1878-Isaac B. Richmond
1879-Isaac B. Richmond
1880-Henry Link
1881-Isaac B. Richmond
1882-Kendrick E. Morgan
1883-Isaac B. Richmond
1884-J. J. Gilbert
1885-J. J. Gilbert
1886-J. W. Baker
1887-George F. Crumby
1888-Isaac B. Richmond
1889-Charles L Petree
1890-Isaac B. Richmond
1891-J. J. Gilbert
1892-Albert Story
1893-Horace G. Babcock
1894-Charles King


In March 1st, 1893 the motion for the adoption of the city form of government was passed.

In accordance with the provisions of the new charter, Charles King, who was serving as village president at the time of its adoption, became the first mayor, and Peter A. Conye, James D. Clark, James B. Donovan, Horace Buchanan, Squire Baily, John Crowley, Sr., James T. Leigh and George D. Waterman, who were serving terms as village trustees, were created aldermen, thereby forming the first common council of the new city of Little Falls, their terms expiring May 28, 1895, at which time the first election under a new charter was held.

The elected mayors of Little Falls have been:

1895-1896 Charles King
1897-1899 Timothy Dasey
1900- Hadley Jones

In 1901 the term was increased to two years.

1901-1903 Edward H. Kinsbury
1904-1905 Dr. Edgar Douglas
1906-1907 Dr. A. B. Santry
1908-1909 Eugene Walrath
1910-1911 Timothy Dasey

The following elected mayor's names were obtained from the Little Falls Diamond Jubilee booklet of 1970:

1912-1915 Frank Shall
1916-1919 Abram Zoller
1920-1921 Nelson Gilbert
1922-1923 Cornelius Haley
1924- John Kearns resigned in July and Dr. Tanzer was appointed and served through 1925.
1926-1927 Joseph Casler
1928-1931 Dr. John Tanzer
1932-1935 Dr. Augustus Santry
1936-1939 John B. McGuire, Jr.
1940-1943 Richard Conley
1944-1947 Clifton Wagoner
1948-1949 John Ingersoll
1940-1955 Willard Topper
1956-1963 John George
1964-1965 Willard Topper
1966-Theodore Wind

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