Little Falls, N. Y., June 1915

Vol. I, No. 5, Issued by the students of the Little Falls High School, Little Falls, N. Y.

Little Falls, N.Y. High School

Our High School


THE world's a stage, as Shakespeare has told us, and we are the actors upon it. Each of us has our part although we are not all leading men and women, yet each part, however small is important. We, the Seniors of 1915, now about to leave the old L. F. H. S., look back, some sadly, some smilingly to our entrance upon the stage of our high school life. We have indeed been actors; we have made our entrance, as a class, and we are about to make our exit and at the same time, an entrance, some of us, into life - the harder life as it is.

Four years ago some sixty or sixty-five of us entered these halls, some joyously and with a smile, others with dread, for were we not to be actors under new stage directors in an entirely different play! We looked about us with awe, how different it all was than the familiar rooms in the grades or the little country schools. How we envied the easy manners of the other pupils and especially the Seniors! How easy things appeared to be for them! They knew just what to do and never appeared to be at a loss, while we acted so queer - we were indeed fresh! As time went on, however, we became more accustomed to the new school life; we no longer minded the ordeal of calmly walking to and from classes as some of us had done. As we became more confident we organized a class, chose our officers and consequently felt quite a bit elevated, although the class never had many meetings nor was very active. Before the end of the year, however, some of our classmates dropped from the class and the Sophomore class of the next year was not so large as the one which entered with "fear and trembling," --- we passed on, considerably thinned in ranks as Sophomores.

Now, indeed, we had risen considerably, at least in our own estimation. Now we were well acquainted with other pupils, with the teachers and knew how to make the most of our time and advantages. We, in our turn, had the pleasure of seeing the Freshmen, feeling and acting even as we ourselves did, and we felt indeed, very superior. We struggled through the year, mindful of our growing importance and wonder why the others cannot also notice it. We struggled through our Caesar and Geometry triumphantly and laughed knowingly over the mistakes of the Freshmen - for were we not Sophomores and ought we not to know! Verily, we were advancing fast, we were becoming more than understudies, we were, in our own opinions, becoming the leading actors in the drama of school life.

SO we journeyed on. We reached our Junior year at last, a class of twenty-five. Then we struggled a little harder and to our surprise, our self-conceit began to drop off a bit, for we found that we were not so sure of ourselves and not so intelligent as we previously thought. Then came the fun! We attempted to keep those learned Seniors from their looked-for, hard-reached and hard-earned banquet; we did our best, we pried about, grasping at each bit of information and finally, after many failures to find the appointed night and place, we succeeded in stealing several of our learned friends, as certain of them may even now remember, after several years in the world. So after our exits and entrances in both tragedies and comedies, too numerous to mention, we arrive, about twenty-five of us, into the last act of our four-act play, but whether it is tragedy or comedy, is too much for us to determine. With sadness we look back over the years - there are many mistakes, which now, as Seniors, we can see more clearly than before, yet with misty smiles we recall our school-day experiences. It has, indeed, been a drama intermingled with sunshine and shadow and as our school days draw to a close, as the foot lights are about to dim and we are about to enter an entirely new play, whether tragedy or comedy we cannot say, we look at the old familiar faces and the halls of old L. F. H. S., knowing full well, that wherever we may be in future years, our hearts shall still be loyal to Alma Mater. The curtain begins to fall, we are to make our exits from school life and our entrances into the new drama "Life," where each shall be an actor who shall play "play many parts " - may all be successful. The curtain falls.

MARGARET GREENE, '15, Class Historian.

Editorial Staff

Editor-In-Chief.........................Herma C. Gowen, '15

Associate Editors

George C. Curtiss, '16, (Note and Joke)
Agnes Decker, '14, (Alumni)
George Dussault, '16 (Exchange)

Business Staff

Business Manager..............................George S. Eveleth, Jr.,
'15 Assistant Business Manager..................Raymond Helmer, '16


Those who have been graduated and are now out in the big world:

CLASS OF 1909.
Charles Henry Fowler--Valedictorian.
Hazel Carpenter Ritter --Salutatorian.
*James George Manning
*Marion Burney
*Loyal George Tinkler
*Katrina Ann Ingham
*Harold Chester Clingen
*Gertrude Huldah Babcock
*John Ludlum Merrell
*Felix Morse Frederiksen
Helena Jeanette Ballard
Mina Elizabeth Broat
James Cook Bronner
James Leland Clark
Albert Ford Cole
Ethel Louise Currie
Morris Dettinger
Harry Dise
Abraham Feldman
Pauline Margaret Ferguson
Simon C. Graham
Florence Mary Nagle
Harold Crandall Newberry
Alice Catherine Sharp
Marjorie Ruth Zoller

*Honor Students

CLASS OF 1910.
James Eaton Cooper-Valedictorian
Genevieve McDonald-Salutatorian
*Margaret Sweeney
*Allison Martin Richards
*Adeline T. Feeter
*Olga Bushnell MacCammon
*Harold Clay Watts
*Lena Walrath
*Grace Mae Carden
*Ether Olive Dettinger
Harry H. Ballard
Bessie Mae Barnes
Vida Mae Casler
Gordon Chester
Catherine Ruth Cronkhite
Emily Eveleth
Irene Lillian Flint
Gertrude Mae France
Charles Albert Kirchner
Fred O. Koetteritz
Edna Mary Lyke
Isabelle Martha Mullen
Frances Mary Murphy
Blanche Marie Powell
Ruth Florence Pross
Claude Thomas Scannell
Margaret Burnes Shaper
Mable Ann Simpson
Teresa Elizabeth Tefft
Florence Louise Van Valkenburg
Lena Walrath
Inez Wilhelmina Wildner

*Honor Students.

CLASS OF 1911.
Oliver Jul Frederiksen-Valedictorian
Grace Euphemia Stafford-Salutatorian
*Edwin Irving Pugh
*Eva Mae Holt
*Robert L. J. Kelly
*Katherine Marguerite Walrath
*Harold Leslie Zoller
*L. Stephen Timmerman
*Caroline Augusta Kehoe
*Harry Campbell Bellinger
Edna Mae Ackerman
Wallace Briggs Carden
Royce Taylor Champion
Edward M. Cowen
Rose Luella Flint
Carl August Haug
Marion Kelsey Alma
Olive Newell
George Wright
Fred Haug

*Honor Students

CLASS OF 1912.
Howard Cooper--Valedictorian
Arnold Feldman--Salutatorian
*Helen Fitzpatrick
Raymond Dise
*Ruth Bullock
*Harry Windecker
*Ruth Decker
*Harold Moyer
*Catharine Waters
*Harold Keller
Dorothy Burney
James Casler
Leon Dussault
John F. Leary, Jr.
Desmond S. Little
Gertrude Ray George
Yourdon Edna Rands

*Honor Students.

CLASS OF 1913.
Hazel Dise--Valedictorian
Leah Gibbs--Salutatorian
*Lora Belle Ackerman
*Victor Adams, 3d
*Russell E. Bellinger
*Harold Emmons Clark
*Viola Ada Cramer
*Evans LeMoyne Gillette
*Burrell LaRue Hoyt
*Leo Daniel Mahoney
Florence Myrtle Almendinger
Iva Clara Brown
G. Azades Carr
Carl Truman Cole
Mildred Failing
George A. Horning
Francis Tyler Rahm
Leta E. Seeber
Gates S. Vickers

*Honor Students.

CLASS OF 1914.
Louise Becker--Valedictorian
Agnes Decker--Salutatorian
*Iva May Wafer
*Mildred Blanche Goodell
*Fanny Louise Abeel
*Sidney David Kingston
*Mary Amelia Timmerman
*Annabelle Bernadine McDonald
*Gertrude Edith Cole
*Agnes Louise Thorpe
Alice Mang
Margaret Elizabeth Ranger
Carl Murphy
Leonard Frazier Windecker
Walter C. Highland
Orlyn Milton Collins
John Crouse Burney
Florence Agnes Reardon
*Arnold Blumberg
Edwin Babbett Terry

*Honor Students.

Little Falls, N.Y. High School Class of 1915

Class of 1915


*George S. Eveleth, Jr. 84.48
*Kittie K. Down 84.15
*Margaret M. Greene 82.10
*Mary Eysaman 79.92
*Charlotte I. Yourdon79.45
Roy Balderston 79.19
*Earl Rhodes 78.28
*George R. Dise 78.14
*Herma C. Gowen 77.71
*Helen Tinkler 77.36
Paul E. Leary 76.25
Helen Dunteman 76.13
Corliss Timmerman 75.96
Grace Tucker 75.92
Gertrude Makowsky 74.42
Alice Cooper 74.00
Kenneth Dussault 73.88
Jessie Wilcox 73.84
Harold Youker 73.53
Stephen Smith 73.04
Harold Pickert 72.76
Edward Sullivan 71.26
Laura Eysaman 69.36
Myrtle Coville 69.19
Earl Nethaway 69.15
Edwin Terry 68.86

*Honor Students.

Little Falls, N.Y. High School Class of 1916

Class of 1916


The news that Miss Nancy Powell was united in marriage on Thursday, March 25, to Carl A. Peterson of Hartford, Conn., came as a pleasant surprise to her hosts of friends in school. Her former classmates join in wishing her a happy, prosperous wedlock throughout the remainder of her days.

On April 4, 1915, Miss Bernice Hotaling, a former student of Little Falls High School, was wedded to Clarence D. Smith of Herkimer. Miss Hotaling has the well wishes of many friends, whose respect she won while attending school.

There was a distinct sorrow manifested when on April 30 it was learned that our popular classmate, Harland Eckler had been so unfortunate as to sustain a fractured leg during ball practice. Altho' he will be confined to bed for some time, Harland is as cheerful as is possible under the circumstances, and his spirit is buoyed up by the knowledge that he suffered his injury while endeavoring to advance the glory of the team, and the school. So while he will not be able to biff the ball this season, his heart and his hopes will follow our nine when they cross bats with rivals, and if the men all have Harland's spirit we need fear none.

At the recent prize speaking contest held in Utica, Edwin Terry, representing Little Falls High School, won honorable mention among the speakers. Mr. Terry's rendition was Col. John M. Thurston's appeal for Cuba.

-Friday, April 16, Brynolf Lundstrom was receiving congratulations as winner in the city slogan contest, his caption being, Little Falls, N. Y. Picturesque, Productive. His victory among such number of competitors, some many times his age, is an added triumph, and reflects credit upon the school which is favored by his attendance.

-Tuesday, May 11, 1915, the annual dance of the Junior Class was held in Cronkhite hall. The hall was finely decorated and the music was all that could be desired, making the affair an enjoyable success in every way.

-May 12. News that Alfred Story had removed to Amsterdam was received with genuine regret by all who came within range of his acquaintance while in this city. His frank and entertaining manner had won him many friends, all of whom wish him success in his new sphere.



Little Falls High School, Friday evening, May 21, 1915, 7:45.

Selection- "The Doll Girl"... Jas. D. Kern
High School Orchestra
Oration- "The Pocomtuc Chief" ................................... Edward Everett, Charles R. Ash
Reading- "The Heart of Old Hickory" ...........................................Wm. Allen Drumgolle, George A. Dussault
Oration- "Robert Emmet's Reply to the House of Lords." George C. Curtiss
Music- "Badinage" ..........Victor Herbert Orchestra
Reading- "The Man in the Shadow" .................. R. W. Child, Girvan Teall
Oration- "Regulus to the Carthaginians" ........................... Kellogg, George S. Eveleth
Selection- "The Debutante"................ ........................Victor Herbert Orchestra
Reading- "Sombre" .............John H. Elliott, Grace L. Tucker
Cutting from "King John"... Shakespeare, Charlotte I. Yourdon
Reading- "The Old U. S." ........... Arthur Train, Margaret M. Greene
Part Song- "Dinah" ..................Clayton Johns Girls' Double Quartette
Cutting from "Hiawatha's Famine".. ................................ Henry Longfellow, Olga E. Kuehn
Reading- "Pro Patria" ............................ ......................... Ada Tully Timmerman, Herman C. Gowen
Part Song- "The Spinning Chorus," from opera; "The Flying Dutchman", Wagoner Glee Club
Selection- "The Little Cafe"...... Ivan Caryll Orchestra

Judges--S. J. Neff, Dolgeville; George Fenton, Utica; Mrs. Edith Barnes Dunlap, Gloversville.

Miss Haight is worthy of praise for the hard work she imposed upon herself to prepare the candidates, in the face of unusual obstacles.

The first prize for the girls ($10 in gold) was awarded to Miss Herma C. Gowen, and the second prize ($5 in gold) to Miss Charlotte I. Yourdon. The prizes for the boys were the same as for the girls; first prize, Mr George C. Curtiss; second prize, Mr. Charles R. Ash.

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Baseball Team of 1915

Baseball Team of 1915
High School Orchestra

High School Orchestra
Little Falls High School Faculty

The Faculty
High School Orchestra

The Sphinx Staff of 1914-'15



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MISS A. V. GILMARTIN Millinery. Richmond Building, Little Falls, N.Y.

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