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Unknown early 20th Century Country Schoolhouse

Kindly donated by Town of Herkimer editor Betsy Voorhees, found up in Herkimer County. "I bought this photo for a couple of dollars at the second hand store. I don't know where the school is and thought you might post it to see if anyone recognizes it. " Click on the picture for a larger view.


1951/52 Herkimer Kindergarten Class
[can't find image on server]

Kindly donated by Bill Race. "The little girl in the center of the picture is Carol Ann Sennett. (it says "me" on her belly.) This picture was clipped from a larger one, in order for me to fit it into a frame. (I no longer have the larger picture.) I sure hope it brings happiness to other people who view it."


Barnett Lee Corey

Graciously contributed by Penny Stewart. "This is a photo of Barnet Lee Corey of Amsterdam, N.Y. On the back of photo is stated "Died 18". Further research revealed that he is buried at Green Hill Cemetery, he was the son of L.P. and that he died 8-14-74 at age 23y. He probably wasn't married but he could be somebody's g-great uncle."

Ft. Klock


This photo of the Montgomery County's famous Fort Klock was contributed by Benny Klock. According to Benny, "Ft Klock was built in 1750 by Johannes Klock. The fortified homestead is located on the south side of Rt. 5 about 2 miles east of St. Johnsville. It has been restored and is being maintained by the Fort Klock Historic Restoration group. Visiting hours are 9-5, daily except Mondays, mid-May through mid-October."


A Photo Essay by Marv and Seely Conover

Seely Conover's reminiscences of being a member of the company band in Ilion, prepared by his son Marv. At the end of the essay you'll find links to large format versions of each of these great photos.



school picture

Click on photo for a much larger view. This is a large school portrait from the 1920s.

This group photo from the early 1920s was contributed by Nadine Blot. Nadine tells us that "It was from a Dolgeville newspaper, but I am not sure of the name of the paper. The picture itself is from a group of fifth and sixth graders that attended the Union Free School there. It lists most of the children's names, and my grandmother, Helen Novogurski, is one of them. I can only guess the date that the picture was taken as to be around the year 1922. I think that my grandmother was in fifth grade, only because of the fact that she had a sister that was a year behind her in school. " Read about Nadine's local family search after the enlarged photograph.


To read the historical plaques and see close-ups of two important early Mohawk Valley residences, click on photos for larger views.

Both photos of Volkert Veeder's historic home (left) and that of Abraham Veeder (right) were sent in by Joan Veeder. These historically important homes are over 200 years old but have been extensively modernized on the exteriors.

"Volkert Veeder, who was a Lt. Colonel in the 3rd Tryon militia, is the son of Johannes, and brother to Abraham (our line). There is a paragraph about Volkert in Johannes' claim section. Volkerts home was in Fonda." Joan Veeder

3/25/03: We haven't heard from Joan in years and her email address no longer works. We think Joan is listed on the Social Security Death index. The site coordinators would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information.


Click on photo for a much larger view.

This great early 20th century group photo was contributed by Tom Hinds. The bottom corner reads:

Metal Polishers, Buffers, Grinders & Platers Local Union No. 46
Ilion, NY, Sept. 21, 1912

"As I hear it, and who knows if this is true... this union went on strike, and they all got canned. My grandfather (somewhere in this pic) needed work badly and travelled to MA, where he got offered a job the next day or so. The family followed shortly after, which is why I am in MA and not NY. I would love to find out if the story is factual. If you ever find someone with information about this union, please point them my way." - Tom Hinds


Click on photo for a much larger view.

This photo of men at work was sent in by Pete Simmonds.

"This is my great-grandfather, Edward Davies, born in Wales, and married to Clara Shutts, born in Auriesville. Edward was a locomotive engineer on the NYCRR (I think that's the line) and ran the Syracuse to Albany train. In 1918, he was involved in a terrible accident outside Amsterdam where another train was mistakenly on his track. They thought he would die. There are numerous newspaper accounts from both the Syracuse and Amsterdam papers. If I recall, one even pronounced him dead. Family story is that that is what my grandmother (25 at the time) and g-grandmother were first told. This is a picture of him standing on his train with the crew. Edward is the one standing on the train, right outside, behind the engine, with his arm draped over the coal car, just behind the #193. He has the handlebar mustache."

Check out some of Pete's other treasures in the Montgomery County NYGenWeb Town of Glen section.

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